HTI: Chapter 157

Qiu Xing was sent to the intensive care unit. Xie Yang stood outside and observed his situation through the observation window.

The effect of the anesthetic hadn’t passed yet. Qiu Xing was still asleep, his head covered with gauze and protective headgear. He wore a ventilator and his face was very pale. At first glance, it made some people have bad associations.

Dr Kirkman stood next to Xie Yang and reassured him, “Don’t worry, the tumor was cut very cleanly. Mr Qiu’s physical characteristics have been stable during the operation and there is no dangerous situation.”

Xie Yang condensed his ability into two small balls, one aiming at Qiu Xing’s heart and the other at the right ear near the wound. This way, they could slowly release the ability to nourish Qiu Xing. Then he turned to look at Dr Kirkman. “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Dr Kirkman smiled. “You should thank yourself. Both you and Mr Qiu are great.”

“Can I go in and see him?”

“Of course you can but you need to make some preparations. The visiting time shouldn’t be too long.”

“Okay, then I—”


Xie Yang turned to the side.

Wu Shui walked quickly to Xie Yang with a frown. “Liu Jiang is here again and he has brought a lot of media with him. He said that he must see Qiu Xing today. I arranged for people to invite him out but the media kept on filming. I couldn’t be too tough.”

Xie Yang’s expression sank. Unexpectedly, he didn’t go to Rongding for just a day and someone couldn’t wait to make trouble. He commanded, “Get rid of Liu Jiang. It doesn’t matter if you’re tough or if the media is filming. Let them film! By the way, contact the hospital and seal up the building where Qiu Xing lives. No one is allowed to enter!”

Wu Shui confirmed it. “Do it directly? Some of Liu Jiang’s words are hard to hear and I’m afraid it will affect your reputation.”

“I don’t care about my reputation.” Xie Yang looked at the intensive care unit. “I only care about Qiu Xing having a quiet environment for recuperating.”


Liu Jiang was led out by Wu Shui. The two sides made so much noise that the police were almost alerted.

Xie Yang stood by the window in the corridor, watching Liu Jiang and the media he brought being driven away by bodyguards and security guards. Then he turned on his mobile phone that had been off for a day. Countless missed calls and unread messages flooded in. Xie Yang ignored all of them and called He Jun. “How’s the company?”

“Several deputy directions and shareholders have come to me several times and repeatedly asked me to contact you. I rejected them all.”

“Keep rejecting them. I won’t be going to the company for the next three days.”

He Jun hesitated. “Three days? Deputy Director Qiu and the others might not be able to sit still. Their attitude has become very strong today.”

“It is about making them unable to sit still. If there is an important matter then email it to me. I will deal with it and return it to you. That’s it, I’m hanging up.”

After finishing the call, Xie Yang opened the major news websites and Weibo to check it. He found that the incident where Liu Jiang went to the hospital had indeed been reported by the media. A variety of sensational news headlines filled the page and incited emotions.

-Refused a visit! Violently driving away relatives! Qiu Xing is in danger!

-Xie Yang is becoming increasingly haggard. What is Qiu Xing’s situation?

-What is Xie Yang hiding by violently expelling relatives?

-Qiu Xing is critically ill! Xie Yang and Qiu Xing’s relatives are against each other! Or perhaps Xie Yang hasn’t been recognized by Qiu Xing’s family members and his status as a member of a wealthy family is unstable!

Then his phone vibrated. It was a call from Qiu Jingwei. Xie Yang looked at it for a few seconds before answering it.

“Xie Yang, I hope to hear the truth from you. What is wrong with Qiu Xing?”

He didn’t even call out ‘chairman’ any longer. Xie Yang replied, “Qiu Xing is well. He has never been better in his long life.”

Qiu Jingwei’s tone became impatient. “I asked to see Qiu Xing.”

“He can’t see you.”

“Xie Yang!”

“Please call me Chairman.” Xie Yang hung up the phone.

Qiu Jingwei’s call soon came again and Xie Yang directly hung up. Then he turned off his phone again and walked toward the intensive care unit. Xie Yang finished all the preparations and entered the intensive care unit. Qiu Xing was still asleep. He sat down by the bed and reached out to hold Qiu Xing’s hand.

“They are making a fuss. I listened to you and didn’t care about them.” Xie Yang leaned forward and touched the gauze and protective headgear. “I’m very tired. Can you wake up and help me?”

Qiu Xing was still asleep. Xie Yang smiled and bent over to kiss Qiu Xing’s eyes through the mask. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll wait for you.”


Xie Yang froze a moment before hurriedly looking down at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing’s eyes opened a bit before closing again. Even so, Xie Yang clearly felt that Qiu Xing’s hand which he was holding moved. Xie Yang’s heart thumped uncontrollably but his voice was very soft. “Ah Xing?”

Qiu Xing’s eyes were still tightly closed as he slept deeply. It was like his wakefulness just now was Xie Yang’s illusion. However, Xie Yang was pretty sure this wasn’t the case. He was just about to get up and call for Dr Kirkman when Dr Kirkman and his teacher walked in from where they were tightly guarding the intensive care room.

Xie Yang quickly got up from his position beside the bed. Dr Kirkman and his teacher checked Qiu Xing’s status. They looked at the data of various instruments and communicated quickly.

“It isn’t an unconscious reflex.”

“The anesthetic faded faster than expected.”

“The moment the anesthetic faded, he regained consciousness for a short time. It is a good phenomenon. It seems the brain wasn’t injured during the operation.”

Xie Yang listened carefully to their conversation and couldn’t help clasping his hand together.

Dr Kirkman finished discussing with his teacher and noticed that Xie Yang was still standing to the side. He smiled and comforted Xie Yang. “The sooner the patient regains consciousness after a craniotomy, the better. Mr Qiu reacted to your call just now and it is a good sign.”

Xie Yang relaxed.

“However, he needs more rest. You must reduce the time you spend in the intensive care unit.”

Xie Yang nodded quickly. He stared at Qiu Xing from a distance before turning to leave the intensive care unit.

That night, Xie Yang once again stayed up all night outside the intensive care unit. Every time Qiu Xing showed signs of waking, he immediately got up and looked in.

By dawn, Qiu Xing had woken up three times in total along with the unconscious eye-opening reaction. In one of those times, Qiu Xing turned to look at the observation window. Xie Yang approached the window and waved to Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing saw this and frowned. He tried to say something but he was lacking energy and soon fell asleep again. By the time the sun rose completely, Xie Yang finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He went back to the ward to sleep for a while. After only an hour of sleep, Xie Yang was awakened by Wu Shui. He sat up, pressing a hand heavily to his forehead as he asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Qiu Jingwei came with many senior executives and shareholders and asked to see Mr Qiu.”

Xie Yang came to his senses. “Get rid of all of them.”

Wu Shui left and returned after 10 minutes. “They asked to see you.”

Xie Yang was washing his face in the bathroom. Once he heard this, he looked at himself in the mirror to see how exhausted he was. Then he answered, “Go and tell them that I’ll be down in 10 minutes.”

Wu Shui nodded and left again.

10 minutes later, Xie Yang went downstairs.

Qiu Jingwei and the shareholders met him. Qiu Jingwei asked in a deep voice, “Acting Chairman Xie, what happened to Chairman Qiu? You can’t be so perfunctory with us. Qiu Xing’s health is related to Rongding’s future. If Qiu Xing’s health isn’t good then we need to make preparations in advance.”

“Qiu Xing is well.” Xie Yang interrupted Qiu Jingwei and motioned to the exit of the hospital. “Go out and don’t block the hospital.”

Qiu Jingwei was obviously angry but he didn’t say anything. Instead, the shareholders next to him started to argue, saying things like, ‘Rongding belongs to everyone. You aren’t acting responsibly if you hide Qiu Xing’s physical condition from everyone’.

“Then treat me as acting irresponsibly.” Xie Yang’s gaze swept over everyone present with cold eyes. “I said that Qiu Xing is very well. If you believe me then wait patiently for Qiu Xing to recover. If you don’t believe it then do whatever you want.” Then he stopped caring about these people and turned away.

Not long after Xie Yang returned to the ward, Wu Shui came to tell him that Qiu Jingwei and the others had left. Xie Yang instructed, “Pay attention and see if any strange people try to sneak into the hospital to inquire about Qiu Xing’s situation. Then find a trusted bodyguard to leak some information. You will say that Qiu Xing is going to die. I will take a picture of Qiu Xing for you. Let the person leak it as well.”

Wu Shui didn’t quite understand why Xie Yang was making these arrangements but he didn’t question it. He just bowed and left.

That night, there was news on Weibo that Qiu Xing was dying and a photo of Qiu Xing lying in the intensive care unit was leaked. The photo was taken from outside the ward and only Qiu Xing’s profile was captured. In the photo, he was pale and thin. He looked very bad.

Xie Yang turned on the phone not long after the news came out. He received calls from all parties involved again but this time, he didn’t answer a single call. Instead, he posted only one sentence on Weibo: Qiu Xing is well.

Then he turned off his phone again before calling Feng Qinglin with Wu Shui’s phone. “How are the things I asked you to check?”

Feng Qinglin seemed to be very busy and he sounded exhausted as he replied quickly, “The doctor said that Mu Zhouyi’s mental state didn’t significantly improve in early November. It was almost the same as when she was first admitted to the hospital. She only slowly stabilized around 10 days before she was discharged. By the way, the doctor said one thing. It happened that Mu Zhouyi often went to the garden for over a month before she was discharged. She would chat with the temporary worker who took care of the garden. This temporary worker resigned and left one week before Mu Zhouyi was discharged. It is said that he is also Chinese and the Y Country name he used was Adam.

Xie Yang’s eyes narrowed.

Adam. It was mentioned in the original book that Tao Yang opened a new clothing line after Qiu Xing died called Adam. Xie Yang didn’t believe this was a coincidence. He instructed, “Continue to investigate the temporary worker. How is the investigation of Xianghe Community?”

“There is no news. The name Xianghe is too common and T City is too big. There are countless fruit factories and it isn’t easy to check.”

“Then keep going.”

“Okay. By the way, how is my uncle? The news on the Internet…”

“I asked someone to leak it. Don’t worry, your uncle is fine.”

Feng Qinglin was relieved. He spoke a few words of care before pausing suddenly. “The Feng family is going to change.”

Xie Yang’s mind moved and he asked, “How is it going to change?”

“Feng Chuang is being pulled down.”


The night after Qiu Xing’s operation, big news broke out about the Feng family. Feng Chuang, the current leader of Fenghua, was arrested by the police for bribery and infringement of trade secrets. Feng Zheng was implicated by Feng Chuang and summoned for an investigation. In the end, only Feng Dian was safe since he couldn’t intervene in Fenghua’s affairs.

Fenghua was turbulent and Feng Dian was appointed as chairman of Fenghua. After that, Feng Qinglin entered Fenghua’s board of directors with Feng Dian’s support. He quickly gained a firm foothold in Fenghua by bringing in a large amount of investments and several large projects.

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