HTI: Chapter 173

After ‘I See Xuanyuan’ was released, Xie Yang gradually resumed his artist activities. Due to the popularity of ‘I See Xuanyuan’, Qin Cheng had been walking on air recently and was ambitiously trying to push Xie Yang up.

Qin Cheng thought very well. “You have enough popularity and awards in the music category. You have shot for three of the five heavyweight magazines and are in talks for the other two. Two new endorsements have been finalized. Now only a movie award is missing to confirm your status. I suggest that you take another movie next.”

It took a few months to shoot a movie and he was afraid the clingy mouse would go crazy.

Xie Yang saw Qin Cheng’s eyes that were shining and full of fighting spirit and swallowed down his words of refusal. “Yes but the script has to be chosen carefully. I will only shoot the characters I want to shoot.”

“Of course. You started well and you have to be steady. I have a sense of measure.”

Xie Yang nodded and continued. “Then the script should be picked slowly. The most urgent task is to make the new album as soon as possible. I am still considered a newcomer in the music world. It isn’t good if the second album is too far apart from the first album. What do you think?”

Qin Cheng agreed. “This is reasonable. If you are a ruler sitting firmly on the throne or a short-lived star will depend on the quality of the second album. We have to do well with the new album!”

“Then try and help me reduce my commercial activities as much as possible. I want to concentrate on writing songs.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Xie Yang was satisfied and retreated while Qin Cheng still hadn’t reacted.

A few minutes later, Qin Cheng ran out of the office and stared at the closed elevator. He was both amused and angry. “This stinky boy, he didn’t take any new jobs after a long time and instead pushed a lot of them. I want to kill him!”


Finally, under Qin Cheng’s nagging, Xie Yang accepted a new job. It was to be a guest in a food variety show. Qin Cheng didn’t understand. “There are so many variety and reality shows and many of them are related to music. Why choose this one?”

“The filming location happens to be in the city where Qiu Xing is going on business.”

“…Don’t tell me you suddenly decided to take a new job because Mr Qiu is away from home on business.”

Xie Yang smiled and said nothing. Qin Cheng picked up the itinerary and left. He was afraid that he would kill his unmotivated artist if he stayed a second longer. Two days later, Xie Yang boarded the plane to Y City without telling Qiu Xing. After getting off the plane, he received a call from Qiu Xing.

“Why did you turn off your phone?”

Xie Yang calmly lied. “I turned off my phone to sleep in the afternoon. Are you busy at the branch office? When can you come home?”

Qiu Xing’s tone slowed. “It is almost over. I should be able to go back tomorrow night.”

Tomorrow night? Then they could go back to B City together. Xie Yang thought about it but didn’t say that he had arrived in Y City. Instead, he stated, “Then remember to bring me back some local products of Y City. I heard that their flower pastries are delicious.”

“Yes. Is there anything else you want to eat?”

Xie Yang replied in a low voice while covering his mouth.

There was a few seconds of silence.

“…Talk less nonsense. Be obedient at home.”

The call ended.

Xie Yang imagined that Qiu Xing must be happy, embarrassed and pretending to be calm right now. He laughed silently, put away his phone and sat upright. He just happened to meet the gaze of Qin Cheng who was sitting in front of him.


He immediately controlled his smile and said, “I have compiled five songs for the new album and will go to Shuyou to record them. I have already made an appointment with him.”

Five songs had already been set and there was an appointment with Long Shuyou. This was very efficient.

Qin Cheng narrowed his eyes and lectured him. “You can’t be like this once you join the show’s crew. I don’t know where the camera is at that time. In case you say something you shouldn’t say…” Qin Cheng couldn’t help staring at Xie Yang. “Work hard, understand? Go to Mr Qiu after work.”

This was exactly what Xie Yang was going to do so he nodded obediently.

The next morning, the show officially started shooting.

‘Where is the Food’ was a more casual variety show. The content was the MC taking guests to visit local specialties. This show was very popular with the public because it was more grounded and comfortable in style. It was currently the most successful variety show in China.

The show’s MC was a mature uncle. Before the recording started, he was a bit worried that Xie Yang, the young master who debuted with a golden spoon, wouldn’t be used to eating street food. Then he soon found that his worries were unnecessary.

Xie Yang was very open and good at eating. His appearance was excellent, his words were good and his food reviews were objective. It was like he was born for this show.

The MC was pleasantly surprised. Once he found that Xie Yang was able to answer anything, his attitude toward Xie Yang changed from polite enthusiasm to natural closeness.

The recording went smoothly as expected and the two of them had a harmonious atmosphere along the way. They wandered around and ate and soon arrived at the last stop for today, a 100 year old snack bar.

The MC got out of the car and introduced it. “This ‘Flower Show’ sells Y City’s most distinctive food, flower pastry. The store opens at 4 p.m. every afternoon and sells until 8 p.m. There is a limited supply and it is first come, first served. We should be in the first batch to arrive.”

Flower pastry?

Xie Yang’s heart moved and he thought there shouldn’t be such a coincidence. Then after getting out of the car and looking at the entrance of the snack bar, he immediately saw a tall figure at the front of the line.


There was such a coincidence. He smiled and deliberately sighed. “There is a queue. There are a lot of people.”

The MC also followed his gaze to the people in line and smiled. “It is worthy of being the most famous 100 year old store. Then we should line up or there will be more people in a while.”

“I won’t line up.”

The MC was stunned before hurriedly saying, “It seems you can’t move due to the fragrance of the flower pastry—”

“I’m going to jump the queue. You can watch.” Then after Xie Yang finished speaking, he turned and walked toward the front of the line without giving the MC a chance to stop him.

The MC was completely confused by Xie Yang and then he was in a hurry. It was too unethical to jump the queue. If Xie Yang really jumped the line and it was shown… The MC could see the scene of Xie Yang being scolded by the netizens.

He had a good impression of Xie Yang and didn’t want to see him being planted due to this type of thing. The MC chased after Xie Yang but due to his short legs, by the time he got close, Xie Yang was already touching the shoulder of the first person in line.

It was over! The MC’s vision darkened.

The cameraman following the shoot had already focused the camera on Xie Yang regardless of the MC’s dark eyes. Xie Yang lowered his voice immediately after touching Qiu Xing’s shoulder and spoke in a strange dialect. “Sir, I am in a hurry to eat the flower pastry. Can I jump the line?”

Qiu Xing’s body visibly tightened and he frowned while turning around with a dark expression. “You—”

Xie Yang smiled and restored his voice. “Sir, can I jump the queue?”

The dark-faced Qiu Xing was stunned.

Xie Yang smiled and continued to ask, “You won’t let me cut in for free? Then shall I give you something in exchange?”

The aunt standing behind Qiu Xing couldn’t stand it anymore. She didn’t know Xie Yang and didn’t notice the camera to one side. She thought that Xie Yang really came to jump the queue and spoke directly, “What’s the matter with you? This person came at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and waited just to buy some fresh pastries for his wife at home. Now you came here and said you want to jump the queue. It is a bit stinky. Look at this person. Does he look like someone who lacks money?”

Waiting since 2 in the afternoon? In addition, wife?

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing before turning his head to the aunt. “No, he doesn’t have a wife at home.”

The aunt was even angrier. “Hey! What’s the matter with you? Why doesn’t he have a wife? He said it in person! You! Look at the ring on his hand. He also said that his wife would like some pastries. What cutting in? Line up obediently! If you don’t learn well from a young age then you should learn from this young man. See how sensible he is.”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing again and asked, “Do you want me to learn?”

Qiu Xing finally returned to his senses. His expression was stiff with surprise and guilt. Still, he worked hard to be calm as he reached out to Xie Yang and told the aunt, “Um, Auntie, let me introduce you. This is my fiance, Xie Yang.”

The aunt exclaimed, “…Huh?”

The MC and program staff who finally recognized Qiu Xing, “……”

Xie Yang let Qiu Xing lead him and smiled warmly at the aunt. “Auntie, what else did my fiance talk about with you? Can you tell me?”

Qiu Xing, “……”

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