HTI: Chapter 15

After negotiating with Xu Chenhao, Xie Yang’s plan was officially on track. He built a small group and assigned everyone a task. Hu Biao was responsible for the follow up with Mo Bin and the company, Xu Chenhao was responsible for the complete arrangement of the new song to be used for the performance, Ke Lan was responsible for writing the new song and Tong Jian… Tong Jian would protect his throat.

Everyone was busy and time passed quickly.

A few days later, the new episode of Hello Holiday began. Xie Yang took the time to watch it. Unsurprisingly, in order to rub the heat of # IUD self-destructing # on Weibo, the Hello Holiday didn’t cut off his bad scenes at all and also highlighted his performance using pauses, close-ups, captions and other methods. There was a barrage on the Internet broadcast and the scolding on the barrage never stopped since he appeared.

After the show ended, the small group was filled with an awkward silence.

Tong Jian: What is this? It is Yang Yang’s first time participating in a program and the performance is actually very good.

Xie Yang didn’t receive Tong Jian’s shameful praise and typed: Pay attention to Weibo. The show is about to start.

Tong Jian: What show?

Xie Yang: A good show to blacken me.

Sure enough, after the program was broadcasted, many blogs on Weibo analyzed Xie Yang’s performance. Several big marketing companies used the banner of caring for IUD’s future to follow the trend and step on the hot topics list. They cut Xie Yang’s performance with a growth chart and used various types of ugliness, connotations and degraded Xie Yang. They described Xie Yang as arrogant, disrespectful to senior and who showed no sincerity to the program group.

Some of the self-proclaimed ‘neutral’ marketing accounts evaluated Xie Yang as useless and then pretended to pity Xie Yang, saying that he had no experience after all. He majored in performance and wasn’t familiar with singing and dancing. It was understandable that an idol would show stiffness the first time they appeared on a show.

Then the wind shifted again. Xie Yang’s bad performance might be understandable but his behaviour of dragging down his seniors due to stage fright and pretending to be sick was too selfish and undesirable. They sighed that Wenyi really chose the wrong person.

Many IUD fans had watched the show and were stimulated by the marketing accounts. They exploded in minutes.

The topic # IUD self-destructing# had already dropped down a lot but it quickly rose again due to the fans. At the same time, there were various topics such as # Xie Yang, get out of IUD#, # Xie Yang sleepwalking # and # Xie Yang looking down on his seniors# that slowly climbed the hot topics.

This level of heat meant many passersby were attracted. Then they also became unhappy with Xie Yang and followed the trend to hate Xie Yang. At this point, Xie Yang had officially fallen into a situation that all newcomers were afraid to fall into. He hadn’t debuted yet people were already blackening him.

Hu Biao went crazy after seeing all of this and yelled in the group.

Hu Biao: I clearly spoke to the program team and they promised to cut off most of Xie Yang’s shots. As a result, they played me?!

Hu Baio: What is going on with this brain-filling text? What does it mean by ‘the small team member doesn’t seem to like talking to his brothers’? Is this trying to start a war?

Hu Biao: These marketing accounts definitely received money! The messy analysis has ruined our plan to whitewash Xie Yang by saying it was his first time on stage so he was unaccustomed to it. @#¥%…

Tong Jian interjected: Brother Biao, don’t be angry. I’ll post on Weiho to help clarify for Yang Yang!

Hu Biao: Don’t post, it’s useless! Based on the current direction, if you help talk for Yang Yang then your fans will feel distressed and think you are forced by the company to say this. Fans currently only believe what they see. The more you help speak for Xie Yang, the more they will hate Xie Yang!

Ke Lan: Still, we can’t say anything. If we are silent then it is easier for people to make associations.

This was reality and the group was quiet for a while.

Hu Biao: In short, don’t say anything. I’ll go to find the PR team and wash away the problem of pretending to be sick.

Xie Yang just quit Weibo to see this message. He replied: No.

Everyone didn’t expect Xie Yang to be watching the group. Hu Biao hurriedly asked: Why not?

Xie Yang: Don’t look for the PR team to whitewash me. I’ll post myself.

The group was in a state of shock.

Hu Biao: What Weibo account? Where will you post?

Xie Yang: I just applied.

They rushed to check Weibo and searched hard for a long time before finally finding the account Xie Yang had just applied for. The account name was very simple. It was called ‘Xie Yang’ and there was currently only one post. The content was…

[Xie Yang: Scold me.  Soon you will cry and apologize to me.]

Everyone, “……”

Hu Biao broke down and directly called him.

“Delete the Weibo post quickly and cancel your account! The fans will tear at you if you post it!”

Xie Yang explained, “If they want to tear at me then don’t give away the heat for nothing. I said that I would let IUD disband in a beautiful way. If the attention on the scattered group isn’t enough, won’t the promise be empty talk?”

Hu Biao was anxious. “However, you can’t… the fans are terribly crazy.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Coincidentally, what I’m most afraid of isn’t terror. This time, let them blacken me. I’ll dig a hole for them to fall into. Wait for me to make my official debut and they won’t be able to blacken me. Besides, we can’t follow Mo Bin’s rhythm all the time.”

It sounded reasonable but Hu Biao always felt something was wrong. He wanted to keep persuading this person but he was interrupted by Xie Yang. “I am the boss. Listen to me.”

Hu Biao was stung and angrily hung up the phone.

After receiving Hu Biao’s call, Xie Yang went to the group and gave an order.

Xie Yang: Everyone act and help me get the official certification, lest someone think that I am a fake account.

Ke Lan and Tong Jian, “……”

Hu Biao angrily shut down the group chat.

The future boss spoke and everyone had to obey.

Ke Lan and Tong Jian followed him on Weibo and forwarded it. They didn’t say a word according to Xie Yang’s requirements.

Thanks to their authentication, Xie Yang’s account was quickly discovered by fans. The fans were happy at first because they felt they could finally convey their resistance to Xie Yang. Then they saw the content of Xie Yang’s post and only had anger in their hearts.

Crying and apologizing? Stop joking! Who would apologize to him? Get rid of his spring dreams. He was a newcomer, an incompetent one yet he was still so arrogant. He was looking for death!

The angry fans rushed into Xie Yang’s Weibo and scolded him passionately. Xie Yang’s Weibo soon became popular. The topic # Xie Yang’s post # shot to the hot search at a rocket-like speed.

In one day, the number of fans following Xie Yang’s Weibo soared to hundreds of thousands.

Tong Jian was in a trance and spoke in the group: This is the first time since Mu Zhouyi’s car accident that someone in the circle had their fans increase by hundreds of thousands in one day. However, Mu Zhouyi has real fans. Yang Yang’s Weibo account is full of black fans, the type that wants to dig up Yang Yang’s ancestral tomb…

Ke Lan: Don’t say it or Brother Biao will leave the group in anger.

Xie Yang was amused by their words and closed the small group. Then he stretched out comfortably on the deck chair on the terrace.

Now they just had to see Mo Bin’s reaction.

It soon came.

He was probably afraid it would be too strange if he didn’t act. Mo Bin soon followed Xie Yang’s account and forwarded it with no words.

Soon, some fans came out and said that Mo Bin, Tong Jian and Ke Lan must’ve been forced by the company or their agent to forward the newcomer’s post. A large number of fans and passersby believed this statement and poured into the Weibo pages of the old IUD members to express their condolences and gossip. Even Xu Chenhao’s page, which had been deserted for a year, had many people commenting.

Later, public opinion gradually started to shift. Some old fans gathered to recall IUD’s past glory and talked about how amazing IUD was in the past. Unfortunately, the current IUd was so ridiculous. If Xie Yang hadn’t joined or if the company didn’t engage in various operations, IUD would still be glorious. Finally, they sympathized with the three old members who encountered such a thing.

All in all, Mo Bin’s goal of getting the public to sympathize with the three old IUD members looked like it was coming soon.

Tong Jian asked weakly in the group chat: Yang Yang, is this really okay? Aren’t you helping Mo Bin?

He had just sent this when the quiet Xu Chenhao replied: No, now IUD’s heat is too high and Mo Bin will be very uncomfortable.

Tong Jian: Eh?

Xu Chenhao: All the black materials about Xie Yang can actually be washed away using the hype of IUD’s fifth anniversary performance. If IUD’s fifth anniversary performance is successful then the moment the new IUD releases a high-quality single or album, IUD will be even more successful.

Xu Chenhao: A new IUD that is about to be popular is in front of them and the company will never let us go. They will force Mo Bin to come up with a new song and continue to stay in IUD. However, Mo Bin wants to fly alone.

Tong Jian: I still don’t quite understand…

Xie Yang had just looked at the current rhythm on Weibo. He saw everyone chatting in the group and raised his eyebrows before typing.

Xie Yang: You don’t need to understand.

Xie Yang: You only need to know that Mo Bin will soon start a fight with Wenyi. By the way, be prepared. It is almost time for Wenyi to have a meeting with everyone.

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