HTI: Chapter 22

Xie Yang watched as Qiu Xing got closer, a smile on his face.

Qiu Xing paused and stopped two steps away from Xie Yang. He frowned and asked, “What are you doing at the door?”

“Opening the door for you.” Xie Yang was in a good mood and didn’t care about Qiu Xing’s attitude. He moved sideways to let Qiu Xing in and declared, “Welcome home.”

Qiu Xing didn’t say anything and directly passed Xie Yang into the house.

Xie Yang followed Qiu Xing one step later. “Today, I troubled Xie Xiu and promised that I would come to you to help him speed up the progress of the project.”

Qiu Xing still didn’t speak.

“You really won’t watch my first performance on stage?”

Qiu Xing turned and looked at Xie Yang. Two seconds later, he still didn’t speak. He unbuttoned his jacket and took it off. He was about to throw it on the sofa when a hand suddenly reached out beside him.

Qiu Xing’s arm froze.

Xie Yang took the jacket and handed it to Liu Sha, who had come a bit later. Then he asked again, “Do you want to see the show? I’ll give you a VIP ticket for the front row.”

Qiu Xing finally opened his mouth and sneered, “What the hell are you playing at again?”

Xie Yang secretly regretted it but he honestly replied, “I might have to ask you for a bit of a favour.”

“You only find me when you’re in trouble.” Qiu Xing took back his hand, took off his tie and threw it on the sofa while avoiding Xie Yang. He unbuttoned his sleeves while walking to the dining room. “Eat first.”

The people with resources were the greatest. Xie Yang understood this and kept up. Since he had a bowl of noodles not long ago, Xie Yang wasn’t too hungry. He only ate a bowl of rice for dinner before putting down his chopsticks. He instead used a fork to slowly nibble on a piece of melon.

Qiu Xing glanced at the dishes on the table and asked coldly, “Tired?”

Xie Yang shook his head. “How can that be? I’m confident I will never get tired of Master Liao’s craftsmanship. It is just that I slept until the afternoon. Once I woke up, I ate a large bowl of noodles. I can’t eat too much now.”

Qiu Xing’s face was dark. “What a mess of work and rest”.

Xie Yang’s mood was great and he didn’t answer.

Qiu Xing suddenly put down his chopsticks and asked after drinking water, “What do you want me to help with?”

He finally relented.

Xie Yang ate the melon while saying, “I have noticed that all your suits are custom-made. I want to ask if you can lend me your clothing team. I want to make some clothes for the performance.”

Qiu Xing raised an eyebrow. “Just this? You can’t buy it?”

“It is a performance costume and needs to be a bit exaggerated. It isn’t easy to buy outside. It also isn’t only for me but also my team members. There aren’t so many clothes outside that are both beautiful and uniform in style, while having different characteristics. There are special boutique stores that sell them but the good clothing stores all have an appointment or waiting list. I have to hurry and obtain the clothing so I can only find an acquaintance.”

“You’re quite generous.”

“I’m not being so generous. The company hasn’t been built yet and the contracts for my cash cows haven’t been sighed. I have to supply them now.”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer. He just picked up his chopsticks and continued to eat. Then after eating, he wiped his mouth and stated, “Let Liu Sha help you contact them.”

So simple?

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing met his gaze, expression heavy and no smile in sight. “Why? You don’t want it again?”

“Of course not.” Xie Yang smiled and got up, pushing a bowl of soup over. “Thank you, please drink the soup.”

Qiu Xing glanced at him, pushed the soup away and went upstairs.

Another thing was done and Xie Yang was in a better mood. He finished eating the fruit and didn’t want to go to his stuffy room. Instead, he went around the lake while eating. After eating, he sat on the deck chair on the observation deck by the lake, took out his phone and continued to eat melons.

After Xie Xiu’s interview came up, IUD fans no longer paid attention to the matter of him being sold and instead picked up on Mo Bin’s abandonment of IUD thanks to the recording.

As the old saying went, don’t offend someone who sincerely loves you. If fans wanted to tear at their idol then they could even tear off their skin together.

The fans worked hard and Mo Bin’s various signs that he had long been absent from IUD were listed. For example, Mo Bin stopped interacting with his team members on Weibo since the beginning of the year. Instead, he often mentioned his reality guests colleagues as brothers. For example, Mo Bin stopped talking about writing songs in the past six months and was more concerned with shaping his image.

Some people even picked out a photo of Mo Bin taken by fans at the beginning of the year. The person walking with Mo Bin was a senior executive of Huangtian Entertainment. In other words, the good home that Mo Bin had found was probably Huangtian Entertainment. In addition, this next home had been contacted as early as March.

In March, Xie Yang hadn’t entered IUD yet.

The fans who picked this out couldn’t stand it anymore. Some of them had been restraining their reason but they couldn’t help pouring into Mo Bin’s Weibo, asking why he wanted to do this to other IUD players. Okay, he contacted his next home but why allow Xie Yang to join the group?

Just as the fans were agitated, the ‘My Family is the Loveliest when Silent’ Weibo sent another post and the style was still mocking.

My Family is the Loveliest when Silent: Why? Of course, it is to let the newcomer bear the blame. Let me tell you a bit more. The many rumours that are unfavourable about this newcomer are all made by this big brother. This big brother has also tried to provoke the relationship between the newcomer and other team members and once succeeded. Fortunately, the newcomer is smart and has some money. Otherwise, he would’ve left the entertainment circle with this blame on his back.

Seeing this, Xie Yang raised his eyebrows. He opened WeChat and poked Hu Biao.

Xie Yang: You begged your old colleague again?

Hu Biao: I can’t just watch. The fans keep scolding you and you aren’t letting anyone come out and help you explain. I can only turn things around like this.

Xie Yang smiled and typed: Thank you.

After cutting with Hu Biao, Xie Yang returned to Weibo and opened the photo of the fan who happened upon Mo Bin. He zoomed in on the man surrounded by the red circle.

Huangtian Entertainment. He mused on the name. What a coincidence. In the original novel, the first company that the female lead Mu Zhouyi signed with was Huangtian Entertainment. Calculating the timeline, the female lead shouldn’t have quit yet.

Huangtian Entertainment was an old-fashioned entertainment company. The scale was okay but there were a few scumbags hidden at the topic level who always liked to engage in the unspoken rules. Mu Zhouyi, the female lead, was targeted. Of course, as the female lead, Mu Zhouyi definitely wouldn’t be taken advantage of by a cannon fodder. After being suppressed for a while, she was successfully recommended to a better company by a movie actor who appreciated her high quality and unyielding character.

Then Huangtian was caught up in a wave of scandal due to the male lead getting revenge. Their black materials were exploded, their stocks plummeted and their status wasn’t as good as before. Qiu Xing also secretly helped the male lead with Huangtian. At that time, Qiu Xing already had a good impression of the female lead but he didn’t recognize his feelings, so he secretly defended the female lead.

Calculating the time, the male lead should be ready to pursue the female lead. In the plot of the original book, Qiu Xing would soon develop a good impression of the female lead. However, the first meeting between Qiu Xing and the female lead had been destroyed. The two of them didn’t know each other. Xie Yang just didn’t know if this small change would affect the future development of Qiu Xing and the female lead…

The lights on the observation deck suddenly dimmed.

Xie Yang’s mind returned and he sat up and looked around. He found that it wasn’t only the observation deck. The lights around the deck and headlights on the fence were all turned off. The villa had become dark.

A power outage? He turned on his phone’s flashlight and walked toward the villa. Then after entering the villa, he found that the central air conditioner was still on and wondered. It wasn’t a power outage? Then why did the lights go out?

[Inside here is my father. He wants to sell me to an old man.]

A familiar voice was heard from the second floor. Xie Yang looked up to the source of the sound and saw Qiu Xing standing on the stairs of the second floor, holding a phone. The voice just now should’ve come from his phone.

Meeting Xie Yang’s eyes, Qiu Xing smiled. It was lit by the light of his phone and looked more terrifying than a ghost. He spoke slowly, “Old man?”

“…” Xie Yang had almost forgotten about this.

Xie Yang explained, “It was just a momentary slip of the tongue. I don’t think you’re old.”

“Yes.” Qiu Xing took off his phone and gave a false and malicious smile. “The elderly needs to go to bed early and wake up early. From today on, I will implement the policy of electricity being cut off at 10 in the evening until 6 in the morning. Have a good rest, young person.” After talking, the corners of his mouth pulled down and he strode away.

A few seconds later, there was the loud sound of the door being closed.

Xie Yang, “……”

Liu Sha came over with a box of emergency lights and spoke with a smile on her face, “The air conditioner uses another power system. Don’t worry, it won’t break. Take these small lights to use. They won’t turn off and will shine at night. Also, there is another power system for the hot water in the bathroom. You can wash at ease.”

Xie Yang was expressionless. “You’re really thoughtful.”

“I should be.” Liu Sha laughed.

Xie Yang took the box with the emergency lights in a relieved manner.

Liu Sha suppressed his smile. She glanced in the direction of the second floor and suddenly lowered her voice, “Ah Xing went to the hospital today.”

Xie Yang glanced at her.

“He stayed in the hospital all day and didn’t have time to pay attention to things on the Internet, so he didn’t know you actually praised him. He won’t be like this tomorrow. Xie Yang, thank you. Ah Xing has looked a lot happier during this time.”

Xie Yang took back his gaze and raised his hand to pick up the small light in the box. He asked, “Is he okay?”

Liu Sha avoided answering. “You have an early rest. Good night.” She nodded and turned to leave.

It seemed that the situation wasn’t good.

Xie Yang headed up the stairs. As he passed by the second floor, he stopped and looked in the direction of the master bedroom. He remembered Qiu Xing’s worsening condition mentioned in the book. Then he retracted his gaze and headed to the third floor.

Those who struggled to survive were the most miserable.

Xie Yang couldn’t do anything when the power was off and had to go to sleep early.

After waking up early the next day, Xie Yang found that Qiu Xing was in the living room instead of the dining room. To the naked eye, the aura around him was visibly brighter.

“Are you awake?” Qiu Xing crossed his legs and looked Xie Yang up and down. He suddenly asked, “How tall are you now?”


“Oh, really short.” Qiu Xing looked disgusted as he suddenly stood up and came over.

Xie Yang stood still. Qiu Xing stopped half a step away from Xie Yang, looked down at Xie Yang’s hand and pressed a hand to Xie Yang’s head. He slowly looked down and finally stopped at the tip of the nose.

“Hah.” He laughed exaggeratedly. “Little man.”

“……” Xie Yang was expressionless. “I’m still growing, old man.”


Qiu Xing took a step back, stared at Xie Yang for a while and suddenly sneered. He picked up the suit jacket from the sofa, took out something that was the size of a block of tofu and stuffed it in Xie Yang’s hand. Then he turned around and strode out.

Xie Yang grabbed his pressed hair, lowered his head and unfolded the object in his hand. He found that it was actually an office building lease contract and raised his eyebrows.

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