HTI: Chapter 34

The song Angry Waves had a high demand for sound stability, breathing and singing skills. If one of these things wasn’t in place then it wouldn’t be able to match the mood of the accompaniment and it would seem to float, giving a sense of violation.

Ji Zehui might have a thick and heavy baritone but from Xie Yang’s understanding of Ji Zehui’s live performance in the past two days, it would be a bit difficult for Ji Zehui to firmly control Angry Waves.

Ji Zehui hadn’t expected to hear such an answer. He was cautious as he looked at Xie Yang’s face suspiciously. He asked, “Do you really think so?

Xie Yang nodded and spoke positively. “Teacher Ji, how do you want to adapt this song? Is there a direction?”

“We’re not too busy right now.” Ji Zehui suggested. “I used to watch your performance video on my mobile phone. At that time, the video was compressed and your voice was somewhat distorted. I don’t know if you can give me the honour of hearing you sing IUD on the spot?”

IUD had many high-pitched and steep parts while the bass was very low. If someone sang it alone, they must have a strong control over their sound or it would be easy to sing in a deformed manner. Moreover, there was a big difference between singing in a group and singing solo. It was easy to sound flat after suddenly changing the singing style. In addition, Ji Zehui asked him to sing it acapella. It was known to all that acapella tested a singer’s sense of rhythm and emotional appeal. All in all, Ji Zehui was digging a pit for Xie Yang. If Xie Yang failed to sing IUD’s music then it would be a big blow to IUD.

Xie Yang paused and said, “It is an honour for me to sing to Teacher Ji., I don’t know if Teacher Ji wants to listen to the original IUD or the lyrical version?”

Ji Zehui thought about it before replying, “It is the original version. The singing method is closer to Angry Waves.”

It seemed that Ji Zehui wasn’t completely brainless and knew what to do.

Xie Yang nodded with understanding and asked him to wait a bit. Then Xie Yang went to one side, drank some water to moisten his throat, briefly warming up before returning to Ji Zehui. “Then Teacher Ji, shall I start?”

Ji Zehui clapped in an encouraging manner and praised the two IUD songs..

Xie Yang knew that Ji Zehui wanted to remind him that there was still a camera in this room to make him nervous. Xie Yang deliberately smiled at the camera before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Once he opened his eyes, he was in the right state. He opened his mouth and made a high sound.

The practice room arranged for the guests was very spacious and empty. Xie Yang’s voice was amplified by the space and resonated, as if directly blowing into people’s mind.

Ji Zehui’s expression froze immediately.

The cameraman aiming the lens at Xie Yang was so excited that the lens shook.

Xie Yang’s treble was different from Tong Jian. It wasn’t as violent or tense as Tong Jian. It was colder and sharper. It was like an ancient sword that had been suppressed for thousands of years only to finally be able to drink blood. It was elegant and solemn, with a natural sense of heaviness. It was completely different from his low tone, which was pure and pleasant, but also amazing.

After a long and smooth chant, Xie Yang’s voice rapidly fell back down. As the lyrics sank into despair, the voice perfectly crossed ranges without any sense of breakage. The emotional appeal was also extremely strong.

There was only Xie Yang’s singing in the room and the invisible atmosphere of despair and silence filled the air.

Ji Zehui recovered from his stiffness. He avoided the camera and adjusted his expression, squeezing out a smile of appreciation while cursing Mo Bin thousands of times in his heart.

This was called a weak treble? This was jerky singing skills?

He looked at Xie Yang, who was closing his eyes while singing, and almost crushed his back teeth.

No wonder why Xie Yang dared to accept his invitation. No wonder why Xie Yang had such an attitude previously. This newcomer was really amazing! Subjectively speaking, this solo version of IUD was actually better than the other two versions! The first half of this version of IUD was more desperate and cold while the latter part that pursued new life was softer and more moving. It could be called natural!

He could almost predict what type of praise and pursuit Xie Yang would get if this was broadcasted on the show. The sales of the mini-album IUD would usher in a terrible wave of sales.

Xie Yang sung the most amazing and delightful high-pitched part of the entire IUD song. Ji Zehui’s brain exploded and he couldn’t help interrupting, “Okay, that is enough.”

A thick make voice suddenly cut into the singing and it abruptly stopped. All the staff members in the room felt like a rough hand had pulled their souls out of a fairy’s arms. It was like their entire body was contaminated and they were generally full of discomfort. They couldn’t help shooting a look of condemnation toward Ji Zehui.

Xie Yang was still polite after being stopped. He asked, “Teacher Ji, what do you think about my tone? Is it suitable to cooperate with you on Angry Waves?”

Ji Zehui noticed the staff members’ gazes and became unhappier. However, he had to pretend to be professional. “Your high sound is too floating and it is a bit out of sync with Angry Waves. I have to think about it. In this way, you can continue to familiarize yourself with Angry Waves while I will think about how to integrate our voices.”

“Okay, it is hard on you.”

After that, Ji Zehui walked away again.

Xie Yang smiled at the staff members and went to the corner again. He put on earphones and continued to listen to Angry Waves while going through the score. His phone suddenly shook and a WeChat notification arrived. Xie Yang avoided the camera and opened his phone.

Long Shuyou: I’ve negotiated it. I will be a guest reviewer on the next issue of King of Songs. What song did Ji Zehui choose?”

Xie Yang: Angry Waves.

Long Shuyou: Then he will probably change the song.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows and typed: Why do you say that?

Long Shuyou: This type of song is very skillful but your singing skills and expressiveness are better than him. He will be overshadowed and he won’t allow this to happen.

Xie Yang smiled and typed: Let him change it. I will accompany him.


Before lunch, Ji Zehui came back and invited Xie Yang to have lunch together.

During the meal, Ji Zehui pulled out a bunch of professional words before saying, “Although I like the song Angry Waves, it doesn’t match your tone. I have decided to accommodate you and change the song.”

Xie Yang sighed. “Is that so? Well, the staff said that my high-pitched tone was very suitable for Angry Waves and I was secretly happy. It seems they don’t have the professional ears of Teacher Ji. What type of song do you want to change to?”


Ji Zehui suppressed his anger and smiled in an ugly manner. “I am still thinking. Perhaps it won’t be changed in the end. Xiao Xie, you should continue to familiarize yourself with Angry Waves. If you have any ideas about the adaptation then you can change it first. I’ll go to find a new song. Time is tight so we should divide the work and cooperate.”

Xie Yang sighed again. “No problem. Teacher Ji is so thoughtful.

After the afternoon recording, Ji Zehui left. Xie Yang deliberately lagged behind to pack up the things in the practice room. He said goodbye to the staff members and left the place arranged by the program team.

Wu Shui had parked the car downstairs and was waiting beside the car.

Xie Yang was walking over there when he noticed two people come out of the building where the practice room was located. Both of them were women. One had long, straight burgundy hair while the other one had brown, wavy hair. Both of them were wearing hats and masks as they talked in low voices.

Xie Yang’s footsteps stopped.

“Boss?” Wu Shui followed Xie Yang’s gaze and asked cautiously, “Do any of those two people have problems?”

The problem was very big. After transmigrating, Xie Yang had seen countless video materials on the female lead Mu Zhouyi and recognized in an instant that the woman with curly hair was the female lead.

Why was the female lead here? In the original novel, shouldn’t the female lead be in a closed filming crew and establishing a ‘pure’ friendship with an important movie emperor?

Perhaps it was due to Xie Yang’s gaze but the female lead Mu Zhouyi suddenly looked over here. A pair of beautiful eyes like autumn water was exposed under the brim of the hat. There might be no makeup but the eyes were still fascinating.

It seemed that the female lead had further enhanced her appearance using the gold finger.

Xie Yang withdrew his gaze and patted Wu Shui on the shoulder. “Get in the car and go home.”

Wu Shui immediately withdrew his gaze and helped Xie Yang open the door. He waited until Xie Yang got in the car before going around to the driver’s seat and starting the car.

Xie Yang sat in the car and found that the female lead had glanced toward the car several times. He touched the valuable new car underneath him and his lips twitched.

An inspiring female lead who was tough, wise, kind and not moved by money?

He didn’t believe that there was such a noble person in this world who struggled in the entertainment industry but didn’t care about the power of money at all. The author of the original book definitely beautified the main characters. For example, in the eyes of the female lead, the male lead was decisive, resourceful, loyal and omnipotent. Yet in Xie Yang’s eyes, there was just an empty ambition, an idiot who didn’t understand the situation at all.


Xie Yang got up early the next day and opened the door to directly have a bag thrown at him.

“Change and then go downstairs.”

Xie Yang took the soft clothing bag that started to slip and watched Qiu Xing disappear down the stairs. He opened the bag and saw a thin, smoky grey sweater at the top of the bag.


He smiled and turned around obediently.

Five minutes later, a new Xie Yang from head to toe came downstairs and headed to the dining room to sit down.

Qiu Xing was sitting at the dining table and reading emails on his phone. He raised his eyes and examined Xie Yang up and down before speaking with a smile, “This is about it. You started a company and debuted, yet you don’t even have a stylish looking after your image.”

Xie Yang was in a good mood and explained, “The company has a stylist but I let them manage Tong Jian and Ke Lan. Thank you for giving me the clothes.”

“Giving you? You’re thinking too beautifully.” Qiu Xing put down the phone. “They will be deducted from the money you earn.”

“…Then you are using my money to buy clothes for me?”

“Do you want to use my money?”

Xie Yang really thought about it and asked, “Can it be used?”

Qiu Xing probably hadn’t expected Xie Yang to be cheeky like this. He looked at Xie Yang incredulously for a few seconds before stating grimly, “If you change your surname then I’ll give it to you.”

Xie Yang sighed with regret. “If you had said this sentence before I built the company then I would have definitely changed it immediately. Now that I have a company, it will be very troublesome to change the name. I can only regretfully say goodbye to your noble surname.”


Qiu Xing tapped the table with his fingers. “Why do you have so many words in the morning? Sit and eat!”


Xie Yang arrived at the practice room 40 minutes before the agreed time. The staff were still preparing and were surprised to see Xie Yang coming so early. They quickly gathered to greet him.

Xie Yang told them to keep working and asked Wu Shui to distribute the hot drinks he bought. He said that he could just sit anywhere and didn’t need any extra greetings.

Everyone saw him talking so well and they all relaxed, thanking him for the drink.

Xie Yang found a corner to sit in. Before plugging in the headphones to listen to the song, he heard a young girl boasting about how handsome he looked today in these clothes. He looked down at his clothes, plugged in the headphones and sent a WeChat message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: Someone praised me for being handsome today.

Qiu Xing replied after a while: Don’t believe it. They lied to you.

“……” Okay.

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crazy fujoshi
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Adorable idiots

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Lmao i keep rereading this novel. It’s just sooo good. Even if it doesn’t always focus on the pair, but it doesn’t bore me. Props to the author and ofc the translators!!!! Good job

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