HTI: Chapter 149

Qiu Xing hid in the office and stayed there for almost an hour before coming out again.

“It’s fine.” His expression was calm and he seemed to really not care that he was missing out on the first Valentine’s Day. He also gave a solution. “We can celebrate Valentine’s Day in advance or postpone it by one day.”

Xie Yang suppressed his smile and nodded. “Okay, it is up to you.”

“Yes, let’s arrange it like this.” Qiu Xing turned sideways like he was going to head back to his office. Then halfway through, he headed toward Xie Yang again. “Then arrange it this way.”

Xie Yang was very obedient. “Yes, arrange it this way. I have no objections.”

“……” Qiu Xing asked again, “You won’t be unhappy?”

“Of course not.” Xie Yang’s tone was a bit guilty. “After all, it is because I have to work that we can’t have a good Valentine’s Day. You are the one who should be unhappy. We can’t have the candlelight dinner, the date or the little surprise at night… These losses are all because of me. It is my fault. I’m sorry.”

Qiu Xing’s face turned slightly green when he heard this but he still showed strong support and even appeased Xie Yang. “I don’t blame you. These things… we can do them all in advance.”

“Yes, it can be done in advance. Although you should be preparing for surgery or having the surgery so you might not have the time to do this with me in advance.”


Xie Yang was compassionate. “It doesn’t matter. We can make it a bit earlier. Christmas is also a good day. Why don’t we spend Christmas as Valentine’s Day?”

Qiu Xing paused before his frown relaxed.

Xie Yang smiled. “You shouldn’t be hospitalized at that time. We can celebrate and then move to the hospital. Is it possible?”

“Of course.” Qiu Xing responded immediately. Then he probably felt he was too eager and quickly covered it up. “Since you asked then so be it.”

Xie Yang nodded again and glanced at the office door behind Qiu Xing. “Are you busy?”

“…I’m almost done.” Qiu Xing turned sideways again.

Xie Yang thoughtfully told him, “Call me if you need help.”

Qiu Xing stopped again. He looked back at Xie Yang before striding over and kissing him. Then he really entered the office. After confirming that Qiu Xing wouldn’t come out, Xie Yang laughed and turned on the phone calendar. He made a small reminder for Christmas and moved his gaze to the day after Christmas.

December 26th was Qiu Xing’s birthday. According to the information provided by Liu Sha, Qiu Xing hadn’t celebrated his birthday in at least seven years. For Qiu Xing, birthdays were like a reminder.

Last year they hadn’t yet established a relationship, so regretfully Qiu Xing’s birthday wasn’t celebrated. This year, Xie Yang hoped that Qiu Xing’s birthday was different.


Feng Qinglin had been gone since his grandmother’s death. Then on the weekend, he suddenly found them at their new home in Dingcheng Garden. Xie Yang saw that Feng Qinglin had lost a lot of weight and his hair had grown a lot. His beard also wasn’t shaved properly. Xie Yang looked him up and down and asked, “Do you go mining?”

“Almost.” Feng Qinglin looked a mess but his eyes were abnormally bright and there was suppressed excitement in them. He wondered, “Uncle?”

Xie Yang replied, “Taking a nap.”


“Your uncle won’t get up until 2 o’clock. Did you have lunch?”

The excitement in Feng Qinglin’s eyes diminished. He frowned and glanced at the house with some worry. “Why did my uncle suddenly take a nap? Is he… is he in very bad health? Last time, I saw on the Internet that Uncle was in bad health. I called you and you comforted me, saying it was fine. Was that actually a lie?”

Xie Yang took out a new pair of slippers and threw them at Feng Qinglin. “Don’t curse your uncle or I will shave your head and let you accompany him.”

“……” Feng Qinglin shut up. He changed into slippers and entered through the door.

Xie Yang entered with Feng Qinglin and asked again, “Did you eat lunch?”

“I’ve eaten.”

“Go sit on the sofa and wait for me.” Xie Yang went upstairs and grabbed a set of home clothes and toiletries. He put them in front of Feng Qinglin and pointed to the guest room on the first floor. “These clothes belong to your uncle so you can wear them. Go wash over there. How dare you come to see your uncle like this? Aren’t you afraid of being scolded?”

Feng Qinglin stared at the clothes in front of him then at Xie Yang who was pouring a glass of water for him. His mouth opened but he couldn’t make a sound.

“Drink water and then go take a shower.” Xie Yang straightened and saw Feng Qinglin’s expression. He looked like a left-behind child who suddenly received parental care. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Are you moved?”

Feng Qinglin returned to his senses and shook his head. “No.” Then he picked up the water glass and drank it in one go.

He picked up the clothes and headed to the guest room. As he reached the door of the guest room, he stopped abruptly. He glanced back at Xie Yang who was sitting on the sofa and playing with his phone and said, “Thank you, Uncle.” Then he opened the door and entered the room, disappearing into the guest room in the blink of an eye.

“……” Xie Yang put down his phone.

As expected of the uncle and nephew, their awkwardness was exactly the same.


Qiu Xing didn’t see Xie Yang on the second floor after waking up and frowned. He went downstairs and looked around but still couldn’t find this person. He was about to take out his phone to call Xie Yang when he noticed someone outside the French windows in the living room. He put down the phone and went to take a look.

On the wooden corridor to the side of the house, Xie Yang was leaning against the railing and directing Feng Qinglin, who was wearing homey clothes and a thick coat, to feed the fish.

Xie Yang was like a landlord enslaving long-time workers. He pointed his finger here and there while speaking. “There are a lot of fish over there so feed them more. Don’t be unhappy. These fish were bought by your grandmother. Won’t you think about people when feeding them?”

Feng Qinglin obediently tossed the fish food and replied, “I’m not unhappy.”

Landlord Xie was very satisfied and started to throw red dates. “After the feeding, there will be afternoon tea. Do you like sweet or salty?”


“Master Liao’s snacks today are sweet.”

“…I can also eat sweet.”

Landlord Xie was very pleased and stood up. “This place is over. Go to the backyard.” Then he suddenly noticed this side and turned his head.

Qiu Xing regained his senses. He stepped over and first held Xie Yang’s hand before looking at Feng Qinglin and asking, “When did you come?”

Feng Qinglin noticed Qiu Xing’s actions and pretended to be blind. He looked carefully and let go of his worries when he saw that Qiu Xing looked good and energetic. He replied, “I came not long ago.”

“Did you have lunch?”

It was the same question Xie Yang previously asked. Feng Qinglin suddenly smiled and nodded. “I’ve eaten.”

“What a silly smile.” Qiu Xing frowned and stepped forward to take away the fish food from Feng Qinglin’s hand.

Xie Yang coughed. Qiu Xing paused and only took away half the fish food in Feng Qinglin’s hand. He told Feng Qinglin, “Go to the backyard and feed the fish first.”

Xie Yang said dutifully, “Then you go and feed them. I’ll return to the house to see how Master Liao’s snacks are going.” He naturally leaned in to kiss Qiu Xing and turned back to the house.

Qiu Xing, “……”

Feng Qinglin, “……”

The uncle and nephew stared at each other.

“…Cough.” Qiu Xing pretended to be calm and motioned to the backyard. “Go and feed the fish. Your… your uncle-in-law is young and more willing to do things publicly. It’s nothing.”

Feng Qinglin, “……” He didn’t say anything.

Xie Yang entered the house and stood at the door of the backyard, watching the uncle and nephew standing next to each other by the lake and chatting while feeding the fish. He took out his phone and took a photo.

A few minutes later, Qiu Xing returned to the house with Feng Qinglin. The three of them sat down in the living room and chatted while having afternoon tea. Feng Qinglin told them, “I robbed a pillar project of the Feng family abroad and Feng Zhen’s vitality was badly injured. He should come back to find Feng Chuang for help.”

“Well done.”

Feng Qinglin received the praise and smiled lightly. Then he continued. “After that, I contacted Feng Dian and showed him the new company I established myself. I told him that if he wants, I can help him get what he wants. He took the bait and is now acting very close to me.”

Qiu Xing sneered. “Don’t let him participate too deeply. His hands and feet are dirty.”

“I understand.”

The two of them continued talking about the current situation of the Feng family. Xie Yang listened for a while and roughly understood that this uncle and nephew already cut off several layers of the Feng family’s flesh during this period. Now the Feng family’s assets had shrunk greatly and several big projects were barely stabilized.

However, judging from the calculations of the uncle and nephew, the Feng family’s current stability was only temporary. The damage to foreign business this time meant the Feng family’s business would have to move back to China. Then the Feng family’s domestic business would soon have Feng Dian, the shirt-stirring stick.

There were internal and external troubles. The Feng family should soon be messed up again.

This section was roughly the same as the plot in the original book. First, the Feng family’s foreign business died and then domestic. Following the original plot, Feng Qinglin would assist Feng Dian to seize Feng Chuan’s position. Then Feng Qinglin would pull down Feng Dian and replace him, taking Fenghua into his own hands.

At this point, the male protagonist’s career line had basically been completed. After gaining Fenghua, Feng Qinglin would use his secretly accumulated power to clean up Fenghua and completely hold it in his hands. Not long afterwards, Qiu Xing died of illness and Rongding was in chaos. Feng Qinglin inherited Rongding and later the original owner of Xie Yang’s body died in a car accident.

Xie Yang returned from his thoughts and looked at the opposite person who was holding a cup of water and listening carefully. He drank a mouthful of milk tea while the uncle and nephew spoke to each other excitedly.

But the plotline had partially changed. Now Qiu Xing would absolutely never die from his illness, so what was left was the car accident during which the original owner died. Xie Yang frowned, scooped up a pearl with a spoon and slowly bit it.

He sensed the small groups of dark energy in the core still being blocked and swallowed the pearl. The car accident was never allowed to happen.


That night, Xie Yang used his ability to ‘move’ Qiu Xing’s tumor and didn’t fall asleep immediately. Instead, he carefully picked the smallest dark energy group and absorbed it. He started to feel dizzy, Xie Yang relaxed his body and moved closer to Qiu Xing.

Countless images flashed in front of his eyes like a broken dream.

The next day, Xie Yang woke up with a splitting headache. He frowned and sorted out the content of the ‘dream’ last night. Unfortunately, he found there was nothing useful gained. However, he had almost consumed all the energy in his core yesterday due to ‘moving’ Qiu Xing’s tumor. Now it was full again.

He glanced at Qiu Xing still sleeping next to him and simply closed his eyes and hugged Qiu Xing’s waist. Then he started to move the tumor again.


In late November, it was a day after the official selection of Rongding’s deputies. Dr Kirkman returned to China with a new treatment plan. He asked Qiu Xing to do a physical examination first. A few hours later, the results of the examination came out. Dr Kirkman stared at the various data regarding Qiu Xing’s body and his eyes widened.

Qiu Xing frowned when he saw this. “Is the situation bad?”

“No no no.” Dr Kirkman was awakened from his thoughts and carefully reviewed Qiu Xing’s checklist. Then he threw his new treatment plan into the trash can and told Qiu Xing, “Mr Qiu, I suggest for you to be hospitalized as soon as possible. You are well recuperated and the second course of treatment can begin at any time. I’ll contact the surgical team to tell them that they should be in place as soon as possible. Oh, all the schedules have to be adjusted and they have to rush to apply for visas. We will be busy preparing for your surgery. Mr Qiu, you are a miracle, a real miracle.”

Dr Kirkman was already picking up his phone to make calls while not giving an explanation to Qiu Xing. It could be seen that he was very happy and excited.

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing and lowered his voice. “So should our Valentine’s Day be advanced again?”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

I wonder if we will hear about the original female lead.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

Awwww, I’m really glad XY managed to help Feng Qinglin see the truth about his family and make him closer to his uncle. Someone here said it before but he’s pretty much their practice child lol 🥺