HTI: Chapter 145

Xie Yang’s sudden sleepiness this time still scared Qiu Xing. After the talk with Xie Yang, he immediately called He Jun and asked He Jun to send all the work that needed remote processing to him during Xie Yang’s business trip. He also said to disclose the news that he was going to choose the deputies to the senior management of Rongding.

Xie Yang didn’t raise any objections to Qiu Xing’s arrangements. Once everything was arranged, Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang again and touched his face. “Have a good rest these days.”

Xie Yang nodded obediently.

Qiu Xing’s tenseness slightly faded and he leaned in to kiss Xie Yang’s forehead before sitting back. After a while, he suddenly asked, “Your body’s acclimatization symptoms…”

Xie Yang immediately replied, “I’ve always had it.”

“Then why did Xie Xiu say you’ve never shown such symptoms before?”

“What does he know?” Xie Yang lied without even blinking. “After my mother went away, he immediately married my stepmother and she gave birth to my brother. I was like a transparent person at home and he doesn’t know anything about me.”

Qiu Xing’s expression became heavy and he hugged Xie Yang. “It seems I have been too good to Xie Xiu recently.”

“Indeed. Still, you can’t be too bad to him. I need him to keep making money for me.”

Qiu Xing released him with a dark expression. “Are you short of money?”

“There is no shortage.”

“Then you—”

“But who doesn’t want more money?”


The tightness of Qiu Xing’s completely faded. He was annoyed. “Is there only money in your eyes?”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “If it wasn’t for me always looking at money, I wouldn’t have done business with you.”

“……” Qiu Xing couldn’t bear it and covered Xie Yang’s mouth.


They returned to the hotel and went to eat something first. After eating and returning to the room, Xie Yang finally had time to check the status of his ability core. No matter how steady his personality, even he couldn’t help showing a surprised look.

Qiu Xing was working remotely with He Jun and noticed Xie Yang’s expression. He immediately covered the handset of his phone and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“…Nothing, I just need to go to the bathroom.,” Xie Yang replied. He patted Qiu Xing in comfort and headed to the bathroom. Once he entered the bathroom, he immediately closed the door, put down the toilet seat and sat down.

He looked again at his ability core. It wasn’t an illusion. His ability core had really gone up five levels this time. He was now at level nine.

Level nine. Even in the apocalypse, a level nine ability was rare. The higher the level of the ability, the more difficult it was to upgrade. In his last life, he spent so many years absorbing the energy of countless crystal nuclei yet he was only level seven when he died.

Level nine abilities might be scarce in the apocalypse but a large part of the reason was that the environment was too bad. After the ability was upgraded, a person would inevitably fall into a coma for a period of time and this was risky… Xie Yang pressed a hand to his forehead to suppress his emotions.

After awakening his ability in this life, he once estimated that based on the conditions of this world, it would take 10 years at the minimum for his ability to reach the original level seven. Ten years happened in one night. The contrast was like reaching heaven in a single step. The energy contained in the system was truly terrifying.

Thinking of the system, Xie Yang carefully checked all corners of his ability core and was surprised again. The system wasn’t completely swallowed up by yesterday’s repeated upgrades. There were still some fragmented dark energy groups floating.

Xie Yang frowned.

How could there be any fragments? Every time he treated Qiu Xing, he needed to penetrate his ability into Qiu Xing’s body. If these energy groups followed the ability to touch Qiu Xing’s body during treatment…

He immediately wrapped these small energy groups with his ability and tried to absorb them. It was obviously different from the previous arduous absorbing. Xie Yang only felt dizzy for a moment before some fragmented images flashed in front of him. Mu Zhouyi was in those images.

Xie Yang hastily suspended absorbing these small groups. This was… he realized something and slowed down when trying to absorb a small group again. His head became dizzy as the fragmented images flashed in front of him. Xie Yang looked carefully and found that it was Mu Zhouyi using her ability on Shen Yan.

He stopped absorbing. So these small groups were like fragments of the system? Were they data left behind by the system?

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. If he finished absorbing these small energy groups, would he know all the details of the system and the process of binding this system to Mu Zhouyi that wasn’t explained in detail in the book?

It was a surprise.

Knock knock.

There was a sudden knock on the bathroom door and Qiu Xing’s voice came through it. “Yang Yang? Are you okay?”

Xie Yang returned to his senses and found that he had been in the bathroom for too long. He got up, flushed the toilet, washed his hands and opened the door. Then he explained to Qiu Xing, “I was playing with my mobile phone and forgot the time.”

Qiu Xing frowned and raised a hand to press against Xie Yang’s head. “You’re not allowed to do so in the future.”

Xie Yang nodded. Then he thought of something and leaned over to kiss Qiu Xing. “Ah Xing, let’s go on a date.”

Qiu Xing paused.

“There are three days left before I start work. Qin Cheng said this city has a few interesting attractions and a very famous movie theme park. Shall we go play around?”

Qiu Xing looked at Xie Yang with a smile and finally showed the lively and energetic look that people should have. He hugged Xie Yang tightly and replied, “Okay, let’s go play.”


On Weibo, Qiu Xing’s account that had been quiet for several days started to update photos frequently. The background of the photo was obviously abroad and all the people in the photo were Xie Yang.

Xie Yang eating delicious food, Xie Yang bending over to pick gifts from a small stall, Xie Yang at scenic spots, Xie Yang on a cruise ship, Xie Yang taking photos with dolls at the amusement park, Xie Yang feeding pigeons in the square…

In all the photos, Xie Yang was smiling brightly and it was completely different from when he used to leave the country for work. The joy and intimacy when he looked at the camera almost overflowed from the photos.

Anyone who wasn’t blind could see that Xie Yang in the photos was very happy and close to the person who took the photos of him.

The Xie fans were excited, surprised and sour by the bombardment of photos. They were excited that they could see Xie Yang’s private state, surprised that Xie Yang was so handsome, sweet and cute in private and sour that this type of Xie Yang was only shown to Qiu Xing.

The comments area was filled with lemons.


In the amusement park, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing sat next to each other on a bench. Suddenly, Xie Yang approached Qiu Xing and asked, “Are you very happy to bully fans?”

“What bullying fans?” Qiu Xing hurriedly controlled his expression and locked his phone screen. He rubbed Xie Yang’s hand and wondered, “Are you cold?”

Xie Yang didn’t dismantle Qiu Xing’s change in subject and just gripped this person’s hand. “It’s not cold. How long until the fireworks show starts?”

“It’s almost here.” Qiu Xing placed his hand in his pocket and looked at the paradise castle ahead. “It is 10 minutes at most.”

Xie Yang also looked at the gorgeous and dreamy castle decorated by lights at night. He moved his body and leaned his head against Qiu Xing’s shoulder. Qiu Xing turned his head and kissed the top of Xie Yang’s head.

After waiting another 10 minutes, there was a countdown and then fireworks shot into the sky accompanied by the cheers of the surrounding tourists. They exploded in the air, sprinkling brilliant lights.

“Three days have gone by so fast,” Xie Yang sighed and turned to Qiu Xing with a smile. “I heard that the fireworks display at Christmas is even grander. Shall we see it next year?”

Qiu Xing also turned his head. He stared into Xie Yang’s eyes illuminated by the fireworks and reached out to hold Xie Yang’s face. He lowered his head for a kiss, pouring his affirmative answer into the kiss.

On this night, Qiu Xing slept in a very deep and relaxed manner. Xie Yang opened his eyes and stared at Qiu Xing’s sleeping face for a long time. Then he closed his eyes and tried to penetrate his upgraded ability into Qiu Xing’s body.

He had become familiar with it in the last few days and it was only now that he dared to use the upgraded ability on Qiu Xing. The level nine ability had become more condense and softer. After entering the body, it was like a drizzle in spring. It quietly moistened every corner without the need for Xie Yang to control it.

The effect was beyond what Xie Yang expected. He was a bit relieved and first let the ability circulate in Qiu Xing’s body. Then he slowly moved toward Qiu Xing’s brain.

This time, the ability entered the brain region and clearly sensed the location of Qiu Xing’s tumor. There was no need for Xie Yang to work hard to control it. The soft level nine ability enveloped the tumor and silently swallowed a bit of the matter.

Xie Yang tried to ‘shift’ the location of the tumor and the ability immediately followed his wish to increase the pulling on that tumor. Xie Yang even discovered that the level nine ability could penetrate into the depths of Qiu Xing’s body, slowly separating the sick parts from the depths of Qiu Xing’s body.

It might be inefficient but it was indeed separable. Apart from not being able to remove the separated diseased part of the body, this separation was almost equivalent to the supernatural version of the tumor removal surgery.

Xie Yang opened his eyes and stared at Qiu Xing. He saw that this person was sleeping peacefully without being disturbed at all by the actions of the ability. Then he completely let go of the worries in his heart.

Great. It wouldn’t be long before Qiu Xing would reach the right operating conditions.


The shooting of D Brand’s new advertisement was arranged to be in an old castle. On the way to the old castle, Xie Yang heard that the background music at an open-air event on the other side of the street was actually ‘Golden Age’.

Qin Cheng saw this and explained, “After the catwalk cooperation show, your reputation abroad has increased a lot. The sales of the album overseas is continuously rising. I have actually received many cooperation invitations from overseas but I rejected them all because you temporarily stopped work. To be honest, it is a pity that you missed this good opportunity to penetrate the overseas market. I don’t know when the next time will come.”

Qiu Xing had been sitting quietly beside Xie Yang and reading emails. He heard this and glanced sideways at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang replied, “It’s fine. As long as the songs are good then there will always be a chance to open the market.” Then he patted Qiu Xing’s leg. “Stop your bad thoughts.”

Qiu Xing retracted his gaze and continued to read the emails. “I didn’t have any bad thoughts.”

Who would believe this when he was frowning?

It didn’t take long to arrive at the castle.

D Brand’s shooting team had already settled in the castle. Xie Yang got out of the car and exchanged greetings with the team leader. Then he let Qin Cheng talk to the other person and took Qiu Xing to the makeup booth.

This time, the advertisement shoot wouldn’t be taken by Xie Yang alone. There were also several D Brand international models who would appear together. When Xie Yang arrived in the dressing room, several models had already finished their styling and were gathered to talk.

Xie Yang entered through the door and the models stopped talking and looked over. They obviously looked at Xie Yang and then continued to chat and laugh.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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MC upgrated so fast. Soom the ML will be healthy and they can go out to play