HTI: Chapter 175

On the second day after Xie Yang agreed to hold the wedding, Qiu Xing published a marriage notice written by him through Rongding’s various official channels.

The marriage notice wasn’t long. It was only a few hundred words and the contents were very serious and formal. There was no warm confession but it made people feel that he cherished and valued Xie Yang.

Countless passersby who only had the mentality of eating melons saw this marriage notice and realized that Qiu Xing was really serious about preparing a grand and formal wedding for Xie Yang.

He liked Xie Yang. No, he loved him and respected him.

If he didn’t really love Xie Yang so much that he couldn’t wait to hold Xie Yang on the tip of his heart, how could he be so serious and thoughtful about even the marriage notice.

The netizens suddenly couldn’t say the ridiculing, joking and informal remarks they were planning. It seemed that something touched the gentle nerves in their brains, making them sincerely send their blessings under the marriage notice.


Dingsheng Garden.

Xie Yang repeatedly read the marriage notice published by Rongding’s official Weibo several times. Then he got up and opened the bathroom door. Qiu Xing had just taken a shower and was wiping his body. He turned his head to the side and his eyes widened when he saw Xie Yang.

Xie Yang looked up and down Qiu Xing’s body and whistled like a rogue.

“…Messing around again!” Qiu Xing wiped himself dry and put on a bathrobe. Then he touched Xie Yang’s face. “What is it?’

Xie Yang lifted his arms around Qiu Xing and bit this person’s earlobe, whispering, “Ah Xing, the marriage notice… when did you prepare it?”

Qiu Xing’s shoulders tightened and he hugged Xie Yang. “Yang Yang.”

Xie Yang moved his position and asked again, “When was it prepared?”

Qiu Xing’s breathing became a bit messy. His arms tightened around Xie Yang but he didn’t speak.

“When, huh?” Xie Yang’s voice was low and very sultry.

There was some provocation before Qiu Xing finally gave up. “It was after you agreed to my marriage proposal… Yang Yang, Yang Yang.”

After agreeing to the proposal? So early? Xie Yang leaned back and looked at Qiu Xing’s frowning and emotional appearance. A piece of his heart collapsed a bit as he kissed Qiu Xing’s lips and kicked back to shut the bathroom door.

“It seems we haven’t bathed together yet. Do you want to try it today?”


The wedding preparations really started. As one of the newlyweds who should be busy preparing for the wedding, Xie Yang was so idle that grass almost grew on his body. Throughout the wedding preparation period, he did only three things: set the engagement period, pick the style of the wedding rings and the style of the clothing.

Then it was over. Qiu Xing took care of everything else without letting him worry about it. This led to details of the wedding that many media outlets knew about but he himself didn’t know.

For example, a private club of the Qiu family that was the wedding venue was directly closed for renovation in order to better hold the wedding.

For example, Qiu Xing gathered dozens of well-known domestic and foreign chefs.

For example, Qiu Xing lavishly ordered tens of millions worth of wine from a famous foreign winery for the wedding banquet.

For example, Qiu Xing specifically visited the Xie family in S City for the wedding… in short, there were many examples that Xie Yang had no knowledge of.

However, Xie Yang didn’t care. It was enough if Qiu Xing was happy. His sugar jar was trying to create a huge surprise for him. He just needed to wait for the surprise to start and then give the sugar jar the desired response.


The wedding date was set for July 5th, the day before Xie Yang’s birthday. According to a reliable source (Liu Sha), Qiu Xing wanted to set the wedding as this date because he wanted to accompany Xie Yang to usher in the new year as his husband.

It was a very romantic and cute idea. Xie Yang secretly received this sugar that Qiu Xing had been planning to hide.

On July 1st, Qiu Xing and Xie Yang tried on the wedding suits for the last time.

On July 2nd, Qiu Xing’s club opened again after being closed for a few months and was renamed the ‘Golden Age Club’.

On July 3rd, the wedding team was in place.

On July 4th, Qiu Xing bid farewell to Xie Yang and went to the wedding venue.

On the wedding day, Qiu Xing would start from the club, come to the house to pick up Xie Yang and go to the club to officially start the wedding ceremony. Xie Yang didn’t object to Qiu Xing’s arrangement.

Before leaving, Qiu Xing hugged Xie Yang, rubbed the back of his head and kissed his forehead. Then he stepped back to look at Xie Yang and spoke warmly, “Wait for me to pick you up.”

Xie Yang nodded. “I’m waiting for you.”

“I prepared the party for you but you must not sleep too late.”

Xie Yang nodded again. “Okay, you also must not go to bed too late.”

The two people stared at each other before Qiu Xing reached out to hug Xie Yang again. Then he buried his head and took a deep breath to get a mouthful of Xie Yang’s scent. Xie Yang gently held Qiu Xing’s shoulder.

“Yang Yang.”


Qiu Xing didn’t speak any longer. He rubbed the back of Xie Yang’s head before letting go. He opened the door and strode out, not daring to look back. It was as if he wouldn’t be willing to leave if he looked back.

Liu Sha appeared out of nowhere behind Xie Yang and asked, “Is Ah Xing acting spoiled again?”

“No, he is just nervous.” Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing get in the car and leave the yard. Then he closed the door and turned to Liu Sha. “Every time he is nervous, he will become clingier than usual. Just now, he left in one minute. He has made a lot of progress.”

Liu Sha couldn’t hold back her smile and agreed. “It is really a lot of progress.”

The moment Qiu Xing left, the team staying in the villa immediately took action and decorated the villa. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, guests successively came to the door with the invitation cards to Xie Yang’s pre-wedding bachelor party.

The guests who came were all people who had a good relationship with Xie Yang such as Hu Biao, Ke Lan, Xu Chenhao, Tong Jian, Qin Cheng and Shen Yan… everyone laughed and made a lot of noise. they didn’t disperse until around 9 p.m.

On July 5th, the wedding day, Xie Yang slept well until he woke up naturally. Then with the help of the styling team, he prepared himself and put on a white suit. He went downstairs empty-handed, had a comfortable breakfast and opened the door as usual.

Outside the door was Qiu Xing in a black suit. It was unknown how long he had been waiting but he immediately looked over, expression a bit serious because of tension.

“Yang Yang, good morning.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Ah Xing, good morning.”

Qiu Xing saw Xie Yang’s smile and his expression softened. He extended a hand toward Xie Yang. Xie Yang held it. Qiu Xing immediately returned the grip, took Xie Yang out the door, entered the long black wedding car and headed to the club.

On the way to the club, Qiu Xing sat with a serious face while Xie Yang stared directly at him. Qiu Xing was uncomfortable and finally looked at Xie Yang. “What is it?”

“Can you guess?”

Qiu Xing could guess. He held Xie Yang’s hand, kneaded it lightly and then interlocked their fingers.

“Yang Yang.”


Qiu Xing didn’t continue. He just stared at their linked hands for a long time before raising them and kissing them. “The golden age is coming soon.”

Xie Yang smiled and scratched Qiu Xing’s palm.

The car stopped at the club’s main building. Qiu Xing got out of the car first and helped Xie Yang out. Then he took Xie Yang onto the red carpet leading to the building. There were no guests at the entrance of the building to greet them. Xie Yang looked sideways at Qiu Xing who just squeezed his hand tightly. “Let’s go.”

Xie Yang controlled himself and walked in with Qiu Xing. After stepping through the main building’s door, there was a gorgeous but warm hall. The red carpet stretched all the way in and finally stopped outside a tall, carved door.

Qiu Xing led Xie Yang to the door, glanced sideways at Xie Yang, tightened his grip and then reached out to push open the door. The door opened silently at Qiu Xing’s strength. Then the tune of the soothing music version of ‘Golden Age’ floated from inside. Lights spread out and a holy and solemn auditorium appeared in front of Xie Yang. In the center of the auditorium, at the end of the red carpet, Dr Kirkman stood in front of the stage in formal clothing, smiling toward this side.

The guests seated on both sides of the auditorium clapped.

‘Golden Age’ was replaced by the wedding march.

Xie Yang regained his senses. He was a bit amused but also felt warm.

Previously when deciding to have the wedding, he casually mentioned that he hoped Dr Kirkman would witness the two of them starting a new life journey together. He didn’t expect that Qiu Xing would directly let Dr Kirkman serve as the wedding witness.

“Yang Yang.”

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing gripped Xie Yang’s hand. “Go in.”

Xie Yang smiled and held Qiu Xing’s hand back. Then they headed toward Dr Kirkman in the center of the auditorium.


For a long time afterward, the wedding of Xie Yang and Qiu Xing was regarded as the representative of romance and luxury. It was frequently mentioned by many netizens.

Everyone talked about the wedding cost, how expensive Xie Yang’s and Qiu Xing’s rings were, the domestic and foreign guests present at the wedding etc… everyone envied the wealth and wedding expenses of the couple until a comparative photo appeared from out of nowhere and became a hot Weibo post.

There were two photos placed together.

In the first photo, Xie Yang sat on a chair in the rest area of the coldly lit police station with unbearable fatigue in his eyes. There was a bouquet of broken roses in his arms as Qiu Xing half-kneeled in front of him, bald, thin and in a hospital gown. The two of them stared at each other and their eyes made people feel sad.

In the second photo, in a corner of the brightly lit and warm auditorium, Xie Yang had finished the wedding ceremony and sat on a chair with a large bouquet of champagne roses in his arms. Qiu Xing was half-kneeling in front of him and reached out to help him tidy his hair with gentle eyes. The two of them stared at each other and the scene was so happy that people couldn’t help smiling.

The one who posted the photo was a small blogger and she added the text: I watched you go from the hospital gown to the wedding suit. The journey wasn’t easy. I wish you happiness.

Netizens saw the two contrasting photos. At this moment, they no longer felt envious of the grand wedding of the two people.

Instead, they envied their love.

Rainbow Turtle: So this is the end! Funny story, I loved this novel the first time I read it but I never considered translating it for some reason. Then a few months later, I came across it again, re-read it and remembered how much I loved it. Thus, I decided to pick it up. Funny how this might’ve never been translated if I hadn’t come across it again. Fate must’ve played a hand.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I hope you all loved it as much as I did! I will miss our amazingly competent MC and tsundere ML but now it is time to say goodbye to them.

In addition, be sure to check out the fanart page for all the lovely fanart (linked in the table of contents)

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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11 months ago

Thank You for the translation!!!
will miss you XY & QX!!!
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i want love too lol
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aww this is such a sweet story. Loved it. though I never really understood why QX had to buy a husband in the first place (he’s rich, people will come knocking on the door. no need to spend $500M). I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the translations

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
1 month ago
Reply to  hehe

I can’t fully remember if Mother Qui dropped a line regarding this but the best clue would be an excerpt of the synopsis from NovelUpdates:

“His title is husband but it’s more like a nurse. Because this novel’s biggest villain is a terminally ill patient who is gloomy and sick in the head (actually sick). Their marriage was to counter the bad luck (illness).”

Basically, they got into an arranged marriage simply because Xie Yang’s birth sign and element is highly compatible with Qiu Xing’s and Mother Qiu truly believed that it would help turn his bad luck around. This is still a common practice in Chinese communities; they may not arrange marriages anymore but they still check the sign compatibilities and even check auspicious dates for the wedding. I guess the author didn’t bother explaining this too much because she expected the readers to be familiar with the custom. The buying thing was simply to get the Xie family to agree with the marriage that the Qiu family badly needed, as far as Mother Qiu was concerned. That’s why early on, Xie Yang had clapped back at Qiu Xing, saying that his mother thinks he’s worth 500 million.

5 months ago

Thank you so much for your hard work. Theirs is truly such a wonderful story!

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el j
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Araminthe Ispwitch
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Thank you ever so much for translating and proofreading this! I knew that I would at least enjoy this but I hadn’t expected the romance development to actually be so good. 🥺🥺🥺 Their dynamic as both individual characters and as a couple were quite unique and refreshing and the pacing of the plot never dampened their romance. The antagonists highlighted them a lot, too.

I think the only thing that confused me was Feng Qinglin as a reborn protagonist because if he was, shouldn’t he have found it super suspicious that the XY of his last memories was vastly different from the XY who boldly confronted him? It was just weird, maybe I didn’t read it correctly the first time. Still, I’m glad he got a happy ending, too, even without a love life.

My gosh, while I lament this being a shounen-ai/tame BL, the sweetness and hilarity from their romance was enough to make up for it. And this last chapter… it was shorter than usual but omg that anonymous blog… I agree with one of the comments. That is most definitely Liu Sha who has been in the background but has always been with them throughout their relationship. Let me know if anyone ever tried to recreate that blog post with the two pics of before and after the wedding as a fanart. 🥺🥺🥺

Also, last thing: I’d like to recommend another danmei similar to this:
– CEO x actor
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I also enjoyed the schemes and traps the protagonist laid out!! Xie Yang is such clever MC!

Thank you so much for translating My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal Illness! Thank you Rainbow Turtle and Paranoid Kitten, I wouldn’t have found this gem without your hard work! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Yang Yang, eu tbm te desejo felicidades 😭😭😭

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