HTI: Chapter 2

Beef noodles, soup dumplings, oden, octopus balls, fried rice noodles… Xie Yang ate while walking and all the lights turned on as the sun went down.

His stomach was swollen but he felt satisfied.

Pollution was serious after the apocalypse and all the foods he had seen before the end of the world became luxury products. Xie Yang didn’t remember how long it had been since he tasted these artificially seasoned flavours.

He walked out of the lively night market with the barbecue he had just bought. Then he found a flower bed to sit down on and he opened a bottle of beer.

The phone had been quiet for a long time and it should be out of power. The street lights were a dim yellow and mosquitoes flew under the lights. The night market nearby was full of people and the aroma of barbecue and crayfish filled the air. Cars came and went on the road. The night was deep and the city was still sleepless.

This was what life should be like.

Xie Yang moved the beer to his lips, paused for a long time before moving the beer away.

He patted his face. What was going on? He was away from the apocalypse. Why was he still so afraid of losing soberness?

The sudden ringing of his mobile phone disturbed his leisure. The ringtone came from the backpack behind him and the system music obviously didn’t come from the old mobile phone where the original owner of the body had carefully set various ringtones. Xie Yang put down the beer and pulled his backpack over. He found a new mobile phone where the protective film on the back hadn’t even been pulled off yet.

The screen of his phone flashed with a call from ‘that person.’

In the novel, the name on the phone that Xie Yang gave to Qiu Xing was ‘that person.’ After discovering this, the female protagonist suggested that the cannon fodder Xie Yang should change it for a more respectful name. The cannon fodder Xie Yang refused and told the female protagonist to stay away from the villain. The conversation between the two happened to be heard by the villain and the result was naturally bad luck. The female protagonist succeeded in attracting the villain’s attention.

In a world of fiction, what was the probability that a passerby happened to have the same name as the cannon fodder and called someone ‘that person’ like the cannon fodder?


Xie Yang asked himself this, refused the call and took a sip of the beer. Two minutes later, a pair of feet in leather shoes appeared in front of Xie Yang.

“Mr Xie.”

Xie Yang slightly lifted his fingers and looked up. The serious man with a bodyguard’s appearance stooped slightly and motioned to the back car parked on the side of the road. “The boss is here to pick you up.”

Xie Yang glanced toward the car. The door was closed and he couldn’t see who was sitting inside. There was no information in his mind that told him who ‘the boss’ was. He reasoned speculatively and thought that if he was Xie Yang, there were only two people who could be the boss. One was Xie Yang’s father, Xie Xiu and the other was his cheap husband, the villain Qiu Xing. The former sold his son while the latter caused endless troubles for his spouse. Neither one was a good choice.

He squeezed the beer can. “You came too early.” At least let him enjoy this new night before coming with bad news.

The bodyguard was polite but his tone contained a warning. “Mr Xie, the boss has already been tolerating you. Don’t continue to be capricious and get in the car.”

“What will you do if I don’t get in the car?”

The bodyguard was silent before saying, “The boss has accepted an invitation to lunch tomorrow to understand Chairman Xie’s position. He has promised to take you to attend. Please consider it clearly.”

It seemed that Qiu Xing was sitting in the car.

Xie Yang picked up the barbecue and stood up, shoving the beer into the bodyguard’s hand and patting him on the shoulder. “I’ll give you a reward.” Then he opened the car door and got in.

“Throw it out.”

Xie Yang turned his head to look at the man sitting beside him.

“The thing in your hand, throw it away.”

As the biggest villain in the novel, Chairman Qiu Xing looked very good and he had a great atmosphere that was particularly scary when he stared at people with cold eyes. The outer corner of his eye was slightly raised, the corner of his mouth was curved down and the outline of his face was dark. His dark lips and pale face matched the heavy and gloomy look on his face. His black shirt and pants made him look like an evil spirit who had crawled out of hell to stop children crying.

Xie Yang wasn’t a child.

He stared into Qiu Xing’s eyes and pushed open the door to get out of the car. He went away to the front passenger’s seat and pulled out the bodyguard who had just sat down, stuffing the barbecue into his hand. “This is also a reward for you. Eat it well and don’t waste it.” After speaking, he sat in the passenger’s seat, slammed the door shut and closed his eyes.

The atmosphere inside the car became darker. The driver didn’t understand how the timid Xie Yang from last time suddenly became so angry. He didn’t dare look back at Qiu Xing’s expression in the back seat and tried to tell Xie Yang, “Mr Xie, it is better for you to go to the back. The passenger’s seat is the most dangerous position…”

Xie Yang put down the seat a bit and lay down with his arms over his chest.

The driver, “…”

Qiu Xing ordered, “Drive.”

The driver hesitated. “What about Wu Shui…”


The driver shut up and started the car.

“Lower the air conditioning.”

The driver did as he was ordered.

“A little lower.”

The driver hesitated for a moment before lowering it again.

Qiu Xing was impatient. “Turn it to the lowest setting.”

The driver was frightened. “Boss, the lowest one is 10 degrees Celsius.”

“Do it.”

The driver wanted to cry. He looked at Xie Yang who still had closed eyes and wanted to bite his handkerchief. The boss had obviously gone crazy again. He was clearly fine before…

The temperature in the car quickly dropped. The weather was currently late summer and early autumn. Xie Yang was only wearing a thin coat and the driver and Xie Yang were wearing a single layer. However, the temperature of 10 degrees meant that they were forced to be frozen.

Xie Yang had just got rid of the apocalypse world and wasn’t ready to abuse himself. He opened his eyes and said, “Turn it back up.”

The driver didn’t dare to move.

Xie Yang looked back at Qiu Xing. “Let him change it back.”

Qiu Xing smiled darkly. “Can you still sleep?”



Xie Yang frowned. “I ate a bowl of beef noodles, soup noodles, a bowl of oden, a box of octopus balls and fried rice noodles before getting on the car.”

Qiu Xing didn’t smile. “Are you showing off?”

“……” Xie Yang pointed to his stomach and explained. “I meant that I overate so if I keep being frozen like this, I will vomit.” He pointed again. “I will vomit in the car.”

The two people stared at each other and Qiu Xing looked away in disgust first. “Turn up the temperature.”

The driver sighed with relief and hurriedly turned up the temperature. Xie Yang lay back down. The car continued to drive for two minutes and Qiu Xing was unhappy again.

“Open the window. There is the smell of cumin.”

The driver silently did it. The night breeze came in and swept away the cold air in the car. Xie Yang moved comfortably. Compared to the air conditioning, he actually preferred the natural cool night breeze.

Qiu Xing felt even more upset. “Enough. Close the window.”

The driver silently closed the window. Xie Yang pulled the hood over his head and hid his face in the shadows. The low air pressure in the car continued. Before long, the car stopped in front of the city hospital. Qiu Xing got out of the car but Xie Yang didn’t move.

The driver diligently opened the door of the passenger’s seat. “Mr Xie, it’s here.”

Xie Yang opened his eyes and got out of the car without taking off his hood. “Aren’t you going home? What are you doing here?”

Qiu Xing smiled gloomily. “Take you to have your stomach pumped.”

Xie Yang stared at him calmly. “You pay and I’ll do it.”

The driver quickly lowered his head so he wouldn’t see his boss deflated again.

Qiu Xing smiled as he watched Xie Yang coldly before turning to the hospital without speaking. Xie Yang followed.

Qiu Xing was tall, had long legs and took great strides. Apart from his poor appearance and thin body, he showed no signs of weakness that a terminally ill patient should have. Xie Yang followed Qiu Xing and examined him carefully.

The two of them headed to the inpatient department. After arriving in a single ward area, Qiu Xing suddenly stopped. Xie Yang also stopped as Qiu Xing glanced back at him. “Do I look good?”

“Ugly.” The apocalypse was full of too many thin and dying people. He saw too much and Xie Yang was tired of it.

Qiu Xing’s mouth twitched and he said, “Keep your courage. My nephew had an accident this afternoon and I will go see him. You be quiet and don’t talk nonsense.”

The villain’s nephew, wasn’t it the male protagonist? According to the plot, the male protagonist Feng Qinglin would be reborn after a car accident. In the days before the male protagonist was reborn, Qiu Xing had finished swallowing up the Feng family’s Fenghua Group. This should be the most hateful time for the male protagonist.

Xie Yang put his hands in his pocket. There should be a good show to see.

The two of them entered the ward just as Feng QInglin was preparing to rest.

Seeing Qiu Xing, Feng Qinglin’s expression sank for a second. However, he was the male protagonist after all and quickly controlled his expression as he greeted Qiu Xing as affectionately as usual. Qiu Xing responded coldly and sat down by the bed to ask about his injury.

No one greeted Xie Yang. He simply found a single seat chair to sit comfortably on and looked at this pair of uncles who had their own calculations.

It was said that the nephew was like the uncle. Feng Qinglin’s eyebrows were indeed similar to Qiu Xing’s eyebrows and they both had very sharp eyes when serious. They might be uncle and nephew but they were only five years apart in age and sitting together, they looked more like brothers. Feng Qinglin was 24 years old and had just entered the Feng family’s company for a year. He wasn’t favored by the Feng family because his mother was from the Qiu family.

The Feng and Qiu family had old grudges and were rivals in business. Their relationship was like water and fire. In this context, Qiu Jing, the only daughter of the Qiu family and Feng Dian, the youngest son of the Feng family, developed a relationship. Ignoring her parents’ dissuasion, she stepped on the face of her parents and married into the Feng family. Her parents were so angry that they directly cut off their relationship with her. Later, Mother Qiu fought against her old age and used artificial conception to give birth to Qiu Xing. She made a will to express that everything in the Qiu family would be left to Qiu Xing and Qiu Jing wouldn’t get anything.

Qiu Jing was greatly stimulated by this and miscarried, damaging her body. It wasn’t until a few years later that she had the male protagonist and shortly after giving birth to him, she became depressed and committed suicide. After she committed suicide, Feng Dian quickly married someone else, giving Feng Qinglin two younger brothers and a younger sister…

“Uncle, how did my mother die?”

Xie Yang’s mind returned and he glanced at the man in the hospital bed.

Qiu Xing’s expression sank. “Why are you asking this again? Your mother was driven to death by your father. Don’t think about it. Everything is yours and I’ll help you get it back. Just recuperate.”

Feng Qinglin bowed his head to hide his expression and changed the topic. “Uncle, how is your body? I heard that your condition is becoming worse again.”

This question reminded Qiu Xing of something and he waved to Xie Yang.

It was time for the plot.

Xie Yang cooperated by getting up and walking to stand next to Qiu Xing. Feng Qinglin acted very well. He looked like he only just discovered that Xie Yang existed and asked, “Uncle, this is…”

“Your aunt.” Qiu Xing pushed Xie Yang in front of Feng Qinglin and raised his chin at Feng Qinglin. “You should call him this.”

Feng Qinglin, “……”

Xie Yang, “……”

Wait, this seemed different from what was written in the book. Shouldn’t it be ‘a random new housekeeper’ at Feng Qinglin’s inquiry?

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2 years ago

Um, you misspelt your name in your Patreon plug…SUPPORT RAINBOW MURHSOOM ON PATREON 

I know for sure it is this way on at least the first two chapters of this story, so I’m pretty sure it’s like this everywhere…

Thank you for translating this! I’m rereading it for the third or fourth time.

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Hahaha, it’s only the first day and the script is already changing 😅. Xie Yang is amazing lol

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
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