HTI: Chapter 150

Qiu Xing didn’t want to be hospitalized too early because Rongding’s affairs hadn’t been completely arranged for Xie Yang. However, his opinion can only be an opinion under Dr Kirkman and Xie Yang’s double suppression.

Dr Kirkman showed a rare tough side. “You must be hospitalized before December 3rd at the latest. I will start your second course of treatment on December 5th. Surgery must be done sooner than later. Once your physical condition reaches the condition for surgery, you must go with me to the operating room no matter your worries. Mr Qiu, this isn’t a joke. Your condition can change rapidly. If you miss the best surgery conditions and your condition deteriorates again, you might never have the best conditions for a second operation.”

Qiu Xing frowned.

“I also hope that you are hospitalized as soon as possible.”

Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang. Xie Yang told him, “I’m dreaming that you will get better soon.”

Compared with surgery, the treatment efficiency of the supernatural ability was still too low. Qiu Xing’s brain tumor was a disease. It might be relieved by the ability but it would still cause a great burden to Qiu Xing’s body. Moreover, the process of waiting for treatment was a torture for patients. Xie Yang hoped that Qiu Xing’s painful time would end soon.

Qiu Xing was still frowning as he reached a hand to touch Xie Yang’s face. Then he glanced at Dr Kirkman with a serious expression. “I will be hospitalized as soon as possible.”

Dr Kirkman’s expression immediately relaxed. “Mr Qiu, you made the right decision.”


The sudden hospitalization arrangement disrupted Qiu Xing’s original rhythm. In the following days, Qiu Xing broke the work and rest hours set for him. He started to spend all day at Rongding to deal with matters.

Xie Yang was busy along with Qiu Xing and they didn’t stop.

Qiu Xing’s change quickly attracted the attention of the company’s senior executives. They took He Jun to the side one after another to ask why Qiu Xing was suddenly at the company so much. After learning about it, Qiu Xing simply proactively announced that he was about to be hospitalized and he was going to let Xie Yang act as acting chairman in advance. He announced a shareholders meeting would be held on December 1st.

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. During this period of time, there was a commotion among Rongding’s high level employees. On the day of the shareholders meeting, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing entered the meeting room at the same time. Xie Yang sat in the chairman’s seat while Qiu Xing sat beside him. The people in the room immediately fell quiet.

Xie Yang stared at everyone and told them, “I’ll preside over today’s meeting.”

Everyone glanced at Qiu Xing firmly sitting in the vice-chairman’s position and didn’t dare say anything. Qiu Jingwei took an obvious deep breath and replied, “There are no objections.”

The others started to speak as well.

Xie Yang and Qiu Xing stared at Qiu Jingwei at the same time, looked at each other tacitly and then shifted their gazes away. The vaccination had been done a long time ago and the deputies had been selected. The meeting started and ended smoothly.

There was no impermeable wall in the world. In the afternoon, the news that Qiu Xing was putting down Rongding’s affairs to be admitted to hospital and Xie Yang would temporarily act as chairman during his treatment was released to the media.

Rongding’s stocks fell a bit.

There was an earthquake in the business circle, Weibo, the economic magazines and investor forums… many people had doubts about Xie Yang acting as chairman of Rongding and many business leaders directly expressed that Qiu Xing was crazy.

Xie Yang was only 21 years old and he was a professional singer. Rongding was such a big group. Could Xie Yang really manage it?

Love had a limit. Deciding to hand over all his assets to his fiance was something that could still be praised as affection. However, pushing his young fiance directly into the position of acting chairman of the group?

Rongding’s tens of thousands of employees covered almost every aspect of daily life. If Xie Yang messed up…

A bad future was almost in sight.

Some time ago during the discrimination incident, the black fans were stunned by Qiu Xing’s words about studying. Now they once again appeared and their words were acknowledged by most people. Rongding’s reliable and stable corporate image became much bleaker in the eyes of the public.


“The stocks have fallen again. People don’t seem to be comfortable with me.”

Qiu Xing was packing his things for the hospitalization but didn’t appease Xie Yang as usual. He asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Xie Yang put down his phone to look at Qiu Xing. “Rongding must first stabilize its stocks.”

Qiu Xing wondered, “How to stabilize it?”

“The best and most efficient method is to weaken my position in Rongding and highlight the two deputies you chose for me.” Xie Yang found He Jun’s phone number and called it. The moment it was picked up, he ordered, “Prepare to make a statement that Qiu Xing is only in hospital and isn’t carrying out the surgery yet. During his hospital stay, Qiu Xing will assist me in handling the affairs of Rongding. In addition, announce that Qiu Xing has picked two deputies for me. This will put out the fire in the hearts of shareholders.”

“Okay, little boss.”

Xie Yang hung up and glanced at Qiu Xing. “Have I passed the assessment?”

Qiu Xing walked over and touched Xie Yang’s face. “You did well.”

“However, you don’t seem happy.”

Qiu Xing rubbed the corner of Xie Yang’s eyes and suddenly told him, “There is no need to advance Valentine’s Day. I will spend Christmas with you.”

It was a promise in disguise.

Xie Yang smiled and kissed Qiu Xing’s palm. “Okay.”


The statement was issued and Rongding’s stocks immediately stabilized. Then they started to slowly rise. Public opinion on the Internet also changed quickly. No one said that Qiu Xing’s mind was affected. It was just that Xie Yang had another nickname: Chairman in name.

On December 3rd, Qiu Xing was officially admitted to hospital. Xie Yang also moved to the hospital and occupied a bed in the ward. At dinner that day, Feng Qinglin came to the hospital. “Feng Chuang wants to move against Rongding.”

Qiu Xing slowly peeled the apple skin and asked, “How to move?”

“I don’t know the specifics. This news was discovered by Feng Dian. Based on Feng Dian’s tone, Feng Chuang seems to be…” Feng Qinglin glanced at Xie Yang who was waiting to eat the apple.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Do they want to start with me?”

Qiu Xing fiercely cut the apple in two and gave Xie Yang half of it. He glanced at Feng Qinglin and divided the remaining half into two again. Then he used the tip of the knife to hand a piece to Feng Qinglin.

Feng Qinglin, “……” He took the quarter of an apple and thanked his uncle.

The room was full of the smell of apples. Feng Qinglin ate the apple and said, “I will watch Feng Chuang and Fenghua’s movements. If they really want to embarrass Uncle when you are in hospital then I will help you.”

Qiu Xing hummed and solemnly said, “Please.”

Feng Qinglin was taken aback and Xie Yang’s action of chewing on the apple also stopped. The two of them simultaneously stared at Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing frowned. “What?”

“Nothing.” Feng Qinglin hurriedly shook his head and suddenly requested, “Uncle, cut another apple. I still want to eat.”

This time it was Qiu Xing who was stunned. He glanced at Feng Qinglin and his expression changed. He avoided Feng Qinglin’s gaze by lowering his head as he took an apple from the basket. “How old are you? You can’t even do it yourself if you want to eat an apple… give me the knife.”

Feng Qinglin listened quietly and obediently handed the knife to Qiu Xing. He was a bit embarrassed. After all, a grown man suddenly acted like a baby and asked his uncle to cut an apple for him. It was too embarrassing.

The ward fell quiet and only the sound of Qiu Xing peeling the apple was heard.

Xie Yang watched the awkward uncle and nephew and threw the finished apple core into the trash can. He took a paper towel to wipe his hands and asked Feng Qinglin, “Will you celebrate the new year with us this year?”

The sound of the peeling apple stopped before continuing after a few seconds. Qiu Xing didn’t look up like he didn’t care about Feng Qinglin’s answer at all. Feng Qinglin glanced at Qiu Xing and replied, “If I won’t disturb you…”

Xie Yang patted Qiu Xing. “Do you think it will disturb us?”

Qiu Xing became still. He peeled off the last bit of the apple peel and straightened. “We are a family. What disturbance?” Then he divided the apple into two again, half for Xie Yang and half for Feng Qinglin. After that, he changed the subject stiffly. “It is almost time for dinner. Eat less fruit or you won’t be able to eat after a while.”

So he let Xie Yang eat another half? Feng Qinglin stared at the eccentric Qiu Xing and silently took the apple.


On the third day of hospitalization, Qiu Xing received the first treatment of the second course. A few hours later, the new test results came out. Dr Kirkman stared at the checklist for a long time before speaking cautiously. “We have to observe again. If the effect of this treatment is good then there might be no need for a second one. Surgery can be performed directly.”

In other words, Qiu Xing could undergo surgery any day this month at the earliest or January at the latest.

Xie Yang turned to look at Qiu Xing while silently sensing the small groups of dark energy remaining in his ability core. This should be enough to support the beginning of Qiu Xing’s surgery.

During this period of time, he would absorb these energy groups to sleep. One reason was to find out the details of the system and gain the information he wanted. The other was to quickly replenish his ability so he could treat Qiu Xing one extra time.

Out of these two purposes, he still hadn’t gained much with the former. Apart from watching scenes of Mu Zhouyi ‘poisoning’ people, he hadn’t figured out the origin of the system. Meanwhile, the latter purpose was implemented well.

Maybe Qiu Xing would be able to complete the operation before Christmas.

Qiu Xing suddenly looked sideways at Xie Yang. Xie Yang was taken aback before smiling. “I think I can receive a great Christmas gift this year.”

Qiu Xing held Xie Yang’s hand and squeezed it gently.


In the following week, Dr Kirkman’s team of experts for surgery was in place. Xie Yang finally couldn’t delay it any longer and officially started life as Rongding’s acting chairman.

On the first day of work without Qiu Xing, Xie Yang ushered in a small, tentative problem.

He Jun placed an invitation letter in front of Xie Yang. “Generally, Vice-chairman Qiu and several other deputies will be responsible for this type of social business meeting. However, this time they are either too busy or are in bad health. Therefore, this has fallen on your head.”

Xie Yang picked up the invitation and turned it over. “Can I refuse?”

“I don’t recommend you do this. The meeting might be social in nature but it is still a meeting after all. The organizer of this meeting is the Northern Business Association. Sometimes, they will announce some new policy trends at the meeting. It is better to attend if possible.”

“Can’t my two deputies go?”

“One of them is on a business trip and the other is caught by Vice-chairman Qiu’s project.”

Xie Yang put down the invitation letter and leaned back in his chair. “Very well, it seems that only I can go.”

He Jun nodded helplessly before saying, “Little boss, there is one more thing I have to remind you. Generally, this type of meeting will end up with drinking. There are several people in charge of the Northern Business Association who like to be persuaded with wine. Little boss, how is your drinking amount?”

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Since he has his ability then he can just neutralize the drunkness, right?

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I don’t like alcohol, I wonder why it’s always so prominent in novels.

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It’s the culture there in China

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Yes and many other south eastern Asia countries like Korea, Japan, and so in

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