HTI: Chapter 172

The popularity of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ exploded. In the festive atmosphere of the new year, among the many lively Spring Festival movies, a movie with a tragic tone actually exploded and it was also a big explosion.

In the first three or four days, the box office of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ was slightly bleak. It was in the middle of the movies released in the same period and the discussion wasn’t too high. The movie director Zhou Huairen had already anticipated this situation a long time ago. The theme of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ was unpleasant and the plot was a tragedy at first glance. During the festive period of the new year, it was normal for the competitiveness to be inferior to the other comedy movies and large-scale commercial movies.

According to Zhou Huairen, the box office would be even worse if it wasn’t for the huge amount of traffic brought by Xie Yang and the fans of the leading actress Wen Yao. He wasn’t putting down the other actors. It was the truth. In the first few days of the movie’s release, it was indeed mostly Xie Yang’s fans and Wen Yao’s fans who bought the tickets online.

At that time, Zhou Huairen joked in the crew’s WeChat group: It seems this movie won’t lose money. It’s okay, I’m not very demanding. In the end, I can give an account to the investors if the box office reaches 800 million yuan.

As a result, Zhou Huairen’s small goal was accomplished on the 10th day of the movie’s release.

Five days after the movie was released, people finished the various chores of the Spring Festival and gradually had time at their disposal. Then the first wave of evaluations of each movie in the Spring Festival schedule ushered in a small explosion. The people who wanted to go to the theater to relax searched the Internet and found countless movie critics and netizens said the same sentence: You will regret it if you don’t watch ‘I See Xuanyuan’. It is a good way to cry, no, I have to cry again.


Many people were filled with curiosity and searched for how this movie was a good way to cry. As a result, they found a lot of ‘young master wu wu wu’, ‘damn enemy army! Go die! Go die’, ‘my little master wu wu’ and ‘don’t let me see the preview of Momo playing the piano again! Don’t show me! I can’t bear it!’ etc. After searching Weibo again, they saw that the trailer of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ was popular.

The trailer clip was a scene of Su Jingmo playing the piano. His eyebrows were raised, he was smiling and his gestures were full of self-confidence and joy. The sun shone on him, making him dazzling.

It was a very eye-catching scene but the comments area was full of crying. This greatly aroused the curiosity of people who hadn’t seen the movie yet. Thus, more people chose to watch ‘I See Xuanyuan’.

Starting from the sixth day, the box office growth of each movie started to change significantly. The box office gains of the two commercial movies started to slow down. The box office of a comedy with a group of stars grew steadily and ‘I See Xuanyuan’ started to rise after a slow and difficult box office climb. The way it jumped forward was very inspiring.

The seed of an explosion was planted.

Starting from the seventh day, there were more discussions about ‘I See Xuanyuan’ on Weibo and the topic of the movie appeared on the hot search. The trailer was once again brought up on Weibo and more critics started to write reviews for it.

Among all the roles, Su Jingmo played by Xie Yang was the most discussed. He even overshadowed the light of the hero and heroine. Many people who were concerned about Xie Yang’s acting skills before the movie was released all changed their views on Xie Yang.

The number of Xie Yang’s Weibo fans started to skyrocket and countless people who were attracted by the movie ran to Xie Yang’s Weibo to confess and cry. They sincerely wrote a small movie essay for Xie Yang.


24 days after the movie was released, the box office of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ broke through 2.3 billion and it was expected to break the 3 billion mark.

The movie he participated in and the Spring Festival Gala meant that Xie Yang’s popularity skyrocketed.


Xie Yang sat in the rest area of the salon, playing with his phone while waiting for Qiu Xing’s hair styling to be finished. It had been almost three months since the operation in December. Qiu Xing’s hair had finally reached the length for a haircut and the scar from the surgery was completely covered.

An hour later, a pair of long legs appeared in front of him. Xie Yang put down his phone and looked up. Qiu Xing’s face was stern and a bit uncomfortable as he asked, “How is it?”

This salon was often visited by Qiu Xing and knew his preferences. This time, it gave Qiu Xing his favorite mature, short hair.

Xie Yang got up and examined the other person carefully. He also touched the scar hidden by the hair. He saw that Qiu Xing’s body was no longer burdened by his illness and after the haircut, he was even more handsome. Xie Yang leaned in and kissed Qiu Xing. “Extremely handsome.”

Qiu Xing’s mouth curved up and he pulled down Xie Yang’s hand, holding it. “Then… let’s go and eat first?”

Xie Yang smiled and nodded. The two of them left the hair salon and set off for the restaurant booked by Qiu Xing.

After looking after his body for so long, Qiu Xing finally got Dr Kirkman’s approval in the last review and he no longer had to avoid eating certain things. Qiu Xing immediately fulfilled his promise and brought Xie Yang out on a date, the type without any bodyguards. Of course, there was also no driver. Zhou Miao sent them to the salon before being sent away by Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang got in the car and immediately turned to look at Qiu Xing sitting in the driver’s seat. Qiu Xing leaned over to help Xie Yang with his seatbelt. Then he met Xie Yang’s faintly shining eyes and squeezed Xie Yang’s face. “What is it?”

Xie Yang shook his head and didn’t speak. He just gestured for Qiu Xing to drive quickly.

Qiu Xing misunderstood. “Are you hungry?” He hurriedly sat back and put on his seat belt. He was about to start the car when he stopped and frowned. “Why aren’t you sitting in the back? The front passenger seat is the most dangerous of all seats.”

“With you, this is the safest place.”


Qiu Xing looked forward and started the car to hide his emotions. “There should be water and food in the car refrigerator. Eat if you are hungry. However, don’t eat too much. Save your appetite.”

Xie Yang replied positively while watching Qiu Xing drive.

There was a saying that men who drove were the s*xiest. At this time, Qiu Xing was wearing a dark suit and had a new haircut. The profile of his face was excellent. His sleeves moved as he drove, revealing a section of his wrist where a metal-colored watch was worn… it was so s*xy that Xie Yang wanted to jump over for a kiss.

His gaze slowly moved from Qiu Xing’s full forehead to the straight bridge of the nose. Then it moved down from the straight bridge of the nose to the slightly pursed lips and all the way down from the chin to the Adam’s apple, shoulder and powerful hands holding the steering wheel.

After that, he shifted his gaze to Qiu Xing’s eyes which were looking carefully at the road. Double eyelids, deep eye sockets and long and thick eyelashes. He had been sleeping well recently and there were no dark circles. The state was very good.

“Yang Yang.”


At a red light, Qiu Xing stopped and turned Xie Yang’s face to the other side of the car. “Focus on the road.”

Focus on the road? Xie Yang blinked and turned his head back. “I’m not driving. Why should I look at the road?”

Qiu Xing’s hand moved back to the steering wheel and he started the car again once the red light ended. He held back for a long time before finally opening his mouth. “Look at your mobile phone if you don’t want to look at the road. Why do you… keep watching me?”

Xie Yang pretended not to see how Qiu Xing was uncomfortable and smiled back. “I’m watching you drive. I thought you couldn’t drive. Previously when you went out, you always had Zhou Miao follow.”

“No, it’s just that it is inconvenient to drive.” Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang for a moment. “Aren’t you hungry? Go get some food.”

The subtext was: don’t look at me all the time.

It was inconvenient to drive? Xie Yang remembered how Qiu Xing used to get headaches when he didn’t sleep well at night. The fingers on his knees moved and he suddenly took out his phone to take a photo of Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing immediately found out. “What are you doing?”

“My fiance drives so well. I want to post it.”

Qiu Xing smiled uncontrollably before he reached out and pressed a hand against Xie Yang’s head. “Childish.”

Xie Yang shook off Qiu Xing’s hand and focused on Weibo. “Drive safely and don’t be distracted.”


It had been a long time since they were fed with dog food. The Xie fans, who were tortured to death by Su Jingmo’s ending, were suddenly smashed by their idol doing business. It was just that their idol’s business was different from what they thought. They thought their idol would post some movie-related content like the other actors who starred in the movie. But…

9:50 a.m.

[Xie Yang: Commemorating Ah Xing’s first drive after he recovered from illness. He is very handsome. [Photo]]

The Xie fans who were sad about Su Jingmo’s ending and gathered on Xie Yang’s Weibo: ???!!

11:30 p.m.

[Xie Yang: Commemorating Ah Xing’s first meal after he recovered from illness. He is very handsome. [Food photos] x9]

The Xie fans who had red eyes from crying: ……

1:20 p.m.

[Xie Yang: Ready to go to the movies [‘I See Xuanyuan’ movie tickets] x2]

Xie fans: ?!!!

The fans were suddenly excited and forgot to cry for the young master. They urged Xie Yang to go to the movie with Qiu Xing, looking forward to Qiu Xing’s reaction after watching the movie. One of the fans’ ‘vicious’ comments was also highly praised by the Xie fans.

Setting Sail to a Distant Place: I think Qiu Xing will be abused and cry. Hahahaha, I’m looking forward to Qiu Xing crying!

In the theater, Qiu Xing knew nothing about the ‘maliciousness’ of fans. He was holding popcorn in one hand and Xie Yang with the other as he lined up to watch the movie.

The two of them didn’t deliberately cover up. Xie Yang might be wearing a hat and mask but Qiu Xing openly showed his face. There were many Xie fans watching ‘I See Xuanyuan’ and some people had spotted them long ago. If they looked around, they would see two young girls behind them, pulling at each other while mumbling with expressions of excitement.

Qiu Xing frowned and held Xie Yang’s hand tighter and tighter.

“Ah Xing.”

Qiu Xing immediately turned to look at Xie Yang. “What’s wrong?”

“It hurts.”

Qiu Xing was taken aback before letting go. He grabbed Xie Yang’s hand and rubbed it gently while feeling upset. “Sorry, I didn’t pay attention.”

“It’s fine.” Xie Yang took the opportunity to pull down the mask. He glanced at the people peeking at them, especially the two girls, and raised his finger to make the ‘shh’ action. There was a suppressed commotion followed by the sensible restraint and silence of the Xie fans.

Xie Yang silently thanked them and pulled up his mask. He looked at Qiu Xing and held his hand. “Let’s go inside.”

They took a seat at the back of the theater. Then Xie Yang took off his mask and hat, took out his phone and took advantage of the advertising time to make a post on Weibo.

[Xie Yang: Today is a private date. If we meet by chance, I hope you can pretend not to see us. Ah Xing isn’t used to being stared at all the time.]

After sending it, he put away his phone and saw Qiu Xing who was setting down the drinks and popcorn. He reached out to grab two pieces of popcorn. He ate one piece and raised the other to Qiu Xing’s mouth. Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang and the people around him. Then he quickly ate it, putting on a face of bitterness when he ate it.

Xie Yang was amused.

Soon, the movie started. The surroundings became quiet and not many people peeked at Xie Yang and Qiu Xing anymore. Qiu Xing relaxed and watched the movie carefully.

15 minutes after the movie started, Su Jingmo returned from abroad. He was confident and dazzling. The corners of Qiu Xing’s mouth kept twitching and he hummed when he heard someone praising Su Jingmo.

At the 18th minute, Su Jingmo’s mother asked him to marry his cousin and Qiu Xing’s mouth flattened in a straight line.

At the 25th minute, Su Jingmo and his cousin argued and he was slapped.

Qiu Xing immediately sat upright, his eyes vicious and gloomy as he watched the movie. His hands on the armrest also tightened. Xie Yang hurriedly held Qiu Xing’s hand and moved closer.

“It is a fake hit.”

Qiu Xing held Xie Yang’s hand back and slowly leaned back in his chair, replying in a low voice, “I know.”

He knew yet he still made this expression. Xie Yang was amused.

In the 38th minute, Su Jingmo ran away from home and experienced being deceived, bullied and chased. As he became more miserable, Qiu Xing’s expression was no better. He frowned and never let go of Xie Yang’s hand.

The plot advanced gradually. Su Jingmo returned to the Su house and found that it had been smashed and his family arrested. He collapsed, at a loss. He suffered and struggled… Qiu Xing grasped Xie Yang’s tighter.

The story reached its climax. Su Jingmo raised his courage after some persuasion and decided to go save his mother. Then he was…

Qiu Xing suddenly turned his head to stare at Xie Yang beside him.

“It’s all fake. I’m fine.”

In the movie, Su Jingmo entered his darkest time. He lost his former appearance, his hands to play the piano and his mother… there were sobs all around them. Finally at the end of the movie, Su Jingmo returned to the dilapidated Su house.

There was a depressing silence inside and outside the movie. Once Su Jingmo repaired the piano and reached out his broken hands to try and play the piano, Qiu Xing grasped Xie Yang’s hand even tighter.

In the movie, Su Jingmo closed his eyes. The sound of the piano moved from intermittent to smooth and the cold-toned scene gradually warmed. Memories of the past flashed. The once dazzling young man appeared on the screen, smiling as he lowered his head to play the keys in an exquisite hall.

The contrasting warm and cold tones were accompanied by straight-forward piano music and low sobs once again rang through the theater. The piano music ended and there was a fire.

Xie Yang suddenly raised a hand to cover Qiu Xing’s eyes. Qiu Xing froze before he grabbed Xie Yang’s hand like a drowning man grabbing driftwood. He turned sideways to Xie Yang. His eyes were red.

Xie Yang suddenly regretted bringing Qiu Xing to this movie. He thought Qiu Xing wouldn’t be so affected after watching Xie Yang filming on set. He forgot that Qiu Xing was just a timid mouse.

He grabbed Qiu Xing’s hand, placing it on his face and whispered, “It’s stuffy here and I feel a bit uncomfortable. Shall we go out?”

Qiu Xing stared straight at Xie Yang and touched his face. Then he led Xie Yang out of the theater without saying a word. The two of them walked next to each other. The audience was immersed in the end of the movie and few people noticed their departure. Those who noticed didn’t follow them.

After leaving the theater, Qiu Xing strode back to the car and took Xie Yang into his arms the moment they were in the car. Xie Yang obediently let Qiu Xing hold him and said after a while, “In fact, there was something I wanted to do when watching you drive.”

Qiu Xing barely controlled his mood and released Xie Yang. “Hmm?”

Xie Yang suddenly tilted his head and bit at Qiu Xing’s Adam’s apple. Qiu Xing froze. After the bite, Xie Yang hugged Qiu Xing and whispered in his ear, “It has been a bit cold in the last few days. I want to try the small hot springs above Jinghe Garden. I heard that after soaking in the hot spring… it is comfortable. Ah Xing, don’t you want to feel me as well?”

Qiu Xing was choked up. His arms tightened and he pressed Xie Yang deeply into his arms. Then he loosened his grip and returned Xie Yang to his seat. He buckled Xie Yang’s seatbelt, buckled himself and started the car. The depression from watching the movie was completely gone.


9:58 p.m.

[Xie Yang: Ah Xing didn’t cry. He is very strong.]

The Xie fans saw the topic #Qiu Xing crying# on the hot search and the photo that a fan secretly took when Qiu Xing led Xie Yang out of the theater with red eyes. Then they all replied with the same word under Xie Yang’s post.


Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Xie fans while looking at the ceiling, the floor, the window: …okay

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aaaaaaa so cute

Yang Yang’s acting career might have to focus on having HE all the time ╮(╯▽╰)╭

poor timid little mouse

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This is such a mood 😂😂. But the movie does sound very sad

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I think the character Xie Yang played is kinda similar to him. If Qiu Xing had died Xie Yang would also go down with him to accompany him.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
11 months ago


From XY’s desires actually being voiced in the POV as he watched QX drive to the fans becoming excited at the thought of QX crying at the movie… to them just responding “Oh.” to XY’s public assurance that no, his fiance definitely didn’t cry 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣