HTI: Chapter 31

Xie Yang stayed in the car for a long time and didn’t get off until Xiao Lou turned off the lights. Then he followed Zhou Miao into the small room Zhou Miao stayed in every night. He planned to stay with Zhou Miao tonight.

Zhou Miao was so scared that he started sweating. He tried to persuade Xie Yang to go to another room but Xie Yang refused because it was so late and he didn’t want to trouble the caregivers. He was afraid to stir up hatred. Zhou Miao imagined the scene of him being torn apart by Qiu Xing. He held onto his desire to survive and insisted on sleeping on the ground.

After a night passed, Xie Yang went back to the car to wait for Qiu Xing.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Qiu Xing came out of the small building. His face looked a bit worse than yesterday and his expression wasn’t pretty. He came to the side of the car and waved for Zhou Miao to not bother. He opened the back door himself.

“Good morning.” Xie Yang waved at Qiu Xing.

“……” Qiu Xing slammed the door shut, stopped for two seconds and opened it again.

Xie Yang rubbed his neck. “Get in the car. I have to go to Yang Xing for a meeting.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed. He slammed the door again and sent Zhou Miao a murderous look. “Why is he here?!”

Zhou Miao shrank back with fright and explained, “Yes, the little boss insisted on coming and also insisted on waiting for you. I—”

“Shut up!” Qiu Xing interrupted Zhou Miao and opened the door again. He stared at Xie Yang in the car for a few seconds before getting in the car. He took out his phone to check his emails and treated Xie Yang as air.

The car drove out of the sanatorium.

Xie Yang felt that the two of them were too stiff and took the initiative to hand things over. “Thank you for lending me Liu Sha.”

Qiu Xing ignored it like he didn’t hear Xie Yang’s words. Xie Yang simply turned sideways and stared straight at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing tidied up his clothes, leaned sideways toward the window and continued looking at his emails.

“I gave Feng Qinglin my business card. Once he thinks things through, he will naturally come and contact me.’

Qiu Xing’s actions paused. He didn’t understand Xie Yang’s behaviour at all.

“I’m not trying to deny your method of teaching your nephew. I just think you can’t give too much in silence. You have to let him know what’s wrong. He grew up in the Feng family and has been influenced by them since he is a child. You think you are good to him and he is grateful on the surface, but he might be guarding against you in his heart.”

Qiu Xing finally opened his mouth. “A child of my Qiu family, it is impossible not to know the good or bad.”

“What about the children of the Feng family?”

Qiu Xing couldn’t hide his contempt as he sneered. “A group of idiots and trash.”

“Feng Qinglin is surnamed Feng and has the genes of these idiots and trash.’’

Qiu Xing turned his head sharply to look at Xie Yang.

“This is a fact unless you have the ability to change Feng Qinglin’s father.”

Qiu Xing’s expression distorted with anger and he put down his phone. “What exactly do you want to say?”

“I want to say that even if you don’t think you will live long and you’re in a rush, don’t use the method of cultivating seedlings to urge Feng Qinglin to grow.” Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing and raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t I still here? Even if you don’t live long, I will continue to teach Feng Qinglin.”

The anger on Qiu Xing’s face suddenly disappeared and he frowned slightly at Xie Yang. After a while, he leaned back in his seat and sneered, “You? You are four years younger than Qinglin.”

“Yet I’ve lived for 20 years knowing good and bad.”

“So the fact that you used to be obedient and cowardly at home was all an act?”

Xie Yang took advantage of the situation for his own benefit. “It was only a survival method.”

Qiu Xing sneered again before falling silent. He stopped talking. Xie Yang also became quiet. Their car was driving toward the Rongding Building when Qiu Xing suddenly opened his mouth. “Go to Yang Xing.”

Zhou Miao turned the steering wheel.

Qiu Xing glanced sideways at Xie Yang. “Xie Yang, I don’t know where you learned about the Qiu and Feng families and I don’t want to pursue this issue. I just want to ask you. Do you understand what you just said and what it stands for?”

Xie Yang stared steadily at Qiu Xing and replied, “It means that I will always stand in your camp and unconditionally support you. Your enemy is my enemy. What you want to do is what I will do. Qiu Xing, in order to survive, you don’t know how hard I’ll fight.”

Qiu Xing laughed. First, it was a hum and then it grew louder and louder. The more he laughed, the more blood flowed into his face. After a while, he stopped laughing and looked at Xie Yang again. He retracted his gaze and stated, “Xie Yang, remember what you said today.”

The car stopped at the Yang Xing Building and Xie Yang got off.

“When did you arrive at the sanatorium?”

Xie Yang’s footsteps paused as he glanced back at Qiu Xing in the car. “This morning.” It seemed like he inadvertently looked at the driver’s window. Zhou Miao’s hands tensed with fright. Qiu Xing nodded to show his understanding. He raised the window and signaled for Zhou Miao to drive. Zhou Miao was quietly relieved.

The car stopped at Rongding’s parking lot.

“When did he come?”

Zhou Miao was shocked. He carefully looked in the rearview mirror at Qiu Xing’s abnormally calm expression and was worried for a while. Then he replied, “T-Today…”

“Think clearly.”

Zhou Miao choked as he wondered whether to choose between the big devil or the little devil. In the end, he chose the big devil. “Yesterday. The little boss waited for you in the car until 11 o’clock and then he followed me to my room to rest—”

Qiu Xing looked cold.

Zhou Miao quickly added, “I slept on the floor! I slept on the floor! I went to bed early and woke up late. I didn’t see anything, I swear!”

“Really.” Qiu Xing leaned back in his seat, relaxed his body and closed his eyes. “He isn’t old yet his tone is like this… hmph.”


Liu Sha had arrived and was sitting in the reception hall of Yang Xing, looking through magazines. The front desk new recruit was looking at her from time to time. The front desk employee saw Xie Yang come in and her eyes brightened. She rushed to Xie Yang to explain the situation.

Xie Yang explained after listening. “She isn’t a client, she is the new vice-president. Go and be busy.” Then he went to Liu Sha’s side and smiled. “It’s time to go to the meeting, Chief Liu.”

“There is no hurry to have a meeting. Let’s solve this first.” Liu Sha raised his phone. “President Xie, you seem to be having a bit of trouble.”

Everyone gathered in the meeting room. Xie Yang introduced Liu Sha to Hu Biao and the newly recruited heads of several departments. Then he briefly held a meeting.

After the meeting, Liu Sha and Hu Biao went with Xie Yang to the chairman’s office.

Hu Biao turned to the so-called ‘objective review’ written by a well-known musician on Weibo and his face was dark.

“It must’ve been an article that Huangtian found someone to write. This person classifies Ji Zehui as a strong singer, exaggerating Ji Zehui’s wide range and treble. Then he classifies you as a traffic singer, saying that your tone is okay but your singing skills aren’t good at all. He used other people’s examples to show that your sound is generally good for a bass performance. Your treble must be sharp and weak and your range is narrow.”

Liu Sha was much calmer than Hu Biao as she analyzed, “Fans can’t help Xie Yang refute this evaluation because Xie Yang hasn’t sung high notes so far. The only place that can be considered as high notes was when he was harmonizing with Tong Jian.”

Hu Biao was angry and put down his phone. He told Xie Yang, “This musician has shaped a fair and objective image and his influence isn’t low. It is easy for the public to be guided by him. He is very cunning. When praising Ji Zehui, he specifically classified Ji Zehui with several old musicians with excellent strength but lower popularity. He uses these old singers to promote Ji Zehui. Meanwhile, he puts you with some traffic singers with bad reputation and strength, trying to bind you to the image of a traffic artist.”

Xie Yang didn’t understand. “This connotation is easy to be broken. Huangtian’s trick is too stupid.”

“It isn’t that they’re stupid.” Hu Biao’s expression was very ugly. “I heard news that Mo Bin has signed with Huangtian.”

This was bad news.

Xie Yang stated, “It is true that since he can’t go to heaven, he went to hell. Don’t worry about him yet. Do you mean that the reason why Huangtian sent such an article is because of Mo Bin?”

Hu Biao nodded. “Did you forget? When you joined the group, I asked you to sing a song for Mo Bin. You were nervous and your voice was dry, so your treble performance was very bad. Mo Bin calmed you down and told you not to panic. He said that he would allow you to get used to it before singing it again a few days later. Then all types of things happened and we put it off.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows. “So in Mo Bin’s impression, my treble has always been bad?”


Xie Yang smiled. “Then this is a good thing. It is an excellent face-stepping opportunity. What are you worried about?”

Hu Biao didn’t look so good. “Weren’t you the one who said that if Mo Bin signs to Huangtian, they will definitely step on you? Of course I’m worried! Now he has joined Huangtian and there was such an article. God knows what he will release later based on his knowledge of IUD!”

“I’m not afraid. He knows IUD and you know him. Everyone is holding each other hostage. This matter is a foregone conclusion. We will adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation. Let’s speak with strength.”

Soon, the opportunity for Xie Yang to speak with strength came.

In the evening on the weekend, Ji Zehui participated in a singing competition variety show, Who is the King of Songs? In the interview after the show, the reporter asked Ji Zehui who he wanted to invite as the guest singer in the next issue. Ji Zehui smiled very gently and said, “I recently saw the performance video of a newcomer on Weibo and found it amazing. It has been a long time since the music scene has seen such a bright newcomer. If I can, I would like to invite him to be my guest.”

The moment the program aired, public opinion was hot and the reactions were mixed.

Some of the silly and naive people who just became fans of Xie Yang were excited and ran to Ji Zehui’s Weibo to thank Ji Zehui for his appreciation and affirmation. They thanked him for his willingness to give Xie Yang this opportunity.

Some smart fans remembered Broken Cocoon being suppressed by IUD and realized that something was wrong.

The passersby were looking forward to seeing more scenes of Xie Yang and getting to know this newcomer more fully.

Ji Zehui’s fans were a bit dissatisfied. They felt that with Ji Zehui, asking a newcomer to be a guest singer was entirely to promote the newcomer. It was taking the initiative to give blood to the newcomer to suck and they lamented that Ji Zehui was too nice.

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