HTI: Chapter 146

It was a very impolite look and deliberate ignorance.

Xie Yang hadn’t responded yet when Qiu Xing frowned first. Xie Yang patted Qiu Xing in a soothing manner and greeted the approaching makeup artist and stylist. Then he looked at Qiu Xing and asked, “Will you wait for me here or go outside? The scenery around the castle is good.”

“I’ll wait for you here.”

Xie Yang nodded. He first settled Qiu Xing down on a sofa in the corner of the dressing room, spoke to the makeup artist and stylist for a long time and then sat in the makeup chair. The two of them tacitly ignored the models.

The makeup artist and stylist looked at each other when they saw it. At the same time, they looked at the group of models who suddenly became louder and showed a slightly dissatisfied expression. Then they concentrated on helping Xie Yang get ready.

Qiu Xing had never seen Xie Yang putting on makeup before. After sitting down, he looked through the mirror as the makeup artist put makeup on Xie Yang’s face. Every time the makeup artist touched Xie Yang’s face with his hand, Qiu Xing would frown like he wanted to pull the makeup artist’s hand away from Xie Yang’s face.

The makeup artist wasn’t a piece of wood. He naturally noticed Qiu Xing’s gaze and was a bit amused. He proactively spoke to Xie Yang, “Is he your partner? I saw you wearing a couples ring.”

Xie Yang smiled. “Yes, he came to work with me.”

“Then he is great.” The makeup artist swiped his fingers to remove the excess eyebrow powder and couldn’t help smiling when he saw Qiu Xing’s instant frown. “He cares about you very much. So cute.”

The makeup artist was a delicate man in his 40s and his cute tone of exaggeration was like praising a neighbor’s child. The smile on Xie Yang’s face widened and he agreed. “Yes, I also think he is very cute.”

The voices of the two people were low and Qiu Xing couldn’t hear them. He just saw the increasingly bright smile on Xie Yang’s face and unknowingly frowned.

Xie Yang saw this scene through the mirror and was amused. He just wanted to reassure the other person when Qiu Xing’s expression abruptly sank as he turned to look at the group of models. Then he got up and walked over, saying something to one of the models in a language that Xie Yang couldn’t understand.

The model was stunned and his expression became particularly agitated. He got up, said something to Qiu Xing in the Y language and left the dressing room in a hurry. The other models followed suit.

The makeup artist and stylist noticed the movements and stopped working. The other small assistants in the dressing room also stopped working. Xie Yang watched Qiu Xing walking toward him and asked, “What happened?”

“The curly-haired model spoke a dirty slang from his hometown and the object was you. I guess he thought no one in the room would understand so he acted unscrupulously. I’m going to find Qin Cheng.”

Qiu Xing spoke in Y language and he was obviously speaking to the makeup artist and stylist. Xie Yang understood and didn’t ask the content of the slang. He said, “Then you go.”

Qiu Xing turned and left with long strides.

“Oh, I knew it was going to be like this,” the stylist muttered suddenly.

The makeup artist immediately looked at him. “What do you know? What is going on?”

The stylist glanced at Xie Yang and hesitated a moment before replying, “I heard that Paul and Eddie have a somewhat ambiguous relationship.”

This answer was vague but the makeup artist seemed to understand. He cursed before noticing Xie Yang’s gaze and hurriedly apologizing. Xie Yang smiled and said it was nothing.

The makeup continued.

Perhaps the few conversations with Xie Yang previously made the makeup artist feel soft. A short time passed before he murmured with a complicated expression, “Eddie is the former spokesman and singer. He was fired before his contract expired because of some contracts. The model your partner mentioned just now, Paul has a very good relationship with Eddie.”

It was like this. Xie Yang thanked the makeup artist.

“No, you don’t need to thank me. The responsibility is actually on our side. I’m really sorry.”

Xie Yang once again said it was nothing.

Around 30 minutes later, Qiu Xing returned together with the person from D Brand that they had met before. The person in charge solemnly apologized to Xie Yang and told him that the model involved in racial discrimination and personal insults had been fired by them.

Racial discrimination and personal insults?

The makeup artist and stylist looked like the sky was falling down when they heard this. In foreign countries, things that involved racial discrimination must never be said.

Xie Yang didn’t know the slang the model used but based on Qiu Xing’s reaction and the attitude of these people, it should be very bad and serious. He accepted the apology of the person in charge of the D Brand and didn’t continue to fuss about the matter.

The person in charge was very grateful and apologized again. Then he exchanged a few words with Qiu Xing before leaving.

Xie Yang glanced at Qiu Xing. “Still angry?”

Qiu Xing didn’t deny it and shook Xie Yang’s hand. “Go to work. I’ll wait for you.”

Another 30 minutes passed and Xie Yang’s appearance was finally done. The shooting officially began.

Xie Yang saw the models again and their number had really decreased by one. This time, the models were much more obedient and no longer murmured together. They saw Xie Yang and came forward to apologize to him.

Xie Yang smiled. He didn’t accept nor did he refuse. They were probably warned by the person in charge of the D Brand. In the following shoot, the models were silent and professional.

By the time it was dark, the shooting ended smoothly. Xie Yang took off his makeup, bid farewell to the person in charge from D Brand and returned to the hotel with Qiu Xing, Qin Cheng and the others.

After getting in the car, Xie Yang immediately looked at Qiu Xing. “Fiance, thank you for helping me out. What reward do you want?”

Qiu Xing’s expression that had been maintained all day was broken and he was no longer angry. He took Xie Yang’s hand and said, “I’ll arrange another assistant for you. Wu Shui understands too few languages.”

Sure enough, he was still angry.

Xie Yang comforted him. “Today’s situation is an accident and I don’t often work abroad. It will be a waste to hire another assistant. However, if the assistant has the surname Qiu then I can consider it.”

Qiu Xing’s expression changed and he couldn’t stay angry at all. Still, he kept a straight face. “When did your temper become so good?”

Xie Yang was very honest. “After you helped me deal with the malicious outsiders.”


Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang. Xie Yang smiled at him.

“What a glib tongue.” Qiu Xing squeezed Xie Yang’s hand but his expression finally changed from cloudy to fine.

Xie Yang took the opportunity to ask about what the model said but Qiu Xing was unwilling to answer. He only said, “They are very dirty words. Saying them will stain your ears.”

The next day, Xie Yang had another day of shooting. Then this foreign filming trip officially came to an end and everyone went back home. Just as they all felt the model incident had passed, Qin Cheng suddenly called Xie Yang on a rest day. “Eddie wrote a song scolding you.”

At the time he answered the phone, Xie Yang was experimenting with how effective it was to spread out his level nine ability and if it was efficient to blend it with the vegetation. He asked casually, “Who is Eddie?”

Qin Cheng’s tone contained a bit of helplessness. “The last spokesperson of D Brand and the friend of the fired model Paul. Eddie’s rapping is very good. He is popular abroad and has a large number of Chinese fans. The song he wrote to scold you has been spread through the Internet to China and is on the hot search. In addition, I don’t know how the matter spread but there is news that Eddie wrote the song to scold you because you acted as a big name while shooting the ad and changed Eddie’s friend Paul. You asked Mr Qiu to press the designers to suppress Paul. As a result, Paul lost a lot of jobs and is almost unable to continue further in the modeling industry.”

Surprising feedback came from spreading his ability to the plants. The test was successful. The level nine ability not only became easier to use but it was also particularly sensitive to the aura of vegetation and could easily collect it.

Xie Yang withdrew his ability. “I understand.”

“…That’s it? You’re not angry?”

“I’m angry. Wait a minute, I’ll listen to the song written by Eddie.”

He ended the call with Qin Cheng and opened Weibo. He soon saw a hot search containing his name and Eddie’s name.

#Eddie wrote a song to mock Xie Yang#

Xie Yang clicked in and the page switched. The first thing he saw was a video posted by a marketing account that provided news of foreign celebrities. He didn’t read the content and directly clicked on the accompanying video.

The video was four minutes long. At the beginning, the image was a bit shaky and finally stabilized after a few seconds of adjustments. Then a young man’s figure slowly moved back and appeared in the center of the screen. The young man was blond and blue-eyed, with short shaved hair and a strong build. He was wearing a loose tank top and slacks with tattoos on his arms and neck.

Behind him were a few people with musical instruments who were sitting or standing. All of them were young.

“Hey Xie Yang, I’m Eddie.”

The young man spoke with a strange pronunciation but ‘Xie Yang’ could be heard. He had an arrogant expression and the feeling of pretending to be polite. “I heard that you also play music. This song ‘Little man’ is given to you. I wrote it specially for you. I hope you like it.”

It was full of disdain and taunts.

Xie Yang turned up the volume of the phone, ready to listen to Eddie’s masterpiece. In the video, Eddie finished speaking and retreated to his partners. He picked up the microphone and snapped his fingers at his partners. The rhythmic music started with almost no prelude and Eddie started a series of raps that could be called dazzling.

He was very engaged and from time to time, he would make a provocative and disdainful expression toward the camera. The lyrics he sang and rapped were straightforward and simple. It took the story of a ‘poor’ model being bullied by a foreigner and mocked this outsider for being a little man with a small personality, small eyes and short height.

The video ended with Eddie’s strange scream and a provocative smile. Xie Yang sat for a few seconds before putting his phone away. He got up and found Qiu Xing in the study making arrangements for the upcoming selection of deputies. He asked Qiu Xing, “What did that model say that day?”

Qiu Xing paused the communication with the deputies. “Why are you asking about this all of a sudden?”

“I will use it to write a song.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
11 months ago

Haaaah, as usual, with entertainment-centric c-novels, there’s always going to be an arc with an international job and colliding with a foreigner. Can’t even be mad ’cause this does happen in real life. 😑 But oh noooo, someone made a diss track. 🙄

9 months ago

Ksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksk isso tá ficando interessante

2 months ago

wow you can even hear his lyrics that he’s being racist, how is he being supported by Chinese fans at this point?