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HTI: Chapter 41

There were questions about why Ji Zehui made things so difficult for Xie Yang and questions about why Angry Waves was scored so low. The comments quickly spread on Weibo and various topics related to the program boarded the hot search list. The two Weibo posts of Old Text With Sharp Eyes were praised onto the hot list and various types of gossip came out one after another…

This night, Weibo was doomed to be unable to calm down.


Since the incident when he was awakened by Hu Biao, Xie Yang liked to shut down the phone when he slept. Once Xie Yang woke up early the next day and turned on his phone, Ji Zehui had been cursed hundreds of times on Weibo.

Ji Zehui spoke into the voice with a hoarse voice, “Did you do this intentionally? Do you know how many fans I lost tonight and how much money I spent to withdraw my name from the hot search?”

“It takes a bit of money for you to have a long memory. If you know this then you wouldn’t do such a thing like holding yourself up high while stepping on those below.” Xie Yang went to the dining table and sat down. “Don’t withdraw from the hot search. Go to prepare a recording studio and a band. Once I finish other things today, I’ll accompany you to record an official version of the adapted One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn. Then you will post it on Weibo and I’ll say a few good words for you. Basically, you will be able to pass through this wave of black materials.”

Ji Zehui didn’t believe it. “So simple?”

“It’s this simple. Fans and netizens are currently scolding you for bullying a newcomer and questioning your strength. I can break through the bullying material by saying a few words for you. You can clear up the material about regressing by singing a song that will break through the past. So go to bed and rest your voice. Don’t drop the ball when recording One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn. By the way, you should contact Who is the King of Songs and say you’ll help explain when the score of Angry Waves is so low.”

Ji Zehui was about to blow up again.

Xie Yang raised his voice. “Why are you so anxious? Listen to me. This is also to avoid the matter of re-recording the song being exposed by others in the future. Although the audience signed a confidentiality contract before the recording, you should know how low the control power of those contracts is. In addition, there are so many staff members at B City’s TV station and how many of them know that we sang it again? Can you suppress the news?”

Ji Zehui calmed down and asked, “What do you want to do?”

“Help you sell the miserable and emotional card. Okay, go and prepare.”

After pacifying Ji Zehui, Xie Yang put down his phone and picked up his chopsticks to eat breakfast.

“You’re helping your bully?”

Xie Yang’s chopsticks paused as he looked at Qiu Xing opposite him whose expression wasn’t good. He explained, “I am doing business, using his reputation to promote myself and Yang Xing for free.”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer but his expression still wasn’t good. Xie Yang took the initiative to give Qiu Xing some snacks.

Breakfast finished and the two of them set out to visit Feng Qinglin, who was sick in his B City residence. On the road, Xie Yang carefully recalled the plot of the original book.

As the male lead of the original book, Feng Qinglin currently had little status in the Feng family. Nevertheless, he had everything a male lead should have. For example, endless money, houses everywhere in the country and endless luxury cars.

Xie Yang remembered it was mentioned in the original novel that the residence of the male lead in B City was a small villa that Qiu Jing bought in the past with her private money. Coincidentally, the female lead also had a home in this community. According to the timeline, the female lead should’ve already moved in.

There was a plot in the original novel where the male lead was sick and the female lead came to take care of him. This was an important turning point in the emotional development of the two people. The time when the plot occurred was after the female lead finished filming with the movie emperor. It clearly wasn’t that time yet but a few days ago, the female lead appeared outside the TV station building in C City when she should be filming with the movie emperor. This proved that the plot was somewhat different from the original novel…

“What are you thinking about?”

Xie Yang’s mind returned and he glanced at Qiu Xing. “I’m wondering if you can stop cutting the power off at 10 o’clock every night.”

Qiu Xing’s eyes contained a warning. “Do you want to stay up late again?”


Xie Yang told him, “I’m an adult and I have self-control. Staying up late previously was an accident.”

“An accident that happens twice in a row will become a bad habit.”

It seemed there was no rebuttal. Xie Yang shut up.

30 minutes later, the two of them arrived at Feng Qinglin’s residence. The housekeeper aunt came to open the door. Qiu Xing entered with Xie Yang and asked, “What about Qinglin?”

The housekeeper replied with a smile, “He is lying upstairs. His fever is gone and Miss Mu is taking care of him. This time, it is really thanks to Miss Mu. Qinglin had a high fever the day before yesterday but I happened to ask for leave to go home. Miss Mu happened to be unable to make contact with Qinglin. She lives in the community and came to check the situation. If it wasn’t for this, I’m afraid that no one would’ve found that Qinglin has a fever. Miss Mu also cooked congee for Qinglin this morning. She is so considerate!”

Xie Yang, “…”

Very good. Previously, he wondered if the male lead’s illness had been caused by the plot of the original book advancing ahead of time. He hadn’t expected it to really be the case. He looked at Qiu Xing. Was it time for Qiu Xing to meet that woman today?

Qiu Xing asked the housekeeper, “Who is Miss Mu?”

The housekeeper replied excitedly, “Miss Mu is Mu Zhouyi. She is a beautiful, big star. Qinglin previously met her in the car accident in S City. She is very good! After Qinglin came to B City, he often met her in the community. She also gave Qinglin soup that she cooked herself!”

Xie Yang looked at the red-faced housekeeper and suspected that her goodwill had been increased by the female lead’s skill. Otherwise, how could a housekeeper with a normal IQ boast about an unknown person who kept visiting her sick employer?

Qiu Xing apparently noticed the housekeeper’s weirdness as well and frowned at her. He didn’t let her continue as he walked toward the master bedroom on the second floor. Xie Yang kept up with him.

Before reaching the master bedroom, Feng Qinglin and Mu Zhouyi’s voices were heard. Feng Qinglin seemed to want to get up only to be stopped by Mu Zhouyi. Mu Zhouyi also said that she would buy vegetables to make lunch for Feng Qinglin.

Qiu Xing suddenly stopped walking and turned around to go downstairs. He walked toward the housekeeper who was chasing behind him. “Go tell Qinglin that I came.”

Xie Yang glanced at the door of the master bedroom and once again followed Qiu Xing.

The two people sat in the living room. Xie Yang leaned over and poured a glass of water for Qiu Xing. “What are you angry about now?”

Qiu Xing tried to endure it but eventually couldn’t hold back. He replied in a cold voice, “His career hasn’t improved at all and his body collapsed first. Forget managing his health, he can’t even manage the housekeeper well. It is just a high fever. Who let him lie in bed and enjoy the care of a woman who came from who knows where. The education of the Feng family is really good!”

“However, you want a person who can’t even manage his body and his housekeeper to manage the Feng and Qiu families.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang poured himself a glass of water. “Once his ability can’t bear the responsibility, demise will come sooner or later.”


The anger slowly disappeared from Qiu Xing’s body. He picked up the cup and drank the water.

10 minutes later, Feng Qinglin came downstairs alone. No signs of the female lead were seen at all.

Qiu Xing’s expression was cold and he didn’t wait for Feng Qinglin to open his mouth before stating directly, “Your grandmother’s health is getting worse. She has already made a will and will leave you some Rongding shares and two companies. Don’t think this is a small amount. At the time when she made the will, you didn’t even want to call her ‘Grandmother’ or me ‘Uncle.’ She was afraid you would give too much to the Feng family and didn’t dare to give you any more.”

Feng Qinglin froze before blurting out, “Her will was established a long time ago?”

Xie Yang looked at the man.

Qiu Xing couldn’t help saying a few words, “Or else? Wills can only be established and effective when the person is in a sound state. Your grandmother’s health hasn’t been good for several years. When do you think her will was established? How long ago did she set it up? Feng Qinglin, you didn’t treat her as a grandmother but she has always thought of you as her grandson.”

Feng Qinglin stood in place, his expression a mess.

Qiu Xing suppressed his anger. “Qinglin, I can give you what your grandmother left you in advance. I believe this is enough for you to survive the difficulties of the initial stage of establishing a business. I won’t help you deal with the Feng family. If you want to earn a place in the Feng family then make your own way. My previous method was wrong. I felt sorry for you and tried my best to do it all for you.” Then he got up and left. He didn’t want to stay for another second longer.

Xie Yang got up and took two steps, only to stop. He glanced in the direction of the staircase before turning back to Feng Qinglin and lowering his voice. “I hope you really are sick with a sudden high fever, not that you deliberately calculated this to make your uncle feel soft. A healthy person pretending to be sick and selling misery in front of a terminally ill patient, don’t you think this is too disgusting?”

Feng Qinglin’s spirit returned and he glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang’s eyes were cold as his voice became softer, “Don’t think that you can calculate against your uncle and that the Qiu family is yours. I am now your uncle’s legal partner. Guess whose hands Rongding will fall into if he dies? Think about it again. If your uncle is gone, will the people in the Feng family still ignore you like they are doing now? No, they will kill you immediately!”


Xie Yang got in the car and found that Qiu Xing had his eyes closed. He sat down and stated, “Don’t be angry. I scolded him for you.”

Qiu Xing opened his eyes.

“I will help you educate your nephew. Do I get any rewards?”

Qiu Xing was stunned. Then he smiled slightly and his expression lightened. “If Qinglin was half as wise as you—”

Xie Yang took the opportunity to propose, “Then how about a divorce? There is still time for me to recognize you as my uncle.”

Qiu Xing stopped and glanced sideways at Xie Yang coldly. Then he smiled grimly, “I think I’ve been indulging you too much recently. Zhou Miao, what are you doing? Drive home!”


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2 years ago

Don’t think about getting divorce yangyang, just be happy with our tsuntsun xingxing hahaha

4 months ago

Eyo, trying to engage in some pseudo incest kink, XY 🫣 I love their conversations so much 😆