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HTI: Chapter 161

In response to Qiu Xing’s phone call, Dr Kirkman replied, “Avoid having s*x for at least one month after the operation. If you can’t control it then it is better to be light and not too intense.”

Xie Yang heard the first sentence while Qiu Xing heard the second sentence. After both people washed up and lay on the bed, Xie Yang closed his eyes while Qiu Xing pressed down on Xie Yang.

Xie Yang opened his eyes and raised his eyebrow. “You aren’t sleeping?”

“Sleep.” Qiu Xing was teased for a day. At this time, his eyes were blinded by desire as he leaned toward Xie Yang. “Sleep with you.”

Qiu Xing was rarely so explicit. Xie Yang was taken aback before smiling and putting a hand on Qiu Xing’s shoulder. “Then you should remember to do it lighter.”


The next day, Xie Yang woke up and used his ability to investigate Qiu Xing’s situation. Qiu Xing was asleep and breathing normally with a relaxed expression. His complexion looked even rosier than yesterday. It didn’t seem to have an impact.

Xie Yang retracted his ability, leaned over to kiss Qiu Xing’s face and then got up with light movements.

Downstairs, Master Liao was making breakfast. Xie Yang greeted him and walked around the house, admiring the various decorations that he didn’t have time to look at yesterday. Then he turned to the back door and went to the backyard. The fountain was spraying tirelessly and the Christmas tree was still at the pavilion.

Xie Yang walked over. He touched the various decorations on the tree, looked at the doll at the top of the tree and smiled. He reached out to touch it. Then he thought of something and turned back to the house.

He went to the second floor piano room to find a guitar. Then he went to the study to grab a laptop before going downstairs. He put it next to the dining room window with the largest view of the backyard, dragged the chair over and sat down comfortably, picking up the guitar. The light and warm tone rang out intermittently and slowly connected into a whole piece.

Master Liao heard the sound and came out to check. Then he smiled and returned to the kitchen to make a cup of hot milk tea, placing it on the windowsill beside Xie Yang.

Qiu Xing saw this warm picture when he went downstairs. His lover in pajamas sat on a chair by the dining room window, playing the guitar and humming a tune without lyrics. There was hot food on the table and the sweet aroma of milk tea filling the air.

He remained standing at the door of the dining room to watch Xie Yang for a long time. It was only when Master Liao came out with another breakfast dish that he recovered. He raised his phone and pointed it at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang had entered a state of selflessness and didn’t realize that Qiu Xing had woken up and come downstairs while secretly filming him. He recalled the date yesterday while humming the tune in his heart.

Time flowed quietly and the air seemed to soften.

The sudden ringing of the doorbell broke the warmth of the room. Xie Yang had just finished humming the last paragraph. He heard the sound and instinctively looked sideways at the door only to face Qiu Xing’s mobile phone.


Qiu Xing froze and hurriedly put away his phone. He said, “It should be Qinglin… I’ll take a look.” Then he turned and strode away. Xie Yang narrowed his eyes. Was the mouse secretly filming? He put down his guitar, got up and followed.

It was indeed Feng Qinglin who rang the doorbell. Qiu Xing let him in. Feng Qinglin was still wearing yesterday’s clothes and his complexion was very tired. The dark circles under his eyes were thick and he probably hadn’t rested for a while.

Qiu Xing frowned. “How did you make yourself like this?”

“I’m too busy. After Feng Zhen was investigated, Fenghua’s business in foreign countries was completely disordered. I took the opportunity to go over and rectify it and I have now completely grasped it in my hands.” Feng Qinglin replied. As he changed into slippers, he stared at the star lights still in the entry for a while. “Feng Dian has started to guard against me.”

“That is the Feng family’s characteristics.“ Qiu Xing commented coldly while moving sideways. “Come in first and say it while eating breakfast.”

Feng Qinglin nodded and went in with Qiu Xing. After the entry hall, the living room filled with Christmas decorations was exposed. Feng Qinglin was stunned again.

Xie Yang had just come over when he saw Feng Qinglin’s expression. He smiled and gave a greeting that was half an explanation. “These decorations are prepared by your uncle for Christmas. Do they look good?”

Qiu Xing just remembered there were still these decorations and stiffened. He glanced at Feng Qinglin and said, “It’s just Christmas… um, go and eat breakfast.” Then he took Xie Yang’s hand and led him to the dining room first.

Feng Qinglin who was left behind, “……”

So this was why he was blocked at the door last night?

The three of them sat down at the dining table and Feng Qinglin noticed the scenery in the backyard.

Qiu Xing placed the tableware that Master Liao had brought in front of Feng Qinglin and ordered in a hard tone, “Don’t look around and eat well.”

Feng Qinglin retracted his gaze. He met Xie Yang’s eyes and Xie Yang smiled at him.


It was only when his stomach was half full that Feng Qinglin started talking about business.

“I have been with Feng Dian. He has suddenly become a bit smarter after coming to power. He tried to distract me and vacate me from my position. This isn’t his style. I suspect that someone is directing him.”

Qiu Xing asked, “Do you doubt anyone?”

“I don’t have any clues for the time being. My previous guess was that Feng Dian had connected with Qiu Jingwei, Qiu De or someone else from Rongding. After all, he has always been ambitious toward Rongding. Then after the general shareholders meeting, I found this wasn’t the case. Feng Dian was shocked and unhappy after hearing the news of your recovery. There was only contempt and ridicule when mentioning Qiu Jingwei and the others. There was no panic or other emotions. Therefore, my guess is that he has no relationship with any of them.”

“That’s not true. Feng Chuang is connected to Qiu De. As for Qiu Jingwei, he is very cautious. He has always focused on gathering power inside Rongding.”

Feng Qinglin nodded. “This is why I’m still investigating.”

“Could it be Tao Yang?”

Feng Qinglin and Qiu Xing both stopped talking and stared at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang took the last bite of the fried egg and wiped his mouth. “I think it is Tao Yang. The Feng family is a mess right now and Feng Dian is the type who can’t do anything without support. Smart people would either choose to leave or go to Qinglin. There are only two types of people who would choose Feng Dian. They either have a bad brain or private grievances with us. I tend to prefer the latter. Out of those who have a private grudge with us, can instruct Feng Dian and aren’t in our hands, the only person is Tao Yang whose whereabouts are still unknown.”

Feng Qinglin was thoughtful. Qiu Xing frowned.

Xie Yang asked again, “Qinglin, did you find the Xianghe Community I asked you to check?”

Feng Qinglin recovered and his expression became solemn. “I wanted to talk about this. It is in a remote county city of T City but it has been demolished last year.”

So this clue chain was broken.

“There is also the temporary worker Adam. I brought over some of the sanatorium’s surveillance and his information when he got the job.” Feng Qinglin took out his mobile phone, pulled up a document and handed it to Xie Yang. “Take a look.”

Xie Yang took it and read the information. The information of ‘Adam’ stated he was 35 years old. He had black hair, black eyes and was slightly fat. His eyebrows were indeed similar to Tao Yang but he wasn’t Tao Yang.

Xie Yang opened the video to see. A figure with brown and semi-long hair appeared in the surveillance video. He kept his head down, his back was slightly hunched and he looked very listless. The face of ‘Adam’ was captured in the second half of the video and Xie Yang paused the video.

The man on the screen had yellow skin and messy hair that covered his eyebrows. At first glance, he was completely different from Tao Yang but looking closely, it could be found that this was Tao Yang himself.

“The person in the information isn’t Tao Yang but the one in the surveillance video is him.”

Qiu Xing reached out to Xie Yang. “Let me see.”

Xie Yang handed the phone to Qiu Xing. He took a quick look, glanced at Xie Yang and Feng Qinglin and asked in a deep voice, “It seems you haven’t told me something. What’s the matter with Xianghe Community and this?”

Xie Yang just remembered that he hadn’t told Qiu Xing yet that he and Feng Qinglin were investigating Mu Zhouyi. He motioned to the breakfast in front of Qiu Xing. “Eat first and I will explain to you after.”


Breakfast ended and the three of them sat in the living room to exchange information. The final conclusion was that the last time Xie Yang was attacked and the subsequent car accident should be done by Mu Zhouyi, Tao Yang and Feng Dian.

After thinking about it for a long time, Xie Yang shook his head. “No, I don’t think this is done by Feng Dian.”

Qiu Xing thought about it and stayed silent.

Feng Qinglin was stunned and wondered, “Why?”

“It is because Feng Dian is too stupid. He had no status in the Feng family when that happened. A normal person wouldn’t choose to cooperate with him.”


Qiu Xing suddenly took out his mobile phone and made a call. Once it connected, he turned on speaker mode and asked, “Whose idea was it for Xie Yang to attend the meeting with the Northern Business Association?”

Vice-deputy Long’s voice was heard. “It was Qiu Jingwei’s arrangement.”

“No, I’m asking who first came up with the idea.”

“The first one to say it should be… Qiu De.” Vice-deputy Long tried to recall it. “At that time, Qiu Jingwei had a chat with me when he arranged these things. He said that Qiu De looked honest but he had many crooked ideas in his heart. He also praised that the method Qiu De came up with was good.”

Qiu Xing hung up and looked at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang smiled. “It isn’t Feng Dian, it is Feng Chuang. Qiu De is related to Feng Chuang. Perhaps even Liu Jiang is involved?”

Feng Qinglin couldn’t react for a while. “How is it Feng Chuang? He—”

Xie Yang reminded him. “Do you remember what crimes Feng Chuang committed?”

What crimes? Bribery, infringement of trade secrets… Feng Qinglin finally reacted.

Feng Chuang committed the crime of infringing on trade secrets. They were trade secrets belonging to the Tao family. After grasping Feng Chuang’s handle, Feng Qinglin had instinctively thought that Feng Chuang used the previous marriage between Feng Dian and Tao Yi to get the Tao’s trade secrets. What if this wasn’t the case? If these pieces of information were actually bargaining chips that someone gave to Feng Chuang… Feng Qinglin immediately stood up. “I will meet Feng Chuang.”

Xie Yang and Qiu Xing didn’t stop him.

“After seeing him, remember to tell Feng Chuang that Tao Yang has already shifted to Feng Dian.”

“Tell Feng Chuang that as long as he is willing to confess about Tao Yang, I can help arrange a way out for his family.”

The two of them spoke simultaneously before looking at each other.

Feng Qinglin didn’t know how many times he was dumbfounded today. His gaze swept over Qiu Xing and Xie Yang who were still staring at each other. He responded positively to them and turned to leave.

After Feng Qinglin left, Qiu Xing contacted the lawyer in charge of the Wang Weiguo and Zheng Da cases. He learned that the police hadn’t made any progress in the interrogation or investigation. The money transferred to Wang Weiguo and Zheng Da went through several shell accounts. The source account seemed to have been canceled and it was abroad, making it difficult to check.

Qiu Xing’s expression was ugly and he couldn’t help grasping Xie Yang’s hand. Xie Yang approached Qiu Xing. “Are you worried that Tao Yang and Mu Zhouyi will hurt me?”

Qiu Xing’s voice was low. “I don’t understand their madness.”

Normal people couldn’t understand it. Xie Yang thought for a moment. “It is actually very easy to force them out.”

“How to force them?”

“I won’t mention Mu Zhouyi first. For Tao Yang, the better our lives, the more uncomfortable he becomes. We just need to cut off their back roads and show them how well we are. They will definitely lose their minds and can’t help jumping in front of us. However, this method has risks. Attacks and car accidents can be used more than once.”

“No.” Qiu Xing held Xie Yang in his arms and touched the back of Xie Yang’s head. “This type of dangerous thing can’t happen again.”

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
11 months ago

“Avoid having s*x for at least one month after the operation. If you can’t control it then it is better to be light and not too intense.”

Xie Yang heard the first sentence while Qiu Xing heard the second sentence.”