HTI: Chapter 45

Public opinion broke out just after nine o’clock that evening.

At first, there was only a marketing account who moved the post on the anonymous forum to Weibo to let everyone guess the identity of Y in the post. However, it was just as Xie Yang guessed. This anonymous material wasn’t about cheating, drugs or prostitution. It was just a sour little lemon secretly cursing his roommate who didn’t go to school. Even if he dropped out of school early, the number of topics that could be created was really limited.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that Y in the post might be the recently popular Xie Yang then this marketing account might not have moved this post to Weibo. After it was moved to Weibo, it didn’t cause much of a splash. There were only a few commenters. Most of the comments were guessing if Y was Yang but they were just curious and guessing. No one felt that they were eating a melon.

This material officially developed into a melon after a comment was made on the Weibo post.

At the end of the original post, a netizen whose ID was ‘Bending the Bow and Shooting Silliness’ replied: Isn’t this Xie Yang? He debuted in the summer vacation and is a newcomer. He didn’t come to class after his senior year started. Oh, this post writer is too sour. Haven’t there been many people in our acting school who don’t come to class in the senior year? There are a few people starting their future in advance. As long as the students can earn enough credits for graduation, the teacher will turn a blind eye to it. However, I’ve been in contact with Xie Yang and my impression is that he is really introverted. It is completely different from the present. By the way, let me tell you a small piece of information. Xie Yang is actually the fan of a three character named actress with the surname of Mu. He asked me to buy a signed photo of this female actress. Here is my transaction record with him at the time~

This comment was followed by two chat record screenshots. In the screenshot, the person whose WeChat ID was ‘Yang’ asked if there was really a signed photo. If there was one, the transaction would be made directly and the delivery address was left. The person questioned said yes and sent a photo of the signed photo to the other party to confirm it.

In the screenshot, the photo proof and delivery address were hidden but not completely. The photo proof showed a corner and the delivery address had the building number leaked.

Immediately after this comment was posted on Weibo, the sharp-eyed netizens analyzed the missing traces and found that a student called ‘Yang’ bought one of Mu Zhouyi’s classic limited photobooks and the delivery address was Building No. 3 of a university’s male dormitory.

Afterwards, some students of C Acting Academy came out and explained that Senior Yang lived in Room 401 of Building 3 of the male dormitory. The WeChat ID he previously used was also Yang.

Mu Zhouyi had been in the limelight for the past two years and was currently the best growing one among the first-fire flowers. Xie Yang had just become hot and his songs were killing the charts on major music platforms. Two highly popular people were suspected of having a relationship and Weibo immediately became lively.

-The newly popular male singer is a fan of a popular singer!

-Xie Yang is a fan of Mu Zhouyi!

-Xie Yang’s crush on Mu Zhouyi!

-Xie Yang entered the circle to catch Mu Zhouyi!

-Xie Yang is close to Ji Zehui to get to know Mu Zhouyi!

-The day that Xie Yang and Ji Zehui went to record, there is reliable information that Mu Zhouyi was also in the studio. The two of them might’ve developed sparks!

-Xie Yang and Mu Zhouyi are suspected of being in love!

Public opinion and rumours shot forward like a rocket, springing in the direction of complete fiction. By the time Xie Yang woke up to Hu Biao’s angry reminder to look at Weibo, a marketing account had already pulled out the parking lot monitoring where he and Mu Zhouyi met in the underground parking lot to prove that he and Mu Zhouyi were in a relationship.

Xie Yang opened the surveillance video to look at it.

The angle of the video was very tricky. It came from the side and the rear. Everyone else in the video was covered and only he and Mu Zhouyi were clear. At that time, Mu Zhouyi almost hit him. Now the image was enlarged and slowed down. From the side rear, it looked like he and Mu Zhouyi held hands before releasing it. They seemed to be playing in a flirtatious manner.

Xie Yang, “……”

He called Hu Biao back.

Hu Biao was anxious and angry so he couldn’t speak clearly. “What’s going on? What the hell is going on? Are you in a relationship? What is happening with you and Mu Zhouyi? Your romance was exposed the moment you became hot. Don’t be confused!”

“There is no relationship. I don’t know her. The surveillance video was from an angle. At that time, Ji Zehui and Yuan Peng were there. Mu Zhouyi accidentally hit me and we didn’t hold hands.”

Hu Biao calmed down and confirmed it. “Then are you Mu Zhouyi’s fan?”


Xie Yang remembered the Weibo side account on the original’s mobile phone when he just transmigrated here and couldn’t be sure. “Maybe.”

In the original book, the attitude of the original owner of the body toward Mu Zhouyi had always been a bit strange. It seemed unreasonable that he would avoid and inexplicably aim at her from the first meeting. After seeing the Weibo side account, he had another guess about these unreasonable actions.

In the original book, after being used by Mu Zhouyi, the original didn’t have a good impression of her. He started to frantically target the female lead and provoked the relationship between Qiu Xing and the female lead. Now thinking about it, the reason why the original owner had such a reaction shouldn’t be because he hated the female host too much and wasn’t affected by the golden finger. Rather, the original owner fell in love with the female lead due to the golden finger. He didn’t want the female lead to jump into the pit called Qiu and started to desperately ruin the relationship between the female lead and Qiu Xing.

According to this guess, the behaviour of the original owner in helping the male lead became more reasonable. It was because the cowardly original owner knew he couldn’t get the female lead so he turned to the male lead to help her get rid of her entanglement with Qiu Xing. The female lead would be happy and he could also be released from his marriage with Qiu Xing, it was the best of both worlds.

It was an evil plot.

Hu Biao raised his voice again. “What do you mean by maybe? Tell me accurately. I am your agent. If you don’t tell me the truth then how can I help you?”

Xie Yang got up and walked to the bathroom while talking. “Then just treat me as a fan of Mu Zhouyi but I stopped being a fan before I debuted. Now I want to turn black.”

Hu Biao was probably too overexcited that he actually asked about this gossip. “Why turn black?”

“I suspect she isn’t a good person.” Xie Yang turned on handsfree mode, set his phone on a shelf and squeezed toothpaste onto his toothbrush. “Don’t worry, I’ll open a live broadcast to clarify this matter.”

Hearing Xie Yang say that he would start a live broadcast, Hu Bai sobered up and quickly said, “Don’t open it! Wait until you come to the company to discuss what to say before opening it. Come over as soon as possible. I’ll contact the PR department.”

Xie Yang responded positively and hung up.

He headed downstairs for breakfast and found that the atmosphere of the dining room wasn’t right.

The housekeeper was shrinking back from the kitchen door and looking to this side. Chef Liao, who was wearing an apron, stood behind the housekeeper and tried to wink at him. Qiu Xing was sitting at the dining table and shooting cold air at a plate of steamed buns.

“The news on Weibo is fake. I’m not a fan of Mu Zhouyi and I don’t like her. The surveillance video was shot when Ji Zehui and I went to the studio and I happened to meet Mu Zhouyi in the parking lot. At that time, Mu Zhouyi suddenly changed her direction and hit me. She apologized to me, I said it was fine and immediately left.”

Xie Yang explained while sitting down opposite Qiu Xing. He reached for Qiu Xing’s bowl, serving him porridge while asking, “Do you usually look at Weibo in the morning? Don’t you read your company’s emails?”

Qiu Xing finally looked up at Xie Yang. “I don’t look at Weibo.”

“If you don’t look at Weibo then why is your face like this? Aren’t you angry about my matter?”

Qiu Xing’s tone was cold as he suppressed his anger. “It was a news notification. Xie Yang, you really don’t stop. It is Mu Zhouyi… how is it Mu Zhouyi again!”

It was because Mu Zhouyi was the female lead.

“Don’t be angry.” Xie Yang placed the bowl of porridge in front of Qiu Xing. “This public opinion burst too smoothly and the rhythm has developed too fast. Obviously, someone is behind this operation and I can’t let them go. I will go to the company and open a live broadcast to clarify this matter. If you are interested then you can go to the room and see.”

“No time!”

Qiu Xing’s face still didn’t look good. He got up and left after a few bites of breakfast.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing leave. He also took a few bites before leaving.

It was close to 9 o’clock when Xie Yang arrived at Yang Xing. The downstairs area was already full of paparazzi. Hu Biao came down and took Xie Yang upstairs.

People in the PR department were waiting in the meeting room and saw Hu Biao come in with Xie Yang. The head of the PR department immediately showed them a manuscript. “Boss, we think it is better for you to not be acknowledged as Mu Zhouyi’s fan. You can say that you really appreciate Senior Mu Zhouyi. Try to be polite but distant.”

Xie Yang glanced at the manuscript. “Then shall I open the live broadcast?”

Hu Biao told him, “Don’t open it here. Go to the office and do the live broadcast in private. No one will believe it if it is too official.”

Xie Yang nodded and went to his office.

At nine o’clock, Xie Yang opened a live broadcast on Weibo and the number of viewers broke a million in a few minutes.

Xie Yang held the phone casually and didn’t pay attention to the perspective. “I will first respond to the thing that everyone is most concerned about. I’m not in love with Senior Mu Zhouyi. This surveillance video was from a deliberately chosen angle. It was the first time we met and Senior Ji Zehui was standing next to me. Senior Mu Zhouyi arrived in the parking lot with Senior Yuan Peng. The four of us met at the recording studio linked with Huangtian and I accompanied Senior Ji Zehui to say hello. The incident between me and Senior Mu Zhouyi was that as Senior Mu Zhouyi was leaving, she accidentally hit me and apologized. I said it was fine. Everything I’m saying is true. You are all welcome to dig out the complete version of the surveillance video to restore the truth.”

There were a large number of messages on the barrage. Xie Yang glanced at it casually and picked one to reply to. “There is no crush, no sparks, no holding hands. I didn’t enter the circle for Mu Zhouyi. I did it to sing and make money.”

The answer about making money was too straightforward and there was a brief silence in the barrage area.

After that, everyone asked if Xie Yang was a fan of Mu Zhouyi and if he bought a photo of Mu Zhouyi.

Xie Yang estimated the possibility of lying and being dismantled by others. He directly discarded the manuscript given by the PR department and replied, “Even if I say that I’m not Senior Mu Zhouyi’s fan and haven’t bought a photo, everyone definitely won’t believe it.  Then I sincerely invite the classmate who broke the news to come out and have a good chat with me. I also want to see if I have bought a photo of Senior Mu Zhouyi.”

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