HTI: Chapter 21

All the IUD fans who saw the posts of Xu Chenhao and the others went crazy, regardless of whether they were group fans, individual dans, CP fans or even black fans.

IUD wasn’t over! Xu Chenhao was back!! The fifth anniversary show would continue as usual!!! Hu Biao was still IUD’s agent! Recording? What recording? Don’t worry about the recording. IUD wasn’t disbanding! IUD wasn’t disbanding!

For the past two days, the fans had almost been killed by the constant news. Now they were revived instantly. They came from all corners, pouring into the Weibos of the old team members and excitedly expressing their emotions.

In less than an hour, the posts of Xu Chenhao, Tong Jian, Ke Lan and even Hu Biao all entered the hot topic list due to the excited fans. Their posts made the new announcement by Mo Bin in the morning, the breaking news of the marketing account and the Weibo sent by Xie Yang before going to bed look more ironic.

The entire hot list was dominated by IUD and it was almost like a slaughter. The topics #IUD not disbanding#, #Xie Yang’s post#. #Xu Chenhao returns#, #IUD’s fifth anniversary performance#, #IUD ticket grabbing#, #Xie Yang’s recording# and #IUD see you there# became popular extremely fast.

All the fans were partying except for Mo Bin’s fans.

They were all dumbfounded.

Before Ke Lan and the others posted, they were insulting Xie Yang passionately on Xie Yang’s Weibo, stating that Xie Yang shouldn’t make a fool of himself and paste gold on his face. Where were his teammates now? All the old people in IUD had left Wenyi. IUD was gone and who were teammates? They scolded Xie Yang for having no shame and being proud of selling himself. They also clamored for Xie Yang to release the recording. They wanted to see what he could send out.

Now they wished they hadn’t clamored.

The other fans might not notice the recording at first but they did. They clicked on the recording link, chose the play button and then became dizzy and shaky from the sentences coming from it.

[By the way,  Mo Bin, I heard you haven’t handed in the finished draft of the new music for the performance. Have you encountered any difficulties?]

[It’s difficult. Recently, I’ve had a lot of activities and the creation of new songs has encountered a bottleneck

[That’s okay. If you can’t do it then let others do it.]

[The current heat of IUD is something that can only be encountered and can’t be sought. If you do it well, IUD will definitely be able to come back to life

[Now you mean to let us sing another person’s songs? Isn’t this smashing our own signboard?]

[How is it smashing the signboard? It is just a transition. Now that IUD has become a new team, there should be a new atmosphere.]

[Sorry Brother Huang, I won’t sing even if it is Master (beep-) work.]

[Then will you sing the song I wrote?]

[I won’t sing any songs unless they are written by myself or Chenhao!]

[Mo Bin, you are being unreasonable! Why don’t you want to grab the ready-made opportunity to make IUD red? Don’t talk to me about principles and the insistence to keep IUD. Fans might be fooled by your words but not me! Let’s make everything clear. Do you already have other plans?]

[Yes! I have plans. There is nothing to talk about between us. I can’t sing another person’s songs. Let’s break up naturally.]

Then there was the sound of someone leaving and closing the door.

[Manager Huang, since this is the case, Tong Jian and I will also leave.]

[What do you mean?]

[IUD is no longer possible. Since IUD is gone, Tong Jian and I will not renew our contracts.]

[Have you also contacted a new company?]

[There is no new company. No companies have contacted me and Tong Jian at all.]

[I will persuade Mo Bin. You shouldn’t give up too soon.]

[You can’t persuade him. If IUD’s opportunity to become hot can’t keep Mo Bin then he is determined to leave.]

[ In addition, if you’re all gone then Hu Biao—]

[I’m fine. I’ll leave as well.]

The content might be somewhat intermittent at the end of the recording but it was clear who abandoned IUD first.

The collapse of trust happened in an instant. Mo Bin’s more sensible and mature fans all collapsed.

It was really Mo Bin who found a good home first. It was because Mo Bin couldn’t write a song that the company offered to buy one. No one said they would abandon Mo Bin and they even tried to persuade him. Mo Bin couldn’t write a song himself and he was unwilling to sing one written by others. Therefore, IUD’s fifth anniversary performance was gone. Mo Bin didn’t want to take the chance to make IUD hot. He took the lead in not renewing the contract and abandoned everyone.

It was Mo Bin. It was all Mo Bin.

There were veteran fans who couldn’t help running to Mo Bin’s Weibo to cry under the new announcement.

Brother Bin’s Little Sun: Brother, I have always believed in you. You are the captain of IUD. IUD is your hard work and your child! Yet you abandoned your child? I’m so disappointed, really disappointed. Look at the outside. Your teammates are still insisting so why did you give up? Why did you lie to us? How can you be so selfish and irresponsible? Why are you slandering your teammates? I can understand you wanting to fly solo but I can’t accept the method you used to do so! I’m sorry that I liked you so much. I’ve lost my five years of youth, Brother Bin and IUD.

This comment was echoed by more and more people. Then gradually the brainless fans came in to scold them, stating that the recording was edited and faked and only fake fans would believe it. The rational fans were suffering. Seeing these types of remarks, they couldn’t help pinching the brainless fans.

Since there were too many people replying, this comment quickly became a hot comment, attracting more people to click in and then stop being a fan of Mo Bin.


In a hotel room, Mo Bin looked at the number of fans that kept falling and the comments that kept refreshing. He locked his screen to avoid it, raising a hand and pressing it to his forehead. He stared into the air with no focus.

He was finished.

He suddenly bowed his head and opened Weibo again. He read the content that Xu Chenhao and the others sent over and over again before he finally couldn’t help smashing his phone.

Xu Chenhao actually came back. Xie Yang had long been working with Ke Lan! Only he was kept in the dark. He even foolishly cared about past sentiments and wanted to get together with everyone again, yet these people betrayed him! They chose Xie Yang and all betrayed him!

When did Xu Chenhao come back? When did they get together again? That recording… during this time, did they all hide and look at him like a joke?

Why didn’t they say that Xu Chenhao was back? Why?!

Mo Bin suddenly got up and picked up his phone to call Xu Chenhao.

“Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily unavailable…”

“What is this?!” Mo Bin raised his phone to smash it again.

Suddenly, he received a phone call.

Mo Bin’s actions stopped and he put down his phone to look. It was the contact number of the media he asked to contact Xie Yang’s father. As if grasping onto hope, he accepted the call and asked, “Is the interview done?”

“We didn’t get an interview but we interviewed other people. However, you might not be satisfied with the results of the interview. Xie Yang’s family seems to be rich and the matter of selling his son was just angry talk when the father and son were in conflict.”

Mo Bin was stunned. “What?!”


On Weibo.

After a period of venting, IUD fans gradually calmed down and remembered it was time to eat melons. They quickly headed to Xie Yang’s Weibo to listen to the recording. Afterwards, they noticed something they had been ignoring.

Why did Xie Yang also say to ‘see you there’? Why did the ticket grabbing link come from Xie Yang? Did Hu Biao know that Xie Yang posted on Weibo just now? Combined with mentioning Xie Yang’s name along with the other teammates…

It wasn’t quite right.

After listening to the recording, the fans didn’t even have time to scold Mo Bin. They got together to think and reason things out carefully. No matter how much they reasoned, they couldn’t get around the conclusion that Xie Yang was still in IUD! Mo Bin had left and the rest of the members hadn’t renewed their contract with Wenyi, but Xie Yang was still in IUD!

The fans were shocked and disturbed.

Wasn’t Xie Yang an actor? Why was he still in IUD? What was on his mind?

Some fans tried to go to Hu Biao’s Weibo to remind Hu Baio that this was wrong. Hu Biao replied: Nothing is wrong. Xie Yang has already canceled his contract with Wenyi. He is still a member of IUD and will naturally participate in IUD’s fifth anniversary performance.

Fans sucked in a breath of cold air and turned to see all the content that Xie Yang had sent since registering on Weibo as well as recalling the black materials that had been released about Xie Yang since he joined IUD.

They were happy that IUD wasn’t disbanding but… Xie Yang was a newcomer full of black materials who had no merits, no specialty, an arrogant personality and was involved in selling himself. He was really… really…

Fans with venomous mouths said that Xie Yang being in IUD was like a pot of good porridge being stuffed with rat droppings.

A large number of fans agreed with this remark. They said that for the fifth anniversary performance, it was better for three people to perform and the fourth to be missing then to plug in a newcomer to act as the fourth person.

No, they had to continue to resist Xie Yang!

Just as fans were excited to do something to ‘clean up’ IUD, a video of the interview with Xie Yang’s father suddenly became popular.

It was a video sent by a local entertainment news station of S City. The title of the video was ‘Xie Yang’s father responded to the rumour of selling his child.’

The IUD fans were a bit calmer as they rushed over to watch, secretly calculating things in their hearts.

If Xie Yang was really sold then even if it made their idols unhappy, they would go to Hu Biao’s Weibo to resist Xie Yang’s participation in the fifth anniversary performance. In any case, it was impossible for them to allow Hu Biao to leave the ‘bad’ newcomer in the group!

Mo Bin’s brainless fans were secretly concerned about Xie Yang and were full of malicious intentions. They were prepared to step on the person who exposed the ‘fake recording’ and caused their brother to become like this.

The interview video started at the beginning. In the shaking video, a white and fat-middle aged man wearing a famous watch and carrying a famous bag walked out of a high-end villa area in S City with an unhappy face. He waved and scolded the camera, “Don’t stay here, too annoying!  Selling children, selling your Xx. Xie Yang is a little bunny so I wanted to arrange a blind date for him, paving the way for him… He didn’t like it and said I sold him outside! Don’t mention the 500 million! Doesn’t my family lack 500 million? That little bunny can even say anything. I just didn’t want him to join the boy group. I wanted him to go home and learn to manage the hotel so he can inherit the family business in the future! Stop filming! If you have the ability then bring my son home!” Then he forcefully opened the door of the luxury car that came to him, sat inside and slammed shut the door, spraying the camera with exhaust.

Everyone, “…???”

Wait, it wasn’t selling? This luxury car, luxury house, luxury watch and inheriting the family business… So selling him was just nonsense that Xie Yang said when he was fighting with his father? Xie Yang was actually a young master who would go home and inherit a XX billion yuan property if he wasn’t an artist?

Some IUD fans didn’t believe it. They ran to search up the background of Xie Xiu. After discovering that he was the chairman of Huiheng Hotel, they were frightened and broke the small calculations in their minds.

Huiheng Hotel? Wasn’t this a long-established hotel chain based in S City? Xie Yang was really a rich second generation young master?


Xie Yang turned off Weibo with satisfaction and called Xie Xiu.

“You responded well.”

Xie Xiu’s attitude was diligent. “OF course. You said to let me do the interview and I went out immediately. I put on my most expensive watch and drove my most expensive car. It wasn’t bad. So the project on this side…”

“I’ll help you with Qiu Xing.”

“That’s good, you are really good.”

After finishing with Xie Xiu, Xie Yang hung up the phone and was about to continue eating melons. Then he noticed the light shining from the windows in the living room. He listened carefully and heard a car approaching. He put away his phone, got up and walked to the door. Once he opened the door, he leaned against the door frame and watched the black car slowly stopping at the door.

Qiu Xing, who had closed his eyes, opened them and saw this scene.

The young man in pyjamas leaned lazily against the door. The warm yellow lights from the house behind him felt a bit like home.

The driver Zhou Miao helped open the door for Qiu Xing but Qiu Xing sat inside the car and didn’t move.

Zhou Miao wondered, “Boss?”

Qiu Xing gathered his wits, got out of the car and strode toward Xie Yang.

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2 years ago

bunny should be replaced by rascal. would flow better. also… Xie Yang you 666!!!

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2 years ago

‘Only he was kept in the dark. He even foolishly cared about past sentiments and wanted to get together with everyone again, yet these people betrayed him! They chose Xie Yang and all betrayed him!’

I’m done with this trash 😤