HTI: Chapter 24

Xie Yang didn’t speak anymore after getting in the car. His expression was heavy and he rarely had such an ugly expression.

Wu Shui looked at him through the rear-view mirror and wondered, “Boss, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Xie Yang adjusted his expression. Then he took out his phone to call Hu Biao, stating that everyone had been surrounded by paparazzi.

Hu Biao was discussing the decoration plan with the decorating company. After receiving the phone call, he exploded. “Mo Bin is really learning the style of making trouble from Huangtian. He even brought Long Shuyou into it. He knows that Long Shuyou and his family aren’t easy to mess with. He is making enemies for you!”

“He is making enemies for himself. Reserve the two tickets in the center of the VIP seats and give them to Mo Bin and Long Shuyou respectively. Remember, the tickets must be next to each other.”

Hu Biao was dumbfounded. “Eh? Send it to Long Shuyou?”

“Yes, since Mo Bin wants to use Long Shuyou’s rhythm then I will invite Long Shuyou to personally listen and see that my song isn’t his. Attach the first version of the new song we recorded when sending the ticket to Long Shuyou. After hearing it, Long Shuyou will most likely come. After using the paparazzi to involve Long Shuyou, I would like to see how Mo Bin responds when they are forced to sit together!”

Listening to the cold tone, Hu Biao imagined Mo Bin and the lonely genius Long Shuyou sitting together and felt a bit refreshed. However, he was also a bit worried. “What if Mo Bin doesn’t come?”

“Then we will use public opinion to make him come. It is IUD’s fifth anniversary performance. How can he not come as the former captain? In addition, do you have any black materials in your hands that you can use to threaten him?”

Hu Biao, “……” Too ruthless.

After ending the phone call with Hu Biao, Xie Yang opened the small group and found that everyone was discussing whether there was a spy around them. All of a sudden, so many paparazzi arrived at the parking lot of the recording studio. It wasn’t normal for them to know exactly what elevator everyone was coming down in.

Xie Yang typed: Don’t doubt it, there must be one. It isn’t long until the performance and time is running out. It is too late to change to a new recording studio. After going back today, I will screen the staff around me. If there are any problems, I will let them wait and handle them after the show is over. Chenhao, go to the security department of the studio and tell them to hurry and act. They can’t let this happen again.

The discussion in the group stopped. Everyone saw Xie Yang’s anger in his words and quickly responded.

Xie Yang continued to type: Starting from today, you shouldn’t respond to anything on the Internet. Put all your thoughts into the performance. Brother Biao and I will deal with everything else.

Then after giving orders in the group, Xie Yang opened Qiu Xing’s WeChat.

Xie Yang: There is a small business I want to talk to you about.

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: What is it?

Xie Yang: Does Rongding have a live broadcast platform?

Qiu Xing: What do you want to do?

Xie Yang: I want to live stream my first stage show and give future fans some material for the black fans.

On the other side, the hospital.

Qiu Xing saw Xie Yang’s confident and arrogant words and snorted. The discomfort from his treatment seemed a bit lighter as he typed: He Jun will contact you.

Xie Yang hadn’t expected Qiu Xing to respond to his request so quickly. The mood that had been mad since the paparazzi lightened slightly and he typed: Thank you.


That night, the words that Xie Yang said in the parking lot were placed on Weibo by the paparazzi. His words of inviting ‘someone’ to come to the show were highlighted by the marketing accounts and he was labeled as ‘arrogant’ and ‘disrespectful to his seniors.’

Many people were watching the excitement and public opinion on the Internet was in a frenzy.

Xie Yang’s various classmates and neighbours came out anonymously to say that Xie Yang could never compose music. Although Xie Yang had studied music as a child, he learned very badly.

There were even university classmates who directly mocked Xie Yang on Weibo, saying that everything Xie Yang showed on the Internet was actually a fictional design. The real Xie Yang was stupid and withdrawn. He couldn’t understand the professional courses at all. It was impossible for him to cross majors to compose music. It was obvious that the song Xie Yang wrote must be bought.

There was frequent talk about his bad performance. Some people said that without Mo Bin, IUD had no soul. There was no need to watch the performance of three wastes and one scum. Some people satirized that Xie Yang’s willingness to spend money covered the continent then he should spare no effort to praise himself.

In this atmosphere of public opinion, IUD fans were no longer resistant to Xie Yang because Xie Yang paid for the performance. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to see it.

On the night that the ticket buying opened, Hu Biao suddenly sent a string of ‘hahahahaha’ in the group.

Tong Jian was frightened: What’s wrong with you? Did you go crazy from the things on the Internet?

Hu Biao directly sent a voice message to the group. “No, someone just sent me a message saying that Mo Bin wants to mess up our performance. He secretly contacted scalpers to snatch tickets for the performance, letting us perform to empty seats! He is going to lose money.”

After a brief silence, everyone laughed. Among them, Tong Jian was the most exaggerated and he sent emoticons one by one.

Xie Yang heard Hu Biao’s news and also smiled. Then he locked the phone and picked up the violin to continue practicing.

At 00:00 that night, the ticket purchase for IUD’s fifth anniversary performance was officially opened. Countless fans and scalpers selected the tickets they wanted and clicked to buy. Then a registration interface popped up. The fans and scalpers were all dumbfounded. What was this? Why wasn’t it the payment interface?

Just as everyone was feeling doubts and refreshing the screen, Hu Biao stood up and explained on Weibo: By the way, I forgot to tell you that there is no need to purchase the tickets for IUD’s fifth anniversary performance. Please fill out the purchase intention form and register your intent to purchase tickets. We will select random real IUD fans to send tickets to. You must fill in the information. Those who have purchased an album should expose purchase records. Those who have supported a concert should fill in which event they have participated in. If you bought a photo then you can provide evidence of the photo. These are all screening conditions.

Once this Weibo was posted, the IUD fan circle was shocked. The fans were excited while the scalpers were mad.

The topic #IUD performance tickets# quickly went on the hot list.

It didn’t take long for there to be a new rhythm. They said that although gifting tickets to fans was a good thing, it was completely unfair. Didn’t this mean that new fans weren’t qualified to watch the show?

Hu Biao sent another post: Don’t worry. The fifth anniversary performance is for the fans. We naturally want to let as many fans see the performance as possible. We have already negotiated a cooperation with the Zexing Live Broadcasting Platform. We will exclusively broadcast the fifth anniversary performance on Zexing Live. You are welcome to watch.

A live room address was attached.

Live performance? All the people concerned about grabbing tickets tonight were stunned and public opinion burst.


Xie Yang, who was forced to go to bed early and get up early, didn’t see Hu Biao playing the IUD fans and scalpers in the middle of the night. By the time he got up and took out his phone to check Weibo, there was already the atmosphere of a Happy New year.

On the hot search, the topic #IUD live broadcast# was already hanging high, followed by the word ‘burst.’

Xie Yang looked through his Weibo and found there were far fewer people scolding him. Several fans even wrote to him in private, apologizing to him and thanking him for giving them IUD’s fifth anniversary performance without a ticket.

Xie Yang smiled, placed his phone in his pocket and set off to the studio. Time was tight and there were too many times to learn and practice. After the ticket grabbing was over, IUD officially entered closed practice mode. Xie Yang left home early in the morning and came back late in the evening. Basically, he could only eat breakfast together with Qiu Xing.

After three days of enduring this, Qiu Xing lost his temper. “You’re so busy?”

“An artist is like this.” Xie Yang turned and pulled out a delicate little envelope from his pocket, pushing it in front of Qiu Xing. “For you.”

Qiu Xing didn’t take it and asked coldly, “What is it?”

“VIP tickets, the best position. Brother Biao is very stingy and only gave 10 private VIP tickets per person. My 10 are all here.”

“Is that so?” Qiu Xing responded coldly. He slowly drank the porridge and got up without taking the tickets.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrows and also didn’t grab the tickets. He finished breakfast and went out.

Time always passed quickly when busy. Xie Yang didn’t care about the things on the Internet anymore and left it all to Hu Biao. He practiced singing and dancing with Ke Lan and the others every day. He opened and closed his eyes in a closed environment. It was tiring but fulfilling.

Finally, 10 days before the show started, all the exercises stopped. It was as if Xie Yang and the others were released from a short period of hard confinement. They came out of the dance room, took the car to the styling room and prepared to try on the costumes that had been delivered the day before.

The moment Xie Yang got in the car, he closed his eyes. He hated this feeling of tiredness. This month, he had to seize every possible chance to rest.

Hu Biao knew that Xie Yang was still listening and spoke directly, “A total of 50,000 tickets have been sent out. Starting today, except for two rehearsals, all your other time will be sent on resting and taking care of your voice. I have made an appointment for you to do physical maintenance. Do it all and don’t be lazy. Don’t eat anything heavy these days, do you understand? The show is live and how many people are expecting you to mess up? The HD cameras will come to you and you don’t want it to show your haggard and acne-prone faces, isn’t that right?

Tong Jian laughed at Hu Biao’s words.

“Be serious!” Hu Biao stared at Tong Jian and said many things, before finally ending with, “Mo Bin apologized.”

Xie Yang opened his eyes while Tong Jian and the others became quiet as they stared at Hu Biao.

Hu Biao frowned. “It isn’t a sincere apology but another type of rhythm. He found a ladder for himself and said he would come to the show… don’t look at me like that.”

Tong Jian and the others retracted their gazes and silence filled the car.

“Five years…” Ke Lan opened his mouth, smiling in a disappointed and desperate manner. “He really doesn’t care about IUD anymore.” If he cared then he wouldn’t treat everything like this.

Xu Chenhao stated, “He thinks that IUD still has a future and is afraid of being left alone to become a joke, so he is struggling desperately.”

However, in fact, it was gone. This would be IUD’s last performance. The atmosphere in the car became worse.

Xie Yang sat up and held out his hand. “Let’s have a good ending.”

Everyone glanced at Xie Yang and sat up one after another. They placed their hands on top of his and called out simultaneously, “A good ending!”

On October 20th, the sky was beautiful and it was a sunny day.

Xie Yang carried his violin down from the third floor. As he passed by the living room, he found that Qiu Xing hadn’t gone to the company yet. He walked in front of Qiu Xing and said, “I’m going to do the styling and prepare for the evening performance.”

“Yes, I’m cheering for you.” Qiu Xing used his phone without raising his head. His attitude was very perfunctory and lazy.

Xie Yang suddenly crouched down.

Qiu Xing stopped moving his fingers and stared at Xie Yang blankly. “What is it?”

“Go to the show. Ke Lan and the others, they all have family and friends to support them but I don’t. In B City, apart from my team members and agent, I only know you. So go to see my performance.”

Qiu Xing didn’t move or speak. Perhaps it was related to looking down but his eyes were deeper than usual.

“If I say no?”

“Then I can only beg you.” Xie Yang smiled. “Qiu Xing, I beg you to watch my performance.”

The door opened and closed. Xie Yang had left.

Qiu Xing put down his phone and after a while, he frowned. “There is no attitude of begging at all. What a bad expression… Liu Sha!”

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2 years ago

QX never failed to amuse me.

2 years ago

Cute Tsundere 😍

2 years ago

XY asking QX to attend the show was so sweet, and just the words that he had no one he wanted to invite 🙁

1 year ago

is Qiu Xing’s condition getting worse as why he wasn’t going? i mean , the hospital scene 🙁