HTI: Chapter 165

The fan meeting was soon finalized. It would be held one week later in the banquet hall of a star-rated hotel under Rongding.

Since the meeting was organized on the grounds of helping promote the movie, Qin Cheng specifically contacted Director Zhou and asked the other party for a preview of the movie and the first broadcast rights of a few extra features.

On the day that the news of the fan meeting was announced, the poster who broke the news about Mu Zhouyi released new information.

The new material was about the early days of Mu Zhouyi’s debut. At that time, Mu Zhouyi lived in the company’s dormitory along with Huangtian’s other newcomers who debuted at the same time. In order to move forward faster, Mu Zhouyi spread fake rumors to discredit a rival who had a competitive relationship with her during the same period. She slandered the girl for violating the contract and falling in love with a fan.

Once this happened, the girl’s newly accumulated popularity was greatly impacted. Although the girl clarified that she didn’t fall in love with her fan, her image was still damaged. Her popularity fell and she lost a few good resources. The follow-up development couldn’t keep up and she slowly became invisible.

Meanwhile, Mu Zhouyi successfully grabbed the girl’s lost resources, developed rapidly and moved out of the dormitory.

Then the poster routinely released some news to support their information. It wasn’t known where they obtained it but the poster had a few chat records. In the chat record, a person called Yiyi was discussing with a person named Gossip King about how to post news smearing someone. The two of them negotiated and Yiyi transferred a sum of money to Gossip King. A few days later, she transferred a large sum of money and sent an emoticon that said ‘happy cooperation’.

Coincidentally, in a previous interview with the old workers of the fruit factory, one of them once said that Mu Zhouyi’s nickname as a child was Yiyi.

The melon eating netizens were stunned and soon picked up the girl, Huang Tao who was smeared by Mu Zhouyi according to the clues provided by the poster. They also found a marketing account called Gossip King who broke the news that Huang Tao dated fans.

Huang Tao was framed by Mu Zhouyi and had now retired and married. Her Weibo was on private. She usually posted daily photos of her children and had a group of loyal fans.

The old fans saw the news and instantly exploded. They yelled at Mu Zhouyi for being an ingrate and for being shameless. Huang Tao had once seen that Mu Zhouyi was pitiful and always took care of her as a sister! After the incident, Mu Zhouyi pretended to comfort Huang Tao. The two of them were friends for a long time until Huang Tao retired and got married.

Being cared for only to bite the other person in the back and pretending to be friends with the other person after harming them?

Netizens were disgusted by this operation. The topic #Mu Zhouyi Huang Tao# slowly went on the hot search and happened to be next to the topic #Xie Yang fan meeting#


Xie Yang stopped eating melons. He switched to Weibo and posted something.

[Xie Yang: For more news, let’s meet next week.]

The Xie fans thought Xie Yang was stirring excitement for the fan meeting and all asked what the news would be. Xie Yang smiled, picked a fan and replied with an ‘it’s a secret’ emoticon. Then he closed Weibo and called Qin Cheng.

“Before the fan meeting, arrange a few more public work for me.”

“Are you sure? Recently, your obsessive fans are increasing and their actions are becoming crazier. You will meet them on three out of five trips. They are dangerous.”

Xie Yang reassured him. “Don’t worry, it will be fine. You’re arranging it.”

Qin Cheng tried to advise Xie Yang with a few words but this person was unmoved. He had a headache but he had to compromise. “It is really strange. Is someone inciting your obsessive fans? Why are they suddenly so crazy? I want to go undercover in the group to see.”

It was indeed someone who was fanning them. The undercover agents had long been there.

Xie Yang calmed Qin Cheng with a few words and then hung up.

In the next few days, Xie Yang appeared publicly at various activities. The actions of the obsessive fans became bigger and one black fan even tried to hurt Xie Yang by throwing an object from a high altitude. If it hadn’t been for Xie Yang ‘coincidentally’ taking a step back and Wu Shui pulling him away in time, Xie Yang would probably be gone.

Many people saw the matter of this object being thrown from a high altitude. This behavior/incident was too malicious and the matter became a big deal. The fact that Xie Yang was being harassed by obsessive fans was finally known to the public and related topics went on the hot search. Later, someone broke the news that the previous matter of Xie Yang being attacked in the flower store and the subsequent car accident weren’t accidents. Someone had paid for it to happen and the police were still investigating this matter.

The Xie fans and melon eating netizens were shocked. Everyone was furious and there was a new wave of condemnation for black fans and obsessive fans.


The police station.

Qiu Xing arrived in a hurry and pulled Xie Yang into his arms the moment they saw each other. He hugged for a few seconds before letting go, pressing Xie Yang back to examine him.

“I’m fine. The place where the flowerpot fell was two meters away from where I was standing.”

The police officer in charge of the surveillance video interrupted, “Nonsense, it wasn’t even one meter.”

Xie Yang murmured, “…It was definitely one meter, I promise.”

Qiu Xing was finally certain that Xie Yang was fine and the tightness of his body disappeared. Xie Yang was sure Qiu Xing would scold him but Qiu Xing just stared at Xie Yang for a long time. “Blame me, I had Wu Shui and the others guard against the people around you and forgot to pay attention to this.”

Xie Yang’s heart softened. He approached Qiu Xing and grabbed his hand. “I don’t blame you. No one thought there would be a black fan on the roof.”

Qiu Xing raised his other hand and touched Xie Yang’s head. He barely calmed his emotions and turned to the police officer in charge of this matter. “Was the black fan caught?”

“She wasn’t caught. She was too fast and ran away. However, the surveillance caught her.”

The police officer looking at the surveillance called out, “Yes, I found it. This surveillance camera captured the suspect’s face. Mr Xie, do you know her?”

Xie Yang and Qiu Xing immediately came over to take a look. Xie Yang carefully distinguished the person wearing a hat, mask and men’s clothing on the surveillance screen, with short hair and bangs covering her eyes. The corners of his mouth curved up and he replied, “Yes, this is Mu Zhouyi.”

In the past few days, he had been frequently active to let Mu Zhouyi understand that it was completely useless to encourage the obsessive fans to make trouble. He had a lot of bodyguards to protect him. This would force Mu Zhouyi into despair and force her to go to the fan meeting, the only place where she could get close to him. Then she would enter his trap.

Now it seemed the plan was successful. Mu Zhouyi came to give away her head even before the fan meeting.

The policeman was surprised and confirmed it again. “Are you sure this is Mu Zhouyi?”

Xie Yang nodded. “Very sure.”

During this period, he would keep running the program to locate Mu Zhouyi when he went outside. Before the flowerpot fell, he vaguely felt something coming from above. It was a pity that things happened too suddenly and Mu Zhouyi had been hiding in a high spot. Because of this, he failed to catch her.

An acquaintance had committed the crime. The police took it seriously and recorded Xie Yang’s statement.

Once the transcript was finished, Xie Yang mentioned to the police about his previous assault, car accident and the frequent harassment of the obsessive fans. He suspected these incidents were also related to Mu Zhouyi.

The police hurriedly said they would look into the connection.

It was already dark when they left the police station. Xie Yang got into the car and immediately spoke. “Mu Zhouyi either fell out with Tao Yang or Tao Yang can no longer control her. The previous attacks against me were very cautious and the clues wiped out. Yet Mu Zhouyi personally acted this time. The style is too different. In addition, there was too much movement on my side. Tao Yang might’ve noticed that something was wrong.”

Qiu Xing gripped his hand. “Even if he notices, it is too late. Are you sure you can catch Mu Zhouyi at the fan meeting?”

“I’m sure. This is the only chance for her to approach me in the near future.”

“Hmm.” Qiu Xing held Xie Yang and kissed his forehead. “Then it is almost over.”


On the day of the fan meeting, Xie Yang arrived at the hotel early and released the energy template.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the meet-and-greet started and fans entered the venue. However, Xie Yang never felt anything from the program. He was very patient and continued to monitor the surroundings while going through the process of the fan meeting.

30 minutes later, a sensation was felt.

Xie Yang, who was watching the movie highlights with the fans, quickly sped up the operation of the energy template.

The system prompts in his brain continued to sound. Three minutes later, the sound became clear.

[The previous host has been located and the system transfer program is being started… the transfer program has no response and the transfer failed. Locating the position of the previous host again. The previous host has been located. The system transfer…]

The system prompts were an unlimited loop that gave him a headache.

Xie Yang frowned and carefully sensed the direction the sensation was coming from. He looked at the side door of the banquet hall.

A few minutes later, the side door of the banquet hall was carefully pushed open. A figure with long hair in a long, pink down jacket walked in.

The bodyguard standing at the door stopped the long-haired girl. The girl raised the admission permit hanging around her chest and showed it to the bodyguard. The bodyguard was very cautious and said something to the girl. Then the girl took the fan meeting ticket from her bag. The bodyguard checked the ticket before releasing her.

She was here.

Just after the highlights were finished, the lights in the hall came on. Xie Yang withdrew his gaze and got up to grab the microphone. He continued the fan meeting while secretly observing Mu Zhouyi’s movements. After entering, Mu Zhouyi had taken off the pink jacket and took out a support card from her bag. She held it along with a fan merchandise and mixed in with the fan group.

For the next half an hour, Mu Zhouyi didn’t make any strange movies like she was a real fan.

30 minutes later, the lights in the venue dimmed again and the trailer of ‘I See Xuanyuan’ started to play on the big screen. Xie Yang stepped down and walked back to his seat to continue observing Mu Zhouyi.

He didn’t have to wait long. Two minutes later, Mu Zhouyi suddenly left her jacket behind. She got up with her backpack and walked toward the table filled with food and water in the banquet hall.

She was finally moving.

Xie Yang got up, making it look like he was thirsty and going to drink water. Then he walked toward the food table from the other direction. As Xie Yang moved behind a row of two meter high flower baskets near the food table, Mu Zhouyi finally reached the table. She looked around sneakily before taking something out of her bag and pouring it into the champagne tower on the table.

Xie Yang stopped and admired Mu Zhouyi’s behavior.

The champagne tower on the table was something that would be used at the end of the meeting. The waiter would push it onto the stage and he would use the champagne tower to wish ‘I See Xuanyuan’ a big box office. It seemed Mu Zhouyi had advanced knowledge of the process of the fan meeting.

Mu Zhouyi finished pouring it quickly. She looked around again before walking toward the side door with her head down.

Xie Yang stepped back and walked out of the flower basket wall to follow her. At the same time, he gestured to Wu Shui who had been following him to handle the champagne tower so that fans wouldn’t touch it.

Wu Shui also noticed Mu Zhouyi’s behavior. He frowned and nodded at the champagne tower.

Everything happened very quickly. By the time Mu Zhouyi reached the side door, the movie trailer hadn’t even finished. Mu Zhouyi smiled with embarrassment at the bodyguard and said, “I have a bit of diarrhea… I want to go out.”

The bodyguard didn’t move. He even stepped forward and locked the door.

“What are you doing? I would like to go out.”

Xie Yang, who was following behind Mu Zhouyi, finally spoke. He held her shoulder and asked with a smile, “What are you going out to do? Didn’t you come here specifically to see me?”

The trailer was over and the lights in the banquet hall came on.

Mu Zhouyi froze and didn’t dare to turn her head. She lowered her head and pulled the neckline of her sweater to block the lower half of her face. Her voice became strange and she tried to walk forward and shake off his hand. “I-I want to see you but my stomach is uncomfortable. I want to go to the side—”

“Mu Zhouyi, did you tell Tao Yang about the system?”

Mu Zhouyi fell silent and her steps stopped.

Xie Yang lowered his voice and continued. “My guess is no. You are so selfish and will definitely worry that Tao Yang will snatch it from you after knowing about the system. In fact, you don’t need to be so defensive. Regardless of whether it is your or Tao Yang, none of you will get the system.”

Mu Zhouyi’s breathing obviously became heavier but she still didn’t look back.

Xie Yang gave a fatal blow. “The system has been destroyed by me. Do you know why I know your business so well? It is because I absorbed all the data in the system. It won’t return to you even if I die. You can’t use the system to clean up all the evil you have done. You can’t use it to get a face chance and start all over again. You are done.”

“Impossible!” Mu Zhouyi finally turned around and leaped toward Xie Yang, her expression distorted in a hideous manner. “You are speaking nonsense! It is omnipotent. How can it be destroyed by you! You stole my thing! Give it back to me, give it back to me!”

Xie Yang took a step back and easily avoided Mu Zhouyi. Meanwhile, the bodyguard at the door strode forward and held the crazy Mu Zhouyi.

The movement here quickly attracted the attention of fans and Qin Cheng hurried over.

“What’s going on?”

Xie Yang told him, “I just went to drink water and found this person behaving suspiciously. I followed her but didn’t expect her to be Mu Zhouyi.”

“What? Mu Zhouyi?” Qin Cheng looked at Mu Zhouyi who was still frantically shouting and struggling.

Many fans were also gathered. They looked at Mu Zhouyi with expressions of doubt and whispered.

Wu Shui came over at the right time and told Xie Yang, “All of the champagne has been sealed and the police will come straight away.”

The struggling Mu Zhouyi stopped abruptly when she heard the word ‘police’. She froze for a while before struggling even harder while yelling at Xie Yang, “You can’t call the police! Xie Yang, you stole from me! You can’t ruin me again! You can’t call the police!”

There was a commotion with the fans. They didn’t understand what was stolen.

Xie Yang asked, “What did I rob you of?”

Mu Zhouyi was choked up. She was afraid of the fans around her and didn’t answer.

Xie Yang continued, “There is one thing I hope you can understand. Feng Qinglin didn’t break up with you because of me. It is because you cheated with Hong Zhijie and Feng Qingbai. You did it yourself. Why blame me for what you have done? Did I make you cheat?”

Mu Zhouyi was stunned. She saw the fans’ expression and understood that Xie Yang wanted to blur their grievances in front of the public. She hurriedly shook her head and shouted, “No, it isn’t like this! Xie Yang, it isn’t like this. You are slandering me! Don’t believe Xie Yang! He is very bad! Super bad! All my bad rumors were made up by him. Yes, it is him! Him! He stole everything from me!”

Xie Yang asked again, “What did I steal from you? Is my career and love related to you?”

On the surface, everything that Xie Yang possessed really had nothing to do with Mu Zhouyi so she couldn’t talk about stealing.

Mu Zhouyi didn’t know how to say it. The more anxious she was, the more she couldn’t organize her language. The wig on her head slipped off as she struggled, revealing the messy short hair underneath. Combined with her dull skin and hideous expression, her image was so bad that she looked like a madman.

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2 years ago

At least they only have to worry about one other person now.

1 year ago

I’m sick for lowkey liking Tao Yang. Simply because out of all their enemies he had the sneakiest plans and held up the longest while also being one of the youngest. The only thing is that his reasoning is kinda weird and he has no chill. I guess Feng Qinglin is there to be the ultimate good bad boy

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago
Reply to  Catnap

Lol I can’t blame ya. Tao Yang had been a sizeable threat and he didn’t even have any of the supernatural powers that Mu Zhouyi and Xie Yang had (nor was he under Mu Zhouyi’s influence). He only had his careful cultivation of his public image and his cunning mind, as well powerful connections thanks to the two. If Xie Yang hadn’t been in a positive relationship with Qiu Xing by the time Tao Yang showed up, he may have actually been overpowered and discredited because half of the battle against him had only been won thanks to Qiu Xing supporting Xie Yang unconditionally.

I wouldn’t mind having his type for a protagonist/anti-hero but only if he hadn’t been actively third-wheeling and even encouraging the death of someone terminally ill. As it stands, however, he is definitely sick in the head for wanting to let Qiu Xing die just to satisfy his “artistic sensibilities.”

8 months ago

I mean. not even on the surface, he didn’t steal anything from her at all LOL. even the system came to him by itself. xD