HTI: Chapter 156

Xie Yang was busy in Rongding until after three in the afternoon. Then he returned to the hospital. Not long after he left, he received a call from He Jun who told him, “After you left, Deputy Director Qiu and several other deputy directors came to the office and asked about your whereabouts. I told them truthfully that you went back to the hospital.”

“Hmm.” Xie Yang responded while leaning back against the seat, eyes closed. “Continue to watch them and call me if there is anything.”


Xie Yang hung up, put away the phone and hurried to make up for his sleep. This was the first time he had worked himself so hard since he crossed into this world. However, it was all worth it. Qiu Xing was going to have surgery.

Thinking of this, Xie Yang instinctively started to absorb the dark energy clusters. Dizziness and sleepiness came at the same time. He slowed his breathing and indulged himself in sleep.


[Discovered a nascent world and starting to match the energy harvesting system… the matching is complete. Activating the 1314 Nascent World Energy Harvesting System.]

A dark energy group broke away from a giant grey-black energy group and flew around it. From the flying perspective, other dark energy groups attaching to or separating from the giant energy group could be seen.

It was a familiar system tone.

[This is the No. 1314 Nascent World Energy Harvesting System. Good morning, main system.]

[No. 1314, for our new life, please return with glory.]


[Starting the launch program.]

The giant energy group started to rotate and glow. After a burst of prickly light, the city’s landscape spread out. The dark energies danced cheerfully.

[Successful delivery. Testing the energy system of the nascent world… rejected by this world… starting the search for a suitable host… after searching, starting the binding and launching… rejected by this world…]

[Launch was successful.]


In an old residential building, a dark girl with yellow skin dressed in the shamate style was pouring water.

[Hello host, this is the Love Value Exchange System. Would you like to experience a wonderful journey of conquest with me? I can help you get everything you want.]


The cup in the girl’s hand fell as she covered her head in a panic.


Xie Yang opened his eyes sharply and his expression changed. He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called Feng Qinglin. “Is Mu Zhouyi still in the sanatorium arranged by the Feng family?”


“Go check!”

Xie Yang hung up and leaned back in his seat while raising a hand to his forehead.

He had ignored and forgotten about the existence of Mu Zhouyi, the original female lead. Mu Zhouyi’s amnesia and silence were all done by the system. After the system was destroyed and eroded by his attacks, would Mu Zhouyi’s amnesia and silence disappear? He completely forgot to make sure!

In case the amnesia and silence had been lifted and Mu Zhouyi remembered everything… he frowned fiercely. He forced himself to calm down and think back on the images he had just seen.

At the beginning of the ‘dream’, he saw a huge, gloomy mass of solid energy. This was the so-called main system? Then the nascent world that the main system mentioned… Xie Yang had a vague guess in his mind but there was too little information to be sure.

Xie Yang felt the remaining dark energy groups in his core again. There were only a few left. Would he get the answer to that ‘nascent world’ after absorbing these few?

“Little boss, we’re here.”

Xie Yang’s mind returned and he found that he had arrived at the hospital. He opened the door and walked toward the hospital.

The ward was empty. Xie Yang called for a nurse and learned that Qiu Xing was under the care of the treatment team, carrying out an important examination. He didn’t interrupt and returned to the ward, sitting down on the sofa while holding the bag of documents he brought back with him.

The sofa was too soft. Xie Yang slowly changed from sitting to leaning. Finally, he tilted his head and fell asleep. Since he unknowingly slept, he didn’t intentionally absorb those energy groups this time.

There was no dizziness, no messy scenes disturbing his dreams. Xie Yang slept very deeply. He was awakened by a vague voice. He opened his eyes and saw a dim light in front of him. Light?

He immediately woke up and found himself somehow lying in bed and his suit was changed to pajamas. He glanced at the source of the sound. By the window on the side of the sofa, Qiu Xing was standing with his back to the hospital bed while talking on his mobile phone. His expression couldn’t be seen but his tone was cold.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I know.”

“Give the evidence to the police and ask them to go arrest the person.”


Qiu Xing put down his phone and turned around. Xie Yang met Qiu Xing’s eyes. Qiu Xing immediately moved to Xie Yang, reaching out to touch Xie Yang’s face. “The doctor said you are too fatigued.”

Xie Yang didn’t know how to answer and changed the subject. “You just mentioned evidence and the police. What’s going on?”

“Don’t change the subject.” Qiu Xing tapped Xie Yang’s forehead. Then he felt distressed and rubbed it gently before replying, “The person I found to investigate discovered proof that Wang Weiguo and Zheng Dajin have been paid to do these things. I asked him to submit it to the police.”

Xie Yang immediately asked, “Who gave Wang Weiguo and Zheng Dajin the money?”

“I’m not sure. It is only determined that they received the money from the same foreign account. The account details are still being tracked.”


Xie Yang was thoughtful.

“Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang returned to his senses and stared up at Qiu Xing.

“You should have a good rest.” Qiu Xing bent over to hold Xie Yang’s face. “If Qiu Jingwei and the others want to make trouble, you can let them go. Don’t worry about them. Rongding can be snatched temporarily. I just want you to be safe.”

Xie Yang was forced to stare into Qiu Xing’s eyes. Just as he was about to speak, Qiu Xing bit his lips.

“Be obedient.”


Xie Yang shut up and nodded. “Okay, I won’t care about them.”

Later that day, Feng Qinglin called Xie Yang.

“Mu Zhouyi isn’t in the sanatorium. The doctor said she left two weeks ago with a relatively stable mental state and cognitive clarity. It is regarded as the basic rehabilitation. Uncle, why are you asking about her?”’

Two weeks ago. It was almost mid-December which meant Mu Zhouyi had left the sanatorium at the end of November. The system was destroyed at the beginning of November.

If Mu Zhouyi had really recovered her memories when the system was destroyed then this period of time was enough for her to retrieve a normal state and do some dangerous things to get the system back.

Xie Yang replied, “I suspect that Mu Zhouyi is related to my attack this time. You can help me check her mental state in early November. By the way, check a community called Xianghe. It should be in T City and there is a fruits factory nearby.”

Feng Qinglin’s tone became higher. “Mu Zhouyi is related to your attack?”

“I just have some doubts. Please check it.”

Feng Qinglin barely calmed down. “What is the Xianghe community?”

Xie Yang once again recalled the scenes he saw in his ‘dream’ during the day. “If Mu Zhouyi returned to China then that place is probably where she will hide. It is because Xianghe community is her hometown before she had her debut.”


That night, Xie Yang still didn’t sleep. He just pretended and deliberately didn’t get out of bed the next morning, creating the illusion of a good rest.

Qiu Xing was smoothly deceived. When he got up early for a check-up, his movements were relaxed. He pulled the quilt back over Xie Yang and kissed his forehead. Once Qiu Xing left, Xie Yang really slept for two hours. Then he got up and went to Rongding. He handled some important tasks before returning to the hospital.

During this period, Qiu Jingwei came over to inquire about Qiu Xing’s situation and was coldly dismissed by Xie Yang.

For the next few days, Xie Yang kept staying up all night for treatment while sleeping in the morning. He went to Rongding at noon and left early in the afternoon. Due to his severe lack of sleep, his complexion was becoming worse. In addition, he stayed in the hospital late and left early every day so the eyes of Rongding’s senior management were becoming worse.

He Jun reported on the movements of various major shareholders and senior executives every day. Qiu Jingwei moved frequently, wooing other senior executives, changing many projects in the company and doing frequent personnel transfers to the branch companies.

Liu Jiang, who Qiu Xing sent people to stare at, also acted abnormally. Only the Feng family was strangely quiet.


Finally, it was the day of the operation. Xie Yang stopped working and personally sent Qiu Xing to the operating room. He bent over to kiss Qiu Xing’s forehead and smiled. “When you wake up you will be healthy.”

Qiu Xing frowned slightly. He stared straight at Xie Yang and touched his face. There were obviously many things Qiu Xing wanted to say but in the end, he only said, “Wait for me to come out.”

Xie Yang nodded. “Okay.”

Qiu Xing was pushed away by the doctors and nurses, finally disappearing behind the door of an operating room. Xie Yang followed to the door and was blocked there. After standing there for a few seconds, he turned and sat down on the bench in the corridor. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. His ability spread out and floated toward the operating room.

The ability quickly locked onto Qiu Xing but this time, Xie Yang didn’t control it to go to the brain. Instead, it turned to the heart and curled up obediently.

Thump, thump… a reassuring heartbeat.

The surroundings were very quiet and the corridor was empty. There were no outsiders except for the medical staff who knew Xie Yang.

Xie Yang had done this deliberately. This surgery was very important and there was no room for error. In order to ensure it was done safely without interference, he didn’t even tell Feng Qinglin, Liu Sha and others that Qiu Xing was going to receive surgery. No one else was here. This operation was a secret belonging to the doctors, him and Qiu Xing.

Time ticked away and the light in the hospital corridor changed from bright to dark. Xie Yang always kept his eyes closed as he leaned against the wall, silent like a statue. It was completely dark and the surgery had been going on for nearly 10 hours.


The sound of the door being opened was infinitely amplified in his ears. Xie Yang abruptly opened his eyes and stared at the door.

Dr Kirkman walked out from behind the door in a surgical gown. He met Xie Yang’s gaze and smiled. “Congratulations, the operation was a success. Mr Qiu will be sent to the intensive care unit. As long as he survives the most dangerous 72 hours, he can come out to see you.”

Xie Yang stared at Dr Kirkman for a few seconds before smiling. He relaxed and knocked his head against the wall, raising his hand to cover his eyes.

“Qiu Xing, welcome back to the world.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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i m so happy 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

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Congratulations! I’m so glad!!!

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Yay! He lives! ⊂(・▽・⊂)

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crazy fujoshi
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im so happy congratulations:`)

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
9 months ago

Okay, I was thinking that it shouldn’t be Mu Zhouyi as the final FINAL boss here or else that would have no proper foreshadowing, but I’m going to let this pass because the author brilliantly used the POV to deceive us, so we also completely forgot that her amnesia was caused by the system itself and not bc she had a breakdown alone. Well played, author! 🙃

23 days ago

I still feel like there’s gonna be another plot twist Otherwise those two as the final bosses are kind of boring LOL