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HTi: Chapter 147

Qiu Xing frowned. “Writing a song with such dirty words?”

Xie Yang glanced at the computer in front of Qiu Xing that was running a video conference and walked to the opposite side of Qiu Xing to sit down. “You have the meeting first. I will explain it to you later.”

Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang for a few seconds before retracting his gaze and continuing the meeting. Xie Yang took out his phone to send a WeChat message to Qin Cheng.

Xie Yang: I’ve finished watching.

Qin Cheng replied in seconds: Then what are you going to do?

Qin Cheng: I have already contacted D Brand’s side and I asked them to make a statement to help explain what happened that day. I haven’t withdrawn the hot search on Weibo for the time being. I just tried my best to suppress the spread of the matter. I am worried that the direct withdrawal will have a negative effect on the netizens who are now brought by the rhythm. I suggest waiting for the official statement before withdrawing the hot search.

Xie Yang: This arrangement is fine. You prepare public relations on the Internet and at home, I am going to return the song to Eddie.

Qin Cheng directly called him. Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing on the opposite side of the desk, got up and answered the phone after walking out of the study.

Qin Cheng’s voice was instantly heard. “You want to write a song to fight back? How are you going to write it? It is indeed a good method to fight back with a song but if the song isn’t well written then you will be laughed out. Your songwriting style and rapping are completely different things. I don’t recommend that you use your current style to write a counterattack song.”

“I’m not going to use my current style. I will use the rapping that Eddie is best at.”

“You can also write rap songs?”

“I can.” In order to break into the international market in his last life, he had devoted himself to studying it.

Qin Cheng was silent for a few moments before replying, “Okay, then you write it. After you write this song, your reputation overseas will probably increase greatly. However, if you don’t write it well then you might lose the popularity you’ve accumulated from the cooperative catwalk show.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t write it badly. I have a ready-made song and just need to fill in the words.”


Xie Yang returned to the study after the phone call and found that Qiu Xing had already finished the meeting. Once Xie Yang came in, Qiu Xing immediately asked, “What happened?”

Xie Yang went around the desk and sat down next to Qiu Xing. He used the computer to search for Eddie’s song and played it.

The song finished and Xie Yang opened Qiu Xing’s clenched hands to squeeze it in comfort. “Help me out?”

Qiu Xing’s eyes were deep and showed an expression that said ‘I will do whatever you want me to do’. He replied, “What do you want to do?”

“The fact that Eddie wrote a song like this to spread distorted facts should constitute as slander. Help me contact a lawyer to sue him.”

“……” Qiu Xing frowned at Xie Yang. “That’s it? You don’t want anything else?”

“Of course there is something else.” Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing. “I want to open a live broadcast. Will you be my live broadcast camera stand for me?”


This rest day was destined to be restless.

The rap circle might be regarded as a niche circle in the country but the cohesion was very high. Most of the fans of rappers were loyal and not easy to provoke. The moment that Eddie’s song was released, the first to react were the marketing accounts, Xie Yang’s black fans and then the Xie fans. It had spread widely by the time the Xie fans knew about it.

Among them, the black fans were the most joyful. They amplified the fact that Xie Yang was arrogantly using his name and said that Xie Yang had no quality and was fake. Eddie’s fans followed closely and asked Xie Yang to apologize, accusing him of embarrassing China. The Xie fans firmly believed that Xie Yang wouldn’t do this and demanded to know the truth.

The attitude of the passersby was complicated. Some people felt it was embarrassing for Xie Yang to act like this and to be despised by others in a song. Some people felt that due to the discrimination revealed in Eddie’s lyrics, his words couldn’t be fully believed and they should wait to see Xie Yang’s response. Some people didn’t care about the situation. They saw a foreigner writing a song that discriminated against the Chinese, scolded it and it was over.

People of various attitudes gathered together and quarreled. Public opinion became a mess. Just as it was reaching the peak of the arguing, Xie Yang posted a live broadcast notice on Weibo. He said he had written a new song and invited everyone to join it.

Such a Weibo was posted at this time. Everyone who followed this matter was excited.

A new song was written! What new song? Was it a response to Eddie? They felt that with Xie Yang’s personality, it was most likely a response to Eddie. In addition, the fact that he dared to respond so directly showed that he was confident. Didn’t that mean, he never did the things mentioned by Eddie?

The Xie fans’ hearts were settled in an instant.

The Eddie fans and black fans weren’t happy. They ridiculed Xie Yang for ‘not being in the circle but is delusional to play with things in the circle’. They also said things like ‘I want to see what you can write’ and ‘don’t do the wrong thing, apologize’.

In the middle of the commotion, Xie Yang started the live broadcast at 8 o’clock. The people who followed this incident flocked in. Then they were dumbfounded after seeing the people holding instruments or sitting in front of instruments.

Set Sail for a Long Voyage: Fu*k? All members of the new IUD?

Da da da: ?!!! Is that Fang Chengnan in front of the piano?

Sister Jiu Jiu: Wait, the one in front of the drums is Long Shuyou? Oh my god! Long Shuyou can still play the drums?

Yang Xing is Real: Wait, I seem to see a shadow that exudes the scent of money…

Eddiedie: Xie Yang is shameless, Xie Yang is shameless! Inviting so much external help, a terrified dog, a terrified dog.

There was a quarrel on the barrage immediately.

Xie Yang had just ended the conversation with Qiu Xing when he received the mobile phone from Qin Cheng and saw this scene. He raised his eyebrow and said, “External help? No, I’m just reasonably working my employees.”

The black fans choked and clamored again. Then why was Long Shuyou here? Was Long Shuyou also an employee of Yang Xing?

Xie Yang gave a friendly reminder. “Long Shuyou is Yang Xing’s music consultant. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this?”

The black fans were completely choked up and hurriedly changed their words: Apologize to Eddie! Apologize for acting big!

“As it happens, I want Eddie to apologize to me too.”

Xie Yang walked to Qiu Xing and placed his phone in this person’s hands. “You sit here and help me hold the mobile phone. If you are bored then you can chat to the people on the barrage.”


The Xie fans recognized Qiu Xing’s voice and screamed on the barrage.

Xie Yang turned back to the microphone stand and spoke toward the camera, “The new song is called ‘Big Ideology’.” Then he nodded to Long Shuyou diagonally behind him. After receiving the signal, Long Shuyou turned the drum sticks and struck the first note hard. Xu Chenhao held the bass and followed closely.

The dynamic and powerful music instantly filled the entire space. Xie Yang’s lips cured up and he opened his mouth close to the microphone. The deliberately lowered voice accompanied the strong rhythmic music and a sense of power burst out directly. The barrage was quiet before filling the screen.

Set Sail for a Long Voyage: Yang Yang can actually make such a sound. So cool!

Da Da Da: This style of music ahhhhh. So exciting!

Those who previously said that Xie Yang couldn’t write a full rap song shut up and everyone who knew how to rap was shocked.

This structure and style were too professional! It was much more professional than Eddie’s song!

Qiu Xing holding the phone was also stunned. He watched Xie Yang holding the microphone while singing and rapping and the anger that Eddie provoked in his heart dissipated. He saw the excited barrage and snorted proudly. “Of course Xie Yang is a professional. Don’t make any noise and listen to the lyrics.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten


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2 years ago

I wonder that the slur was.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
11 months ago

Oh dng, I forgot that Fang Chengnan was signed under Yang Xing after it absorbed Ke Xu Entertainment. As a refresher to others, Fang Chengnan is the mini rival actor who clashed with Xie Yang when he auditioned for his first movie role, the young master pianist. He had dealings with Mu Zhouyi, the female protag of the original novel, and so tried to make trouble for XY by trying to upstage him at a fashion magazine’s annual event and stealing his spotlight for a performance. He eventually stopped after XY made his move and when Ke Xu was about to collapse due to trouble with their ex-shareholder (Hong Zhijie, a veteran actor?director? who happened to be the husband of Ke Xu’s chairman. He was also under the FeMC’s influence and switched over to her rival company, hence the collapse), Fang Chengnan chose to stay with Ke Xu out of gratitude and this eventually saved them as XY decided to absorb Ke Xu and offer their chairman a position in Yang Xing, as well. Fang Chengnan hadn’t been mentioned since and that was a bit long ago.