HTI: Chapter 48

After dinner, Xie Yang called out to Qiu Xing who was preparing to go upstairs. “I will be going to H City for a few days for a job. I will take the plane tomorrow morning.”

Qiu Xing immediately stopped and turned around. His face was ugly when he first turned around but by the time he turned around completely, he was as calm as usual. “Let Wu Shui follow you.”

Xie Yang nodded and asked, “H City has many fun specialties. Do you want anything?”

“No.” Qiu Xing turned back around to go upstairs

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing leave and thought for a moment before heading to the kitchen.

On the breakfast table the next day, the fried eggs in front of Qiu Xing became two and there were two more sandwiches on the side plate. This time, Qiu Xing didn’t feel pity at all. He used a fork to directly pierce the yolk of the fried egg. Then he ate the fried egg and sandwiches in a clean and expressionless manner.

After breakfast, Qiu Xing didn’t go to Rongding immediately. He instead took out a tablet and sat down on the sofa in the living room. He looked down and started dealing with his emails.

Xie Yang came downstairs with a small suitcase and stopped in front of Qiu Xing. “I’m going to the airport now.”

Qiu Xing hummed and didn’t look up.

Xie Yang went outside and glanced in the direction of the living room once he reached the entrance. Seeing that Qiu Xing was still sitting on the sofa with his head lowered, Xie Yang suddenly felt that Qiu Xing seemed a bit lonely.

It was probably because the living room was too big and had too much empty space. He stopped, put down his suitcase and walked back. “Qiu Xing, if you’re not busy, can you take me to the airport? Wu Shui has to follow me onto the plane. If he drives, he has to park at the airport for a few days. It is too troublesome.”

“It is your thing.” Qiu Xing took his tablet and stood up with his coat. “Let’s go.”

Xie Yang smiled.

Qiu Xing stared at him coldly. “Are you so happy about traveling?”

Xie Yang shook his head before nodding. “I am indeed really happy. The scenery in H City is good.”

Qiu Xing’s face darkened. He looked at Xie Yang gloomily for a few seconds before humming coldly and striding out the door.

On the way to the airport, it was unknown where Qiu Xing was feeling uncomfortable but he suddenly started to be picky.

“Are you only taking this much luggage to go outside? This type of small box can only hold a few pieces of clothing. Are you planning to not take a shower or change clothes in H City? Do you want to be dirty?”

Xie Yang held the palm-sized notepad he was writing in and spoke without raising his head. “It is currently winter and I don’t need to change my coat frequently. I bought a pile of underwear and it is enough to change them.”


Qiu Xing was annoyed. “How old are you? It is appropriate to say such words?!”

“It is appropriate. We have a relationship where we are living under the same roof. Why care about these details?”

Qiu Xing’s fire inexplicably went out and his tone became noble and cold. “Don’t use such strange words. You are just a tenant.”

Xie Yang was obedient. “Okay, landlord.”


Qiu Xing suddenly became dissatisfied again. “You have been writing in that thing since getting in the car. Don’t you know that writing while sitting in the car will hurt your eyes?”

Xie Yang had just finished writing. He closed the notepad and handed it to Qiu Xing. “I’m giving it to you. You can look at it when you’re bored.”

Qiu Xing’s dissatisfaction instantly dispersed. He looked down at the notepad and didn’t answer. He just crossed his legs and looked out the car window. “I have no time for boredom.”

“Then you can condescend to take a look while you’re busy.” Xie Yang inserted the notepad into Qiu Xing’s coat pocket and ordered, “Don’t go to see your nephew alone while I’m away. He is poisoned by stupidity and I’m afraid he will pass it on to you.”


After some time, Qiu Xing snorted. “You’re not that smart.”

“A liar will have his nose grow longer.”

Qiu Xing didn’t understand Xie Yang.

The car parked at the airport and Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing. “Don’t go down. There are many people at the airport and I’m afraid of meeting fans. It isn’t good if someone sees you.”

Qiu Xing wasn’t angry at this. He just frowned and remained silent.

“Then I’m going?”

“Why so anxious?” Qiu Xing took a card and stuffed it into the loose brim of Xie Yang’s hat. “Once you get there, call back. Remember to take Wu Shui with you wherever you go. Go to work and work hard. Don’t wander around… get out of the car.”

Xie Yang glanced at his hat and opened the door. He had only opened it midway before closing it again. He turned back and said, “I promise not to wander around blindly. If I go early then I can return early.” After that, he really opened the door and got off. HE closed the door, bent toward the window and waved at Qiu Xing. Then he helped Wu Shui take out his suitcase and entered the airport.

Qiu Xing retracted his gaze and told Zhou Miao, “Go to Rongding.”

The car started and Xie Yang’s figure in the mirror was getting smaller and smaller until it was completely submerged in the crowd. Qiu Xing lowered his gaze and took the notepad out his pocket. Seeing the chibi version of the Xie Yang cartoon character on the cover of the notepad, he tapped it before opening it.

[I forgot to tell you but this time, the job is to write a song for a movie. The female lead of the movie is Mu Zhouyi.]

Qiu Xing was stunned and then his anger value directly exploded. He closed the notepad with force. “Xie Yang!”

Zhou Miao was so frightened that he almost drove the car in an ‘S’ shape.


After Xie Yang entered the airport, he found a group of young girls holding signs. At first glance, they seemed to be fans who came to pick up or drop off a certain star.

Wu Shui immediately moved in front of Xie Yang in a protective gesture.

“Don’t panic, they aren’t my fans.” Xie Yang was very self-aware. He was just becoming popular and his fanbase wasn’t reliable. It was estimated that there were too few fans who would come to the airport specifically to see him and his itinerary was confidential. Fans couldn’t know about it.

Wu Shui relaxed a bit and used his height advantage to look over there. “Their signs are saying Xian Xian.”


Xie Yang had a hunch. He pressed down the brim of his hat and led Wu Shui around the group of girls into the depths of the airport.

10 minutes later, the entrance hall was bustling. The girls holding signs suddenly ran in one direction together, screaming and calling out a name. A young man wearing a black mask and with dyed grey hair and fashionable clothes entered the airport under the escort of his bodyguards and assistants.

“Do you envy him?”

Xie Yang turned his head at the voice and raised his eyebrows at the unexpected sight. “Long Shuyou?”

Long Shuyou was standing three steps away from Xie Yang. Once Xie Yang looked over, he took two steps forward and watched the excitement not far away. “Don’t feel envious. Once you make a solo album, your fans will be many times greater than his.”

“Compared to the number of fans, I would rather make many times more money than him.”

Long Shuyou withdrew his gaze. “Yes.”

Xie Yang loved to hear these words. He took Long Shuyou to the corner while leaving the luggage check-in matter to Wu Shui. He asked Long Shuyou, “Why are you here?”

“For the same purpose as you. I’m going to Xu Heng to make a soundtrack for the movie.” Long Shuyou gestured in Xue Xian’s direction. “He is the same.”

Xie Yang was surprised. In the original novel, Long Shuyou hadn’t taken on Xu Heng’s job and Xue Xian…

“Director Xu Heng also invited Xue Xian to do a song for the movie?”

“It seems that you don’t know anything.” Long Shuyou explained. “Xu Heng first offered you the job but you didn’t respond. Later, you had a scandal with Mu Zhouyi so Xu Heng retreated and asked Xue Xian to come. As a result, you wrote back to Xu Heng the next day. Xu Heng wants to try your music so he invited you. In other words, you and Xue Xian took the same job. The song that Xu Heng will accept will depend on your ability.”

Xie Yang didn’t know about these things but he didn’t care too much. It was normal to have competition for jobs. He was more concerned about something other than Xue Xian.

He looked Long Shuyou up and down. “How do you know so clearly? In addition, taking this job…”

“Xu Heng is my cousin. I took this job because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in your song creation.” Long Shuyou stared at Xie Yang with burning eyes. “So when will you officially start on the album? After this job?”


Sure enough, he was the butterfly who caused Long Shuyou and the female lead to meet in advance.

Xie Yang replied seriously, “If I start focusing on my new album immediately after this job, will you only focus on my work and not be drawn by any other voices you like?”

Long Shuyou frowned. “Nice voices can be encountered but not sought. Good voices and creative ability are even rarer. I don’t think I will encounter another voice that interests me in the near future.”

Xie Yang stared deeply at Long Shuyou. “Please remember your words.”

30 minutes later, Xie Yang, Long Shuyou and Wu Shui passed the security check and entered the waiting lounge. They had bought first-class tickets so the airport staff wanted to lead them to the VIP waiting room.

Xie Yang didn’t want to meet Xue Xian so he declined. Long Shuyou followed him in refusing and the three of them found the corresponding boarding gate, picking a corner to sit down in.

By the time they boarded the plane, the first-class cabin was almost full. Xie Yang quickly found the seats for him and Wu Shui. Then he saw Xue Xian sitting two rows in front of him with Mu Zhouyi beside Xue Xian.

“…” Very good, they were all together.

He glanced at Long Shuyou and asked, “Where is your spot?”

Long Shuyou pointed to a location that was separated from Mu Zhouyi and Xue Xian by the aisle.

Xie Yang decisively pushed Long Shuyou to his row and asked Wu Shui to sit in Long Shuyou’s seat.

Long Shuyou was satisfied with this arrangement and obediently sat down.

Once the plane took off, the cabin became quieter. Xie Yang opened the new song prepared for his album on his phone, plugged in the headphones and handed it to Long Shuyou. Long Shuyou was particularly impatient to grab it and start listening.

Xie Yang leaned back in his chair.

He could temporarily use his new song to help Long Shuyou block out the female lead’s voice but this wasn’t a long-term plane.

Once in the crew or even waiting for the plane to land, everyone would notice each other. They were all in the same crew and would greet each other. Long Shuyou would inevitably hear the female lead’s voice that had been transformed with the golden finger. Then Long Shuyou would take the initiative to find the female lead and say that he wanted to make an album for her. Then Qiu Xing…

Xie Yang suddenly found that he was a bit anxious. He closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing. There was no need to be anxious.

The voice of the female lead had transformed. Even if Long Shuyou didn’t give the female lead an album, she would definitely find someone else. The reason why Qiu Xing noticed the female lead wasn’t due to the album that Long Shuyou made for her.

He couldn’t stop the female lead from turning her voice into a song and selling it all over the country. He couldn’t stop Qiu Xing from finally hearing the female lead’s song. Not all plots could be influenced by butterfly wings.

Xie Yang opened his eyes and stared at the back of the chair in front of him. Then he closed his eyes again and leaned back deeply into the chair.

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2 years ago

ohhh,hmm seems like you’re worried your hubby would be taken by the female lead? hmmm

3 months ago
Reply to  ryyymryy

Precisely my thought as well

2 years ago

Thank you so much

crazy fujoshi
crazy fujoshi
2 years ago

i love their interactions and he’s worried umm he’s falling

2 years ago

I’m also feeling anxious, that female lead is really poisonous… I hope tsuntsun xing won’t fall for her voice ahhhhhh claim him already na kasi yangyang