HTI: Chapter 44

Qiu Xing looked at his held hand and drew it back with a cold face. “Don’t change the topic.”

“I’m not changing the topic. I just feel that it isn’t suitable to communicate when you’re in this mood.” Xie Yang reached out and pushed Qiu Xing’s back, taking Qiu Xing in the direction of the small building as he explained, “Ji Zehui and I are tired of seeing each other. Being together is just the wishful thinking of some fans. You must believe in my professional ethics. During the contract marriage with you, I will never do anything that is sorry for you. As for the type of fans I attract, basically all fans attracted by artists can be roughly divided into several types: restrained and cute, excited and passionate, crazy and paranoid or pure black fans. It isn’t just me.”

Qiu Xing passively moved forward with Xie Yang’s strength while his frown deepened. They had just approached the small building when he suddenly stopped and glanced sideways at Xie Yang. “Aren’t you taking away your hand?”

Xie Yang retracted the hand pushing Qiu Xing’s back.

Qiu Xing organized his clothes and said, “Wu Shui will follow you wherever you go in case those crazy fans get close. And…”

Xie Yang listened seriously.

“You and I didn’t sign a contract marriage, it is a life-long contract of sale. Don’t confuse the concept!” Qiu Xing’s face blackened and he raised his hand to pull down the brim of Xie Yang’s hat. “There are so many professions yet you have chosen the most troublesome one.” Then he turned around and called out to Zhou Miao following behind them.

Zhou Miao hurriedly stepped forward.

“Have the person in charge of the sanitarium come and see me. I want to ask how they recruit and train employees that their employee would actually stop a visitor at will!” Qiu Xing turned and entered the building.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing go in and raised an eyebrow while tidying his hat. Then he moved to keep up.


The timing of the two people’s arrival was just right. Mother Qiu was in a rare state of clarity. Qiu Xing lifted Mother Qiu into a wheelchair and pushed her to the yard to chat in the sun. Xie Yang quietly followed two steps behind.

“…So I changed my mind. I had the lawyer hand over what you wanted to leave to Qinglin in advance. In the future, I won’t care about him again unless he and the Feng family’s fight makes trouble for you.”

Mother Qiu didn’t speak.

Qiu Xing also didn’t say anything and pushed Mother Qiu quietly forward.

After a while, Mother Qiu finally spoke. “It’s okay.” She glanced sideways at Qiu Xing. “Ah Xing, I might miss Qinglin but I miss you even more. I will be good as long as you are as well.”

Xie Yang noticed that Qiu Xing paused for a moment before replying in a soft voice. “I know, Mom. I will deal with everything outside. You don’t have to worry.”

They basked in the sun before returning to the small building for lunch.

At one point, Qiu Xing went out to answer the phone and Mother Qiu asked Xie Yang, “You changed Ah Xing’s thoughts, right?”

Xie Yang looked down at Mother Qiu. Then he crouched down politely and replied, “It’s me.”

Mother Qiu was silent for a few seconds before raising her hand to gently pat Xie Yang’s shoulder.

“It’s good… Xie Yang, you accompany Ah Xing.”

After that, Xie Yang found that Mother Qiu was observing him. He calmly allowed Mother Qiu to see how much he ate, how he usually got along with Qiu Xing and how he got along with Qiu Xing now.

Lunch ended and the three of them rested in the sun on the terrace. Mother Qiu asked Xie Yang some common questions such as whether he was accustomed to living in the Qiu home, if he was eating well, how was school and if he was bullied by Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang answered truthfully and took the opportunity to accuse Qiu Xing of turning off the power and the Internet, vaguely indicating that this was very inhuman.

Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang coldly. Xie Yang pretended not to see it.

“It isn’t very good to cut off the power and the Internet. It is inconvenient but Ah Xing is doing this for you. Young people really can’t stay up all night.” Mother Qiu actually smiled as she appeased Xie Yang and then took a short at Qiu Xing. “Don’t be fierce.”

Qiu Xing paused and withdrew his cold gaze that was staring at Xie Yang. “No fierceness.”

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing strangely, who glanced back at him with warning.

After chatting, Mother Qiu said she wanted to hear Xie Yang singing. Xie Yang asked a nurse in the building to borrow a guitar. Then he picked a position not far from Qiu Xing and Mother Qiu and tested out the sound of the guitar. He thought about it before choosing to sing a song he wrote in his last life for a children’s charity event. The song was: The Lost Rabbit.

This song was light and cheerful. The lyrics were about a lost rabbit returning home with the help of the police and it was suitable for listening and relaxing.

Xie Yang strummed the guitar, waited for a few beats before looking up in the direction of Mother Qiu and Qiu Xing and singing. The smooth and soothing voice mixed with the music and swirled happily in the warm afternoon sun. It seemed to dye the air with sweetness.

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang and his expression slowly relaxed.

Mother Qiu suddenly asked, “Is he good?”

Qiu Xing looked at his mother and then at Xie Yang, who was wearing a wool coat and shining in the sunlight. He held Mother Qiu’s hand and whispered, “En.”

As they were leaving the sanitarium, Qiu Xing suddenly spoke. “I promised my mother that I will come to accompany her for the New Year this year.”

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing didn’t look at Xie Yang. He stared straight ahead as he asked, “Are you coming here with me or returning to the Xie family?”

Xie Yang replied without hesitation. “Coming here.”

Only then did Qiu Xing look at Xie Yang. His expression was pleasant but his tone contained a warning. “You can come but you can no longer complain about me to my mother.”

“I wasn’t complaining. I was reasonably making a request.”

Qiu Xing snorted coldly. “Sophistry.”


After a comfortable weekend, Xie Yang was blocked by Hu Biao the moment he arrived at the company on Monday.

“How long has it been since you last went to school?”

The questioned Xie Yang thought about it for a moment before replying, “It is about… a long time.” In fact, if Hu Biao hadn’t mentioned it then he would’ve forgotten that he was still a student.

Hu Biao made an ‘I knew this was the case’ expression. Then he grabbed Xie Yang’s arm and turned to walk out. “Fortunately, when you and Tong Jian were preparing the group performance, I remembered to go to your school to help you get an internship certificate. Otherwise, things would be terrible. Let’s go to school first and check your internship with your counsellor.”

Xie Yang removed Hu Biao’s hand and asked, “Why are you suddenly asking me this? What happened?”

“Get in the car and I’ll say it.”

In the car, Hu Biao took out his phone, turned to a collection of web pages and sent it to Xie Yang.

“You will know after reading this.”

Xie Yang clicked on the link and a page appeared. It was a post in a famous anonymous entertainment gossip forum. The post was titled ‘Let me tell you about my roommate Y who suddenly became popular.’

The post owner said that he had a former roommate called Y. The roommate had a weak temperament, poor grades and very bad relationship. Apart from having a good face and a bit of money at home, he was almost useless. However, his worthless roommate suddenly made his debut after summer vacation. He could compose music, write songs and play various musical instruments. His character became the most popular wolfdog image and he became famous overnight.

The tone of the post writer was acidic and full of jealousy. After writing all types of connotations about his roommate, he revealed that his roommate had never been to school since the beginning of the year. He was afraid that his roommate would be dismissed from school because of too many absences. Everyone was just waiting quietly to eat melons.

Xie Yang discovered that after the post writer said the roommate had ‘debuted as a newcomer’, several people were wondering if Y was Xie Yang or not. However, the post writer didn’t reply at all. He just poured out sour water and disappeared.

Xie Yang read the post and ordered, “Wu Shui, turn back to the company.”

Wu Shui did it immediately.

Hu Biao was anxious. “Why are you turning around? Too many absences isn’t the biggest black material but it still affects your image. You have just become hot and how many people are staring at you, wanting to drag you down? Now you can’t be careless about small things.”

“That’s why I’m going back to the company. This post only came out early this morning. If you urgently take me to school today, what is the difference from telling everyone that I am Y?”

Hu Biao choked.

“I’m also an intern, not an absentee. You did the internship procedures for me, right?”

Hu Biao calmed down and nodded. “Yes but at the time, your internship document was sent by a staff member on behalf of me. I didn’t see it with my own eyes so I’m a bit uneasy.”

“That’s fine. Go back to the company and continue the internship. If you are really worried that the initial internship procedures haven’t been completed, I will give you my counsellor’s phone number so you can call and ask. There is no need to run there in person. In addition, this type of small black material with no real name shouldn’t be able to make any noise.”

Hu Biao was completely convinced and rubbed his forehead. “I made a big fuss. Recently, there were too many things. I was so busy that I was confused.”

Xie Yang saw Hu Biao’s tired face and remembered that after Who is the King of Songs aired and the IUD album was launched, he, Tong Jian and Ke Lan had the number of cooperation invitations doubled. He once again considered the matter of hiring another agent.

Back at the company, Hu Biao immediately called Xie Yang’s counsellor. He confirmed that Xie Yang’s internship procedures were indeed completed and filed. Then he hung all and the worry he felt all morning was gone.

Both of them stopped paying attention to this anonymous news. Xie Yang felt it couldn’t cause trouble and there was no need to pay too much attention to it while Hu Biao was too busy. They all thought this matter was a small splash. They didn’t expect that just one day later, the small splash became a flood.

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