HTi: Chapter 148

The fans were poked by Qiu Xing’s low words. After a while, they quieted down and listened to the lyrics. Other viewers in the studio also started paying attention to the lyrics. Just like ‘Little Man’, the lyrics of ‘Big Ideology’ were in a simple and straightforward narrative style. Xie Yang had sung a few words and just happened to mention why the model Paul was fired.

There were fewer barrages in the live broadcast room and everyone was listening carefully. After listening to a few sentences, the barrage suddenly became quiet again.

Eddiedie: Who are these lyrics fooling? Can a model be kicked out just because he said something to his partner? Then what did he say? Tell us!

Similar messages were appearing on the barrage when the originally strong music rhythm changed abruptly. The chorus came and after a burst of tight bass and drums, Xie Yang lowered the microphone. He looked at the camera and repeatedly questioned while singing, “[Small-eyed person sell X in Luo Chang?] What is the explanation for this slang term? Was it just intentional that he wanted to say this? Or did you just want to exercise your big ideology?”

This repetition was very good at brainwashing. The simple words and catchy melody meant people couldn’t help shaking their legs. Tong Jian, who was playing the guitar, approached another microphone stand and let out a venting rap, further filling in the mood of the chorus.

Exclamation points and question marks filled the barrage. The exclamation point was because the chorus was too explosive while the question mark was because the model’s slang in the lyrics was sung in the native language spoken by the model. No one could understand it.

The black fans and Eddie fans were extremely angry and questioned if Xie Yang was fooling people. Qiu Xing noticed the situation on the barrage and sneered mockingly. “You should study more and you will be less embarrassed.”

The black fans almost died on the spot due to Qiu Xing’s words. At this time, an audience member who understood it finally spoke.

Legal Compliance: Did I hear it right? Did Xie Yang sing the slang of N Country? That is too dirty.”

Seeing that someone understood, the barrage became even faster. Countless people asked the audience member about what Xie Yang was singing but they had completely disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Qiu Xing controlled his tone and picked a barrage to reply to. “I will answer this question from Sailing Voyage. The sentence that Xie Yang said just now translates to ‘people with small eyes sell their bodies in Luo Chang’. In the last century, a great anti-foreigner movement broke out in Lou Chang in N Country. Countless Chinese people were persecuted in Luo Chang. Later, the government of N Country was pressured to punish a large number of people in Luo Chang. The people in Luo Chang were resentful and fabricated the rumor that ‘all Chinese people in Luo Chang are X workers’. This rumor slowly evolved into a discriminatory and insulting remark. The model who spoke it is from N Country.”

The barrage was quiet before blowing up.

Xenophobia, persecution, rumors, discrimination, insults… every point poked at the minefield of the Chinese people. The black fans and Eddie fans who were clamoring collectively fell silent and the anger of the Xie fans and passersby flooded the barrage.

So Xie Yang didn’t act self-important at all? Instead, he was discriminated against abroad? Where the hell did that Eddie come from to write a song and scold Xie Yang?

An audience member who knew foreign stars couldn’t help speaking up.

Hello Sunshine: I knew it must’ve been something made up. Eddie’s reputation abroad is rotten. You probably don’t know that Eddie was actually the last spokesperson of D Brand. He was fired after less than a month because of a group s*x scandal. This time, he wrote the song mostly to vent his anger.

The barrage became more explosive after seeing this.

On Xie Yang’s side, he suddenly stopped singing like he finally remembered something. “I forgot that some people don’t understand Chinese. I will do it again.”

Long Shuyou threw the drumsticks particularly boldly, caught them and once again slammed them down on the drums. Xie Yang changed to Y language and started rapping ‘Big Ideology’ again. The audience became more and more confused but this time, no one dared to speak randomly in the barrage area.


Xie Yang only sang ‘Big Ideology’ twice before shutting down the live broadcast. At this time, the hot search already had the hot topics #Xie Yang hits back# and #dirty slang#.

Not long after the live broadcast ended, Xie Yang’s video became a hit. The black fans and Eddie fans were coming back slowly. They ran out brainlessly saying things like ‘this is just Xie Yang’s side. Perhaps Xie Yang is lying’.

These remarks aroused public outrage and the agitated Xie fans and passersby stepped forward and used the words ‘Isn’t Eddie also one-sided?’ After that, the black fans no longer dared to speak. Not long after, D Brand issued an official statement explaining the causes and consequences of the model’s dismissal. They also issued a written apology letter written by the model at the time.

At this point, the black fans and Eddie fans were completely silent.

Everyone looked back on ‘Big Ideology’ written by Xie Yang and felt relieved. They were glad that Xie Yang was so rigid or everyone would be misled by public opinion and help outsiders bully one of their own.


Yang Xing.

The live broadcast was turned off and Long Shuyou suddenly banged on the side of the drums angrily. Xie Yang turned his head when he heard the movement and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Long Shuyou put the drum sticks away and stood up. “Such a good song was wasted on a piece of rubbish. It is a pity.”

“It’s okay. I’ll change the lyrics and wash away the bad luck from this song.”

Long Shuyou’s cloudy expression immediately became clear. “Send it to me once you write it?”

Xie Yang replied with an ‘OK’ gesture.

His shoulder was abruptly grabbed. Xie Yang turned his head and saw Qiu Xing had appeared behind him at an unknown time, sourness overflowing from his face.


Xie Yang lowered his voice. “You aren’t allowed to eat vinegar?”

Qiu Xing asked mockingly, “I will actually eat vinegar?”

Okay, you don’t eat it.

Xie Yang squeezed Qiu Xing’s hand and thanked Xu Chenhao, Long Shuyou and the others who came to help. He personally sent them out of the practice room. After that, Xie Yang returned to the office with Qiu Xing, had a brief exchange with Qin Cheng and finalized the follow-up process.


Later that day, Qin Cheng opened an account on a foreign social media network in Xie Yang’s name and posted the video of Xie Yang’s live broadcast. Countless angry Xie fans and other people flooded to it after hearing the news and helped Xie Yang put this video on the trending list.

The Internet had been discussing Eddie’s new song and wondering about the identity of the person Xie Yang was scolding. Then they saw the video of Xie Yang’s response.

What was originally a small incident during shooting quickly evolved into a battle of public opinion between two countries. Countless people curiously entered Xie Yang’s response video and were brainwashed by the powerful melody of ‘Big Ideology’.

Unknowingly, ‘Big Ideology’ climbed to the top 10 of the music charts abroad and Eddie’s ‘Little Man’ was crushed. The number of fans on Xie Yang’s foreign social networking account skyrocketed and the number of sales of ‘Second Life’ also slowly increased.

Domestically, Xie Yang’s Weibo account experienced a surge of fans and the slow sales of ‘Second Life’ rose again step by step. Fang Chengnan and the others who appeared with Xie Yang also gained a wave of popularity.

All in all, this discriminatory battle was lost by Eddie. Xie Yang stepped on his head without hesitation and made a fortune for himself and Yang Xing.


Five days later.

Qin Cheng joyfully went to Rongding to find Xie Yang. “Eddie and Paul apologized due to pressure. Then I received this.”

Xie Yang took the two invitation letters from Qin Cheng and read them one by one before looking surprised. “An invitation to the Spring Festival Gala and the annual outstanding youth selection?”

“Uhuh.” Qin Cheng’s face was red. “This is an official affirmation of your strength. Of course, we also have to thank Eddie for the popularity and good reputation. Are you happy?”

“Happy is happy.” Xie Yang pulled out the invitation to the Spring Festival Gala. “But…”

“Don’t say you want to refuse.” Qin Cheng held down the invitation letter in Xie Yang’s hand. “I’ve inquired about it and the festival director intends to let you go up to sing ‘Golden Age’. Do you know what an opportunity this is? Ji Zehui has been in the circle for so long and the only time he was on the show, he only got a chorus. This opportunity is rare.”

Naturally, Xie Yang knew what a great opportunity it was but… he released the invitation letter. “This year’s Spring Festival is in mid-February. The party is broadcasted live and before the party starts, there will be countless rehearsals and program adjustments. This will consume a lot of my time and energy. Qiu Xing’s new treatment plan will be released next month and the new course of treatment will begin in January. Dr Kirkman estimates that Qiu Xing will reach the best surgical state when the next course of treatment is performed around two times. In other words, this party will most likely collide with Qiu Xing’s operation time.”

Qin Cheng slowly frowned.

Xie Yang sent an apologetic look to Qin Cheng. “Compared to this opportunity, I want to accompany Qiu Xing through the hardest days before and after the operation. So this party, I don’t think—”

“You’re going.”

Xie Yang stopped and glanced at the source of the sound. Qiu Xing walked out of the inner office, took the invitation from the coffee table and read it. “Since the opportunity is rare, you should go.”

“Qiu Xing?”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang. “Go. It is just a performance. How much time can it take?”


“Do you want to go?”

It was rare for Xie Yang to be asked this by Qiu Xing. He thought about it before replying, “Of course I want to go to the stage with the highest status and most attention in the country but you are more important than the stage.”

“I will feel guilty if you don’t go.” Qiu Xing put the invitation letter into Xie Yang’s hand. “If I am feeling guilty then I won’t be able to rest with ease.”

He actually learned to reverse things. Xie Yang and Qiu Xing stared at each other for a few seconds before Xie Yang placed the invitation letter into Qin Cheng’s hand. “Accept this job.”

Qin Cheng quickly responded. He immediately got up to leave like he was afraid Xie Yang would take it back.

Only Xie Yang and Qiu Xing remained in the living room. Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing removed the seriousness from his face that he had put on in front of Qin Cheng and pressed a hand to Xie Yang’s head with a frown. “You don’t have to refuse jobs for me. I’m not a kid who needs someone to watch me.”

“This Spring Festival collides with Valentine’s Day. The party might only start in the evening but I will probably need to start preparing in the morning.”

Qiu Xing’s expression went stiff.

“This would be the first Valentine’s Day since I got together with you.” Xie Yang stood up. “Now do you still feel that you don’t need me to accompany you at the hospital?”


Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

Hahahahahahahah he hit his own feet!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

2 years ago

Anyone know if the slur he is talking about is real? I’ve never heard it before and am curious, and a firm believe in educating myself. Really sucks that words can hold so much power.

Also thanks for the translation. Have been flying through this novel in the past 2 days, so much so I slept late and was late for work 🤣 at first I didn’t like the couples interactions but they grew on me quickly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kisa

Doesn’t sound like it’s actually real, but could very well be referring to the extremely racist anti-Chinese and East Asian immigrant sentiment in the US at the turn of the 20th century (termed yellow peril)

2 years ago

No kisses for the ML, he’s sending his date off. ♡(> ਊ <)♡

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Reverteu bem Yang yang👍