HTI: Chapter 29

It could be said that the new IUD became popular overnight and Hu Biao was bursting with work invitations. Among them, Xie Yang was the most popular and most of the invitations were directed at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang had Hu Biao reject all his invitations. Hu Biao thought it was a pity and tried to persuade him. “You really want to reject all of them? In fact, I think you can take one or two high quality jobs to let the public know you better.”

Xie Yang insisted on rejecting all the jobs on the grounds of ‘I would rather be a rich boss than a popular entertainer.’

“…” Hu Biao was so choked up that he directly hung up.

Xie Yang had nothing to do and took the job of screening resumes. He sat at home every day and often cheekily asked Liu Sha for opinions. Liu Sha had experience in senior management and helped look at people. She was also willing to help him. The two people gathered to discuss the recruitment and their relationship subconsciously got closer.

On the weekend, Xie Yang went with Qiu Xing to see Feng Qinglin.

Once they got in the car, Qiu Xing suddenly spoke coldly, “I see that you’ve been chatting well with Liu Sha recently. Why not let Liu Sha go and help you?”

Xie Yang was surprised. “Really? My company happens to be missing a vice president.”

The corners of Qiu Xing’s mouth lowered. “Fake.”

Xie Yang didn’t care and took the opportunity to ask, “Do you have any other talents who aren’t useful? Recommend one to me.”

Qiu Xing sneered. “I never raise idle people in my staff.”

This wouldn’t work. Xie Yang leaned back against his seat, worrying about where to go to recruit talents. He had no energy to spend in the company all day long but he wasn’t relieved about handing the company over to someone who had just been hired.

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang several times before his expression inexplicably darkened. Finally, he leaned back against his chair and closed his eyes.

An hour later, the car stopped in front of the door of a quiet tea room.

Qiu Xing was the first to get out of the car and he closed the door particularly loudly. Xie Yang glanced at the door before getting off, following behind Qiu Xing and next to Zhou Miao. At first glance, he looked like Qiu Xing’s assistant.

The three people came to the door of the box Feng Qinglin book. Just then, the employee leading them glanced at Xie Yang hesitantly before asking, “Are you Xie Yang? I-I’m your fan? Can you give me an autograph?” As she spoke, she became tearful and whispered an apology.

Qiu Xing, who had already half entered the door, stopped moving and glanced back at the staff member.

Feng Qinglin came to the door and was puzzled. “Uncle, why aren’t you coming in?”

Qiu Xing waved a hand for him to shut up. Feng Qinglin’s expression was ugly for a moment before he walked to Qiu Xing’s side. He followed Qiu Xing’s gaze and saw Xie Yang and the staff member.

Xie Yang looked at the young girl in front of him. “Are you my fan?”

The girl nodded hard. She was afraid Xie Yang didn’t believe her and added, “I am also a fan of IUD. Your Reincarnation is particularly nice!”

“Where do you want the autograph?”

The girl froze before realizing that Xie Yang had agreed to give her a signature. She quickly took out a small book that was like a memo book from her pocket. She deliberately turned to a page with a more beautiful pattern and handed it to Xie Yang along with a pen. “Just sign here. Xie Yang, thank you very much.”

This was the first time Xie Yang was signing something for a fan and he felt it was very novel. His mood was good as he took the book and told her, “This is my first time signing. Don’t dislike it if my signature is too ugly.”

The staff member stared at Xie Yang’s smile for a moment and her face suddenly turned red. She shook her head hard. “No, I don’t dislike it. Absolutely not!”

Xie Yang placed the pen against the paper to sign. Just then, a hand reached over. The tip of the pen poked the back of the hand. Xie Yang’s actions paused and he glanced at Qiu Xing who had stretched out his hand.

The staff member also looked at Qiu Xing with a puzzled expression.

Qiu Xing grabbed Xie Yang’s hand and told the staff member to wait for a moment. He left Zhou Miao outside to appease the staff member and pulled Xie Yang into the box. He closed the door and released Xie Yang before touching himself all over.

Feng Qinglin glanced at Xie Yang before asking Qiu Xing, “Uncle, what are you looking for? Do you need my help?”

Qiu Xing ignored him and took out the only foreign object on his body except for his clothes and mobile phone. It was his wallet. He opened it and looked inside before pulling out a photo and handing it to Xie Yang. “Sign.”

Xie Yang was stunned. “You—”

“Quickly sign it!” Qiu Xing interrupted Xie Yang and threatened, “If you say one more word, your vice-president is gone.”

Xie Yang immediately shut up and bowed his head to write his name on the back of the photo that was obviously years old. Qiu Xing immediately took the photo back after it was signed. Then he turned around and opened the door, throwing Xie Yang out before slamming the door shut.

Feng Qinglin, “……”

The staff member and Zhou Miao stared at Xie Yang who was suddenly thrown out.

“…Cough.” Xie Yang sorted out the jacket and hat that were a mess due to Qiu Xing pulling him and told the staff member, “My elder at home doesn’t have a very good temper. You should know that I have a bit of tension with my family because I insisted on joining the entertainment circle.”

The staff member was immediately anxious. “Were you told off by your elder? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have talked casually. I’m sorry for making trouble for you. I’m to blame.” She cried again.

Xie Yang quickly appeased her. He returned the book and pen to her after signing his name and advised her not to do any personal affairs during working hours in the future. The staff member was so moved that she was persuaded to leave while holding the notebook and pen.

Xie Yang returned to the box and found that Qiu Xing and Feng Qinglin were already sitting at the tea table. However, the atmosphere between the two people was very wrong. Feng Qinglin looked embarrassed while Qiu Xing’s expression was cold.

Xie Yang came in and Qiu Xing told him, “You talk to him.”

Feng Qinglin looked at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang sat next to Qiu Xing but didn’t immediately speak to Feng Qinglin. He instead asked Qiu Xing, “My vice-president?”

Qiu Xing’s tone was a bit worse than usual and he was obviously suppressing his anger. “If you delay things, it will be gone again.”

Xie Yang shut up and glanced at Feng Qinglin. “Speak, what problems did your company encounter? What do you want from your uncle? Why are you so old yet you don’t know how to figure out a way out of trouble yourself, honing yourself. Instead, why do you only know how to find a parent for help?”

Feng Qinglin almost couldn’t maintain his expression. He couldn’t understand Xie Yang and spoke to Qiu Xing. “Uncle, I know you are angry but the Feng family is my father’s family after all. They are suppressing my new company because they want to force me back. I think—”

“Enough.” Qiu Xing stood up coldly. “Since you think so, there is nothing to talk about between us. Please help yourself.” He turned to leave and slammed shut the door of the box.

Feng Qinglin got up, clearly wanting to chase.

Xie Yang stretched out his legs to stop this person. “Why are you chasing? Doesn’t your uncle clearly care about you? He left me to talk to you.”

Feng Qinglin stopped and glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang directly told him, “Feng Qinglin, I don’t have any kinship affection filters for you. The indirect, psychological method or the warm method are useless on me. If you want to talk about business then sit down. If you don’t want to talk about it, you can leave. Don’t bother your uncle. he isn’t in good health. If he gets mad at you then I’m afraid he’ll only live for a few more years.”

Feng Qinglin was able to endure it. He didn’t sneer but was silent for a few seconds before putting on a caring attitude, “What’s wrong with Uncle’s body? He always avoids this topic in front of me.”

“Do you really care about your uncle’s body or do you just want to explore how close my relationship is with your uncle?”

Feng Qinglin’s fingers moved to cover his emotions. “You are called Xie Yang right? Xie Yang, don’t put your boring speculations on me and my uncle.”

Xie Yang laughed loudly. “I will advise you not to put on such boring acts in front of me. I’m a student of acting.  Can you play me?”

Feng Qinglin frowned and didn’t speak.

It seemed the male lead had only listened to play games and pretend to be deep after living one lifetime.

Xie Yang’s attitude toward the male lead was a bit different and his words changed. “My mother was born in a teacher’s family. My grandparents wanted her to find a civil servant to marry but she fell in love with my father, who was a rich second generation. Later, my mother eloped with my father regardless of her parents’ opposition. She had me in the second year of marriage and my father cheated in the third year. My mother became mentally ill in the fourth year. In the fifth year, my mother regretted it and returned to her parents, only to learn that her parents had already died in a car accident. My father had learned the news a long time ago but concealed it from my mother. My mother collapsed and committed suicide. In the sixth year, my father married another woman. In the next three years, my stepmother gave me a pair of siblings and since then, I became an outsider in my own home.”

Feng Qinglin frown deepened.

“Does this story sound familiar? Just change the details and it will be similar to your life experience. However, you are luckier than me. In the process of growing up, you had your grandmother and uncle to protect you.”

Feng Qinglin finally managed to speak. “What do you want to say?”

“I would like to say that we have the same growth environment but my career is now on track. My scum father is desperately making money for me. Meanwhile, my stepmother and step-siblings are suppressed by my scum father and don’t dare to provoke me at all. I have abducted your uncle as my big backer. On the other hand, your career hasn’t improved. If your father wants to bully you then he will bully you. If your stepmother wants to look down on you then she will look down on you. Your brother and sister are fearless in front of you. You came to ask your uncle for help but he is still unwilling to straighten out your position… Feng Qinglin, you are four years older than me. Aren’t you ashamed?”

Feng Qinglin clenched his hands and the eyebrows that were similar to Qiu Xing were pressed down. A storm was coming.

“Do you want to refute me?” Xie Yang stood up and looked at Feng Qinglin. “Don’t live your life in the dog’s stomach. Look at the essence of everything, not the appearance. Your uncle loves you and doesn’t want to hurt you. If you want to pit your uncle then you have to get past me first, understood?”

He patted Feng Qinglin’s shoulder with a tolerant smile. “Children who are disobedient because they are brainwashed need a good thrashing. If you really have a backbone then you must rely solely on your ability to get what you want.”

Feng Qinglin’s voice was cold. “Didn’t you get what you want now by relying on the Qiu family?”

“I rely on my own ability. Do you have the ability?” Xie Yang wondered. “Or do you want to pay nothing and just suck out your uncle’s blood using the fact that half your blood is the Qiu family?” He smiled and placed his business card into Feng Qinglin’s shirt pocket. “Good nephew, people are under no obligation to treat you well. Nothing is natural. Life or death in business is all up to you. Who can you blame if you lose?” After these words, he directly left.

Xie Yang got in the car. Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang a few times like he wanted to ask something but was holding back.

Xie Yang taught Feng Qinglin a lesson but this increased his own anger. “Do you know the saying that a loving mother will lose? If your nephew becomes a thankless ingrate then it is because you spoil him.”

Qiu Xing was stiff as he looked out the window. “I don’t spoil him.”

“All parents of spoiled children say so.” Xie Yang was expressionless. “If Feng Qinglin was my nephew, I will guarantee that he is crushed along with the family. What type of blood is dirty blood? He is just a child from another family who you don’t know well.”

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2 years ago

I’m speechless…

Thank you very much for this chapter!!!^^

2 years ago

Though XY asked money from QX, he didn’t just used it for nothing, he worked hard, persevered and used his talents and abilities. So don’t you dare Feng Qinglin compare him to you. Since you’re more of a leecher than a hardworker like XY.

Anyways thank you for translating😖❤️

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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“Quickly sign it!” Qiu Xing interrupted Xie Yang and threatened, “If you say one more word, your vice-president is gone.”

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