HTI: Chapter 33

Before the power outage in the evening, Xie Yang opened Yang Xing’s official mailbox on the computer, opened an email from Long Shuyou, replied to it and sent his WeChat account. Less than a minute later, Long Shuyou’s friend application was sent over. Xie Yang accepted.

Long Shuyou asked in seconds: Do you want to make an album?

Xie Yang replied: Thank you for your love but I still want to make my own album.

There was silence for a moment.

Long Shuyou: I thought you changed your mind because you replied to my email.

Xie Yang: I replied to your email because I wanted to talk to you about another cooperation.

Long Shuyou’s reply was brief: What?

Xie Yang: I can let you participate in my album production. In fact, I have prepared new songs for my album.

Long Shuyou directly made a voice call. He was hooked.

Xie Yang answered the call.

“How do you want to cooperate?”

Xie Yang explained, “I was invited to participate in the recording of the next issue of Who is the King of Songs as a guest singer. I hope you will also participate in the recording of the next issue and comment on the guests.”

Long Shuyou’s answer was simple. “No problem.”

“I have another request.”

“Say it.”

“Mr Long, are you interested in joining my company? You don’t need to hold a formal position. Just be a music consultant.”

Long Shuyou understood in seconds. “As a music consultant, can I participate in your album production?”

“Of course you can.” Xie Yang started to draw the cake. “Not only can you participate, you can also get all the new songs I prepared for the album in advance. This includes the 12 finished products that I’ve decided to use and the 10 semi-finished products.”

“I’ll join.” Long Shuyou promised quickly. “My lawyer will contact Yang Xing tomorrow. Xie Yang, don’t let me down.”

Xie Yang swallowed down the rest of his persuasive words and stated, “I hope you won’t let me down.”

After negotiating the cooperation and hanging up the voice call, Long Shuyou suddenly sent another message over: Who are you singing with?

Xie Yang: Ji Zehui.

Long Shuyou: ……

Xie Yang: Why?

Long Shuyou: Cooperating with that pig who can only howl is a waste of your voice.

Xie Yang was really stunned. He imagined Long Shuyou saying that Ji Zehui looked like a pig with that cool fairy-like face that was a standard white moonlight and couldn’t help laughing.

The next day, Xie Yang was still wearing the cost-effective outfit as he went downstairs. Qiu Xing was so angry that he couldn’t eat breakfast. “Why are you still wearing this?”

“I have no other clothes.”

“Don’t you know how to buy them?”

“There are no malls around Jinghe Garden. Where can I buy them?”

“……” Qiu Xing thought this was justified and his tone was a bit better. “You can ask Wu Shui to buy it for you.”

“What can he do at night?” Xie Yang took a small bun and placed it on his plate. “In addition, what is the purpose of buying clothes? Money should be spent on crucial areas. It is enough to wear any clothes.”

Qiu Xing laughed at Xie Yang. “How generous were you when making the performance clothes?”

“That is a crucial area.” Xie Yang boasted without any pressure, “In fact, I think I’m still handsome even if I wear only a sack.”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang and found that he couldn’t refute these words, so he ignored Xie Yang. Xie Yang went outside and found that Wu Shui was driving a very well-designed SUV instead of the usual business car.

“Why did you change the car?”

“The car I previously drove was sent for maintenance and I asked Qiu Xing to borrow a new one.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows, took out his mobile phone after getting in the car and sent Qiu Xing a red envelope worth 2 yuan for the car rental fee.

Qiu Xing paused for a few seconds before sending over a photo. Xie Yang clicked on the photo.

He saw that the center of the photo was black suit pants. A slender and powerful hand loosely held in a fist was resting on the pants. The thumb, index finger, ring finger and little finger were curled up obediently and only the middle finger stood upright. The colour was a bit dull and it could be seen that the owner of the hand wasn’t in good health.

Xie Yang, “……”

He made a low cough to cover his smile and clicked to save the photo.

After thanking Qiu Xing for the new car, Xie Yang checked Weibo again.

A night had passed and the top of # Xie Yang publicly criticizing fans# had been successfully placed on the front row of the hot search list. There was an obvious rhythm of a water army, saying that the fans who protected Xie Yang were still criticized by Xie Yang. They were really poor and Xie Yang’s nature was too bad.

Hu Biao must’ve asked the public relations team to control the field. They clarified half the contents created by the black fans and didn’t let public opinion become one-sided.

Most passersby were sensible. After reading all the comments forwarded by Xie Yang, they soon understood what was going on. Some people helped the fans explain to the water army, stating that the three comments were obviously from black fans and it was normal for Xie Yang to be angry.

After the discussion by all parties, this topic actually brought the ‘objective comment’ article of the musician to the top. More and more people participated in the discussion of Xie Yang and Ji Zehui’s singing performance and this raised everyone’s attention toward the next issue of King of Songs.

Although the overall public opinion was under control, the impact was still there.

Xie Yang arrived at the company and Hu Biao immediately greeted him. “After your hot search about the fans, the growth rate of IUD’s pre-orders has slowed down. Meanwhile, the digital sales of Broken Cocoon soared and directly surpassed us. This time, Ji Zehui is using his reputation as a good senior to step on you!”

Xie Yang appeased him. “It’s okay, we will step back for now. Has the program team arrived?”

“They’ve just arrived and are waiting for you in the conference room. Go quickly so that the program doesn’t label you as late.”

Xie Yang was just about to leave when he stopped. Then he approached Hu Biao and whispered a few words.

Hu Biao gasped with shock. Xie Yang patted Hu Biao on the shoulder. “Be stable. This matter is temporarily kept a secret.”

Hu Biao suppressed his excitement and glanced in the direction of the conference room as he whispered, “Good! Long Shuyou’s poisonous tongue is on the show. Just wait for Ji Zehui to roll over!”

The shooting started at 9 o’clock.

Xie Yang pretended like the camera didn’t exist during the entire process. He naturally exchanged greetings with the interviewer then he took the interviewer around Yang Xing and answered a few questions from the interviewer. After going downstairs to the parking lot, he got into the car prepared by the program group.

Wu Shui drove behind the program group. The interviewer specifically asked the cameraman to give Wu Shui a shot.

After chatting in the car for a few minutes and capturing enough material, the interviewer asked the cameraman to turn off the machine and smiled so that Xie Yang could relax.

Xie Yang smiled and pretended he didn’t know about the hidden camera installed in the car. He was still polite but not talkative. Every time the interviewer talked to him, he politely responded. If the interviewer didn’t talk, he bowed his head and looked at the recording process flow chart.

An hour later, they arrived at the training place that the program provided for the guests.

Not surprisingly, Ji Zehui had arrived and seemed to be waiting for Xie Yang for a while.

Xie Yang quickly looked at Ji Zehui, who was around 30 years old with a tall and handsome appearance. He made a slightly apologetic smile and quickly greeted him. “Sorry, I didn’t expect Teacher Ji to arrive so early. The staff didn’t mention it to me. Tomorrow, I will definitely come half an hour in advance so as to not keep you waiting.”

His words directly pointed out that Ji Zehui had arrived too early, rather than Xie Yang being late. He invisibly blocked Ji Zehui’s follow up hype about ‘a newcomer acting like a big name by being late, leaving a senior waiting for a long time.’

The smile on Ji Zehui’s face remained the same and his gaze deepened. “Don’t be so polite. I’m just used to getting ready early when I have a job.”

Xie Yang lamented, “It must be really hard work for your staff. They also have to get up early with you. Everyone is really dedicated.”

Ji Zehui, “……”

He faked a smile. “You’re really interesting.”

Xie Yang replied sincerely, “Senior, thank you for the praise.”

Ji Zehui, “……”

The two of them were full of ulterior motives and their words kept on tempting each other, but they pretended to be in harmony. After a round of hypocritical exchanges, they finally entered the subject of music selection.

Ji Zehui took out a piece of music. “I discussed it with several teachers and decided to adapt Master Liu Hongguang’s Angry Waves. Have you heard this song?”

Xie Yang honestly shook his head.

Ji Zehui smiled comfortably. “You young people shouldn’t refuse to listen to these things just because you think old songs are outdated. Many old songs are classic and excellent. Listening to them and thinking more will help improve your taste.”

“You are right.” Xie Yang was taught. “Teacher, have you heard the song Angry Sea?”

Ji Zehui paused. “It seems that I’ve heard it but I can’t remember which master’s work it is for a moment. Xiao Xie, do you think that Angry Sea is more suitable for adaptation than Angry Wave?”

Xie Yang shook his head. “Of course not. In fact, the composer of Angry Sea is far from a master. It is the work of a senior student. Angry Sea was published on the Internet and at present, the amount of replies has exceeded one billion. Teacher Ji, it is rare that someone is willing to take the initiative to help the younger generation. I heard you mention Angry Waves and suddenly thought of Angry Sea, which has a similar name. I think you can also pay attention to this student. I heard she is a fan of yours.”

Ji Zehui’s expression stiffened. Just last year, he hadn’t kept his mouth shut on a show and ridiculed that online singers were just ordinary people who could write bubblegum pop songs and do cover songs. Due to that, he lost many fans, including several famous Internet singers. Xie Yang mentioning this now definitely wasn’t out of good intentions.

He secretly warned, “It isn’t a good thing for young people to be short-tempered.”

Xie Yang was still polite. “You’re right. I am the one with a big mouth.”

“…..” He was a bit flustered.

Ji Zehui found a reason to escape by letting Xie Yang familiarize himself with Angry Waves first. Xie Yang immediately removed his aggressiveness and casually found a corner to sit down in. He plugged in the headphones and searched for the song to listen carefully.

The song had a high-pitched prelude before a strong and heavy baritone suddenly cut in. This instantly brought out the mood of roaring and surging waves. After that, the waves became stronger and stronger and the baritone became higher and higher. It was like a giant ship breaking through the waves and going forward bravely, firmly controlling the wind and waves. Finally, the waves subsided, the giant ship successfully docked and the sun rose in the East.

All in all, this was a ‘real man’ type son. It was magnificent and the singer’s singing could be summarized in one word: powerful!

Half an hour later, Ji Zehui came back with the smile of a good elder. He asked Xie Yang, who was still sitting in the corner and listening to the music. “Xiao Xie, how do you feel about this Angry Waves?”

“It’s good.” Xie Yang took off the headphones and stood up. After thinking for a while, he emphasized again. It’s very good. It’s suitable for your voice” It was also suitable for overturning the situation.

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crazy fujoshi
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