HTI: Chapter 155

10 minutes later, the reporters were driven away by the hospital security. 30 minutes later, Xie Yang’s words at the entrance of the hospital were posted on Weibo and news websites.

By this time, the sky had become completely bright. During the time when Qiu Xing’s mobile phone was turned off, Xie Yang’s phone started to receive calls from all parties involved. Qiu Jingwei, Liu Jiang, Liu Zhu, Tao Huazhang… everyone interested in Qiu Xing called.

Xie Yang told everyone that the news was fake. It wasn’t Qiu Xing who was involved in the car accident, it was his bodyguard. Qiu Xing was fine and he was currently taking care of his body to prepare for the operation.

A number of people asked to speak to Qiu Xing on the phone but they were all refused. Xie Yang indicated that Qiu Xing was resting and didn’t want to be disturbed. After this round of telephone calls, Xie Yang instructed Qin Cheng and He Jun to suppress the news.

On Weibo, the hot search about Qiu Xing’s car accident disappeared and the hot posts were deleted.

Not long after, the traffic police officer of B city district issued an accident report explaining the car accident last night. It stated that the man injured in the car accident was surnamed Zhang and he had minor injuries. It wasn’t Qiu Xing like the online rumors.

Once this report was made public, some people believed it and some people didn’t. Even so, public opinion exploded again.

The topic #Qiu Xing car accident# once again appeared on the hot search. The surveillance footage of Qiu Xing and Xie Yang getting into Wu Shui’s car at the entrance of the police station also spread again.

In the end, the matter of whether Qiu Xing was in a car accident or not was a mystery. More and more people joined in the discussion.

Before long, someone came out to analyze Xie Yang’s clothes and mental state during the interview. There was also Feng Qinglin’s state when he arrived and the words Feng Qinglin spoke in a low voice. Finally, they came to the conclusion: Xie Yang is lying! Xie Yang obviously didn’t sleep all night. Something must be wrong with Qiu Xing. The reason why Xie Yang chose to lie was because Qiu Xing being too injured will greatly affect Rongding’s stocks. Therefore, he lied to maintain peace.

The Internet became messier and more people started to believe that Qiu Xing really had a car accident.


Feng Qinglin put down his phone and looked at Xie Yang who was coming out of the ward with gentle movements. “How is my uncle?”

“He is still sleeping. He slept too late yesterday.” Xie Yang glanced at Feng Qinglin. “What is with your expression?”

“…It’s nothing.” Feng Qinglin adjusted his expression and asked again, “What are you going to do next?”



Xie Yang explained to Feng Qinglin, “Wait for the reaction of all parties and then observe them.”


The first one to rush to the hospital was Qiu Jingwei. He was stopped by the bodyguards in the lobby below the inpatient department. Xie Yang went down to see him and said, “The news on the Internet is all fake. Qiu Xing is fine.”

Qiu Jingwei obviously didn’t believe it and his tone was strong. “I want to see Qiu Xing.”

“It isn’t convenient for him to see you.”

“Why? Is he actually hurt as it says on the Internet?”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow. “As Qiu Xing’s uncle, why can’t you think positively? Ah Xing is just sleeping.”

Qiu Jingwei’s face is solemn. “Xie Yang, you also know that I am Qiu Xing’s uncle. Why can’t an uncle see his nephew?”

“How can he see you when he is asleep?”

“Asleep?” Qiu Jingwei sat down on a chair in the lounge. “Since he is asleep, I will wait for him to wake up!”

“Then just wait.”

The second one to come was Liu Jiang. Xie Yang went downstairs again and repeated the same words he told Qiu Jingwei. Qiu Jingwei actually hadn’t left yet. He asked, “It’s almost noon. Qiu Xing is still sleeping?”

“No, Ah Xing went to check his body. It is still inconvenient for him to see you and he doesn’t want to see you.”

“You are talking nonsense!” Liu Jiang exploded. “Xie Yang, don’t pretend to be stupid! What is wrong with Qiu Xing? Why aren’t you letting his relatives see him? Are you going to wait for Qiu Xing to die before showing us his body? You are Qiu Xing’s heir after all!”

Xie Yang had a cold face as he called out, “Wu Shui.”

Wu Shui immediately stepped forward.

“Please escort Chairman Liu out and don’t let him in again.”

Wu Shui stepped forward silently. Liu Jiang was furious and refused to leave. After struggling for a while, he almost collapsed and was finally dragged away by the Liu family members who came.

Qiu Jingwei frowned deeply and asked again to see Qiu Xing. Xie Yang still refused. “I remember that the patient has the right to refuse visitors or do you want to be invited out by the bodyguards?”

Qiu Jingwei’s face was tight and cold. He watched Xie Yang for a few seconds before turning to leave.

The third to come was Tao Huazhang, followed by Rongding’s relatively large shareholders and several senior executives. Then there were other relatives of the Qiu family and Liu family… this lasted until the end of the day when fewer people came to the hospital. The news that Qiu Xing was forbidding visits had spread throughout the upper circles.

During this period, Feng Dian also called Feng Qinglin to inquire about Qiu Xing’s physical condition. Feng Qinglin followed Xie Yang’s instructions and said he didn’t actually see Qiu Xing, only Qiu Xing’s attending doctor. The doctor said that Qiu Xing was fine.

The sky was completely dark. After a busy day, Xie Yang finally had time to rest. He went back to the ward and sat down on the sofa. Qiu Xing walked over and held him. Xie Yang leaned against him and closed his eyes.

“I will send someone to investigate Wang Weiguo and Zheng Dajin.” Zheng Dajin was the name of the drunk driver.

Xie Yang hummed in response.

“Tomorrow is Monday. You need to go to Rongding for the weekly meeting. At that time, Qiu Jingwei and the others will definitely try to embarrass you using language traps.”

“I will scold them back.” Xie Yang looked up at Qiu Xing with a smile. “You know that I am very powerful. They can’t bully me.”

Qiu Xing frowned and touched Xie Yang’s face in a distressed manner. “Don’t smile if you don’t want to smile. Are you sleepy?”

“A little bit.”

The two of them stayed like that for a while.

Once he recovered enough strength, Xie Yang left Qiu Xing’s embrace and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then he comfortably nested in Qiu Xing’s arms again. He analyzed. “From the reactions of all the parties today, the car accident should have nothing to do with Tao Huazhang and Qiu Jingwei. Liu Jiang is determined and very excited. He is somewhat suspicious but thinking about his personality, him having such a reaction is normal. I temporarily didn’t find anything suspicious about the others.”

Qiu Xing poured a glass of water for Xie Yang. “I’ll find someone to watch Liu Jiang.”

Xie Yang drank the water and recalled what happened today. He added, “People in the light need to be investigated but we can’t let go of those in the dark.”

“You mean…”

Xie Yang raised his head to stare at Qiu Xing. “Do you know where Tao Yang is now? He has deep thoughts, can endure it and hide it and he doesn’t like me. He is also suspicious. Relatively speaking, people like him are more dangerous. He does nothing for profit. It is just to please himself. He has no scruples and can easily go to extremes.”

Qiu Xing’s fingers instinctively touched Xie Yang’s cheeks and he answered, “The Tao family sent him abroad but I don’t know where he is.”

“Find someone to investigate?”

Qiu Xing nodded.

There was a sudden knock on the door and Xie Yang sat up from Qiu Xing’s arms. “Come in.”

Dr Kirkman came in with today’s results. His expression was a bit strange, like he was suppressing something and like he couldn’t believe it. His eyes moved back and forth between Xie Yang and Qiu Xing before it finally stopped on Qiu Xing. “Mr Qiu, I didn’t expect your daily physical changes to be so obvious, especially today… my teacher and I have been analyzing it for a whole day and we feel like… we can start preparations for the surgery.”

Xie Yang was taken aback and sat up straight to stare at Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing also froze for a moment. Then he responded calmly as he glanced at Xie Yang beside him, telling Xie Yang with slightly excited eyes, “Xie Yang, I will be well soon.”

That night, Xie Yang pulled an all-nighter again with the repeated cycle of treating Qiu Xing’s tumor, absorbing the system fragments and treating the tumor again. The surgery was coming soon and he needed more insurance for Qiu Xing.

Early the next morning, Xie Yang went to Rongding with an even more exhausted expression to hold the regular weekly meeting.

He stepped into the meeting room and stood at the head of the board of directors. Then he spoke directly without giving anyone else a chance to speak. “I know what you want to ask and what you suspect. I can tell you clearly that Qiu Xing is fine. He is declining visitors because he is preparing for the surgery. What you should do is protect Rongding with me and wait for Qiu Xing to return instead of listening to outside rumors, understood?”

Qiu Jingwei tried to speak.

Xie Yang interrupted. “If you don’t understand then I can give you a holiday so you can think about it. Deputy Director Long.”

One of the deputies sitting next to Qiu Jingwei was taken aback for a moment before responding. Xie Yang told him, “I got the number two energy project. I will leave it to you. He Jun will help you contact the person in charge of the project.”

The second energy project? The project that hadn’t been opened? It was going to open? There was a commotion and Qiu Jingwei’s expression changed. He confirmed it again, “You’re talking about the number two energy project in the north-west?”

“Yes, this project has only been discussed in words and further implementation and follow-up is needed.” Xie Yang sat down and tapped the table gently with the file.

The room was quiet.

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Jingwei. “Thank you for not being available. I happened to encounter this project at the Northern Business Association meeting.”

Qiu Jingwei’s expression became super ugly.

“Start the meeting.”  Xie Yang retracted his gaze and looked around the room. “If you still have questions then you can go to the office after the meeting and find me there. I hope we can talk about official business now.”

An acting chairman who had only been in office for half a month helped the company take a big government project… everyone’s minds worked wildly as they quieted down.


The meeting ended smoothly and Rongding’s unstable heart was temporarily stabilized due to the number two energy project. However, this type of stability wouldn’t last long. The safety of Qiu Xing was a big disease in their minds.

Under the appearance of calm, all parties started to move.

At the hospital, Qiu Xing and Dr Kirkman were preparing for the surgery. More detailed inspections, some preoperative drug tests, dietary adjustments… the preparations would take three or four days.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

And the plot thickens!

11 months ago

That Tao Yang is the scariest type of evil. They’re not afraid of anything (e.g. losing money, power, business or family, and dying)