HTI: Chapter 47

4:30 p.m.

Qiu Xing walked out of the office and found that Xie Yang hadn’t left yet. He was lying on the sofa of the living room and taking a morning back. Qiu Xing paused and took a light step back.

Xie Yang immediately opened his eyes and looked in Qiu Xing’s direction. He quickly controlled his expression and sat up to ask, “Are you done? Are you hungry? I saw that you didn’t eat much at noon.”


Qiu Xing stopped on the spot. “You stayed here and slept just to ask me this?”

“I was afraid you would be hungry.” Xie Yang got up and rubbed his neck. He went to the table and picked up the heat preservation container. After opening it, he poured out some white mushroom soup, placed the spoon and turned to Qiu Xing. “Come and eat. I asked the housekeeper to cook it and bring it over.”

Qiu Xing didn’t move and there was no expression on his face. Xie Yang saw that his eyes were strange.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows. “Are you moved?”

Qiu Xing’s senses returned. His expression was cold for a second before he said, “Don’t imagine things.” Still, he consciously walked over to sit at the table, picked up the spoon and stirred the white mushroom soup. Then he looked at Xie Yang. “Aren’t you eating?”

“I won’t eat. I ate too much at lunch and I’m not hungry.”

Qiu Xing slowly drank the bowl of white mushroom soup. “Find out who is pitting you this time. An incident occurred just as you started gaining some achievements. A few more times and it will be unknown if your company can support it again or not. Your response to the crisis is too slow. What type of team is Liu Sha bringing you?”

Xie Yang explained, “It has nothing to do with Liu Sha.”

“Then there is a problem. The most taboo thing in a management company is hesitation and acting emotionally. It is better to deal with inappropriate places as soon as possible.”

Xie Yang paused before replying, “I understand. I am ready to deal with it.”

Qiu Xing saw that Xie Yang had already made plans and didn’t say anything else.

It was almost time to get off work but Xie Yang didn’t go back to Yang Xing. He planned to stay in Rongding and wait for Qiu Xing to get off work. Then they would go home together.

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang with strange eyes for a few seconds before getting up. “Do whatever you want.”

The master’s permission was obtained so Xie Yang lay down again on the sofa of the living room. He thought of Qiu Xing’s words and took out his mobile phone to send a message to Liu Sha. “Look for a headhunting company to help me find an agent. They must be steady, reliable and thoughtful. It doesn’t matter if they have no resources. I can gain resources myself. The next time the company is recruiting, have HR put up a notice about recruiting agents to prepare for the expansion of artists in the future.”

Liu Sha quickly responded.

Xie Yang nodded before sending a WeChat message, asking Hu Biao to talk tomorrow. Hu Biao also responded quickly.

Before the end of the work day, He Jun came to Qiu Xing’s office and reported a name to Xie Yang.

Xie Yang asked, “Are you sure he bought my roommate and the marketing account?”

He Jun nodded. “Yes, the information was obtained from the marketing account to ensure accuracy. The boss said that you can decide how to deal with this person yourself.”

Xie Yang nodded in understanding.

On the way back, Qiu Xing suddenly asked, “You don’t need me to take care of it?”

Xie Yang shook his head. “No, your resources shouldn’t be wasted on such a small person.”

Qiu Xing snorted and fell silent again.


After dinner, Xie Yang went back to his room, took out his laptop and searched for a name.

Xue Xian, a singer-songwriter who could play a variety of musical instruments. He was 25 years old and debuted two years ago in an idol audition show. He released an album with good results and was affiliated with the Yuexiang Entertainment Company. Recently, there had been rumours about contract disputes with his company. His popularity was fairly good and he was praised as the leader of the new generation of singers in the industry.

Xie Yang didn’t know him at all. He wasn’t mentioned in the original book and should just be a passerby of no importance. Then why did this passerby suddenly explode Xie Yang and Mu Zhouyi’s materials?

His phone suddenly shook and a new WeChat message was received.

Xie Yang picked up the phone and found that the message came from Ji Zehui. The content was only one ellipsis. Xie Yang typed: Talk plainly.

Ji Zehui replied in seconds: I know who released the materials on you and Mu Zhouyi.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows and typed: I also know.

It was silent for a moment.

Ji Zehui: What type of background do you have? I heard that not long after your live broadcast ended, a group of lawyers killed the marketing headquarters, scaring the companies into thinking they had done something big. However, it seems that they really have done something big. There is a rumour in the industry that they are being targeted by a big person. This time, it is estimated that they will be skinned.

Xie Yang asked: What do you want to say?

There was a moment of silence before Ji Zehui wrote obviously tentative words: Previously, I lost two endorsements and they hadn’t contacted me again. Was it you…

Xie Yang was surprised and wondered: What endorsements?

Ji Zehui gave the names of two brands.

Xie Yang searched and found they were both products of Rongding.


He smiled and replied: It wasn’t me but my family member did it. I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me. I’ll thank him later.

Ji Zehui: ……

Ji Zehui typed for a long time before sending a long message: The person who pitted you is Xue Xian and the surveillance video was provided by Yuan Pang. Yuan Pang intends to help Xue Xian sign with Huangtian in exchange for Xue Xian writing a song for him. This time, Xue Xian took a fancy to write and sing a song for a movie but the movie’s director Xu Heng seems to like you more. Mu Zhouyi is the heroine of the movie and Mu Zhouyi’s fans are notoriously fierce. Xue Xian originally wanted to provoke your relationship with Mu Zhouyi’s fans and use Mu Zhouyi’s fans to resist you. This would make Xu Heng give up on the idea of working with you.

Mu Zhouyi’s movie? As far as Xie Yang knew, the movie that Mu Zhouyi was currently making seemed to be ‘Crazy Musician’ and she was working with the supporting male character, the movie emperor.

Xie Yang thought in his head while typing: Your Huangtian is really interesting. It specializes in collecting garbage.

Ji Zehui: …Can you speak well?!

Xie Yang: Yes. You told me this. Do you want something in exchange?

Ji Zehui sent a handshake expression, which was a euphemistic yes.


The next day, Xie Yang got up early. Under the guidance of Master Liao and a mold, he made a perfect round egg for Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing looked at the egg in front of him and then Xie Yang on the opposite side. The corner of his lips curved up before he quickly flattened it. Then he drank some water and asked coldly, “What do you want to ask me for this time?”

“Nothing.” Xie Yang smiled. “This egg is to thank you for your selfless help to me.”

Qiu Xing picked up his fork and touched the yolk part of the egg. He wanted to cut it but just as the tip of the knife touched it, he moved it away. Instead, he changed to chopsticks. “I sent out a group of lawyers to help you with the aftermath. Your thanks is only worth an egg?”

Xie Yang felt this deal really wasn’t cost-effective and wondered, “Should I go and fry another one for you?”


Qiu Xing responded to XIe Yang’s perfunctory sincerity with cold eyes. He touched his chopsticks to the egg before once again replacing it with the knife and fork. He carefully separated the egg and saw with satisfaction that the yolk didn’t flow out. He put a piece of it into his mouth, swallowed and replied, “Eat your breakfast and pay attention to school. Otherwise, at the end of four years, you won’t even get your graduation diploma.”

Xie Yang pretended not to discover Qiu Xing’s good mood and did as he was told. He even passed a fresh dumpling to Qiu Xing.


After breakfast, Xie Yang came to the company and called Hu Biao to the office. “Have there been any song writing and singing offers for movies that have been sent to me recently?”

Hu Biao was surprised. He quickly took out his mobile phone and read the memo. “You finally want to take a job? There are three movie jobs that have been handed to you. One is the invitation to do the ending song of a small-cost youth drama. The director is a new graduate and I don’t recommend you pick this one. One is the creation of an interlude for the New Year’s comedy Crazy Musician that Director Xu Heng is making. This requires a lot of complexity and difficulty. I used to be optimistic about it but now there is a scandal between you and Mu Zhouyi who is the heroine of this movie. So I—”

“I’ll accept it.”

“I don’t think… what?”

Xie Yang stated, “I said I want to take this job. Help me get in touch with the director.”

Hu Biao was stunned and wondered, “Why do you suddenly want to take this job? It is a really good opportunity but after your gossip with Mu Zhouyi, I don’t think it is appropriate for you to take it.”

Xie Yang told him about Xue Xian and added, “He pitted me for the sake of resources. If I don’t steal his resources then I will be sorry for his efforts.”


Hu Biao had nothing to say. He tried a few words of persuasion before agreeing to contact the other side.

Xu Heng replied quickly. Hu Biao talked to him on behalf of Xie Yang. After the talk, he went to the office and told Xie Yang, “Director Xu Heng would like to invite you to the crew to exchange details with you in person.”

The request to go to the movie crew showed a conciliatory intention so Xie Yang nodded and asked  Hu Biao to tell the other party that he would go the crew as soon as possible.

After talking about work, he motioned for Hu Biao to sit down. “Brother Biao, do you want to try changing positions?”

Hu Biao froze for a moment before realizing what was happening. He couldn’t help sitting up straight and his tone was tight. “Why are you asking? Is it because yesterday—”

“No. Brother Biao, don’t be nervous.” Xie Yang interrupted Hu Biao and got up to pour a glass of water for Hu Biao. He explained, “Actually, I already had the idea of persuading you to switch jobs. Entertainment companies rely on artists to make money. Currently, there are only three artists making money for Yang Xing and this is too few. I am planning to accept newcomers to the company. You have a good vision when it comes to picking people and you are fond of the artists under you. It is very suitable to be the person in charge of the artist training department.”

Hu Biao frowned. “Then what about you, Tong Jian and Ke Lan if I completely retreat behind the scenes?”

“If you agree to change jobs then I will find a suitable agent for them. Of course, I respect your ideas. If you still want to be an agent then you will still be Tong Jian and Ke Lan’s agent. I just won’t be your artist anymore. It is too hard for you to look after three artists by yourself.”

Hu Biao was silent.

Xie Yang was afraid of what Hu Biao was thinking and added, “If you agree to transfer then I will give you shares of Yang Xing to ensure that your income after the transfer won’t be lower than when you are an agent.”

“No, it isn’t a matter of income. It is just…” Hu Biao clenched his hands and looked at Xie Yang. “Can I think about it?”

Xie Yang got up and patted Hu Biao on the shoulder. “Of course. Brother Baio, Yang Xing is something that I, Ke Lan, Tong Jian and you built together. No matter how much we develop in the future, you are our most important backer. I will be staying in the crew for a few days. Don’t follow me and take the time to think slowly.”

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2 years ago

I feel bad for hu biao:/

1 year ago
Reply to  Kyra

I understand that feeling. But it is truly a fact that Hu Biao isn’t good as a management agent. He is too emotional, so he can be anxious and rash. You can see from the incident when YangYang had to say turn back to company about the internship fiasco, and many others. YangYang needed level headed reliablw agent that can be left alone to handle crisis and do decision making for small thing for him. Afterall, YangYang isn’t ordinary artist, he is also the boss of Yang Xing.

2 years ago

I just love Qiu Xing.
Thank you so much.

2 years ago
Reply to  qyuraa

Also many thanks for the dark mode.

28 days ago
Reply to  qyuraa

yh im enjoying the dark mode also

1 year ago

I don’t why I’m nervous about the fact yangyang will bw going to stay with the crew oho I hope that female lead don’t do unnecessary sht…
Ahhh xingxing is such a tsuntsun

7 months ago

I always wanna comment this whenever I re read but I forgot but I love how calmly he handles the situation!