HTI: Chapter 32

The morning after the new episode of Who is the King of Songs aired, the program team and Ji Zehui’s agent  Xiao Jin successively contacted Hu Biao and issued an invitation to Xie Yang for cooperation.

Both sides were very polite and made no mistakes at all.

Hu Biao was worried.

Xie Yang turned over the two invitation letters in his hand and asked, “Why are you worried again?”

“Do you really understand or not?”

Hu Biao opened his laptop and looked at the screen. “Look at public opinion on the Internet right now. Huangtian’s various people have sent out articles to express their expectations of the collision of the old and new singer, looking forward to the combination of a powerful singer and popular newcomer and also looking for someone to analyze the suitability of your voice with Ji Zehui. Obviously, the singing guests haven’t been decided yet but they made public opinion look like you have promised to go. Isn’t this kidnapping you using public opinion?”

Hu Biao became angrier as he spoke. “If you don’t go, you will be accused of not knowing how to behave, looking down on a senior and even that you have stage fright! News of you being afraid to lose face on a professional variety show will soon fly all over the Internet! If you go, it is taking a step into Ji Zehui’s trap. What’s the use of your singing skills? The music selection, lyrics distribution, program editing etc. There are so many things he can do? Who is the King of Singers can have Ji Zehui’s acquaintances!”

Xie Yang was still calm. “Why are you panicking? We also have someone in Who is the King of Singers?”

Hu Biao froze for a moment and then his voice raised in shock. “We have somebody? Who? How come I don’t remember anyone I know in this show?”

Xie Yang was amused by Hu Biao’s appearance. He took out his laptop, opened the company’s official mailbox and pointed to the letter of cooperation that always came once a day. “Him.”

Hu Biao looked over and saw the words ‘Long Shuyou.’ He remembered how Long Shuyou ran backstage to invite Xie Yang to cooperate after the show and was stunned. Then his eyes lit up. Wait, if he remembered correctly, the Who is the King of Songs was a show that was under the Long family!


Xie Yang agreed to the invitation of the program Who is the King of Songs and Ji Zehui was informed through Hu Biao. Then Xie Yang posted on Weibo an official thanking the program for the opportunity and Ji Zehui for his appreciation.

The number of fans on Xie Yang’s Weibo account had already broken through 5 million. Since they were all new fans, the fan activity was very high. The moment this post appeared, the comments soared immediately. Some silly and naive fans happily celebrated Xie Yang getting the variety show Who is the King of Songs while some smarter fans sent Xie Yang a private letter, telling him to be careful not to be tricked by the bad guys.

After replying to a few comments, he found that Ji Zehui had reposted his Weibo and officially showed a friendly and encouraging attitude toward newcomers.

Once the mutual business support was over, Xie Yang went to the ‘objective comment’ article and found that the comments area under the article had become lively. Among them, the top three hot comments had his photo as an avatar and desperately boasted of his ‘fan’ domination. These ‘fans’ were sharp-spoken, boasting that he would step on a group of powerful singers including Ji Zehui. This caused dissatisfaction among most passersby.

The passersby were so angry that they aimed their anger at him, saying things like ‘Xie Yang is such a flamboyant traffic star, is he comparable to Ji Zehui?’, ‘Ji Zehui is the two time Golden Song King and is kindly helping your artist got on the show. Yet you are stepping on a kind-hearted senior? Do you have any face?’ and ‘Ji Zehui really helped an ingrate!”

From time to time, there would be a Ji Zehui fan appeasing the passersby, stating that Xie Yang was young and his fans must also be very young. Don’t argue with children. It is natural for seniors to support the younger generation. This helped gain good feelings for Ji Zehui.

Those who were his real fans and rational fans were squeezed out of nowhere. Instead, some simple fans were brought into the rhythm and started to argue with passersby.

A tearing war was about to begin. It was conceivable that if this arguing kept expanding, it wouldn’t take long for Xie Yang and his fans to be covered with various stinky badges and become synonymous with ‘brain damaged.’ Xie Yang really wanted to give Ji Zehui a round of applause. This operation was really skillful and was worthy of Huangtian.

He directly reposted the top three comments with the following text: The lead is excellent. I’m very fortunate to have such black fans.

Then he forwarded the comments from Ji Zehui’s fans to help explain with the following text: Senior Ji Zehui is very fortunate to have such excellent fans. In addition, it isn’t natural for elders to support the younger generation. The elders who are willing to support the younger generation have a good character.

Finally, he forwarded a sensible fan who didn’t strongly praise Xie Yang’s singing skill. Instead, they thanked Ji Zehui for his appreciation and hoped that Xie Yang could learn from senior Ji Zehui and work hard to improve himself.

Then he turned off Weibo and continued to handle official business.

A few minutes later, Hu Biao rushed into the office with his mobile phone. After knocking on the door and entering the room, he was so anxious that he said something unfavourable. “What did you send… Do you know that your reposts have become hot? The topic #Xie Yang publicly criticizing his fans# has come out!”

“It’s pretty fast.” Xie Yang signed a document and went to the next one without looking up. “It’s just getting rid of some fans. It doesn’t matter if they are real fans following the rhythm or fake fans. I don’t need such fans.”

Hu Biao was angry yet not angry.

Judging from the results, Xie Yang’s behaviour of forwarding these comments was definitely beneficial to them. In this way, they could express their position directly so as to not be fooled by others. But from the perspective of the impact just now…”

Hu Biao had a headache. “I was going to set you up as a hard-working, polite and reliable person, yet you publicly criticized them. You should’ve bookmarked them instead of forwarding it directly!”

Xie Yang finally raised his eyes to Hu Biao. “Brother Biao, I’m not a real newcomer who has to be cautious of the entertainment industry. I am the boss of Yang Xing. It isn’t necessary for me to be careful with my business image. I don’t need an image. I am who I am. I can’t be someone else.”

Hu Biao froze. He looked at Xie Yang’s calm and capable appearance behind the desk and his anxious brain suddenly calmed down. He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I was thinking too much… then you are busy. Later, remember to speak to me before doing any big moves.”

Xie Yang nodded.

Hu Biao left and Xie Yang leaned back in his chair to think.

In fact, Hu Biao’s personality wasn’t suitable for being an agent, a job that needed to deal with many unexpected situations and have network connectors. Rather, it was more suitable for the artist training department. It was just that Hu Biao, Tong Jian and Ke Lan had deep feelings. Hu Biao might not be willing to leave Tong Jiang and Ke Lan to retreat back to the company. He needed to find an opportunity to talk to Hu Biao alone.

Then Xie Yang picked up the next document.

That afternoon, Who is the King of Songs sent staff to Yang Xing to discuss the cooperation with Hu Biao.

Once the two parties signed the cooperation contract, the staff told Hu Biao about the recording process. “This is a special episode with guest singers. We will start recording from Teacher Xie leaving and then the meeting of Teacher Xie and Teacher Ji. Then they will select and arrange the song together. Since the program is giving the guests three days to select and arrange the music, this type of follow-up will last for three days. The scene of Xie Yang leaving will only be the first day. Teacher Xie, where do you think is more appropriate to start shooting? Your house or somewhere else?”

Xie Yang didn’t wait for Hu Biao to answer and spoke instead. “Just shoot from Yang Xing. I want to rub some of the heat the program gave me to publicize the company.”

The staff members smiled at the words and expressed his understanding. He made an appointment for a shooting time before leaving.

The meeting was over. Once the staff left, Hu Biao immediately slumped on the sofa. “Fortunately, you are clever and knew to have the program start shooting from Yang Xing instead of your house. Many artists are careless when shooting the program and expose their home address, making them tangled up with obsessive fans and paparazzi. In addition, there is a pit here. You and Ji Zehui will both be shooting from the beginning. His side will definitely be very big. If you are poor then once the program is broadcasted, your image can easily be stamped with a crude image. Once artists get this image, they can basically say goodbye to fashion resources.”

Hu Biao smiled again. “Huangtian probably didn’t expect that Yang Xing’s office building was in such a good place. Did you notice that the staff member was stunned when he came here? He thought that Yang Xing only occupied a small area of the building., Then look at how good his attitude was later, calling you Teacher. Tut tut.”

Xie Yang’s thoughts weren’t as complicated as Hu Biao. The reason why he decided to start from Yang Xing was because he felt Jinghe Garden wasn’t suitable for shooting and he wanted to promote Yang Xing. He patted Hu Biao on the shoulder. “Don’t sit down. The shooting will start tomorrow. Have the cleaning department do a good job cleaning the company today. The free publicity opportunity can’t be wasted.”


At dinner that evening, Qiu Xing suddenly asked, “You are going to record a program?”

Xie Yang nodded.

Qiu Xing spoke darkly, “If you show that stupid appearance from the last show…” He didn’t finish but it was full of a threat.

Xie Yang’s chopsticks paused and he raised his eyes to look at Qiu Xing. “You have seen my last recorded program?”

“……” Qiu Xing’s eyes widened and he took a sip of water. “I took a glance while Zhou Miao was watching.’

Xie Yang smiled and didn’t speak.

Qiu Xing frowned. “What are you smiling at?”

“I’m smiling because today’s food is delicious.” Xie Yang put down his chopsticks and filled a bowl of soup for Qiu Xing. “Drink soup and nourish your stomach.”

Qiu Xing drank the soup and got up to leave the table. He had just taken two steps when he came back. “Wear a good outfit when recording the program. If you wear the same two outfits every day then people will think the Qiu family is mistreating you.” Then he strode away.

Xie Yang lowered his head to look at the comfortable and sturdy clothing he brought from a clothing chain store known for its cost-effectiveness. He raised his eyebrows and didn’t take note of Qiu Xing’s words.

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