HTI: Chapter 174

On Friday, the show ‘Where is the Food’ released a preview of the new episode.

The trailer was only 40 seconds. In the first 30 seconds, Xie Yang and the MC ate and drank. These scenes were eye-catching and made people feel greedy. In the last 10 seconds, the two of them got out of the car one after another. The camera scanned the store selling the flower pastries and the long line in front of the store. Xie Yang lamented about the crowd and the MC agreed and said to line up. Then the style suddenly changed. Xie Yang refused to line up and said he wanted to jump the queue. Then he really walked toward the front of the line.

The trailer ended abruptly. The Xie fans who were watching the trailer joyfully were stunned while the black fans didn’t miss this chance to jump out.

The topic #Xie Yang jumping the line# quickly hit the hot search. The black fans grabbed at this point and said that Xie Yang had no morals. The young master had a temper and acted arrogantly while recording a show. He didn’t even want to line up to buy something to eat.

The Xie fans were at a loss and were anxious. They felt that Xie Yang wasn’t such a person but the show wasn’t aired and they couldn’t whitewash him yet. They could only express as sensibly as possible that people should wait for the show to air. The hot search lasted all night and the new episode of ‘Where is the Food’ was hot before it was even shown.

In the afternoon of the next day, a few hours before the show started, the black fans clamored again because of one fact. Qiu Xing, who had always liked Xie Yang’s various Weibo posts, didn’t like the promotion about ‘Where is the Food’ for the first time. This morning, Xie Yang posted a photo of Y City’s specialty flower pastry on Weibo and Qiu Xing also didn’t like it!

Emotional crisis! It must be an emotional crisis!

The black fans had all types of speculations. It wasn’t known where they dug it out from but someone secretly photographed Qiu Xing and a strange man entering and leaving the hotel.


One stone stirred up a thousand waves. The rumors of Xie Yang being abandoned suddenly became overwhelming.

“Nonsense!” Qiu Xing was so angry that he slammed shut his laptop.

Xie Yang was sitting on the sofa in the inner office at Rongding, comfortable eating a flower pastry. “Are you angry?”

Qiu Xing’s face was dark. “The thinking of the black fans is too crazy!”

“If you like it then they won’t think too much.”

Qiu Xing, “……”

Xie Yang smiled. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. Once the show airs, everyone will no longer misunderstand.”

The show aired… Qiu Xing’s expression started to change.

Xie Yang picked up another piece of flower pastry. “This flower pastry is delicious.”

Qiu Xing raised his hand and covered the lower half of his face.

Xie Yang shook his head again. “Oh no, this can also be called the ‘wife’ pastry.”

Qiu Xing couldn’t bear it any longer. He got up, grabbed the back of Xie Yang’s head and kissed him hard. Xie Yang smiled and cooperated. After the kiss, Qiu Xing still didn’t let go. He leaned his forehead against Xie Yang’s forehead and ordered, “No more… don’t mention it any longer!”

Xie Yang licked his lips. “Is the wife pastry delicious?”



Qiu Xing breathed deeply. Then he covered Xie Yang’s eyes with one hand and once again blocked Xie Yang’s mouth.


At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Qiu Xing’s Weibo updated.

[Qiu Xing: The man is my new assistant. He is married.]

Then Qiu Xing started a series of likes. He liked a certain music critic who sent a post praising Xie Yang for the piano music he wrote for ‘I See Xuanyuan’. He liked a stylist’s Weibo post praising Xie Yang’s good temper. He liked a certain movie industry heavyweight’s post about Xie Yang’s aura.

Qiu Xing even found the side account of the flower shop owner who witnessed the attack on Xie Yang months ago and liked the vague post praising Xie Yang’s coolness and bravery.

The Xie fans were relieved and confused by Qiu Xing’s series of actions. It was reassuring that the rumors about Qiu Xing and Xie Yang breaking up were false. Qiu Xing obviously liked Xie Yang very much. The thing was that after liking so many Xie Yang related posts, he still didn’t like the ones that sparked the speculation, the posts promoting the new variety show and the photo.

It was a bit strange. Fans had reasonable doubts. Did someone send the flower pastry in private? Was Mr Qiu jealous? Or did he not want Yang Yang to record this show?

Various speculations flew around the Internet. Finally, it reached 8 o’clock in the evening and the new episode of ‘Where is the Food’ started. Countless people stayed in front of the TV or their computer to watch the new episode.

At Dingsheng Garden, Xie Yang stood at the entrance of the study and confirmed it again. “You really won’t watch it on TV with me?”

Qiu Xing stared at his laptop screen intently and replied, “There is a multinational conference that will be held. I will go find you once I’m done.”

“I see.” Xie Yang deliberately slowed down the speed of his speech. He suppressed his smile as he admired Qiu Xing’s calm appearance and said, “Then I will watch it by myself. Come to the living room and find me once you’re done.”

Qiu Xing nodded. He was still pretending.

Xie Yang closed the door, waited two seconds and then pushed open the door again. Qiu Xing looked up while holding a document in his hand. “What is it?”

He learned to be clever.

“Nothing. I just wanted to see you again. Go and work.”


The two people looked at each other again and Xie Yang almost laughed. He decided not to tease Qiu Xing anymore and backed up, closing the door. Then he headed to the living room and turned on the TV.

Xie Yang might’ve used the flower pastry these days to tease Qiu Xing but he actually didn’t know what Qiu Xing and the aunt talked about that day. Just as Xie Yang started talking to the aunt on that day, the flower pastry store opened. In order not to delay the people waiting in line to buy the pastries, everyone could only temporarily end the conversation to buy the pastries first.

He bought the pastries and had to record the show while they were fresh. By the time Xie Yang finished and had time to question the aunt, she was nowhere to be seen. Xie Yang had felt very sorry. Still, Xie Yang was looking forward to seeing the mouse stiff and dull on TV.

The credits finished and the show started. Xie Yang watched for a while before feeling that he should do something. He thought about it and turned off the TV. He took out the tablet and opened the online version with the barrage.

The moment the online version opened, an overwhelming barrage appeared. Xie Yang took a glance and found most of them were exaggerating the food and licking the screen. He set up the tablet and waited for Qiu Xing’s scene to appear while playing on his phone.

The episode of ‘Where is the Food’ was only one hour long. The first 45 minutes was no different from previous episodes except the guest this time was more attractive and talkative. He had a contagious smile and ate well. Then in the last 15 minutes, the crew arrived outside the flower pastry store.

The audience brightened. Here it was! The next scene was similar to the one in the trailer. The MC and Xie Yang got out of the car and the camera scanned the people in line—wait, it was different!

The viewers with good memories found that this shot of sweeping the crowd was longer and wider. Only half the people were shown in the trailer but all of them were shown here. Then after the line was filmed, the camera zoomed in on the line.

On the screen, Xie Yang smiled and sighed that there were so many people. Perhaps it was because the soundtrack and camera switching were somewhat different from those in the trailer. The audience always felt that Xie Yang’s smile and sigh had a special feeling that was indescribable.

Suddenly, a barrage appeared on the screen.

-Fu*k, I am dazzled. Everyone, look at the first person in the line! Look carefully! Look hard!

It just happened to be the time when Xie Yang said he was going to jump the line and strode toward it. The camera followed all the way and the audience saw Xie Yang walk behind the back of the tall man who was first in the line. He reached out and patted the man’s shoulder gently, deliberately lowering his voice as he requested to jump the queue in a bad dialect.

The tall man turned his head and looked fierce. The barrage was quiet before the Xie fans blew up.

Fu*k fu*k fu*k! It was Qiu Xing! Oh my god! It was Qiu Xing!!

Here, the show started to rewind. The scene returned to when Xie Yang and the MC got out of the car. The MC got off first and introduced the destination of the last stop. Then it zoomed in on Xie Yang’s face. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow slightly when he heard the words ‘flower pastry’.

After that, Xie Yang got out of the car and looked sideways at the door of the store.

The screen paused and a dotted line extended from Xie Yang’s eyes to follow his line of sight. It directly connected with Qiu Xing at the front of the line. Then the scene started moving again. Xie Yang retracted his gaze and smiled while lamenting about the people in line.

The Xie fans: …Ahhhhhhhhh!

This was it, this was it! No wonder why Xie Yang jumped the queue! Could meeting a family member be called jumping the queue? No!

There were screams in the barrage. It was unknown who started it before everyone started to say ‘Black fans, aren’t you coming out?’ Then the scene fast-forwarded again and the scene of Qiu Xing turning around with a fierce face reappeared. His expression was visibly dull after seeing Xie Yang behind him.

The barrage exploded again.

-Hahahahaha, this expression.

-Are you fierce? Aren’t you fierce?

-Haha, this expression: Let me see which courageous guy dared… huh???

-It’s over. The image of Mr Qiu in my heart is rapidly collapsing. This is truly sluggish.

The show continued. Xie Yang met Qiu Xing’s gaze and asked if he could exchange something for the opportunity to jump the queue.

The Xie fans screamed again. Just as the Xie fans thought this was heaven, the aunt spoke up and completely pushed the atmosphere to the highest point.

“What’s the matter with you? This person came at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and waited just to buy some fresh pastries for his wife at home. Now you came here and said you want to jump in the line. It is a bit stinky. Look at this person. Does he look like someone who lacks money?”

The barrage area was strangely quiet before exploding.




-So Qiu Xing came to buy the pastries for Yang Yang? He waited for two hours? Wow!

-Auntie, no shortage. He really isn’t short of money.

-Fu*k, look at Mr Qiu’s expression. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

In the show, Xie Yang sent a meaningful look to Qiu Xing after hearing the aunt’s words. Then he seriously told the aunt, “No, he has no wife at home.”

The barrage exploded again.


-Yes yes, no wife. Only a husband!

-Yang Yang, this death gaze. Look at Mr Qiu’s expression. It is too real hahahaha.

The aunt was even angrier. “Hey! What’s the matter with you? Why doesn’t he have a wife? He said it in person! You! Look at the ring on his hand. He also said that his wife would like some pastries. What cutting in? Line up obediently! If you don’t learn well from a young age then you should learn from this young man. See how sensible he is.”

-Saying it personally, saying it personally, saying it personally! I can do it again! This is too TM!

-Good information. It turns out that Yang Yang loves to eat pastries!

-Qiu Xing’s expression hahaha. Auntie, hold back and save Qiu Xing some face.

-I’m curious about what Qiu Xing discussed with the aunt hahaha.

In the show, Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing again and asked, “Do you want me to learn?”

Qiu Xing reached out to bring Xie Yang over. He avoided answering and just introduced Xie Yang to the aunt. “Um, Auntie, let me introduce you. This is my fiance, Xie Yang.”

-Isn’t it wife?

-Isn’t it wife?

-Isn’t it wife?

-Pretend not to notice Chairman Qiu’s stiffness and guilty conscience. It turns out that Chairman Qiu really is a henpecked husband. Look at this stiff expression hahaha.

On the show, Xie Yang spoke to the aunt and the barrage was screaming, waiting for her to reveal more information. Unfortunately, the flower pastry store opened and the conversation between Xie Yang and the aunt was interrupted.

On the TV, Qiu Xing was visibly relieved. He even slightly tilted his head and pressed a hand to his face like he had escaped.

The Xie fans instantly forgot their regret that the conversation between Xie Yang and the aunt was interrupted. Laughter appeared again and many people said they had changed their views on Qiu Xing.


After that was the normal show. Xie Yang withdrew his gaze, turned in the direction of the study and got up to look for Qiu Xing.

In the study, Qiu Xing really was in a meeting. Xie Yang gently closed the open door and went back to the living room. He continued to watch the rest of the show while logging into his Weibo side account and lurking in the CP group to watch the fans rave.

The program reached the part where the MC announced the successful conclusion of the Y City tour. Just as Xie Yang thought it was over and he reached out to turn off the tablet, words flashed on the frozen screen that was before the ending song.

[I know everyone must be very curious about what Mr Qiu discussed with the enthusiastic auntie. Next… it is time to reveal the secret!]

Xie Yang’s hand froze and the barrage area became lively again.

-Egg! There is an Easter egg in this episode!

The subtitles started to change.

[We were fortunate enough to interview the enthusiastic aunt later. The broadcast of this interview has been approved by the enthusiastic aunt and Mr Qiu.]

[However, Yang Yang doesn’t know about it.]

[So let’s get started.]

Qiu Xing gave permission? Xie Yang glanced in the direction of the study and retracted his hand. The subtitles disappeared and a new image appeared.

It was obviously intercepted surveillance footage. The surveillance showed that around 1:40 in the afternoon, Qiu Xing arrived outside the flower pastry store. He had his assistant with him at the time but soon dismissed the assistant. Then he went to the store next door and asked a question, pointing to the flower pastry store. He was probably confirming the opening time.

After that, Qiu Xing stood alone outside the store. The surveillance video was fast-forwarded. They could see Qiu Xing on the screen doing something with his tablet while waiting for the store to open. He also had to answer the phone from time to time and he looked very busy.

Around 20 minutes later, the aunt appeared and stood behind Qiu Xing. It wasn’t until Qiu Xing’s work was basically over that she took the initiative to talk to him. Qiu Xing didn’t speak much at first but then they chatted with each other slowly. The number of people in the line also gradually increased.

The surveillance video disappeared and there was the scene of the auntie and a few neighbors chatting while being interviewed.

A voice asked, “How did you start talking and what did you talk about?”

“I thought he seemed busy and his accent wasn’t local. I was curious and just started talking. There was a meeting where he had to sign something but he kept pushing it off, saying he couldn’t go. He had his assistant take care of it. I wondered if there was something going on. Wasn’t it just buying pastries?”

“I waited for him to finish before taking the initiative to speak up. He didn’t pay much attention to me at first but then I asked him if he was buying the pastries for a family member. Then he slowly started talking a lot.”


“He said his family only has him, his spouse and his nephew. It was his spouse who wanted to eat our Y City flower pastries. He found this store was the best so he came to line up.”

“He has always loved his spouse. I thought it was his wife and I said that his wife asked him to bring pastries. He didn’t refute it. I didn’t know his wife was male. Oh, I’m really embarrassed.”


“He said it wasn’t easy for his spouse, who is much younger than him. However, his lover always took care of him. He said his spouse never left him even when he was sick. His spouse has a good personality, looks good, can play the piano and can write songs. He also said that his spouse was similar to his mother and he sounded so distressed.”

“I could tell that he is the type of person who doesn’t talk much. It was probably a coincidence that day. Ah, there is really nothing to say. It is the privacy of other people’s children.”


“He said that his spouse suffered a lot of grievances because of him. They started a relationship very seriously but were always talked about by outsiders. I wanted to say that people are really idle. How is it their business if others fall in love?! Their mouths are broken every day!”

“I do wedding planning. After he found out, he asked me what type of wedding young people like. Then I discovered that he and his spouse hadn’t held the wedding celebration yet. He was embarrassed and had a stiff face when asking. Young people are really thin-skinned.”

“I talked about wedding plans for a long time and he listened carefully.”


“He said that due to his illness, he didn’t take his spouse out on a good date and his marriage proposal was also very simple. He wanted to make the wedding more formal.”

“He is a serious kid.”

“I want to advise people to accumulate more virtue and to not dictate other people’s feelings. It isn’t easy to form a relationship. Look at these two children. One person will never leave despite illness and the other person is grateful when sick. What a good couple. Be kind and bless you.”

The interview ended, the screen went dark and subtitles reappeared.

[Xie Yang, bless you.]

The ending song of ‘Where is the Food’ appeared and the show really ended. The barrage area fell quiet before the sentence ‘bless you’ filled it neatly.

It took Xie Yang a long time before he could move. He raised a hand and pressed it against his eyes. Then he got up and walked toward the study, his steps getting bigger and faster. He pushed open the door and rushed in, only to rush into a warm embrace. He stopped and said, “When did you become so good—”


Qiu Xing rubbed his head against Xi’s forehead and held Xie Yang’s face. “Yang Yang.”

Xie Yang raised his eyes to look at Qiu Xing.

“Yang Yang.” Qiu Xing kissed Xie Yang’s eyes, a bit nervous, a lot embarrassed but more serious. “The wedding plan is finalized. Yang Yang… let’s get married.”


A cunning and scheming person.

Xie Yang laughed and directly bit at Qiu Xing’s lips. Then he gripped Qiu Xing’s waist tightly. “Yes.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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What a proposal

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Help I can’t stop smiling my face hurts. Call an ambulance..

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That was so sweet that he let evereyone know how much Yang Yang suffer to be with him when he was sick. Yang Yang is the best and should get the best.

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The sweetness is so perfect

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
8 months ago

My god, from the hilarious show to the heartfelt confession and wedding proposal… This genuine sincerity of Qiu Xing’s is really what Xie Yang fell in love with. 🥺 He usually only showed it like a tsundere would, but whenever he deliberately displays it, it always leaves Xie Yang speechless. The confession when their relationship was revealed, the unexpected proposal at their new home… every time, it just sinks into Xie Yang how much this guy actually loves him and is willing to be brave enough to show such a vulnerable side to him and even everyone else. 🥺🥺🥺