HTI: Chapter 3

Qiu Xing enjoyed Xie Yang’s expression at this time. He finally felt relaxed and spoke slowly, “Just joking. He is a small plaything stuffed in by the Xie family and will stay with me for the next few years.”

Xie Yang, “……”

Feng Qinglin looked stiff. This answer didn’t seem much better than his joking answer just now. Qiu Xing saw that they didn’t respond and his expression became heavy again. “Wasn’t this joke funny?”

Feng Qinglin hurriedly smiled. “Uncle, you’re really humorous. You used that tone and I really thought you found a man to be my aunt. However, why did the Xie family send a boy over? Are you…”

“You’re asking too much.” Qiu Xing inexplicably changed his face. He stood up and said coldly, “Have a good rest.” Then he turned and left.

Xie Yang looked at Feng Qinglin. Feng Qinglin noticed his gaze and smiled helplessly. “This is how my uncle is. You… since you are here, please accompany him. Thank you.”

As expected of a future movie emperor. His acting was good.

Xie Yang didn’t answer and turned to follow Qiu Xing. He wanted to see the female protagonist’s next performance.

In the original plot of the novel, the story of visiting the patient was written from the perspective of the female protagonist. This evening, after dealing with her agent, the female protagonist wasn’t sure about the male protagonist and hurried to the hospital to visit him. She accidentally heard the conversation between the male protagonist and Qiu Xing outside the ward, learning a bit about Feng Qingln’s life experience and feeling sympathy for him, she couldn’t help caring about the male protagonist. There was also another small plot here. The female protagonist was too intent on eavesdropping and didn’t notice Qiu Xing suddenly leaving. The female protagonist hastily ran away and successfully caught the attention of the villain.

Xie Yang previously hated this plot of a romance novel but now he really wanted to see it.

Qiu Xing reached the door. Xie Yang placed his hands in his pocket and controlled his distance so he was one step away from Qiu Xing as he stared at the ward’s door. Qiu Xing turned suddenly, a strange anger in his tone. “Why are you walking so slowly? You don’t want to leave Qinglin?”

Xie Yang stopped in time and didn’t hit Qiu Xing.

There was a small rustle outside the door and distant footsteps before quiet returned. Xie Yang used his sharp hearing developed during the apocalypse to hear the female protagonist running away.

He looked at Qiu Xing.

“What is with your expression?” Qiu Xing lowered his head closer to Xie Yang, his voice as cold as a poisonous snake. “It seems you don’t want to follow me?”

“…” Xie Yang sent Qiu Xing a lazy glance and pushed him to go outside the door. There was no one outside. The female protagonist had run away.

Qiu Xing lowered his eyes to look at his shoulder that was pushed.

Xie Yang’s mood suddenly improved.

After the two previous scenes, he determined that although this was a book world, the plot didn’t’ seem unchangeable and the behavioural patterns of the characters in the book weren’t restricted. For example, the dialogue between Qiu Xing and Feng Qinglin was different from the original book. Another example was that the meeting between Qiu Xing and the female protagonist destroyed itself without intervention.

In other words, as long as he waved the butterfly wings, the cannon fodder wouldn’t necessarily die. This was a world with a high degree of freedom. Relief filled Xie Yang’s heart.

Qiu Xing noticed that Xie Yang was smiling. He patted the place where he was pushed with a dark face and strode past Xie Yang.

The two men walked out of the hospital and got in the car. The driver noticed that Qiu Xing’s face was a lot worse than when he went in. In contract, Xie Yang’s eyebrows were relaxed and he was in a good mood.

What happened?

The driver carefully started the car and glanced between Xie Yang in the seat next to him and Qiu Xing in the back. He silently overturned his previous ‘timid, easily bullied, low family background, don’t care about him’ evaluation and changed it to ‘someone dangerous.’

“Go to Qiushu Residence.”

The driver looked back and reminded him, “But Boss…”

“Shut up and go to the Qiushui Residence.”

The driver met Qiu Xing’s gloomy gaze in the rear-view mirror and hurriedly shut up as he drove carefully. Xie Yang was too lazy to guess what was going on between the two of them and closed his eyes.

20 minutes later, Xie Yang knew the answer to the mystery. He stood on the first floor of the apartment and looked at Qiu Xing upstairs.

“There is only one bedroom here and I have to wrong you. You can only sleep in the living room.” Qiu Xing held the railing and smiled maliciously. “I hope you have a good night.” He swept the dust off his shoulders and turned to leave, turning off all the lights on the first floor before leaving.

Xie Yang, “……”

This person’s illness wasn’t light.

He looked around for a while. This place obviously hadn’t been renovated. The living room was so empty that it didn’t even have a sofa. He glanced around before walking to the bathroom.

The bathroom was very spacious. There were an oversized bathtub and a stack of clean towels placed on the shelf next to the bathtub. The washstand near the door was filled with brand new, unopened toiletries. The water heater was on and hot water was available. For Xie Yang, who came from the apocalypse, this condition was already considered heaven. He was very satisfied.

He took a comfortable hot bath, threw his dirty clothes into the washing machine and wandered around the living room in just a towel. Fortunately, he found a rug. He folded it into the dried bathroom, placed a clean towel on the carpet and slept comfortably on it after locking the bathroom door.

In the middle of the night, Xie Yang was awakened by the door opening. He opened his eyes and faced Qiu Xing’s dark look. He instinctively ducked and gathered the strength in his body. Qiu Xing sneered and threw the quilt at Xie Yang’s face.


Qiu Xing ran away after scaring people and also slammed the door.

Xie Yang pulled the quilt off his head and glared at the bathroom door The good temper that had been tempered in the apocalypse almost broke and he clenched his fists before laying down again.

This dog temper, he really deserved to lose the female protagonist!

Xie Yang had a nightmare until dawn. After getting up, he took his clothes from the washing machine and put them on. Then he went upstairs, kicked open the bedroom door and pulled open all the tightly drawn curtains.

Sunlight rushed into the room, stinging Qiu Xing’s face. Qiu Xing reacted. His eyes hadn’t opened yet but his mouth released poisonous words. “Who… close the curtains and get lost! Don’t come back for work tomorrow!”

Xie Yang leaned against the small table in front of the window and replied coolly, “Unfortunately Mr Qiu, I was hired by your mother to give you joy. You can’t decide my fate.”

Qiu Xing completely woke up. He opened his eyes and got up while full of anger. “You…”

Xie Yang played with a gold knife and sat down, defiantly speaking, “It’s me. Why? Do you want to fire me”?”

Qiu Xing propped himself up to see Xie Yang. A few seconds later, his anger suddenly dissipated. He raised his hand and ran it through his loose hair before sneering, “Don’t have wishful thoughts. Xie Yang, your dad sold the rest of your life. Where can you go?” After that, he went straight to the bathroom.

Xie Yang watched this person disappear behind the bathroom door and converged the arrogant posture he deliberately put on. He frowned and got up to leave.

Breakfast was delivered by the driver and there were two types. One was very rich and filled a three-tiered food box. The other portion was very rough. It was a plastic bag holding a bowl of fried noodles bought from a roadside stall. There wasn’t even a drink.

Xie Yang took the fried noodles.

“Who told you to eat that” Qiu Xing pointed to the box. “Eat this.”

The wallflower driver quickly glanced at Qiu Xing before stepping forward to split the porridge and snacks from the food box in front of Xie Yang.

Xie Yang had miscellaneous food last night and wanted to eat something light. He pushed away the fried noodles with no comment and picked up a spoon to stir the thick porridge before placing it in his mouth.

The pure rice flavour spread in his mouth. Xie Yang paused and looked down at the bowl of porridge. This was actually a bowl of white porridge with no seasoning added at all, not even the basic salt.

Qiu Xing laughed and asked, “Is a patient’s meal delicious?”

Xie Yang swallowed the porridge without talking. The rice used for cooking the porridge was very good and the cooking method also very delicate. This taste for him… was just delicious.

He drank another spoonful, tasted it carefully and nodded. Then spoonful after spoonful, he quickly ate the bowl of porridge. After finishing the porridge, his stomach was still a bit empty. He picked up his chopsticks and grabbed a thin piece of steamed dumpling.

A fresh taste that purely contained the flavour of the ingredients permeated the tip of his tongue. Xie Yang raised his eyebrows and glanced at the driver. “Where do you buy these? The cook has great craftsmanship.” It just fit his taste.

The driver was dumbfounded and replied dryly, “Mr Xie, these were made by the cook at home specifically for the boss. Do you… do you really think it’s delicious?”

“Yes, it’s good.” The joy and satisfaction of those who had long been craving food couldn’t be masked. Although Xie Yang’s tone was still flat when talking, it was obvious that he really liked the food in front of him. He was happy and satisfied.

Qiu Xing’s expression froze. He glanced at the breakfast in front of him with slight suspicion and endured his disgust as he scooped a spoonful of porridge into his mouth. The familiar taste filled his mouth. The driver hadn’t taken the wrong breakfast. He looked incredulously at Xie Yang. “You…” Is your tongue broken?

Xie Yang had just stuffed a whole steamed dumpling into his mouth and looked up with some impatience at being disturbed.


“Ha.” Qiu Xing suddenly laughed as he leaned back against his chair, tone happy. “Eat more, this table is yours.”

Xie Yang was too lazy to care about him and continued to eat.

After breakfast, Qiu Xing took Xie Yang to go to the company. His good mood lasted a while. Not only was he not angry on the way to the company, he also cared about Xie Yang’s recent situation like an elder.

“Are you going to start school at C University? When are you going back to B City? Do you have enough money for the tuition fees?”

Xie Yang only just remembered that the original owner of the body was still a student and currently attending C University in B City. Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered the group of people he had seen when he transmigrated last night.

Based on that situation, the original owner was currently a small artist?

Then why did he remember that in the novel, the cannon fodder was a waste with no career and no friends? He was purely kept by the villain. So was this a bug in the book or was he about to lose his job?

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