HTI: Chapter 28

Things had become interesting.

Xie Yang gathered his thoughts and simply refused Long Shuyou’s invitation. He didn’t give Long Shuyou any chance to entangle himself. After leaving Xu Chenhao to deal with Long Shuyou, he left the backstage using the excuse of peeing and was picked up by Wu Shui.

“Where is Qiu Xing?”

“President Qiu is in the car.”

“Then let’s go.”

The two of them avoided the crowd and left the venue, getting into the car parked in the corner. Qiu Xing was sitting in an expressionless manner in the car. “Are you in a good mood?”

“Pretty good.” Xie Yang put away the violin and no longer restrained the smile on his face. “A fat sheep sent itself to my door.”

Qiu Xing sneered, his voice strange. “Are you talking about yourself? Paying for the show and then apologizing to the cheap audience, you’re really brave.”

Xie Yang was still smiling. “I wasn’t apologizing to the audience.”


“I was apologizing to the money. The 50,000 people in the audience today are my target customers. Saying sorry doesn’t hurt if it means they will willingly give money to me and my company. It is a good deal.”

Qiu Xing gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “You want the money of those who scolded you?”

“I am the best at making money from them.” Xie Yang took out his phone and hooked his finger at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing’s tone was cold. “What are you doing?”

“Magic for you. Come here.”

Qiu Xing coldly turned his head to look out the window, expressing disdain with his actions.

Xie Yang simply sat next to Qiu Xing and literally pushed his phone under Qiu Xing’s eyes. He opened Weibo, ignoring the huge pile of messages that poured in at once and turned to a Weibo draft that had been prepared for a long time, sending it out.

[Xie Yang: Yang Xing Tianxia, has set sail. Our first and last group mini digital album ‘IUD’ and Tong Jian’s first solo album ‘Child’s Language’ is officially open for pre-order. Our dreams will take off from here.]

A link was attached below. Xie Yang clicked it and a page opened. It was a company’s official website and on top of the official website were two pre-order options.

“Pre-orders were opened at the end of the show. Not many people know about it yet and the purchase quantity is only this.” Xie Yang smiled with money in his mouth. “I just publicized it on Weibo and now the countdown begins. Five, four, three, two, one… boom, the god of wealth is coming.”

The moment he spoke, the number of pre-orders that had been struggling to increase suddenly skyrocketed at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. It soon broke thousands then 10,000, 50,000, 100,000…

Xie Yang smirked. “People can’t listen to my songs for nothing. Even if it is 5 yuan for two digital albums, the amount is enough for me to get a profit.”

The two people were close together. Xie Yang’s attention was all on the skyrocketing pre-orders. He didn’t find that Qiu Xing glanced at the mobile phone screen before turning his head slightly to look at Xie Yang.

That night, Xie Yang fell asleep with the smell of money.

Downstairs, Qiu Xing looked at the pre-order interface on the computer screen and remembered Xie Yang’s smile when he saw the number of pre-orders rising… Qiu Xing paused, closed his eyes and randomly hit multiple zeros before choosing to submit.

He finished paying and looked at the company name on the official website again.

Yang Xing Tianxia.

Reason told him that this should just be a coincidence. After all, there were a few words that could be formed out of the ‘Yang’ character, among which Yang Xing Tianxia was a bit more pleasant to listen to. Xie Yang didn’t seem to be the type who would use the company name to flatter him but…

Qiu Xing slightly smiled and he quickly reached out to close the laptop.

“He is so happy to make such a small amount of money. It isn’t good.”


Xie Yang, who had disrupted a pool of spring water, was sleeping. However, countless IUD fans who scolded Xie Yang and did the black lights were uncomfortable. Once the performance was over, they cried before all doing the same thing. They opened Weibo, entered Xie Yang’s homepage, found Xie Yang’s first post and apologized.

Sentence after sentence of ‘Xie Yang, I’m sorry’ filled the comment area and quickly suppressed the previous scolding. It was unknown which fan started it but after a round of apology, everyone looked for the comment they left when they scolded Xie Yang and apologized underneath it.

The topic #Xie Yang I’m sorry# quickly reached the hot list. The next hottest topic was Xie Yang facing the field of black lights and singing.

IUD Mascot: Sorry, sorry, sorry! I turned on the black light! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I’m an idiot! I’m an idiot! You’re so good and I’m sorry! Thank you for giving IUD a fulfilling ending! Mo Bin, wait for me! I will blacken you forever! I understand why you found a good home but you still let Xie Yang join the group. You TM just wanted to make Xie Yang take the blame for the group disbanding! The one who broke the news before was true! Fortunately, Lan Lan and Tong Tong have a conscience and a bottom line! You aren’t worthy of being the former captain of IUD!

Countless fans responded below. Everyone apologized to Xie Yang while scolding Mo Bin. Although Xu Chenhao hadn’t made it clear, any fan who had followed the public opinion battle for two months understood the meaning of Xu Chenhao and wanted to go crazy. They were even more furious at Mo Bin for using them with public opinion.

Soon, the topic #Mo Bin, you aren’t worthy# also became popular and it happened to be next to #Xie Yang I’m sorry#.

At this point, Xie Yang made the post about selling albums.

Fans were stunned and then their guilt turned into compensation. They clicked on the pre-order link without thinking about it.

Buy! One wasn’t enough, nor was two! 10 wasn’t too many and 100 was also worth it! What weight was an apology? Paying was the absolute truth!

Xie Yang personally paid for such a good show. In the future, he would give Tong Jian an album and he also gave his audition chance to Ke Lan. It was unknown how much everything cost. Moreover, Xie Yang had already upset his family by joining IUD. Maybe all his assets were used on his show and he was privately too poor to eat… the more they thought about it, the more uncomfortable they became. The more they were distressed, the more they were willing to pay.

Wasn’t it just an album? Buy! A burst of purchases! There were such good songs and it was a commemorative album. The pre-order link said the album would include the official recorded versions of the performances tonight and performance preparation tidbits. Were they buying an album? No! They were buying youth! Feelings!

Five yuan for two, this was a conscience price! Buy, buy, buy!

The number of Xie Yang’s Weibo fans and the album preorder data on Yang Xing’s official website increased simultaneously and soon exceeded one million.

In a hot pot restaurant, Tong Jian moved his gaze away from Weibo toward Hu Biao on the opposite side. He asked in a trance, Brother Biao, did you ask the water army to bring the rhythm in the fan base? Everyone is buying like crazy.”

Hu Biao was a bit dazed as he gulped. He was also in a bit of a trance. “If I said that I didn’t invite a water army, would you believe me?”

“So this is pure heat.” Ke Lan put down his phone and estimated the final sales of the album. “Xie Yang should get some profit back.”

Xu Chenhao added, “It isn’t just money. Fame is an invisible wealth. Think of how much fame and living from passersby that he earned with this wave.”

Everyone silently glanced at each other before laughing.

Hu Biao repeatedly hit the table. “Order wine! You can’t leave if you don’t get drunk tonight!”

“Can’t leave if you don’t get drunk!”

Everyone was about to drink when Hu Biao’s phone rang. He glanced at it and saw that an old friend called. He picked up and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you calling to give me congratulations?”

“It was indeed to congratulate you but I just added a message. So I also want to tell you to be prepared.”

Hu Biao froze. “What news have you heard?”

“Do you know Ji Zehui of Huangtian?”

“I know. What about him?”

“The new album he released this year, Huangtian has been preparing it for three years. The ultra-luxurious production team has changed the title song three times and Huangtian has positioned his album as a ‘super quality album that will kill all charts and sweep all awards.’ So far, this album has indeed been strong enough to live up to Huangtian’s investment. However, now the digital sales of his album are about to be surpassed by your mini album. The little newcomer in your hand is really amazing. The IUD song is first rate and has feelings. It is estimated that it will receive many awards.”

The smile on Hu Biao’s face slowly faded.

His old friend sighed. “It is such a coincidence. You happened to collide with Ji Zehui. It is okay. Everyone will lose some but Huangtian and Ji Zehui… in addition, didn’t Mo Bin find Huangtian as his next home? This is stepping on Huangtian’s face twice. If you sign a contract with another company, it would’ve been okay because someone would’ve protected you. However, you just set up a company by yourself. I’m afraid… In short, be prepared.”

Hu Biao’s expression became heavy. He thanked his old friend and hung up.

“Brother Biao, what’s wrong?”

Hu Biao’s mind returned as he glanced at Tong Jian who asked the question. He hesitated for a moment before suppressing his emotions. It’s nothing. The house I just saw before was taken. Still, who cares if it is taken. Wait for our company to make money and I will buy a bigger one!”

Tong Jian was silly and believed what he heard. He followed Hu Biao’s words to comfort this person. “Yes, buy a bigger one! I’ll work hard to make money for you!”

Ke Lan and Xu Chenhao weren’t fools. The two of them glanced at each other but didn’t say anything.


The next day, Xie Yang woke up and received a call from Hu Biao. He went downstairs and sat down at the table.

Hu Biao finally finished explaining the situation.

Xie Yang picked up his chopsticks and stated, “It’s fine. It doesn’t matter if Huangtian targets us. It isn’t a big deal if we pull Huangtian down.”

Hu Biao was about to choke to death due to Xie Yang. He was angry and said as he exclaimed, “I’m serious, don’t joke around. Do you know the size and strength of Huangtian? If we are really targeted by them, how can we maintain the small company we built?”

“I’m not kidding. Rest assured, I have a way. Don’t worry. It is useless to feel anxious. Just recruit people and get the company up and running as soon as possible. Different situations call for different methods.”

After dismissing Hu Biao, Xie Yang picked up a piece of glutinous rice cake and sent it to his mouth.

“Having trouble?”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing opposite him and shook his head. “No. someone came to send me their heads.”

“Your tone isn’t small.” Qiu Xing put down his chopsticks and drank water. “Go out with me this weekend.”

“Where to?”

“See my nephew.”

Xie Yang froze for a moment before remembering that this nephew was the male lead Feng Qinglin. He asked, “Why does he suddenly want to see you? What happened to him?”

“Like you, his company is in trouble. He came to ask for help.” Qiu Xing frowned, his voice cold. “I thought he had changed and didn’t expect it to be like this. After he meets you, you can teach him. A finance student like him can’t even compare to a student of acting. What does this look like?” Qiu Xing got up and left. His steps were very heavy and he was obviously suppressing his anger.

Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing leave and recalled the plot. He ate a piece of glutinous rice cake, his expression indifferent.

What to teach? The male lead wasn’t really in trouble. Xie Yang didn’t want such a nephew who cheated his uncle of money.

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2 years ago

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I decided to squeal and eat dog food instead.

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I’m living for QX smile 🙂

Protecc QX, Xie Yang!

crazy fujoshi
crazy fujoshi
2 years ago

I love QX when he was happy over company’s name aww please XY protect him

1 year ago
Reply to  crazy fujoshi

Can you explain what is the connection between his name and the company?

1 year ago
Reply to  rae

The company’s name is yang xing. Yang for xie yang, and xing for qiu xing. So it’s like a ship name

1 year ago

Buy! One wasn’t enough, nor was two! 10 wasn’t too many and 100 was also worth it! What weight was an apology? Paying was the absolute truth!

Baahahahaha i laugh so hard >.<

7 months ago

oh no the original ML gonna have a bad time trying to mess with QX now, XY gonna be come guard dog if you mess with his sugar daddy

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awwaaaassenufenunvunedjndwjn rereading, isso cute how qx basically went, “my pitiful dumb baby got so happy over spare change”

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