HTI: Chapter 162

Qiu Xing didn’t want Xie Yang to be in danger again while Xie Yang hoped to dig out Mu Zhouyi and Tao Yang as soon as possible. The two of them talked a while before finally choosing to compromise with each other. They decided to dig out Tao Yang and Mu Zhouyi on the premise of ensuring Xie Yang’s safety as much as possible.

Xie Yang added, “Your safety as well.”

Qiu Xing watched him before reaching out to hug this person. “Yes, there is also my safety.”

Xie Yang was satisfied. They needed to pay attention on how to catch these people. The two of them had a brief discussion on how to capture Mu Zhouyi and Tao Yang.

Finally, they came to the conclusion that Mu Zhouyi could be easily led out and Feng Dian’s stupidity could be used. Tao Yang was cautious. If he wanted to hurt people then he would definitely borrow someone else’s hands. However, the ‘hand’ that Tao Yang could use at present was only Mu Zhouyi. As long as Mu Zhouyi was removed, Tao Yang wouldn’t have ways to hurt people unscrupulously.

It was easy to understand the use of Feng Dian. Since Tao Yang was using Feng Dian, pass Tao Yang some wrong information through Feng Dian and lead him into the trap.

“Then I have to communicate with Qinglin.” Xie Yang took out his mobile phone. “It wasn’t appropriate to shut Qinglin out yesterday. Why don’t we invite him for a meal at home tonight to make it up for him? We can also talk about using Feng Dian.”

Qiu Xing nodded. “Yes, you can arrange it. Yang Yang.”


“I’m sorry.”

Xie Yang stopped texting Feng Qinglin’s WeChat and looked at Qiu Xing with a raised eyebrow. “Why apologize?”

Qiu Xing had a deep expression and his tone was low. “You wouldn’t be involved in these things if it wasn’t for me and Qinglin. Mu Zhouyi is Qinglin’s emotional baggage and from the beginning Tao Yang was focused on me. It is clearly the trouble that Qinglin and I caused. As a result, you were hurt by them. I’m really sorry.”

“That’s nonsense.” Xie Yang learned from Qiu Xing’s usual tone and reprimanded this person. “Mu Zhouyi is targeting me not because of Feng Qinglin. It is because… well, my Yang Xing destroyed Huangtian and ruined her career. As for Tao Yang… if you really feel sorry then why don’t we divorce?”

Qiu Xing instantly frowned. “What?”

Xie Yang leaned back on the sofa comfortable, raising a leg and placing it on Qiu Xing. “Tao Yang is targeting me because I am with you. Then shall we divorce for my safety?”

“…Don’t even think about it. I will catch Tao Yang.” Qiu Xing glared at Xie Yang and stopped the apologetic words. He grabbed Xie Yang’s foot and changed the topic. “How can you not wear socks? You can’t do this even if there is heating. Go upstairs to put on socks, change clothes and prepare to go to work.”

He scared the mouse.

Xie Yang was amused and continued to step on Qiu Xing with his feet. “No, I will rest at home today.”

Qiu Xing grasped Xie Yang’s foot tightly and watched him. Xie Yang found a very valid reason. “I want to finish writing the song that I didn’t finish in the morning.”

“…Then you rest at home.” Qiu Xing released Xie Yang’s ankles and seemed like he wanted to get up, but was unable to. “You stayed up too late a while ago. You should really have a good rest.”

Xie Yang nodded and checked the time. “Then you go to Rongding. You should be very busy today.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang who didn’t seem to have any attachment. He did feel that Xie Yang should have a good rest and look after his health but… Qiu Xing suppressed it as he stood up and ordered, “Writing music is writing music. You should make sure you eat on time. I will try to come back from work as soon as possible.”

Xie Yang nodded and waved to Qiu Xing, as if he was lying comfortably and wasn’t ready to get up. Not even sending him to the door…

Qiu Xing frowned and retracted his gaze from Xie Yang. He took a step away but couldn’t help looking back. “You… won’t go to Yang Xing to check on things?”

Xie Yang smiled and replied, “I won’t go today. I will go tomorrow. I’ve already made an appointment with Qin Cheng.”

It was already arranged. Qiu Xing pursed his lower lip. He took another step and then raised his hand to seemingly touch the scar on his head inadvertently. Xie Yang noticed and made a sound.

Qiu Xing immediately stopped and looked at Xie Yang. “It’s okay, you can rest. My wound doesn’t matter, although I might forget about it when I’m busy.”

“It is cold. Remember to wear a hat.” Xie Yang finally got up from the sofa, walked to the entry and opened the cabinet door. He took out a dark blue hat and signaled for Qiu Xing to come over. “Come and wear it. This is the Christmas gift I bought for you. I forgot to give it to you yesterday.”


Qiu Xing walked over with heavy steps.

Xie Yang put the hat on for Qiu Xing and admired it. He thought it was good. Then he helped Qiu Xing grab his coat and put it on. He took the briefcase that had been set down in advance and handed it to Qiu Xing. After that, he watched as Qiu Xing changed his shoes. It was done properly. It wouldn’t work if he didn’t go out now.

Qiu Xing placed a hand on the door handle. “Then I’m going.”

“Yes, remember to make Zhou Miao drive slowly. Eat lunch on time, take a nap and send me a message when you arrive.” Xie Yang leaned forward to kiss Qiu Xing. “Go early and come home early—”

Qiu Xing took Xie Yang into his arms tightly.

Xie Yang deliberately wondered, “What’s the matter?”

“…Have a good rest at home. Call me if you want me.”

What a poor tone.

Xie Yang smiled and stopped teasing Qiu Xing. He approached Qiu Xing’s ear and whispered, “In fact, we haven’t done it for so long. It suddenly happened yesterday and I’m a bit tired. I want to lie down for a day.” He waved to Qiu Xing. “Come back early.”

Qiu Xing’s expression froze before he coughed. He quickly glanced at Xie Yang before looking away. “Then you rest well and don’t eat anything too heavy. If you really feel uncomfortable, call a doctor… I’ll be back soon.” Then he opened the door.

Xie Yang stepped back to make room.

Qiu Xing abruptly turned back and kissed Xie Yang before really leaving. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to close the door to help Xie Yang block the cold wind outside.

Xie Yang touched his kissed lips, smiled and walked back to the French windows in the living room. He watched Qiu Xing get into the car and leave the yard before he headed to the dining room. He looked at Master Liao who was busy in the kitchen. “Do you need any help?”

Master Liao was preparing the cake ingredients. He smiled and waved his hand. “No need, just go and rest. I haven’t celebrated Ah Xing’s birthday in years. I will make the cake today.”

Xie Yang left the kitchen. He observed the Christmas decorations and rolled up his sleeves. These decorations might be beautiful but after all, it was a long-lost birthday. It was better to replace them with more suitable birthday decorations.


After lunch, Liu Sha came from Yang Xing to help Xie Yang with the birthday surprise.

There was the housekeeper, Master Liao, Wu Shui, Liu Sha and Xie Yang. The group was busy until around 3 o’clock in the afternoon decorating the house.

In the end, Xie Yang kept the small Christmas tree in the living room and the pile of gifts under the tree. Then he built a small mountain of gifts with the presents everyone had prepared for Qiu Xing.

They finished the work and Liu Sha, the housekeeper and Master Liao went to prepare a birthday meal for Qiu Xing. Meanwhile, Xie Yang continued to write the song that he hadn’t finished in the morning.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Feng Qinglin hurried back. “I talked to Feng Chuang. He was very alert and didn’t reveal anything. I decided to let him chill and to see him again in two days.”

Xie Yang raised a hand and patted Feng Qinglin on the shoulder. “We can talk about that later. First, go to the kitchen and help with the food.”

Feng Qinglin heard the words and stared at the hot kitchen. He was in a trance for a few seconds before turning back to Xie Yang. He said solemnly, “Uncle,  thank you and I’m sorry. I haven’t had time to talk to you before. You got involved in this due to the relationship dispute between me and Mu Zhouyi—eh.”

Xie Yang used a snack to block Feng Qinglin’s mouth and patted off the residue on his hands. “Don’t say the same things as your uncle. Instead of wasting time here apologizing, it is better to go to the kitchen and serve two dishes.”

Feng Qinglin covered the snack in his mouth and spoke vaguely, “But—”

“Stop talking nonsense or I’ll drive you out.”

Feng Qinglin shut up and obediently went to the kitchen.

Once it was 10 minutes from 5 o’clock, Xie Yang received a report from Zhou Miao that Qiu Xing had left work early and was heading home. Xie Yang hurriedly took everyone to take their positions and waited for the mouse to return home.

At 5:30, Qiu Xing’s car drove into the yard. Xie Yang counted the time and opened the door just as there was a movement to pull open the door.

Qiu Xing outside the door was obviously stunned. Then he hurriedly stepped forward and closed the door behind him. He frowned and scolded, “Why are you opening the door dressed like this? Be careful—”

Xie Yang hugged Qiu Xing and covered his ears. Feng Qinglin and the others waiting at a corner of the entry burst out and fired the small party popper.

Bang bang bang bang!

Colorful ribbons exploded through the air. Xie Yang released the hands covering Qiu Xing’s ears and let go of this person. He smiled brightly at Qiu Xing and told him, “Happy birthday. Congratulations to Ah Xing for successfully turning 30 years old.”

Qiu Xing maintained the posture of hugging Xie Yang as he watched the falling ribbons. Then he saw Feng Qinglin and the others who were squeezed to the side and calling out blessings. Finally, his eyes fell on Xie Yang’s smiling face. His expression melted a bit. The corners of his lips rose and he gently rubbed Xie Yang’s hand.

“Acting willfully again.”


At 10 o’clock in the evening, Qiu Xing’s Weibo suddenly updated with many pictures and videos. The countless Xie fans who were excited by Qiu Xing’s Christmas post rushed in, begging for more information on his safety. Then they went crazy.

Qiu Xing sent a total of three videos and more than 20 photos.

In the first video, Xie Yang was sitting on the sofa by the window, holding the guitar while humming a melody. The morning light shrouded him and lined the exquisite Christmas tree outside the window and faint fountain spray. Everything looked warm and beautiful.

In the second video, Xie Yang was sitting on the floor and unwrapping a gift box under a small Christmas tree. After unpacking, a fork with a piece of cake stretched out from the corner to Xie Yang’s mouth. Xie Yang looked sideways, smiled and ate the cake. Then he mumbled, “Ah Xing, you also eat.”

The third video was a table full of birthday dishes. Xie Yang pointed to one of the dishes and said, “I made this. Try it and see if you like it.”

The videos were all about Xie Yang and the photos were group photos. Most of the people in the photos had their faces covered. Only Xie Yang and Qiu Xing’s faces were revealed. In all the group photos, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing were close together. The smiles on their face and their gestures clearly told everyone that Qiu Xing had really recovered. He had recovered very well and was having a happy life with Xie Yang.

All sorts of sour comments flooded the comments area such as ‘I also want to feed Yang Yang cake’, ‘I want to eat Yang Yang’s dishes’, ‘I also want to take a photo with Yang Yang’ and ‘I want to have so many gifts to open’. Among them, one of the comments got the most likes.

Sail to a Distant Place: Wait, what song is this? The tune is strange. I’m sure I have never heard it. So is this a new song? Really? Really? Is it a new song?

The next day after Xie Yang got up, he saw the comment on Weibo and raised his eyebrow. He forwarded it with a comment: It is a new song called ‘Love Value’. It will be released on New Year’s day.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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