HTi: Chapter 153

The two of them hugged for a while. Then Qiu Xing got up and sat next to Xie Yang. He took the roses from Xie Yang’s hand and spoke sternly. “No matter where you go or what you do, remember to take Wu Shui with you.”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing secretly pinching the little rabbit doll attached to the roses and nodded. “Yes.”

“Were you scared?”

Xie Yang didn’t react for a while. Then he raised his eyes to look at Qiu Xing. “Hmm?”

Qiu Xing touched Xie Yang’s face that was dazed, paused strangely before rubbing it. He pulled Xie Yang’s head down into his arms. “What is this stupid expression… are you very sleepy?”

Xie Yang was a bit dumbfounded at being rubbed and smiled. He really was sleepy before. He had kept activating his ability while drinking and it was actually very exhausting. It was just that his sleepiness disappeared after seeing Qiu Xing. He held Qiu Xing’s waist with one hand, leaned into this person’s arms and shook his head. “I’m not sleepy.”

“What are you doing at this time?” Qiu Xing touched Xie Yang’s head again and his tone was dissatisfied. “Why are you sitting here alone? How about He Jun? Is the transcript finished?”

“The transcript is finished. He Jun—”

He Jun just left the office.

Xie Yang stopped talking and sat up. “He’s here.”

Qiu Xing’s arms were empty. He lowered his arms and followed Xie Yang’s gaze toward He Jun. He Jun was in a daze when he saw Qiu Xing and he hurried forward. He was the first to admit his mistake. “Sorry Boss, Wu Shui wouldn’t have left the little boss alone in the store if I wasn’t drunk.”

Qiu Xing’s fake stern face actually became stern and he wondered, “Xie Yang went to work at Yang Xing. Why are you following and why did you get drunk? Since when did you become so unprofessional?”

He Jun was questioned and he remembered that Xie Yang had gone to the meeting today without telling Qiu Xing. He couldn’t help looking at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang also remembered this and moved his hand held by Qiu Xing to attract attention. Then he explained, “In fact, I wasn’t busy with Yang Xing’s work today. I went to the Northern Business Association on behalf of Rongding. He Jun got drunk because he helped me stop drinking. Thanks to him, I was lucky not to get drunk today.”

He Jun was stunned by Xie Yang’s nonsense before quickly controlling his expression.

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang and his expression became uglier. “Northern Business Association?”

Xie Yang nodded. Qiu Xing glanced back to He Jun and his voice sank. “Why is Xie Yang going to this type of meeting?  Is there no one in the company?”

He hurriedly gave the original explanation that he told Xie Yang to Qiu Xing again. Qiu Xing smiled. “It’s good to go on business trips, become sick or get caught by a project. All of these are very good reasons. In that case, they will simply—”

“Ah Xing.”

Qiu Xing shut his mouth and stared at Xie Yang, obviously angry.

“I’m fine. I just went to a meeting. Prestige needs to be established slowly. This is a necessary process. In addition, I helped you gain the number two energy project this time. I am very happy.”

Qiu Xing’s tone was very heavy. “I found you deputies because I didn’t want you to participate in this type of social entertainment.”

“I’m very happy to be able to participate in this type of entertainment. If I left it through a middle man then who knows whose hands this energy project would fall into?” Xie Yang held Qiu Xing’s hand. “I helped you gain the project you want. Aren’t you happy?”

How could he be happy? He knew the virtues of the people of the Northern Business Association best. Drinking was indispensable to gain a project. Xie Yang was a new face… Qiu Xing suddenly approached Xie Yang and smelled him.

There was the obvious smell of alcohol. Qiu Xing’s face turned dark for a second. He was angry and distressed. He hadn’t noticed such a strong smell of alcohol before! No wonder why Xie Yang looked so tired. Xie Yang looked aggrieved and stubborn. He was bullied by wine!

He straightened up and questioned, “How much did you drink?”

Xie Yang knew when Qiu Xing came over to smell him that it wouldn’t be good. He lied without changing his face. “I had a cup and He Jun blocked everything else.”

He Jun bowed his head silently.

Qiu Xing stared at him. “There is such a strong smell of alcohol. How can it only be one cup? Tell the truth?”

“I’m telling the truth. The smell of wine is strong because I poured a bit on my clothes to pretend to be drunk.”

Qiu Xing asked He Jun, “Are his words true?”


Qiu Xing took out his mobile phone and called a number. “Who did you send to the Northern Business Association meeting today… is he by your side… call him and have him answer the phone. He must answer even if he is drunk!”

Xie Yang knew it was going to be bad.

Qiu Xing grabbed Xie Yang’s hands and squeezed tightly to prevent him from moving. Then he turned the phone on speaker. “How much wine did Xie Yang drink today?”

“At least one bottle!” The voice of the deputy of the Tao family came out, still a bit drunk. ”Chairman Qiu, Acting Chairman Xie is really powerful! Drinking alcohol is the same as drinking water! None of us could get him drunk. Everyone in the business association and the industry who told Chairman Xie to drink had to lie down. I have never seen anyone who can speak and drink so well. I like to talk with Chairman Xie—”

Xie Yang pulled out his hand and hung up the phone. It was silent. The storm was coming. Xie Yang tried to remedy it. “In fact, I won’t get drunk even if I drink a thousand cups.”

Qiu Xing grasped the hand that Xie Yang hadn’t pulled free with more force.

“I wanted to gain the project to make you happy.”

Qiu Xing was expressionless. “Do you think I’m happy?”

“…It won’t happen next time.” Xie Yang held Qiu Xing’s hand with a sincerely ashamed expression. “I won’t lie to you again in the future. I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Qiu Xing’s expression was suffocated. He suddenly turned sideways to look at He Jun. “This month’s bonus will be deducted.”


After being tangled up in the matter of drinking, everyone changed the subject.

Xie Yang explained the attack to Qiu Xing and wondered where Qiu Xing saw the news.

“It is a news software pushing the news. It is also on Weibo, the browser search box, everywhere. Why couldn’t I get through to your phone?”

This was almost a simultaneous explosion of the news on the entire Internet.

Xie Yang explained, “My mobile phone was muted during the meeting. I was doing the transcript before and didn’t notice a call coming in. Can you show me the news you saw first?”

Qiu Xing took out his mobile phone and handed it over. The phone screen was stuck on the news page. It was a short piece of news and wrote: Xie Yang is suspected of being injured by a black fan. The news was accompanied by a photo of a police car outside the flower store.

Xie Yang looked at the time of the report and found that it was around 10 minutes after the police car arrived at the flower store. The news was posted, pushed across the Internet and successfully seen by Qiu Xing.

Something was wrong.

Xie Yang calculated the distance from the hospital to this side and the time it took him to make a transcript after coming to the police station. He found that unless Qiu Xing flew, this person couldn’t have arrived at the police station from the hospital so quickly. He turned to look at Qiu Xing and asked, “Were you not in the hospital when you saw the news?”

Qiu Xing made a face. “I was going to pick you up and give you a surprise. However, you gave me a surprise first.”

Xie Yang, “……”

He decisively changed the subject and asked He Jun. “I told you to tell the police to ask Wang Weiguo something. How did it go?”

He Jun replied, “The police asked. Wang Weiguo didn’t know Eddie’s famous works at all and he can’t even spell Eddie’s Y country name. The police think he is too suspicious and have taken him to the interrogation room for further interrogation.”

Sure enough.

Qiu Xing frowned upon hearing this. “What’s the matter?”

Xie Yang explained his guess.

Qiu Xing’s expression immediately changed. “He isn’t your black fan?”

“Absolutely not.”

Qiu Xing’s aura became anxious and depressed. “You mean, someone hired Wang Weiguo to intentionally hurt you?”

“Yes. I have another guess.”


“Maybe things aren’t over tonight.” Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing. “Would you like to do an experiment with me to lure out the snake?”


During the interrogation, Wang Weiguo’s drug addiction broke out and he lost his ability to communicate. The interrogation could only be delayed. The police told Xie Yang to go home and rest first. They would give him further news in the future.

Xie Yang nodded. He first went to thank the florist with Qiu Xing and helped call a taxi for her. Then they got in the car and left the police station.

10 minutes after Wu Shui and Zhou Miao drove away, a black car quietly stopped outside the side door of the police station. Xie Yang, who should’ve left, walked out of the small alley beside the police station with Qiu Xing and got into the car in a low-key manner.

After getting in the car, Qiu Xing asked, “Is someone really going to follow the car?”

Xie Yang nodded. “This is my guess. News might be fast but it can’t be so exaggerated or spread so quickly. My speculation is that someone deliberately wanted to expose this to you to lead you out of the hospital. Fortunately, you were indeed drawn out but you weren’t in the hospital. If my guess is correct, the other party probably won’t give up and will continue to follow us. Of course, maybe everything really is just a coincidence and I’m thinking too much. Still, it is better to be careful.”

Qiu Xing’s expression sank and he rubbed Xie Yang’s hand. After a while, he said, “We will know after a while.”

The car was very quiet and Qiu Xing stared forward blankly like he was waiting for a verdict.

One of Xie Yang’s hands were being held by Qiu Xing while the other was holding his mobile phone to scan Weibo. It was as Qiu Xing said. The entire Internet had news of his attack. Related topics were on the hot search and other people revealed photos of police cars parked in front of the flower store. Some people had even taken photos of him walking out of the flower store with the police. Due to the original news sent, people on the Internet determined that the attack was caused by black fans and the discussion was all around them.

A phone call was suddenly received and Qiu Xing sat upright. Xie Yang calmly told him, “It is Qin Cheng.” Then he answered the phone.

Qin Cheng should’ve been sleeping and was awakened by others. His voice was a bit hoarse as he asked if there was anything wrong with Xie Yang and what was going on with the attack. Xie Yang explained it and ordered Qin Cheng to post on Weibo on his behalf, so that fans wouldn’t worry.

Qiu Xing listened to Xie Yang on the phone and his tight body relaxed a bit. He leaned back in his seat.

The phone rang again. Qiu Xing looked at the mobile phone. It was a call from Wu Shui.

Xie Yang had just ended the call with Qin Cheng and looked over.

Qiu Xing slowly sat up, clicked to connect and pressed the speaker mode, his voice slightly tense. “How is it?”

“There is a car following me and Zhou Miao.”

It was as he guessed.

Qiu Xing gripped his mobile phone tightly.

Upon seeing this, Xie Yang gave orders instead of Qiu Xing. “Look for an opportunity to stop and let people see that Zhou Miao is sitting with He Jun in the car. Then let Zhou Miao take He Jun to leave first. You wait for them to leave before you drive.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Xie Yang continued with the orders. “If the car behind you tries to stop your car, don’t run away. Look for an opportunity to let them hit you and then drive directly back to the hospital. Qiu Xing and I will be waiting for you at the hospital. Pay attention to the other two bodyguards in the car and don’t get hurt.”


Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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