HTI: Chapter 17

Mo Bin clenched his fingers and didn’t look at the expressions of Hu Biao and the others. He exclaimed, “Yes! I have plans but wasn’t this situation caused by Wenyi. Other artists in Wenyi received communication at least three months in advance. Only IUD hasn’t received the company’s renewal talks until now. There are less than two months before the contract expires. Do you think I don’t know what you are thinking? You are just looking at IUD and waiting for the feedback of the new IUD’s fifth anniversary performance before considering whether to renew the contract.”

“Bullshit!” Huang Mo couldn’t help swearing. Then he explained to Tong Jian and the others, “The company had no such ideas. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have signed a newcomer. The company was just considering—”

“Considering whether to reduce the contract conditions according to the popularity of IUD at the time of the contract renewal.” Mo Bin interrupted Huang Mo and turned to look at Tong Jian and Ke Lan. “I said that everything I did was for your own good. Wenyi doesn’t pay attention to us at all. Otherwise, our resources wouldn’t have been so different after Chenhao left.” He glanced at Huang Mo again. “There is nothing to talk about between us. I can’t sing another person’s songs. Let’s break up naturally.” Then he got up and left.

The cooperation talks collapsed and Huang Mo slammed down the documents.

At this point, IUD had no turning back.

Tong Jian had lowered his head when Mo BIn and Huang Mo argued. Once Mo Bin left, he wanted to get up but in the end, he held his knee to restrain himself.

Ke Lan patted him to comfort him and looked at the silent Hu Biao. Then he took the initiative to break the silence. “Manager Huang, since this is the case, Tong Jian and I will also leave.”

Huang Mo frowned. “What do you mean?”

“IUD is no longer possible. Since IUD is gone, Tong Jian and I will not renew our contracts.”

Huang Mo’s face was cold. “Have you also contacted a new company a long time ago? Or do you believe Mo Bin’s nonsense about the company not valuing you?”

They were contacted but it wasn’t a new company. It wasn’t a lie to say this was nonsense.

Ke Lan held Tong Jian and shook his head. “There is no new company. No companies have contacted me and Tong Jian at all.” Only one 20 year old newcomer contacted them.

Huang Mo’s face became better and his tone was soft. “…In fact, the company has been thinking about you but the company was previously also in a difficult situation. I will persuade Mo Bin. You shouldn’t give up too soon.”

“You can’t persuade him. If IUD’s opportunity to become hot can’t keep Mo Bin then he is determined to leave.”

Huang Mo wasn’t so confident. “If he wants to leave then let him leave. If IUD isn’t here then the company will sign a solo contract for you. You should think about it again. The company won’t treat you badly after all these years.”

“Thank you Manager Huang but there is no need to think about it. The company doesn’t lack solo singers. If they sign me and Tong Jian as solo artists, the contract benefits will definitely be reduced. So… forget it. Manager Huang, thank you for the company’s training over the years. If there is a place where Tong Jian and I can help in the future then we will try our best.”

Ke Lan’s words were so sincere that Huang Mo couldn’t say anything. He only sighed and advised, “Don’t be so pessimistic. I will try to help you as much as possible. After all, you are an old senior of the company and you’re not too old. Your career path can still be planned. In addition, if you’re all gone then Hu Biao—”

“I’m fine. I’ll leave as well.”

“Eh?” Huang Mo stared at Hu Biao with disbelief.

Hu Biao directly told him, “Brother Huang, I’ve found that I’m not suitable to be an agent. Now that the only IUD under me is gone, I have no face to keep staying in the company. I’m sorry to disappoint the company.”

“No, why are you making trouble too?”

Huang Mo tried to persuade Hu Biao but Hu Biao didn’t want to keep talking. He got up and left. After saying goodbye, Ke Lan and Tong Jian also followed him.

In the end, only Huang Mo and Xie Yang were left in the meeting room. The two people stared at each other and Xie Yang opened his mouth, “Then shall we talk about terminating the contract now?”

Huang Mo, “……” The hell, he should’ve looked at the Chinese calendar when he went out today.”


Xie Yang was the last one to come out of the company. Hu Biao immediately turned to him the moment he got into the car. “How was the conversation?”

“Huang Mo left without a word but my guess is that Wenyi won’t try to keep me. I am currently black online and IUD is gone. Rather than spending money to whitewash me, it is better to earn something with the cancellation fee. They can use this money to a clean and spotless newcomer.”

This was the truth.

Hu Biao leaned back on the chair and sighed. “Your Weibo… it was well sent. It could be said to be posted at the most appropriate time and was the most efficient way to raise the heat of IUD. This made Wenyi’s heart move and forced Mo Bin to be the first one to break off all friendship between him and the company. It is much better than the departure method I arrange.d At that time, I shouldn’t have lost my temper with you.”

Xie Yang shook his head. “It’s fine. I know you’re doing this for me.”

“Obviously, you are doing it for everyone’s good. Now everyone has what they want but only you are being scolded by the entire network. In the future, you might be scolded behind your back for a long time.”

“I am bitter by myself and it can benefit countless people.” Xie Yang laughed. “In addition, I’m not taking the traffic route. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have fans, as long as I can sing.”

Hu Biao froze before smiling at him. “How did I choose you at the beginning? I really have good eyes.”

Xie Yang also smiled. “Yes, you have a particular vision.”

Wu Shui who was driving, “……” The boss was praising himself again.


Later, Xie Yang received a call from He Jun asking him what brand and model violin he wanted.

Xie Yang was surprised for a few seconds before wanting to laugh. He reported the brand and model before asking, “How is Qiu Xing recently?”

He Jun glanced at Qiu Xing next to him and continued to speak into the phone that was on speaker mode. “The boss’ schedule is very intensive. He hasn’t had a good rest in the past few days.”

Qiu Xing stared coldly at He Jun.

Xie Yang wondered, “You are so busy and I asked you to buy me something. Is it not good? Why don’t I find someone else—”

“No! Not busy, not very busy.” He Jun received Qiu Xing’s murderous gaze and had to change his words. “The boss is very busy but I’m not busy. I can help you buy it.”

“Okay, then I’ll trouble you. Thank you.”

He Jun sighed with relief and replied, “You’re welcome.”

“Then I won’t waste your time. I’ll hang up—”

“Wait!” He Jun shouted at Xie Yang before carefully organizing his words. “I was recently browsing the news and found some bad comments about you on the Internet. The boss doesn’t know about it yet. I thought that if you feel troubled, I can help you by mentioning it to the boss.”

Xie Yang almost laughed. “No, your boss is working hard and I don’t want to bother him with these little things. Let him rest more. I can deal with this trouble by myself. By the way, what is your WeChat account? Can I add it?”

Qiu Xing stared at He Jun’s mobile phone with deep eyes.

He Jun felt that his hand holding the phone was a bit cold and replied with difficulty, “Can I ask why you want to add me on WeChat? In fact, a telephone call is very convenient.”

“Phone contact is okay as well.” Xie Yang spoke very well. “Then when I want to contact Qiu Xing, I will send you a text message first. After you see it, reply to me if Qiu Xing isn’t resting. I don’t want to disturb his sleep like last time. Now I have work to do here. I’m hanging up.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

He Jun hung up and glanced at Qiu Xing next to him. “Boss, is this okay?

Qiu Xing turned his head. “Oh.”

He Jun clenched his hands deeply.

“Buy the violin as soon as possible. “Qiu Xing raised his legs, his tone noble and cold. “He  knows how to be tactful.”

He Jun, “……” Can’t you be happier more directly? Life was becoming harder and harder.


A few days later, Wenyi didn’t tell anyone in IUD and announced the cancellation of IUD’s fifth anniversary performance on the official Weibo. They said that the cancellation of the performance was because Mo Bin refused to appear on the stage and resisted the company’s arrangement.

The moment the announcement came, fans were furious.

Mo Bin’s side quickly followed up with an announcement, explaining that Mo Bin recently suffered from an emergency due to too much pressure and he was unable to sing. Therefore, he decided not to participate in IUD’s anniversary performance. He was very sorry and disappointed about the company’s decision.

The remarks of the two parties were clearly aimed at each other. Fans were stunned and Weibo suddenly became lively.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xie Yang was accompanied by Hu Biao and went to Wenyi. He spent a day in Wenyi going through the formalities of cancelling the contract. There was a lawyer as a witness and he paid the penalty fee on the spot.

As he walked out of the company, Xie Yang looked back at the company he had only been in twice and asked Hu Biao, “When will you resign?”

Hu Biao also followed his gaze back to Wenyi’s office building and suppressed his nostalgia. “I will submit my letter of resignation as soon as possible. There are many procedures to prepare for a show and it takes a long time to get the venue and event approval. I have no time to delay.”

Xie Yang nodded and spoke comfortably, “The company has to be established as well. Let’s work hard together.”

On Weibo, the fight between Mo Bin and Wenyi was getting fiercer. All types of gossip news was constantly flowing out. The main message from Wenyi was ‘Mo Bin left IUD and the company, secretly seeking out a new home and violating the company’s arrangements.’ Mo Bin stated that ‘Wenyi is consuming and squeezing the remaining value of IUD, forcibly intervening in IUD’s affairs regardless of the wishes of the team members.’

The two sides didn’t openly tear at each other but anyone with eyes could see that Mo Bin and Wenyi were arguing.

Fans were excited and worried.

They were excited when listening to Mo Bin’s meaning. Mo Bin seemed to be resisting because Wenyi got involved in IUD’s affairs. Thinking of the previous Weibo incident where Xie Yang entered IUD through the back door, it was clear what Wenyi’s involvement in IUD was. Now that the two parties had fallen out, it was unlikely that Xie Yang would stay in IUD any longer!

They were worried because Mo Bin’s rebellion had already led to the bullying and suppression of the group after he offended the company.  What would IUD do in the future?

After the excitement and worry, they hated Xie Yang again. Then they thought it was due to Xie Yang that IUD fell into today’s predicament.

Xie Yang was eating melons (acting as onlooker)and admired Mo Bin’s ability to blur the focus and supplement the brains of the fans. He decided to be ‘kind’ to the fans who thought that Mo Bin’s personal words and deeds represented the attitude of IUD.

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2 years ago

it’s been 17 chapters but i still cant take the band’s name seriously because I keep thinking about birth control
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thank u for the translation! binging this series 👉🏼👉🏼

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