HTI: Chapter 160

Weibo became lively due to Rongding’s announcement and the photo taken by Xie Yang. However, the person who stirred up the excitement immediately put his phone aside after posting and continued to eat.

After dinner, Xie Yang accompanied Qiu Xing for a nap. Then they set out to listen to the concert. They got in the car and Qiu Xing turned on his mobile phone that was turned off during his nap. Many calls were received immediately.

Xie Yang listened to Qiu Xing answer the phone for a while. He found that the people who called could basically be divided into three categories; those asking about how Qiu Xing would rectify Rongding next, those confirming if Qiu Xing had really recovered and those begging Qiu Xing for forgiveness and apologizing.

Most of the first type of calls were from Rongding’s senior executives and shareholders. The second type were from partners and investors and the last type were all from ‘traitors’.

Qiu Xing’s attitude when answering the phone was clear. He was serious with the first type, polite with the second type and either refused to answer or directly settled accounts and warned the third type. His attitude was cold and merciless. It wasn’t until the car stopped and the two of them arrived at the concert venue that Qiu Xing’s phone barely stopped ringing.

After dealing with all parties, Qiu Xing took the initiative to make a call. He contacted He Jun and asked him to write a letter to all shareholders and directors of Rongding, calling them to prepare to attend a formal general meeting of shareholders for the second half of the year.

Qiu Xing put away his mobile phone and Xie Yang asked, “Do you want to hold a shareholders meeting as well?”

“Yes, the affairs of Qiu Jingwei’s group must be cleaned up.” Qiu Xing put away his phone. “Sorry, I’ve been on the phone.”

“It’s fine. Let’s get out of the car. The concert is about to begin.”

The two of them entered the concert hall together. They found their seats and waited for the concert to begin. Many people recognized Xie Yang and Qiu Xing and looked at where they were sitting from time to time. Xie Yang noticed it and approached Qiu Xing, lowering his voice. “You look so good. They are all watching you.”

Qiu Xing squeezed Xie Yang’s hand. “Nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense. I don’t like them peeking at you like this.” Xie Yang pretended to be dissatisfied and suggested, “It isn’t good to listen to a concert since we can’t wear masks. Next time, do you want to go to the movies?”

Qiu Xing clearly knew that Xie Yang was deliberately saying this to coax him but his mood inevitably improved. He interlocked his fingers with Xie Yang and nodded. “Okay.”

The total length of the concert that Xie Yang picked wasn’t too long. It was only one and a half hours. This was also to take care of Qiu Xing’s physical condition. He was afraid that Qiu Xing would have a headache if he stayed in an environment surrounded by music for too long.

Since it was currently early in winter, it was already dark by the time the two of them came out of the concert. The street lights were on and the crowds came and went. It might not be a weekend but many people still came out to celebrate Christmas. There were many men and women wearing Christmas accessories and an unknown store played a Christmas song. People couldn’t help smiling when they heard it.

Xie Yang took a deep breath of the cool winter air and told Qiu Xing, “Go home to eat.”

Qiu Xing reached out to help adjust Xie Yang’s scarf and then took his hand. “Yes.”

They came to the car and Qiu Xing helped open the door. However, Xie Yang didn’t go up immediately. Instead, he turned around and waved to the two girls following not far behind before getting in the car.

Qiu Xing followed Xie Yang’s gaze and saw the excited girls. He noticed they were looking over and nodded lightly as a greeting. Then he got in the car and closed the door.

Qiu Xing’s phone rang soon after the car started driving. He frowned, took out his phone and took a look. Seeing that it was Feng Qinglin’s call, he stopped frowning and turned on speaker mode after answering the call. “What is it?”

“Uncle, how is your health? I just came back from abroad and saw the news on the Internet.”

“I’m fine.”

Feng Qinglin’s tone relaxed. “That’s good. Uncle, I want to go to your place. Is it convenient? Are you in the hospital or at home? I still have something to tell you.”

Qiu Xing paused strangely before replying, “You just came back from abroad. You should go home, rest and adjust the jet lag. I’m fine. You don’t have to come and see me.”

He actually refused?

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing might love to lecture Feng Qinglin and was very duplicitous but he never refused Feng Qinglin’s concern. Something was wrong.

Qiu Xing became tense when he saw Xie Yang’s eyes and his speed when talking suddenly accelerated. “Stop talking. Go home and have a good rest.” Then he hung up and put away the phone.

Xie Yang just watched Qiu Xing.

“…Today is our date.” Qiu Xing reached out and pulled Xie Yang into his arms, pressing a hand against the back of Xie Yang’s head. “I just want to be alone with you today.”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow before smiling and hugging Qiu Xing back. In his heart, he apologized to Feng Qinglin who had come back for Qiu Xing’s birthday.

“Okay.” He raised his head and kissed Qiu Xing. “Today, only the two of us will be together.”

The Dingsheng Community had also put up many Christmas decorations. In addition to some small surprises, there was a large and exquisite Christmas tree placed at the gate of the community. Many children were playing around it.

Xie Yang took out his phone and took a photo.

“Do you like the Christmas tree?”

“It’s good.” Xie Yang saved the photo. “I just had a sudden inspiration and want to write a holiday song.”

Qiu Xing was instantly alert. “Don’t stay up late.”

“I won’t stay up. I will accompany you to maintain our health.”

Only then was Qiu Xing satisfied. He glanced critically at the Christmas tree on the screen of Xie Yang’s phone and scoffed.

After arriving home, Xie Yang found that the house was completely dark as if no one was there. He glanced sideways at Qiu Xing beside him. This person’s face was calm like he hadn’t noticed the abnormal darkness at home. He just said, “Let’s go.” Then he opened the door and got out of the car first. He walked around to Xie Yang’s side and helped open the door.

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing who never met his eyes the entire time outside the car. Then he looked at the dark house. He probably guessed what Qiu Xing was doing and couldn’t help smiling. He reached out to take Qiu Xing’s hand and got out of the car.

Qiu Xing immediately squeezed Xie Yang’s hand and led him to the house. Xie Yang followed. Neither of them spoke but the atmosphere was warm. Qiu Xing finally spoke after opening the door. “Turn on the lights.”

Xie Yang touched the switch obediently.


Some small star lights lit up at the top of the entry hall and the star-like lights spread out warmly all the way to the living room. Through the gap in the partition, he could vaguely see many Christmas decorations in the living room.

Qiu Xing gently pulled at Xie Yang’s hand. “Go in.”

Xie Yang retracted his gaze. He saw Qiu Xing who still didn’t look at him and changed his slippers, following this person obediently. There were many Christmas decorations in the living room as well as a small and exquisite Christmas tree in a corner by the window, many gift boxes piled underneath.

“I hope the inside of the gift boxes are all full.”

Qiu Xing followed Xie Yang’s gaze and squeezed his hand. “How can I give you anything empty? Let’s go and eat.”

The two of them walked into the dining room. Qiu Xing let go and turned on the light. The warm lights came on and a rich dinner spread out in front of Xie Yang’s eyes. In the center of the table, a large bouquet of roses bloomed warmly.

“I don’t want any regrets about our first day because of our health.” Qiu Xing walked to the table, turned around and finally stared directly into Xie Yang’s eyes. “Thank you for your hard work during this time… Yang Yang, welcome home.”

Xie Yang might’ve guessed it but he was still moved. He showed a brilliant smile, stepped forward to embrace Qiu Xing and placed his chin on this person’s shoulder.

“Thank you for preparing this. I love it.”

Qiu Xing hugged Xie Yang and touched his back in a cherished manner. The two people hugged silently before tacitly releasing each other. They stared at each other before moving closer. The scent of food and flowers floated in the air. Xie Yang felt that this should be his most memorable and favorite date in his life.

They were intimate for a while before Qiu Xing escorted Xie Yang to his seat. He set up the tableware for Xie Yang, rearranged the warm dishes on the table and walked to the dining room’s window that had the curtains closed.

Xie Yang glanced at the curtains and then at Qiu Xing. He asked with a smile, “Are there any other surprises?”

Qiu Xing didn’t answer. He just took a look at Xie Yang before opening the curtains.

The dining room window faced the backyard. The moment the curtains opened, dots of light turned on. The window frame surrounded a fairytale sea of stars shining through from the backyard. The fountain in the center was slowly spraying water with flashing lights and there was faint music. In the middle of the white European-style pavilion by the lake, a tall Christmas tree stood surrounded by all types of gifts. The chibi doll of Xie Yang in Christmas clothes hung at the top of the tree.

The pavilion should be specially lighted. From time to time, lights flashed on the Christmas tree like a dream.

Qiu Xing wondered, “How is this one… compared to the one at the gate of the community?”

Xie Yang returned to his senses. He saw that Qiu Xing obviously wanted praise but was pretending to be calm. This made him smile. “This one looks better.”

Qiu Xing’s mouth curved up with satisfaction. Then he thought of something and his expression became serious. He stared at Xie Yang in a warning manner. “Even if you have inspiration, you can’t stay up late to create it.”

Xie Yang smiled and nodded. Qiu Xing walked back, touched Xie Yang’s face and bent over. Xie Yang closed his eyes.

After the kiss, Qiu Xing stepped back and watched Xie Yang for a while before returning to his senses. He coughed and said, “We should eat. The food is going to be cold.”

The two of them finally started eating. The dishes on the table had been specially ordered by Qiu Xing. The dishes on Xie Yang’s plate were obviously richer than Qiu Xing’s plate. Xie Yang noticed this and his legs under the table moved and rubbed against Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing stopped as he was picking up noodles with a fork and raised his eyes to see Xie Yang. Xie Yang’s expression was serious. “I think you should ask Dr Kirkman now… it is better to make this a more complete date, don’t you think?”

Qiu Xing’s Adam’s apple moved. He was just about to speak when the doorbell abruptly rang.


The ambiguous atmosphere broke instantly. Qiu Xing frowned and glanced at the door. Xie Yang also looked in the direction of the door. He retracted his legs and said, “I guess it is Feng Qinglin.”

“…I’ll take a look.”

Qiu Xing got up and walked to the door. Xie Yang followed him. The two people came to the entry hall and looked outside through the doorbell camera. They indeed saw Feng Qinglin’s face.

Qiu Xing, “……”

Xie Yang was amused. He patted Qiu Xing on the shoulder and soothed him. “He didn’t mean it. Let him come in first. It is cold outside.”

However, Qiu Xing suddenly reached out to grab Xie Yang’s shoulder. He took Xie Yang into his arms and pressed the intercom button. “I will let Zhou Miao pick you up to go to Master Liao’s house to rest. Go to bed early and adjust your jet lag well.”

“Eh? What? Uncle—”

Qiu Xing ruthlessly hung up and stared at Xie Yang in his arms. “I will go and call Dr Kirkman… you promised. Today it is just me and you.”

Xie Yang spoke deliberately. “However, Feng Qinglin rushed over as soon as he got off the plane—”

“This is our first date.”

“Feng Qinglin seems to have something very important—um.”

Qiu Xing bit Xie Yang and stepped back. He stared at Xie Yang with an expression that said ‘if you dare to put a third person into the house, you are done for’. Then he told Xie Yang, “It is late. We should rest.”

Xie Yang didn’t make a fuss. He touched the bitten place, hugged this person back and took the initiative to raise his head.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Nibble Juice
Nibble Juice
2 years ago

Qiu Xing went from giving Xie Yang the middle finger to giving him a romantic Christmas/Birthday date night

2 years ago

Third wheel came spining over here.

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crazy fujoshi
2 years ago

hahahahaha it is so sweeet my tooth rot

1 year ago

Feng Qinglin, your poor single heart 💔😭

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

I think QX completely forgot that his bday is in a few hours LMAO