HTi: Chapter 4

Xie Yang was busy recalling the plot. At Qiu Xing’s inquiries, he responded in a perfunctory manner with short words like ‘unclear’, ‘possibly’, ‘maybe’, ‘en.’

Qiu Xing’s tone became deeper and his words became shorter. Finally, he was completely quiet. The atmosphere in the car dropped to a freezing point and the driver shivered. He wanted to shake Xie Yang’s neck and make him spit out more words.

The car stopped at the underground parking lot of Rongding’s S City Branch and Qiu Xing got out of the car, leaving without a single look at Xie Yang. The driver took out his handkerchief to wipe his sweat. The boss had been so angry that he left without waiting for the driver to open the door.

Xie Yang finally came back from his thoughts and asked the driver, “Can I move freely?”

“Ah… ah?” The driver smiled bitterly. “This… I’m afraid it isn’t possible. You have to go to the chairman’s appointment with the boss at noon. You can’t leave at will.”

“So you mean to let me wait here?”

“O-Of course not.” The driver tried to guess the boss’ mind and tentatively suggested, “Shall I take you around until it is noon? Then I’ll bring you back.”

Xie Yang just wanted to find a place to be alone and quietly think about his path in the future. He nodded and suggested, “Yes… is there a cinema nearby? I want to watch a movie.”

10 minutes later, the two of them arrived at the nearest cinema.

The driver looked at the theatre’s promotional screen and said, “Director Zhou Huairen’s new movie, June in Huai’an seems to have good reviews. Why don’t you watch this? I will buy a ticket if you want to see it.”

June in Huan’an was the female protagonist’s big screen debut and was also an important plot point. Xie Yang’s eyes fell on the promotional poster of June in Huai’an and shook his head. He pointed to a corner of the promotional area. “No, I want to see this. Buy a ticket for me.”

The driver looked over and saw a few words in the nostalgic classics area. This special session was continuously broadcasting a dozen movies that could be seen and followed. The posters had the names of the serials and they were all anti-Japanese war movies with no exception.

“…” Mr Xie’s taste was really unique. The driver went to buy a ticket and also sent a text message to Qiu Xing to report on Xie Yang.

After the driver left, Xie Yang’s gaze shifted back to the promotional poster of June in Huai’an. He looked at the name of the female protagonist printed in the corner and bent over to grab a leaflet for June in Huai’an.

It wasn’t surprising that the nostalgic classic was empty. Xie Yang took the popcorn and drink from the driver’s hand and motioned for him to sit further away. The driver didn’t dare speak as his food was stolen and obediently sat in the back row.

On the big screen, the grey-faced soldiers were rolling around in the trenches. Xie Yang ate popcorn and leaned back against the chair, closing his eyes.

The easiest way to change his fate of death was to divorce Qiu Xing and stay away from the plot circle, but this method wouldn’t work. Qiu Xing was a filial son and the marriage was arranged by Mother Qiu. Mother Qiu was old and in poor health. Qiu Xing would never go against his mother. He had probed this in the morning and Qiu Xing did indeed have this attitude. In view of the very unequal status between him and Qiu Xing, it would be impossible to divorce as long as Qiu Xing was unwilling.

Xie Yang picked up another piece of popcorn and placed it in his mouth. He grinded it with his teeth and after grinding off a bit, he licked it with his tongue, slowly tasting the sweetness.

Since he couldn’t leave, he could only go deep into the plot to stir up the wind and rain. In the original book, the cannon fodder died in a car accident. At that time, who wanted to kill the cannon fodder?

It was possible for the male lead. His method of seizing power wasn’t glorious and the cannon fodder had too much knowledge. He was a hidden danger. It was also possible for the female lead. In the end, she felt more guilt than hatred for Qiu Xing and was disgusted with the cannon fodder who betrayed Qiu Xing. It was also possible for the relatives of the Qiu family who depended on Qiu Xing’s survival and hated the cannon fodder for ruining their lives. The Feng family members were also possible. The Feng family members hated all Qiu family members. The family members of the cannon fodder were more likely. They hated the cannon fodder for ruining the thigh they touched. The men and women he hadn’t seen before were also suspicious. In the end, they became the legs of the male and female leads and became anxious about what the male and female leads were anxious about…. to sum it all, everyone in the world wanted to kill the cannon fodder—except for Qiu Xing. It was because Qiu Xing died of illness before the cannon fodder and had no chance to do anything.

Xie Yang bit into the popcorn.

Very good, they were all wicked people.

He opened his eyes and pulled the leaflet out of his pocket. In fact, what made him feel most troubled about the plot wasn’t the future death and general status of his body. It was actually the golden finger set by the author for the female lead.

In the original book, the female lead had a gold finger called the ‘Love Value Exchange System’. This system was very powerful. It accumulated the love value obtained by the female lead from her friends or anyone else and then exchanged it for beauty, luck, acting skills or even someone’s favour. The presence of this system meant the heroine easily became a winner in life.

In the plot, the female lead exchanged it for the favour of several important characters, including the original owner of the body.

Xie Yang frowned. He didn’t know what effect this gold finger would have on people and how it affected people’s minds. He instinctively clenched his fingers but he didn’t sense the presence of his ability and released it.

Forget it, what was the point of panicking?

He dropped the leaflet and grabbed another popcorn. The female lead’s skill to exchange good feelings could only be used when there was physical contact and it was time-sensitive. In the end, how much goodwill was left depended on the true impression of the people toward the female lead. As long as he was careful, he should be able to avoid any tricks.

However, he might have to continue being a small artist. If he wanted to stir up the wind and rain, he couldn’t be a waste raised by the villain.

At 10:30, Xie Yang stood up.

The driver also stood up and watched, “Mr Xie, aren’t you watching anymore?”

“I won’t watch.” Xie Yang went out but suddenly stopped after two steps. He looked back and asked, “Do you have a charging place?”

The two of them returned to the car where the driver found a charging cable and a portable charge to solve it.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Then… shall we go back?”

Xie Yang hummed, found the original owner’s old phone and charged it. The moment the phone was turned on, a call came in. The caller’s note was ‘Father.’

Xie Yang answered the phone.

“Why do you always turn your phone off?! You aren’t sensible at all!” Xie Xiu reprimanded him before quickly getting to the point. “I wanted to talk to you yesterday but I didn’t see you. We are going to have a meal together soon so I’ll make it short. Don’t participate in any male group. Quit your group and focus on following Qiu Xing. You have to take good care of him, understood?”

The reason the original owner became a waste was here.

Xie Xie Yang replied, “I don’t understand. It is impossible. Don’t contact me later.” After that, he hung up the phone and pulled Xie Xiu into the blacklist.

Just after he finished this, another phone call was received. It was Hu Biao.

“Where did you go?” Hu Biao’s tone was unexpectedly calm but any fool could hear that his calm was a stormy anger.

Xie Yang replied, “Go home and break off my relationship with my father.”

Hu Biao choked. “W-What?”

“Brother, from today on, I have no father.”

After a suffocating silence, Hu Biao roared loudly, “You give me less shit! Xie Yang, I’ll give you an hour. If I don’t see you in an hour then forget the fans’ boycott. I will let you leave the group first!”

He hung up and no more than half a minute later, another phone call came. The caller was Ke Lan. Xie Yang continued to pick up.

“I’ll give you a chance, don’t make trouble.” Ke Lan’s voice was very pleasant but his tone was cold with a hint of irony. “Xie Yang, do you think IUD is going to become muddled and isn’t worthy of your noble dream?” He directly hung up after speaking.

Xie Yang frowned as he watched another phone call come in. He was annoyed and directly turned off his phone.

In the driver’s seat, the driver was forced to listen to all the calls and secretly gulped. He stiffly held the steering wheel while his head was a mess of question marks. The amount of information was too big. Chairman Xie actually thought he could tie up the boss with his son…

After work, Qiu Xing deliberately dawdled a while before going downstairs. The car was parked in the old position. The difference was that the driver was waiting outside the elevator alone. Qiu Xing’s face became sullen. “He ran away?”

“No, no, no.” The driver glanced at He Jun, the assistant following Qiu Xing and stopped talking. He Jun consciously moved away.

The driver recounted Xie Yang’s phone calls to the impatient Qiu Xing. The more Qiu Xing heard, the stranger his expression became. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Xie Yang blacklisted Xie Xiu?”

The driver nodded hard.

Qiu Xing mused on it for two seconds before suddenly smiling. “This is really… interesting.” He strode to the car and opened the door of the front passenger’s seat. “Come down and sit in the back.”

Xie Yang pushed off the hood and opened his eyes. “Can I not go to this meal at noon?”

“No.” Qiu Xing smiled. “However, if you ask me then I might consider not taking you.”


Xie Yang immediately got off the car, pulled open the rear car door and sat down.

Qiu Xing snorted, went around to the door on the other side, got in and straightened his cuffs. “I like obedient children. Tell me, what reward do you want?”

Xie Yang took out his mobile phone and turned it on. “If I want a divorce, will you give it?”

It took one second for Qiu Xing’s face to become gloomy. “It seems you haven’t left your teenage rebellious period.”

Xie Yang replied while opening Weibo, “Your menopause has arrived ahead of schedule.”

Qiu Xing stared coldly at Xie Yang. The undeterred Xie Yang opened the hot topic list on Weibo.

Assistant He Jun saw how the two people got along and was shocked. He glanced at the driver from the passenger’s seat and his eyes were full of questions. ‘What’s going on?’

The driver was full of vicissitudes and gave him a look that said, ‘Don’t mix in. Just be deaf and blind’ and started the car.

He Jun, “…..”

It was currently lively on Weibo. Topics such as #Mu Zhouyi dirtying a BV dress# #Mu Zhouyi absent from a charity dinner for no reason# #Mu Zhouyi offended BV# and similar topics filled the hot list. Just like in the novel, the female lead was scolded all night due to her absence from the dinner and her dirty dress. A marketing account criticized her for being arrogant and doing fake charity. The sunspots took advantage of this trend to compile a bunch of the female lead’s black materials and sent them everywhere.