HTI: Chapter 18

He went to the small group and sent a message.

Xie Yang: Brother Biao, go and discuss with Wenyi to see if Wenyi, Tong Jian and Ke Lan can make a joint announcement together.

Hu Biao didn’t reply and should be busy. However, Tong Jian immediately emerged.

Tong Jian: Yang Yang, is it good to make such an announcement now? Fans will become even more excited. In addition, will Wenyi help us make this announcement? Everyone is gone and Mo Bin is making trouble. Wenyi should be very angry with IUD right now.

Xie Yang: There is nothing wrong with it. The sooner we break off this relationship with Mo Bin, the better for us. You don’t have to worry about Wenyi not making the announcement. Mo Bin is currently smearing Wenyi on Weibo. In order to whitewash the company’s image, this announcement will definitely be published.

Tong Jian didn’t understand and asked more questions.

Xie Yang was silent for a few seconds before typing: Ke Lan, Chenhao, are you there? Come out and explain to Tong Jian in detail.

Tong Jian: ……

After throwing the ‘problem child’ to others, Xie Yang called Hu Biao. Hu Biao was currently running around performance venues and was too busy to look at the chat group. After the call from Xie Yang, he immediately stated that this matter should be given to him.

Xie Yang listened to Hu Biao’s hoarse voice and calculated all the matters that were on Hu Biao’s body. He frowned and called Wu Shui. “Where did all of Qiu Xing’s people come from? I have a serious shortage of manpower and want to recruit a few people.”

Wu Shui replied bluntly, “Boss, the Qiu family spent money to train me.”


He shouldn’t have asked.

Xie Yang hung up and started to think about where he could find some reliable talents.

Now the company was still being registered and he was looking for an office building. The normal way of recruiting people wouldn’t work. He could only find talents through his network but his network was really small… Xie Yang remembered Qiu Xing again.

As the biggest villain of this novel, Qiu Xing had many talents available but… Xie Yang read through his chat record with Qiu Xing and found his rare conscience.

It seemed to be too troublesome for Qiu Xing recently. It wasn’t good to always take advantage of Qiu Xing.

…Forget it, Qiu Xing was busy. This time, he wouldn’t look for Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang gave up the plan to borrow Qiu Xing’s people and instead mobilized Ke Lan and Xu Chenhao to dig people from their network.

The next day, at Hu Biao’s request, Wenyi issued a joint statement but in the announcement, Wenyi wouldn’t whitewash IUD. They told the public that the reason why Ke Lan and Tong Jian didn’t renew the contract was due to Mo Bin’s insistence on leaving which led to an incomplete IUD. Ke Lan and Tong Jian were discouraged and wanted to leave. The company vigorously persuaded Ke Lan and Tong Jian, stating that they could sign as individual artists but Ke Lan and Tong Jian refused.

In addition, Wenyi requested that Hu Biao issue a statement, taking all the blame for arranging for Xie Yang to enter the team and clarifying to the outside world that Wenyi never meddled in IUD’s affairs.

Tong Jian was very angry when he heard these two requirements and spoke in the group: The first requirement is nothing and can be sent, but what about the second one? Obviously, a new person being added to IUD was a decision made by the company. Brother Biao was just afraid the company would cause chaos and won the right to choose the person independently. Why should Brother Biao carry the pot alone?

Xie Yang: So in your eyes, I’m a pot?

The group instantly became quiet.

Xie Yang was satisfied and typed: What do you think, Brother Biao?

Hu Biao: I was indeed the one who talked with the company to fill in IUD with a new person. The request isn’t excessive. In addition, I don’t regret letting you join IUD. It isn’t something to be blamed for.

Xie Yang smiled and typed back: Then prepare to make an announcement. In addition, have Wenyi help us contact the performance venue. Brother Biao, you don’t have to run around outside. We have no background, no connections and no resources. A venue isn’t easy to rent. Even if it is rented, we don’t know what day we can get and how long we have to wait.

Everyone, “…Eh?”

Tong Jian: Have Wenyi contact the venue for us? But haven’t we left the company?

Xie Yang spoke meaningful and heartfelt words: Now Wenyi is asking Brother Biao to take the blame. Brother Biao is so wronged. Shouldn’t Wenyi compensate him?

Everyone, “……”

Hu Biao felt ashamed of himself. He closed the chat group and went to negotiate with Wenyi.

At 8 o’clock that evening, Wenyi’s official Weibo issued an announcement, stating that Ke Lan and Tong Jian would no longer renew their contract. They detailed the reasons why Ke Lan and Tong Jian didn’t renew the contract and thanked them for their dedication to the company in recent years. They also wished Ke Lan and Tong Jian a better future.

After the announcement was issued, Ke Lan and Tong Jian immediately forwarded it and accompanied it with a text thanking Wenyi for its care and training over the years, also wishing Wenyi to reach a higher level in the future.

The fans who followed the rhythm that Mo Bin brought and screamed at Wenyi for bullying IUD were dumbfounded. After repeatedly reading the reasons why Ke Lan and Tong Jian didn’t renew the contract in Wenyi’s announcement, they were confused, panicked and thought something was wrong.

If it was just not renewing the contract, they would understand. It was natural not to renew the contract due to the ugly scene between the two sides. However, why did the announcement only mention Ke Lan and Tong Jian, not Mo Bin? What was ‘Mo Bin’s personal wish was contrary to the wishes of other IUD members and the company. After Mo Bin made a decision, Ke Lan and Tong Jian decided not to renew the contract’? What did it mean by ‘Tong Jian and Ke Lan received an individual contract invitation from the company’?

Contrary to the wishes of the other team members? There were so many years of feelings between the old team members, how could it be contrary? Signing as individuals? IUD was a whole. Why did Wenyi issue single contracts to Ke Lan and Tong Jian?

Fake! Nonsense!

The fans went crazy. Most fans refused to accept and believe the information disclosed in the announcement. A small number of Mo Bin’s radical fans started to scold Ke Lan and Tong Jian, accusing them of betraying Mo Bin when Mo Bin was making a hard effort for everyone. Ke Lan and Tong Jian were white-eyed wolves with no conscience!

Perhaps it was because they watched Mo Bin’s fans scolding too ferociously and standing too highly on the moral ground. A blogger who had long been known as a side account for a staff member of Wenyi came out and posted something ridiculing.

My Family is the Loveliest when Silent: Tsk tsk tsk, who is the white-eyed wolf? Someone forced their team members down this path and used the new member as a raft. All types of calculations were all to allow him to go solo cleanly. This person still had the face to pretend to be a big brother but pitted the newcomer and two old team members who didn’t know the truth until the end.

Fans were sensitive at this time and almost choked on the information in this post. Mo Bin’s fans went even crazier, scolding the blogger and telling them not to come out to confuse the audience.

After receiving more than 1,000 scolding comments from Mo Bin’s fans, the side account blogger posted an even more mocking Weibo post.

My Family is the Loveliest when Silent: Some fans have a double standard. Your brother is the most innocent and pitiful. He refused to participate in the fifth anniversary performance because he is sick. But why is your brother really sick when he says he is sick and why is that other person pretending to be sick when he is sick? Perhaps that other brother lost his voice under a lot of pressure and was nervous when recording a program for the first time? I want to say that your brother is pretending to be sick. In the airport photos you were looking in the afternoon, your brother seemed to be in high spirits~

Mo Bin’s fans were jumping more and more while the fans of the other members digested the blogger’s information and gradually fell silent.

Later, the blogger posted something else: Fans of other team members should stop sending me private messages. I only want to say that Wenyi and the other two innocent team members are getting together to discuss disbanding. The innocent team members have a good agent and will be better in the future.

The situation completely became chaotic.

Xie Yang was satisfied as he turned off the Weibo homepage of this blogger and called Hu Biao to issue the resignation statement.

Hu Biao sighed, thanked his old friend from Wenyi who helped control the rhythm on Weibo and opened his own Weibo to send out the resignation statement he had prepared.

Hu Biao’s resignation statement was written by himself. In the statement, he said he resigned from his job a few days ago and was no longer an employee of Wenyi. After that, he explained in detail the process of Xie Yang joining IUD. He said that Xie Yang wasn’t someone who entered due to a background as rumoured. Rather, he was an excellent newcomer selected by Hu Biao and accepted by the captain of IUD, Mo Bin.

In the end, he solemnly thanked Wenyi for their unconditional support of his work and the high degree of autonomy given to him during his tenure. He wished Wenyi a better future.

All of IUD fans had basically followed Hu Biao. Once Hu Biao’s came up, the fans were in an uproar again.

Hu Biao actually resigned? In addition, what did it mean by ‘Captain Mo Bin personally agreed to let him join the team’? What did it mean by ‘thank you unconditionally for your support’ and high degree of autonomy’? It seemed to mean…

No one was an idiot. Now Wenyi, Ke Lan, Tong Jian and Hu Biao all stood in the same camp and only Mo Bin was alone. What it represented was self-evident.

The IUD topics were a mess. Fans who had united to scold Wenyi formed different lines. Fans maintained their own idols while CP fans were passionate about eating melons. Only those who were fans of the group were confused. They ran to the Weibo pages of individual IUD members and asked what was going on. They hoped the members could give an accurate statement. they didn’t believe IUD had an internal problem.

After several big melons were released, IUD  successfully had a legitimate popular treatment on Weibo. Various topics with the IUD names appeared on the hot search and the popularity continued to rise.

In contrast to the excitement on Weibo, the atmosphere in the small chat group was very depressed.

Tong Jian mourned: Many fans asked me why this is happening and to not leave Weibo. Brother Lan, Brother Hao, did we do something wrong…

Ke Lan: No, it is Mo Bin who is wrong.

Xu Chenhao: Sooner or later, there will be this day.

Tong Jian stopped talking. He was presumably crying.

After Xie Yang finished eating melons, he opened the group and saw everyone’s sluggish appearance. Then he typed: It’s nothing. If you don’t want to make the fans sad then tell them that although the leader of IUD is gone and the company is gone, IUD is still here. The anniversary performance will be held as scheduled and the new song is being recorded.

Xie Yang: Don’t forget our goal. It is to let IUD scatter into a beautiful scenery.

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I think Xie Yang is super cool