HTI: Chapter 169

Qiu Xing wasn’t fooled. He abruptly turned around, stuffed Xie Yang into the car, closed the door and strode in the direction of the police car. Xie Yang didn’t stop him. He just leaned against the car door and watched Qiu Xing’s back striding away. Then he pulled the coat belonging to Qiu Xing around him and relaxed against the door.

This time, it should be completely over. He remembered that when he first crossed over, he analyzed who would kill the original owner of the body. The result of the analysis at the time was that everyone was possible, except for Tao Yang. He hadn’t even noticed Tao Yang because this person didn’t have too many scenes in the book.

However, after the last attack and subsequent car accident, he basically turned his suspicion toward Mu Zhouyi and Tao Yang. One reason was that the method of the car accident was very close to the car accident that caused the death of the original owner in the novel. If he considered this as the murderer’s modus operandi then he could basically be sure that the murderer was the same person.

Second, he had contact with all the people he suspected at the beginning. It didn’t matter if it was Qiu Jingwei, Liu Jiang, the Feng family or even the Xie family, none of them were the types to kill people impulsively after losing property or even have the courage to hire murderers. Even if they wanted to kill, apart from the timid Xie Xiu, the rest should want to kill Feng Qinglin the most, not the cowardly cannon fodder who was powerless even at the end.

Then Tao Yang had said the word ‘sacrifice’ and he finally determined that the person who killed the original owner in the novel was Tao Yang.

Tao Yang had always considered Qiu Xing as an ‘artwork’. In the case where the ‘artwork’ in the original book had passed away and was completed, a ‘stain’ that might affect the perfection of the ‘artwork’ was an absolute obstruction in Tao Yang’s perverted eyes.

Now the plot of the original novel had completely changed. All threats that could harm ‘Xie Yang’ had disappeared.

Qiu Jingwei and Liu Jiang were all sorted out by Qiu Xing and they would never be a problem again. The Feng family had been completely grasped by Feng Qinglin and the three Feng brothers were investigated or detained. They were unable to protect themselves. The heroine was also arrested and Xie Xiu became the ‘dad’ who knew current affairs best. Tao Yang was successfully arrested…. all the sharp knives hanging on the head of ‘Xie Yang’ had disappeared.

No one would threaten the life of ‘Xie Yang’ anymore. He could finally be at ease as ‘Xie Yang’.

The always tight string in his mind couldn’t help relaxing. Then Xie Yang abruptly thought of something and focused his attention on the last fragment in the energy core. No, it wasn’t over yet. This thing hadn’t been completely solved. If the main system sent a system to the world again…

The door was suddenly pulled open and Xie Yang almost fell out of the car. His shoulders were held in time and his body fell into a warm embrace. Xie Yang raised his head. He met Qiu Xing’s faintly red eyes and stiff expression and was taken aback. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak. He just bent over and sent Xie Yang back into the car. Then he got in and closed the door, instructing Zhou Miao in the driver’s seat. “Go to the nearest hospital!” After that, he grabbed Xie Yang’s hand and checked it over and over again, testing out Xie Yang’s pulse from time to time.

Xie Yang understood and was busy appeasing him. “Don’t worry, Tao Yang didn’t touch me.”

Qiu Xing glanced sideways at Xie Yang. Qiu Xing’s expression seemed calm but the suppressed fear could be seen when looking closely. The hand holding Xie Yang even trembled. “Tao Yang said he was carrying a synthetic poison that is absorbed by the human body through the skin. He said that he touched you and had symptoms of poisoning himself. He was unable to move his hands. You have been touched by him, Tao Yang said he touched you. Xie Yang, you dare to have a mishap.”

Xie Yang was shocked by Qiu Xing’s eyes. He later realized that Tao Yang’s poisoning symptom that Qiu Xing mentioned should be caused by his ability. He wanted to explain but he didn’t know how to say it. Eventually, he held Qiu Xing’s hand and emphasized. “I’m really fine. Nothing happened. He didn’t touch me.”

This guarantee obviously didn’t make Qiu Xing feel at ease. He just held Xie Yang’s hand with one hand and Xie Yang’s waist with the other, urging Zhou Miao to drive faster. The police car and their car arrived at the hospital one after another. Qiu Xing half-supported Xie Yang into the emergency room and called the doctor to check Xie Yang.

Xie Yang was very cooperative and did anything the doctor asked. He also repeatedly assured the doctor that there was no discomfort in order to indirectly calm Qiu Xing. Soon, the preliminary examination results came out. Xie Yang showed no signs of poisoning and there was no wound on his hand that might’ve been pierced by Tao Yang. After hearing the result, Qiu Xing’s fist shook before it relaxed. He abruptly crouched down and held his head.

Xie Yang got up from the bed and crouched down in front of Qiu Xing. “Ah Xing?”

“Go…” Qiu Xing lowered his hands, quickly controlled his emotions and stared up at Xie Yang. “Go for a full body examination. We will do another check. Yang Yang, don’t sleep for now and do another check, okay?”

Xie Yang saw Qiu Xing’s red eyes and his heart was distressed. He nodded. “Yes.”

Qiu Xing immediately got up and started to arrange Xie Yang’s examination. Xie Yang continued to cooperate.

On his way to another department for an examination, Xie Yang saw Tao Yang who was arranged by the police to receive treatment in another room. Tao Yang was leaning back against the bed, finally losing the unpleasant calmness on his face. He was saying something with his arms raised in front of him. However, his hands were strangely soft and drooping. They looked like he couldn’t control them.

Perhaps he was aware of Xie Yang’s gaze. Tao Yang suddenly turned his head and glanced over.

“Don’t look at him.” Xie Yang’s gaze was suddenly blocked by Qiu Xing’s body. Xie Yang raised his eyes to meet Qiu Xing’s cold eyes. Qiu Xing touched Xie Yang’s face and lowered his voice like he was coaxing a child. “Don’t look at that type of madman. Go get checked first and be obedient.”

Xie Yang sensed Qiu Xing’s restraint and undercurrents beneath his forced calmess and obediently nodded. He was led by Qiu Xing toward another department. Just like this, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing spent the first day of the new year in hospital.

That afternoon, the result of all of Xie Yang’s inspections came out. Everything was normal and Xie Yang was healthy. Qiu Xing was completely relieved. Regardless of the doctor and police in the room, he leaned in and hugged Xie Yang who was sitting on the bed.

Xie Yang hugged back while looking behind Qiu Xing to smile apologetically at the doctor and police. He stared up at Qiu Xing and calmly told him, “Look, I’m really fine.”

Qiu Xing’s arms tightened as he held on for a few more seconds. Then he let go and turned to look at the police officer with a cold face. “Is Tao Yang dead?”

The police officer was choked up by Qiu Xing’s question and froze for a few seconds before replying, “No, there is nothing seriously wrong with him. It is just that the nerves in his hands are out of control. The doctor suspects it is caused by toxins.”

Qiu Xing sneered and spoke terrible words. “It’s good that he didn’t die. The future is still long.”

The police officer stared at Qiu Xing with horror and instinctively turned sideways to block the door, as if worried that Qiu Xing would rush out and kill Tao Yang.

“Ah Xing, can I go to sleep? I’m so sleepy.”

Qiu Xing immediately turned around and the coldness on his face dissipated. He moved forward to help pull the quilt up around Xie Yang. “Go to sleep. I will guard you.”

The police officer hurriedly spoke. “Wait a minute, Mr Xie. You have to do the transcript.”

Xie Yang controlled his expression in time and smiled at the police officer before Qiu Xing could do anything. “Yes, then I will go to sleep later. Ah Xing, I’m a bit hungry. Can you go get me something to eat?”

Qiu Xing now only listened to Xie Yang and only Xie Yang could comfort him. He nodded, glanced sideways at the police officer and got up to find Wu Shui who was guarding outside the ward to arrange food.

The doctor saw that he was busy and went out. There were only two people left in the ward. Xie Yang looked at the police officer in an embarrassed manner. “Sorry, my lover is a bit too nervous.”

“It’s fine. I understand, I understand.” The police officer walked to the bed and took out a notebook and pen. “Then… start?”

Xie Yang nodded.

Only a few sentences of the transcript had been written when Qiu Xing came back. He sat on the other side of the bed and stared at the police officer sternly.

The police officer, “……”

“Ah Xing, I want to drink soy milk.”

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang before getting up and leaving again. The policeman sighed with relief. Then he met Xie Yang’s eyes and became embarrassed. “It…it is terrible when your lover is cold… no, I mean you really have a good relationship.”

Xie Yang smiled.

The transcript continued and the officer deliberately sped up the questioning.

During this period, Qiu Xing and Wu Shui delivered the soy milk and food. Xie Yang ate while talking to the policeman. By the time he finished eating, the transcript was almost finished.

The police officer gradually let go and no longer cared about Qiu Xing’s gaze. Once the transcript was finished, he became afraid and sighed. “Tao Yang’s psychological quality is really terrifying. He was a bit excited when he was arrested yesterday. By the time he got in the car, he was completely calm and denied trying to hurt you. It was only when the symptoms of poisoning appeared that he took the initiative to confess to the poisoning in order to keep his hands. He said the name of the poison but later it was found that his symptoms don’t quite match. The doctor suspects that the poison he used was contaminated. In order to have a sample for the doctor to test, Tao Yang explained where the injection needle was hidden. Otherwise, we might not have found the evidence that he tried to intentionally kill someone. You might not believe it but in such a short time, he actually stuffed the small injection needle into the hem of a passing guest’s clothes. The surveillance camera didn’t even capture him moving his hands.”

Xie Yang was surprised but also not surprised.

The surprise was that the effect caused by his ability twisted things and caused Tao Yang to confess. Not surprisingly, Tao Yang had arranged everything cautiously. It was no wonder why he dared to insist that he would only be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years.

The quiet Qiu Xing suddenly looked at the police officer. “Did you just boast about a murderer?”


The police officer immediately suppressed all his emotions and stood up. “Thank you Mr Xie for your cooperation. Then I will leave first. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

Xie Yang nodded and watched the police officer ‘fleeing’. Then he looked over at Qiu Xing. “Why are you so fierce to the policeman? This isn’t right.”

“…I wasn’t fierce.” Qiu Xing adjusted his expression and sat down by the bed, grabbing Xie Yang’s hand. “Are you full? I didn’t ask Wu Shui to buy too much. You will feel uncomfortable when sleeping if you eat too much.”

“The amount you had Wu Shui buy was just the right amount. Ah Xing.”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang with an expression that said ‘what else do you want? Just ask’.

“I want to go home.” Xie Yang squeezed Qiu Xing’s hand and watched Qiu Xing who had dark circles because he stayed up late. “I can’t sleep here and I want you to hold me to sleep.”

Qiu Xing got up along with the words, “Yes, let’s go home.”


Qiu Xing called Feng Qinglin to follow up with Tao Yang’s matters and returned home with Xie Yang.

Once home, Qiu Xing stared as Xie Yang washed up. Then he quickly washed himself and went to bed. He held Xie Yang in his arms and kissed Xie Yang’s forehead. “Go to sleep.”

Xie Yang stared up at Qiu Xing and hugged him. Then he lowered his head and closed his eyes, habitually letting his ability ‘nibble’ at the last piece of fragment in the energy core.

The messy data that he had seen countless times started to pop up in his mind. Xie Yang was planning for Qiu Xing to fall asleep before going to sleep himself. However, he didn’t know what was going on this time but a heavy sleepiness surged within him.

Xie Yang fell asleep before he even had time to resist.

30 minutes later, Qiu Xing abruptly opened his eyes from where he was holding Xie Yang. He looked down at the way Xie Yang was sleeping and carefully withdrew his arms to get up. He pulled the quilt over Xie Yang and watched this person for a while before grabbing his phone and leaving the room.

He had Master Liao and two bodyguards protect Xie Yang and went out again. The moment Qiu Xing got in the car, he called Feng Qinglin and asked, “Have you done what I asked you to do?”

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2 years ago

Qiu Xing being fierce!

If I was one of the fans in that world I would make a video compilation of Xie Yang called QX: Ah Xing. And another video comp of QX drinking vinegar over and over 😆

2 years ago
Reply to  XAALM

I’m melting everytime XY called QX Ah Xing!!!!!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  XAALM

Make a CP work based on QX’s nickname: Chairman Vinegar 😆. It would probably be on point ahahhaha

1 month ago

Everytime I read about Qiu Xing’s fierceness, I keep remembering Mama Qiu words “Don’t be fierce.” 😭