HTI: Chapter 154

Xie Yang’s plan for luring the snake was very simple. It was too tiring to guard against thieves for a thousand days so it was better to make the false impression that the thieves had succeeded. If he hid the enmity deeply and disturbed the situation, the people behind the scenes would be ecstatic and careless. Then he would be able to pull them out and crush them to death.

However, there was an obvious disadvantage in doing so. Qiu Xing might be able to hide due to his health but Xie Yang must stay out of the shadows and bear all the subsequent impact, pressure and danger.

On the way back to the hospital, Qiu Xing kept silent and firmly held Xie Yang’s hand.

Xie Yang told him, “Ah Xing, this is the best way. Everyone knows the news of your upcoming surgery. People who don’t want you to be healthy can no longer sit still. If an injury doesn’t happen this time, they will plan it for next time and the danger will never stop.”

Qiu Xing closed his eyes hard.

“You need a safe and clean environment for treatment—”

“I’ll get better as soon as possible.”

Once Qiu Xing opened his eyes again, the restlessness, anger and other emotions were all suppressed. Only coldness remained. He turned to look at Xie Yang and pulled this person forward. Then he raised a hand to touch Xie Yang’s face. “I will get better as soon as possible. From now on, you only need to sing your favorite songs and sleep until you wake up naturally. You can feed the fish when you’re bored… everything. Wait for me to get better and I’ll take care of it. During this period of time, just hold on for a while. I will definitely get better as soon as possible.”

Xie Yang swallowed down all the things he originally wanted to say to convince Qiu Xing and leaned his head against Qiu Xing’s palm. “Yes.”


Wu Shui sent over messages.

Wu Shui drove on a road with fewer people and the car following Wu Shui came up as expected. It moved erratically and the driver seemed drunk. Wu Shui sped up and dodged twice. The last time, he was hit and crashed into a flowerbed by the roadside. After that, Wu Shui didn’t wait for the person who hit him to react. He directly backed up, stepped on the accelerator and headed to the hospital.

Qiu Xing and Xie Yang had arrived at the hospital first and handled everything there. Once Wu Shui arrived, Qiu Xing immediately got into Wu Shui’s car. Then Dr Kirkman came, helped Qiu Xing out of the car and escorted him into the hospital.

Once everything was arranged, Xie Yang had Wu Shui call the police. It didn’t take long for the police and traffic police to come together. They were followed by a middle-aged man who was full of alcohol.

The moment the drunkard entered the hospital yard, he pointed to the car Wu Shui drove back to the hospital. “This is it! This is the car! I was a bit confused due to alcohol and accidentally ran into this car. I was so scared that I sobered up and quickly braked to see the situation. However, he actually ran away! I was blinded. I’ve seen cars that caused the accident running away but never the car that was hit.”

The traffic police officer called for a colleague to pull the alcoholic away and asked Wu Shui, “Whose car is it? Who was driving the car?”

Wu Shui replied, “The car is my boss’ car. The one driving was me.”

“Why did you run when you were hit? Don’t you know that it’s dangerous to drive a damaged vehicle on the road?”

Wu Shui replied as Xie Yang ordered. “I know. This was my fault. However, a person sitting in the car at the time wasn’t feeling well. He received a shock when he was hit and felt even more uncomfortable. I thought that the hospital was near and it was better to drive over myself than to wait for an ambulance to come.”

The traffic police officer frowned. “Is anyone hurt? Where is the man? How is his injury?”

Wu Shui deliberately paused before replying, “The person is in hospital and there is nothing serious. He was hit a bit and there was some motion sickness. He is being bandaged now.”

“Take me to see.”

Wu Shui nodded and walked in with the traffic police. The drunkard also yelled. “I can reimburse the medical expenses. Let me see.” Then he followed the two of them inside.

In the emergency room, one of the bodyguards who had been sitting in the back seat was applying ice to his face. His nose was slightly bleeding. The police officer stepped forward and questioned him. The bodyguard said he was injured when the car braked. He hit the back of the seat in front of him and got a nosebleed. It looked scary at the time but it was actually nothing serious.

The traffic police officer was relieved. He spoke a few more words before preparing to close the case in accordance with the normal process.

Then the drunk man suddenly screamed, “Was he sitting in the back seat? Don’t try to find someone just to make me pay medical expenses!”

Wu Shui immediately stared at the drunk man with cold and heavy eyes. The drunk man was startled and then yelled like he had grabbed a handle. “What is your expression? What’s the matter? I have a bad memory. Can’t I ask? Are you really trying to ruin my medical expenses?”

Wu Shui was too lazy to care about him and replied, “We don’t need your medical expenses. Police officer, please follow the normal procedures. I don’t need this person to pay for medical expenses. He is too noisy. Take him away.”

The police officer also felt that the drunkard was too noisy and his words provocative. This wasn’t conducive to handling the matter. He called his colleagues again and asked them to take the drunkard away.

In the monitoring room, Xie Yang was watching the situation. He took out his phone and called Zhou Miao, who had rushed back to the hospital after sending away He Jun. He ordered, “Go to Wu Shui and mention that Qiu Xing isn’t in good health. It is only a matter of time.”

One minute later, Zhou Miao appeared on the surveillance screen. He was in a panic as he found Wu Shui and said something. Wu Shui immediately bid farewell to the traffic police officer and followed into the hospital. The drunk man being pulled away looked at Wu Shui several times before being obediently pulled out.

The preliminary preparations were done and it was time to light the smoke.

Xie Yang left the monitoring room and called He Jun and Qin Cheng separately. He gave several orders regarding some things. Then he called Feng Qinglin, asking this person to pretend to be anxious and rush to the hospital tomorrow morning.

After all of this was done, Xie Yang returned to the ward. Qiu Xing was leaning against the bed and arranging some things with his tablet. He saw Xie Yang coming in and put down his tablet. “Is it arranged?”

“It is arranged.”

“Let’s rest.”

Xie Yang nodded and washed up. Then he lay down next to Qiu Xing.

The hospital bed was a slightly larger bed that was specially changed. It might not be as big as the bed at home but it was enough for two people. Once Xie Yang got into bed, Qiu Xing immediately hugged him and touched his back. Xie Yang nestled into Qiu Xing’s arms, closed his eyes and sent his ability deep into Qiu Xing’s body.

“Yang Yang.”

Xie Yang opened his eyes to look at Qiu Xing.

“It’s okay… go to sleep.” Qiu Xing leaned down and kissed his forehead. “You are too tired. Have a good rest.

Xie Yang obediently closed his eyes while continuing to send his ability into Qiu Xing’s body.

After two hours, the energy in his core was empty. He opened his eyes and looked at Qiu Xing’s sleeping face. He didn’t ‘gnaw’ on these system fragments in the core while sleeping like before. Instead, he tried to absorb them while awake.

Dizziness struck and various images flashed in front of his eyes. Xie Yang opened his eyes and quietly endured the discomfort. Three hours later, his ability core was refilled. Xie Yang paused the absorbing and once again inserted his ability into Qiu Xing’s body.

Throughout the night, Xie Yang didn’t sleep for a second. He kept repeating the process of treating Qiu Xing, supplementing his ability and treating him. Once it was bright, Xie Yang got up lightly, changed into yesterday’s clothes, left the ward and turned on his phone.

There was a flood of missed calls and text messages. Xie Yang ignored them and sent a message to Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng immediately called. “The news has been released and there should be media guarding the hospital entrance. According to your instructions, I released the surveillance from the police station that He Jun obtained. It shows you and Mr Qiu getting into Wu Shui’s car. Now the news that you and Mr Qiu were in a car accident is spreading on the Internet.”

“Well done. Contact He Jun and suppress the news. The more you suppress it, the better. Then we can find someone to explode the incident again, creating the illusion that we are trying our best to cover up the car accident.”


Xie Yang hung up and called Feng Qinglin. “Where are you?”

“I got off the plane early in the morning and I’m about to arrive at the hospital. Is Uncle really okay?”

“He’s fine. You slow down. I’ll go downstairs to pick you up.”


The hospital corridor in the morning was unbelievably quiet. Xie Yang put down his phone and looked back at the door of the ward. He stood there for a few seconds before calling the bodyguards on duty. He asked them to increase the manpower on duty and to not let any outsiders approach the ward.

The bodyguards should be able to cope.

After arranging all of this, Xie Yang went downstairs to the hospital lobby. Before going out, he looked at himself through the reflective glass. He hadn’t slept all night and continued to consume his ability. Currently, his expression was full of a fatigue that couldn’t be concealed. The clothes on his body were a bit wrinkled and his hair was messy… It was perfect. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night because he was worried about something.

Xie Yang retracted his gaze and walked out of the hospital entrance.

The waiting media became alive instantly. They rushed over like flies smelling meat. Countless microphones were pushed in front of Xie Yang, there was the constant sound of photos being taken and the inquiries were overwhelming.

“Xie Yang! I heard that you didn’t only encounter an attack yesterday. You were also in a car accident with Mr Qiu. Is this true?!”

“According to the hospital staff, Mr Qiu’s situation looked very bad when he was helped from the car. Are Mr Qiu’s injuries very serious?”

“Is the accident real? How is Mr Qiu doing?”

Xie Yang deliberately showed a surprised appearance before frowning. “I was indeed attacked but Qiu Xing wasn’t in a car accident. It was my assistant and Qiu Xing’s bodyguard. Please don’t spread rumors. The assistance and bodyguard are fine and have left. Don’t gather here to disturb the normal order of the hospital.”

However, the reporters just became louder and more excited.

“However, the surveillance clearly shows you and Qiu Xing together in your assistant’s car. How do you explain this matter?”

Xie Yang’s expression changed before he replied coldly, “We really did get in the car but we got off shortly after. In short, we weren’t involved in the car accident. The traffic police are also clear about this.”

A car parked outside the hospital door. Feng Qinglin opened the door and came down. Xie Yang immediately reached out to block the reporters’ microphones and called out to Feng Qinglin. “Here.” Then he said a few words to the reporters.

Feng Qinglin frowned when he saw these reporters. He walked past them to Xie Yang’s side and helped block the reporters. After that, he asked in a low voice, “How is my uncle?”

Xie Yang glanced at the reporters and also lowered his voice. “Go in and talk about it.”

He and Feng Qinglin left the circle of reporters and entered the hospital.

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2 years ago

Why does it feels like that the one behind this was also the one responsible for the og XY’s death in the novel?

1 month ago
Reply to  Hoozuki

its Tao Yi of course the jealous dude but I Feel like there’s a plot twist coming and there’s another person or something.