HTI: Chapter 166

The police came quickly and took away the crazy Mu Zhouyi and the champagne tower.

It was suspected that Mu Zhouyi had put something into the drinks so the police told Xie Yang to end the meeting ahead of time for the sake of safety. They also said the banquet hall would be closed for a while and then it would be opened after the police had checked the situation.

Xie Yang was very cooperative. After explaining the reason to the fans and giving them a consolation gift, he and Qin Cheng arranged for the fans to leave.

After sending off the fans, Xie Yang came to the hotel’s presidential suite, took out the room card and opened the door. Qiu Xing was sitting there obediently and waiting for the result. He immediately looked at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang smiled and made an ‘OK’ gesture to Qiu Xing. “It’s done.”

Qiu Xing’s clenched fists relaxed and he got up to hold Xie Yang in his arms. He touched the back of Xie Yang’s head, a hint of relief and coldness in his tone. “There is one more.”

“Yes, there is one more.” Xie Yang hugged Qiu Xing. “So you have to work hard.”


On the way to the police station to make a transcript again, Qiu Xing made many phone calls to He Jun, Feng Qinglin, Dr Kirkman, Tao Huazhang and some people Xie Yang wasn’t familiar with. The contents of the call were also varied.

It was only when approaching the police station that Qiu Xing finally put down his phone. Xie Yang asked, “Is there something in place?”

“Yes, first cut off Feng Dian so he can’t help Tao Yang. There are also other arrangements.” Qiu Xing glanced sideways at Xie Yang, raised his hands and touched Xie Yang’s face. “Hold on for a while and no one will hurt you again.”

Xie Yang smiled and kissed Qiu Xing’s palm.

After finishing the transcript, the police told Xie Yang that Mu Zhouyi refused to explain and asked to see him. Qiu Xing’s expression darkened when he heard this. Xie Yang patted his hand and agreed to Mu Zhouyi’s request to meet.

The three of them walked to the interrogation room where Mu Zhouyi was located. The police helped Xie Yang open the door to the interrogation room. Xie Yang turned around and spoke to Qiu Xing. “I will come out soon.” He stepped through the door and stared into the eyes of Mu Zhouyi sitting opposite him.

The door closed. Mu Zhouyi immediately approached but didn’t speak. Instead, she watched the door of the interrogation room and the cameras in the corners vigilantly.

“Relax. The cameras are off. No one is eavesdropping on us.”

Mu Zhouyi immediately stared at Xie Yang and spoke in a slightly anxious manner. “Xie Yang, give it back to me and I can tell you where Tao Yang is. I swear, as long as you return it to me, I promise not to hurt you. I can even help you. I can do many things for you. Tao Yang is too terrible. You can’t beat him and you need my help.”

Xie Yang checked Mu Zhouyi’s current appearance and reconfirmed it. “No, you don’t know Tao Yang’s whereabouts. You should’ve fallen out.”

Mu Zhouyi stared at him before shaking her head quickly. “No, I know it, I know it.”

“Then where is he?”

Mu Zhouyi choked up and lowered her head. She glanced at both sides before looking up at Xie Yang. “I know you want to trick me. You have to give it back to me before I can tell you.”

Xie Yang looked at Mu Zhouyi without speaking.

Mu Zhouyi became anxious and spoke faster. “Xie Yang, you definitely don’t know how Tao Yang came to me and bewitched me. He is a madman. As long as he doesn’t show up, you will never find him. I swear, you’ll never find him. He will always hide in the darkness and stare at you like a poisonous snake.”

Mu Zhouyi actually laughed as she was talking and her tone became weird. “He created a series of clothing for you called ‘Adam and the bird’. He has written your ending. One dies of disease and the other fell into the dust with broken wings, feeling pain for a lifetime. Your ending is already doomed.”

So Tao Yang didn’t want his life?

Xie Yang leaned closer to Mu Zhouyi and stared into her eyes. “However, I have it. What snake should I be afraid of? Don’t you know that it is omnipotent?”

Mu Zhouyi’s expression froze before she started struggling like crazy. She pulled at the handcuffs fixing her to the chair and exclaimed sharply. “No! You can’t use it! It is mine! It is mine—”

She suddenly looked sideways at the door of the interrogation room before leaning back in her chair and telling Xie Yang with a blank expression, “No, you can’t use it. It is ruined.”

“Since it is ruined by me, how can I give it back to you?”

Mu Zhouyi’s expression twisted for a moment. Her breathing became heavy and there were faint signs of collapse in her stubborn eyes. “It is really ruined?”

Xie Yang nodded.

“No.” Mu Zhouyi lowered her head and tore at her hair painfully. “No, you are lying to me, you are lying to me! Xie Yang, why are you targeting me? Why are you stealing my things? Why are you…”

“It is you who touched Qiu Xing and me first. Do you know that it will hurt everything you touch?”

Mu Zhouyi paused and raised her eyes to Xie Yang. Then she quickly lowered her eyes and shook her head. “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“You do understand.” Xie Yang leaned back in his chair with a cold expression. “For your own selfish desires, you wantonly intervened and destroyed other people’s lives. Your biological father, your stepmother, your stepsister, Huang Tao who took care of you and even Hong Zhijie, Feng Qingbai and Qinglin who later broke up with you. Have they ever done anything to wrong you?”

“No, don’t say that. I was right. I just wanted to have a better life. They are willing. They like me. They all—”

“It isn’t liking. It is mind control.” Xie Yang spoke while stretching out his ability toward Mu Zhouyi. He called out, “Mu Zhouyi.”

Under the influence of his ability, Mu Zhouyi calmed down a bit and stared at him stupidly.

“Have you ever thought that you are also a victim of its control?”

The ability penetrated Mu Zhouyi’s brain, repeatedly cleaning it. At the same time, Xie Yang started to operate the energy template in his ability core.

[Locating previous host, locating…]

Thanks to the appearance of the system prompt, a sesame-sized dark energy group appeared in Mu Zhouyi’s brain. The ability immediately wrapped around it, sealed it and strongly brought it out of her brain.

Mu Zhouyi made a sound and raised a hand to hold her head. Sure enough, there was a system mark.

Xie Yang incorporated the dark energy group into his own body, locking it into his ability core. Then he told the yawning Mu Zhouyi, “I advise you to confess to your sins and reveal where Tao Yang is. If you were instigated to do something wrong when you were mentally unstable then there is a big difference between the crime of conspiracy and the crime of deliberate murder. You should confess if you don’t want to go to prison for life.”

“No…” Mu Zhouyi drove away her drowsiness and tried to speak.

Xie Yang planted a small part of his ability into Mu Zhouyi’s mind to help her continue to cleanse the poison. Then he stood up, walked to the door of the interrogation room and reached for the door.

“No… Xie Yang!”

Xie Yang turned back.

Mu Zhouyi was leaning over the table and staring at Xie Yang, her eyes wide and confused. “H-How is he? Qinglin, he…”


Xie Yang answered the question. “Previously, the reason why you could be comfortably raised in a foreign sanatorium is due to Qinglin. Mu Zhouyi, if you hadn’t used it indiscriminately then you could’ve actually lived happily.” Then he opened the door and left with big strides.

The door of the interrogation room automatically closed, isolating the cry of collapse that came from inside.

Qiu Xing immediately stepped forward to observe Xie Yang’s expression and frowned. “Are you in a bad mood? What did she say?”

Xie Yang shook his head and held Qiu Xing’s hand. “No, let’s go. I want to go home.”

Qiu Xing immediately held Xie Yang. He glanced at the door and didn’t ask any further questions. He just left the police station with Xie Yang.


On the way home, Xie Yang looked at Weibo. The events of Mu Zhouyi’s appearance at the fan meeting had indeed been posted on the Internet by fans. There were several related topics on the hot searches and some videos taken by fans also became popular.

The topic was full of surprise and sighs from the people eating melons.

-How did Mu Zhouyi become like this?

-Is she crazy?

-Actually putting something into the drinks. If a fan consumed it… I dare not think about what would happen. How can she be so bad?

-I don’t understand why she hates Xie Yang so much. Who is Feng Qinglin?


-I was a fan of her before. She clearly smiled so beautifully.

-Mu Zhouyi, die!

Xie Yang closed Weibo and looked at Qiu Xing next to him. “Squeeze the heat of the topic down.”

Qiu Xing had just finished a phone call. He turned back to Xie Yang when he heard these words and held Xie Yang’s hand on his lap. “Okay.”

That night, Xie Yang went to bed early and Qiu Xing followed him. Qiu Xing held Xie Yang in his arms and gently stroked his back. Xie Yang lay in this person’s arms, closed his eyes and ordered his ability to absorb the energy group that he captured from Mu Zhouyi’s brain today.


His dreams that night were messy.

The next morning, Xie Yang woke up from his sleep and carefully recalled the information he had obtained from the energy group in Mu Zhouyi’s brain last night. He raised the quilt and got up, heading to the bathroom to search. However, he didn’t find Qiu Xing and quickly went downstairs. He finally found Qiu Xing in the kitchen, earnestly cooking eggs under Master Liao’s guidance. Xie Yang said, “I know where Adam and his birds are.”

Qiu Xing was startled by Xie Yang’s sudden appearance. The spatula in his hand slipped and the perfect soft-boiled egg was broken in half, the yolk overflowing.

“Oh, it is a pity. This was the one cooked the best.” Master Liao was distressed as he quickly turned off the stove. He glanced at Xie Yang and smiled. “Yang Yang, you’re awake. Ah Xing was cooking eggs for you. He said you were in a bad mood and wanted to coax you.”

Huh? Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and watched Qiu Xing who seemed to be frozen in front of the stove. Then he stepped over and looked at the destroyed egg in the pan.

“Don’t listen to Master Liao’s nonsense.” Qiu Xing let go of the spatula and blocked Xie Yang. He pushed him out, not letting him look at the stove. “I just got up early and was learning it casually.”

“I love you.”

Qiu Xing stopped abruptly and stared down at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang flexibly moved around Qiu Xing and walked to the stove. He first looked at the four failed eggs on the plate next to it and then the dead egg in the pan. Finally, he turned his head to Qiu Xing who was striding over. “How long did you learn?”

Qiu Xing didn’t reply. He just reached out to hug Xie Yang and took him out of the kitchen, heading upstairs. Xie Yang was amused. He obediently followed Qiu Xing and asked, “Cooking eggs to coax me. Did you learn from me?”

“…Nonsense.” Qiu Xing finally spoke. He sped up his pace and pushed Xie Yang into the room. Then he turned over and pressed Xie Yang against the door, asking with burning eyes, “What did you say in the kitchen?”

Xie Yang repeated slowly, “I know where ‘Adam and his birds’ are.”

Qiu Xing frowned. “What are ‘Adam and his birds’?”

“It is the information I got about Tao Yang from Mu Zhouyi yesterday.”

Qiu Xing was thoughtful before suddenly reacting. He pressed tighter against Xie Yang and glared. “Don’t change the subject. I’m not talking about this sentence.”

Xie Yang pretended to think about it. “However, I only said this sentence in the kitchen.”

“Don’t pretend to be stupid.”

“I’m not pretending to be stupid.”

Qiu Xing was very anxious and continued to stare at Xie Yang. “You clearly said it.”

“What did I say?”

“You said you love—”

Xie Yang smiled at him.

Qiu Xing reacted and shut up.

Xie Yang asked, “What did you say?”


The two of them stared at each other.

Qiu Xing’s frown disappeared. He smiled and raised a hand to knock on Xie Yang’s head. Then he reached out to hug Xie Yang, his voice very low. “You said… I love you.”

Xie Yang was satisfied and hugged back. “Wrong, this is clearly what you said.”


After breakfast, Xie Yang drove to a warehouse in City B with Qiu Xing.

“Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden and had to work hard to survive. This was God’s punishment for him.” Xie Yang walked to the door of the rusted warehouse with Qiu Xing and pointed to the number on it. “In Tao Yang’s eyes, you are Adam who has to work hard to survive. He treats you as a work of art. Once a person like this goes crazy, his thoughts will definitely be brought out in some of his actions.”

Qiu Xing looked at the number on the warehouse. “Number B12-YD.”

“Your birth month ‘12’ and your code name ‘YD’.” Xie Yang pointed to the warehouse door and the blood-red bird with broken wings that had been spray painted on it not long ago. “My codename ‘Flying Bird’.”

Qiu Xing frowned fiercely and blocked Xie Yang from looking at the pattern. “How did you guess this?”

It was because he saw Mu Zhouyi’s memories during the time when the system mark was in her brain. When contacting Tao Yang, Mu Zhouyi heard the words ‘warehouse’ and ‘unloading’ as part of the background sound. Mu Zhouyi herself didn’t notice these details but he did.

Xie Yang thought about it and replied, “It is because Mu Zhouyi mentioned the word warehouse yesterday when she collapsed and I thought about it.”

Qiu Xing was just asking casually. He received the answer and turned to examine this apparently abandoned warehouse.

Xie Yang also looked over. “Tao Yang should no longer be here.”

“However, it will be much easier to find his other hiding places with clues.” Qiu Xing withdrew his gaze. “Notify the police first.”

Xie Yang nodded.

The two of them returned to the city and went to the police station. As they arrived at the police station, the policeman they met yesterday was walking out with his partner. Xie Yang stopped them and asked about the situation.

“Mu Zhouyi has confessed.” The police officer spoke very quickly. “After seeing you yesterday, she fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 9 o’clock today. Then she explained everything. I was about to take someone to look at the locations she mentioned.”

“Is there a warehouse in the locations she mentioned?”

The police officer was flustered. “It isn’t convenient to tell you the details of the case.”

Xie Yang expressed understanding before asking, “Can I see Mu Zhouyi again?”

“Yes, I’ll ask my colleagues to arrange it for you. Mu Zhouyi also said she wanted to see you.”

10 minutes later, Mu Zhouyi and Xie Yang once again sat in the interrogation room. Mu Zhouyi looked much calmer than yesterday. Her fingers tightened as she asked, “My father… is he okay?”

Xie Yang was surprised by this opening remark. He examined Mu Zhouyi’s expression and replied, “If you mean his body then your father is still very tough.”

Mu Zhouyi lowered her head and then said, “The police contacted him and he is on his way… I did that to him but he is still willing to take care of me.”

“Pity the world’s parents.”

Mu Zhouyi raised her head to look at Xie Yang. Her eyes were a bit red but they were very calm and clear. “Xie Yang, I know what you must’ve done to me. I can detect the changes in myself… but thank you. I feel much better now than I did yesterday.”

Xie Yang didn’t see any traces of acting on Mu Zhouyi’s face and tapped the table with his finger. “If you do me a favor, I will cover all the lodging expenses in B City for your father.”

Mu Zhouyi was taken aback before hurriedly nodding. “What do you want? You say it.”

“Give the police another address to check.”


The next day, Xie Yang got the result of the police’s investigation into several places.

Based on Mu Zhouyi’s words and Xie Yang’s own analysis, there were a total of four hiding places. Tao Yang hadn’t been found in any of them but there was a lot of information about Tao Yang in the warehouse. The police were searching there carefully.

Qiu Xing took the investigation report from Xie Yang’s hand. “I will do the rest.”

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing.

“The net has started to close.”

Xie Yang saw the cold expression on Qiu Xing’s face and the recently grown hair on his head before nodding with a smile. “Okay, I will listen to you, black boss.”

Qiu Xing controlled his expression and pressed down on Xie Yang’s head.

It was already January and the publicity events for ‘I See Xuanyuan’ had become heavier. The rehearsals for the Spring Festival Gala also increased. Xie Yang was busy with both matters and his itinerary finally seemed like that of a popular artist.

In this busy time, many things in B City were changing loudly or quietly.

On the fourth day after Mu Zhouyi’s arrest, there were rumors that the new chairman of the Fenghua Group, Feng Dian was called by the police on suspicion of suspected injury. Numerous evidence of the collusion between Feng Dian and Tao Yang were laid out. Tao Yang’s vicious calculations in trying to hurt his parents were also revealed.

There was a great uproar with the public.

Only then did the melon eaters find out that Tao Yang’s shadow was behind the accidents that Xie Yang and Qiu Xing experienced in the past and the repeated harm done to Xie Yang by Mu Zhouyi recently. Now Feng Dian had prepared to join forces with Tao Yang to harm Xie Yang, Qiu Xing and Feng Qinglin.

A small melon became a big melon and it was one involving the grievances of the rich. This caused the people eating the melons to choke.

Fenghua was in turmoil and Feng Qinglin took the opportunity to rectify Fenghua with strong means. Thanks to Qiu Xing’s help, he quickly shuffled Fenghua’s shares and completely stripped the shadow of the Feng family from Fenghua.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

The only evil one turned out to be Tao Yang

2 years ago

Wow Tao Yang turns out to be a psychopath and it looks like the system do poison their host’s mind as Mu Zhouyi doesn’t seem like a trash before the system took her over
Good thing Xie Yang didn’t use the system

1 year ago

Well at least Mu Zhouyi somewhat redeemed herself and will atone for what she did

1 year ago

Sometimes I wish irl rich people’s messiness is also broadcast on internet haha lol i wanna also do some melon eating irl

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
9 months ago

Drama aside, oh thank god they finally said “I love you” 😂