HTI: Chapter 137

In early September, Qiu Xing’s fourth treatment began.

During Qiu Xing’s treatment, Xie Yang went to the flower bed downstairs to sit down as usual. His ability in his core was running at high speed and Xie Yang looked down at the leaves falling on the ground in a daze.

Autumn had come and it wouldn’t take long before most of these flowers and plants withered and died. Most of the trees would lose their leaves and the gathering of his ability would be inconvenient and slow. This wasn’t good news.

Qiu Xing would receive this course of treatment five times and this was the second last time. After the treatment, Qiu Xing would have a period of recuperation that lasted around two or three months. The recuperation period was originally a good opportunity for him to quietly and recklessly use his ability to help improve Qiu Xing’s body but this time happened to be winter. If he didn’t have enough ability reserves every day then the efficiency would definitely be greatly reduced.

Qiu Xing’s current physical condition didn’t allow Xie Yang to reduce his efficiency at all. The burden of the treatment had increased and he was busy with dealing with the Feng family. Recently, he had lost a lot of weight. His complexion might look good but his physique had actually deteriorated a lot.

However, he couldn’t take Qiu Xing to a place with lush vegetation to spend the winter. Now was the critical time to deal with the Feng family and Qiu Xing couldn’t walk away. Xie Yang also needed to become familiar with Rongding’s affairs. If only there was a suitable source of energy…

Xie Yang thought up to here and focused on the area near the ability core that was still blocked by his ability. Should he act against the system that was still hidden?

“Why are you sitting here?”

Xie Yang returned to his senses and looked up. He saw the pale Qiu Xing standing in front of him and hurriedly got up. “Why did you come out here? When did your treatment end? Is there any discomfort?”

“I didn’t see you after the treatment and it made me uncomfortable.”

Xie Yang was stunned. He looked at Qiu Xing’s expressionless manner of expressing love and smiled. Then he took the initiative to hold Qiu Xing’s hand. “I saw the sunlight and came down to get some sun. I promise that you will see me the next time you leave the treatment room.”

Qiu Xing snorted coldly and gripped Xie Yang’s hand. Then he let go of the hand, helped Xie Yang pat the grey dust off his back and pants before saying with a frown, “How old are you? Why are you still sitting on the ground? The temperature is high these days. What sunlight? Aren’t you afraid of heat stroke?”

“It is autumn. How can I get a heat stroke?”

“Xie Yang.”


“Mom said that she wants to see your first anniversary show.”

Xie Yang’s debut time is rather vague. The original owner had entered IUD in June but hadn’t officially appeared to the public until the day that Xie Yang crossed over. After Xie Yang crossed over, his first performance was in October.

In short, the timeline was very messy and fans couldn’t tell which day Xie Yang made his debut.

Most fans wanted to take the October performance as the time Xie Yang officially debuted but Xie Yang didn’t want to erase the traces of the original owner. He discussed it with Qin Cheng and took the middle value. He set the first anniversary fan meeting in mid-September.

According to the doctor, Mother Qiu could last until late September at most. His mother-in-law would be very weak in September. Was she really suitable for such a lively occasion like the first anniversary of his debut? Would it increase the burden on her body?

Xie Yang watched as Qiu Xing helped him organize his clothes and replied, “Okay, I will give both of you the best seats.”

Qiu Xing raised his eyes to Xie Yang and leaned in for a kiss. “Yes.”


A few hours later, the result of Qiu Xing’s inspection this month was released. Dr Kirkman took the examination sheet and exclaimed excitedly, “The tumor is shrinking faster and the shrinking position is also ideal. If this continues, the second course of treatment doesn’t need to be completed. Finish the first course and Qiu Xing can achieve the best surgical state.”

In other words, this long treatment could end a bit earlier.

Xie Yang was very satisfied. He turned to look at Qiu Xing only to see that Qiu Xing was frowning without any joy on his face. Xie Yang understood and wondered, “Are you worried about the side-effects of the operation?”

“The side-effects of the operation?” Qiu Xing hadn’t replied yet when Dr Kirkman interrupted. “Mr Qiu, don’t worry about that. Your treatment result is very good and it’s almost a miracle. The fight against your illness is about to end. You should be confident about it.”

Qiu Xing’s thoughts were exposed and he no longer concealed it. He asked, “If the operation isn’t effective, what are the aftereffects?”

“Mr Qiu.” Dr Kirkman looked disapproving. “This isn’t something you should pay attention to right now.”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak.

Xie Yang took the initiative to hold Qiu Xing’s hand and he told Dr Kirkman, “Tell him or he will keep thinking about it.”

Dr Kirkman had no choice but to answer. “The aftereffects can be mild or serious. There is slurred speech, facial paralysis, epilepsy and in severe cases, hemiplegia or even directly falling into a coma. However, I promise Mr Qiu. I will try my best to avoid causing secondary damage to your body during the operation.”

Qiu Xing gripped Xie Yang’s tightly the moment Dr Kirkman mentioned the words ‘hemiplegia’ and ‘coma’.

“There is something else that Dr Kirkman didn’t say. There can also be no aftereffects.”

The originally solemn atmosphere in the room froze as both Dr Kirkman and Qiu Xing glanced at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang questioned Dr Kirkman, “There are many patients who successfully didn’t develop any aftereffects after the operation, right?”

Dr Kirkman understood and nodded quickly. “Yes, there are many patients who are completely fine after the operation. They either had no issues or some appeared but with further treatment and recuperation, they could get rid of it and returned to full health. Mr Qiu, you really need to be more optimistic.”

Xie Yang stared at Qiu Xing. “I think I’m lucky. I won’t be widowed in the first year of marriage. In addition, I’m very patient. Even if you are paralyzed, I will accompany you to slowly heal until you are completely healthy again. You must also trust Dr Kirkman’s technique. He won’t make you fall into a coma. In addition, don’t you want to have a wedding with me?”

Qiu Xing’s breathing stopped. “Wedding?”

“Yes, wedding. Once you fully recover, I’ll have a wedding with you. You don’t have to hear me call you fiance and you will become…” He didn’t finish his words and just suggestively tickled Qiu Xing’s palm.

Qiu Xing hurriedly squeezed Xie Yang’s hand. His Adam’s apple moved as he glanced at Dr Kirkman, who was pretending to be deaf behind the desk. His heavy atmosphere disappeared and he pulled Xie Yang to him. “Daring to say something so messy… g-go home and eat!”

He didn’t even say goodbye to Dr Kirkman and directly took Xie Yang out. Xie Yang smiled, waved at Dr Kirkman and obediently followed Qiu Xing out of the hospital.


In order to take care of Mother Qiu’s physical condition, Xie Yang asked Qin Cheng to advance the first anniversary meeting by a few days and set it on September 9th.

In the following period, Qiu Xing and Xie Yang tacitly reduced their working hours and aimed to go to the sanatorium every day to accompany Mother Qiu. Feng Qinglin also tried his best to spare time to go every day.

In order to make Mother Qiu happy, everyone would tell her good news every day.

For example, how much sales of Xie Yang’s new specials had increased and how many records had been broken. In addition, how much business Fenghua had lost and how fiercely the Feng family was fighting. For example, Feng Qinglin arranged for Bei Cheng and Feng Dian to meet each other and let Feng Dian learn that Tao Yi had actually hooked up with Xu Chen. The reason why Tao Yi helped Tao Yang was because he discovered her cheating with Xu Chen. Feng Dian was furious when he heard it. For example, Qiu Xing’s treatment was very good and the tumor had shrunk a lot…

Mother Qiu was happy every day and her mental state was improving. However, everyone felt heavy seeing her like this. A person who had been judged by the doctor to have reached the limit suddenly improved every day. The signs given by this change actually weren’t good.

In the blink of an eye, it was September 9th. Xie Yang and Qiu Xing got up early, helped Mother Qiu dress at her request and took her to the venue where the fan meeting of his first anniversary debut would occur.

In order to take care of Mother Qiu’s physical condition, Xie Yang had specifically asked Qin Cheng to arrange the venue indoors. It didn’t need to be too big. After careful selection, Qin Cheng chose a theater closer to the sanatorium in accordance with Xie Yang’s request.

On the way to the theater, Xie Yang noticed that many of the billboards on the bus stops were replaced with his own photos. Some of the buses were also displaying his photo. Mother Qiu also noticed this and wondered, “Yang Yang, is this your advertisement? It looks good.”

Xie Yang shook his head. “No, it should be the fans’ support.”

Mother Qiu half understood. “It seems that Yang Yang is very popular.”

Xie Yang nodded. “Yes, I am indeed very popular.” The answer wasn’t modest at all.

Mother Qiu was amused by Xie Yang and reached out to pinch his face.

At the theater, Xie Yang took advantage of Qiu Xing’s effort to pour water for his mother to sneak close to Mother Qiu. He whispered, “I’m going to surprise Qiu Xing in a bit. Can you cooperate with me?”

Mother Qiu glanced at Qiu Xing at the water dispenser and also lowered her voice. “What surprise?”

“Last time, Qiu Xing proposed to me and you didn’t see it. This time, I will propose to him. Would you like to see it?”

Mother Qiu nodded forcefully. “I want to see it.”

“Then can you cooperate with me?”


Xie Yang and Mother Qiu smiled at each other. Then they tacitly controlled their expressions before Qiu Xing turned back and changed the topic.


The theater Qin Cheng selected was medium in size and could accommodate around 2000 people at the same time. The theater seats were divided into the upper and lower floors. Xie Yang arranged for Qiu Xing and Mother Qiu to have the golden VIP seats closest to the stage. It was a separate row with tea and snacks and was far away from the other VIP seats.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, it was almost time for the fan meeting to begin. Before the fans entered the venue, Xie Yang sent Qiu Xing and Mother Qiu to their seats first. Liu Sha was placing snacks on the small table next to the seats. She saw Mother Qiu coming over and hurriedly gave a greeting. “Auntie, long time no see.”

Mother Qiu was surprised and delighted at the sight of Liu Sha. She took Liu Sha’s hand happily and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you are coming?”

Liu Sha smiled. “It isn’t just me. Look over there.”

Mother Qiu followed Liu Sha’s direction and saw that in the row of seats behind the golden VIP seats, people like Master Liao, Zhou Miao, Wu Shui and others who served the Qiu family for many years were all sitting there. They greeted Mother Qiu.

Mother Qiu became more excited and her expression was full of joy. “You are all here? Good, it is lively.”

Qiu Xing’s eyes warmed as he pushed his mother’s wheelchair. He looked sideways at Xie Yang who was preparing on the stage. Xie Yang was also looking at him. Then Qiu Xing lowered his head and took out his mobile phone.

The phone shook as a message arrived. Xie Yang raised his eyebrow and took out his phone.

Qiu Xing: Touching baby sheep’s head with big hands.jpg

What was this emoticon? Xie Yang was amused and replied.

Xie Yang: At this time, you should say you like me.

Below the stage, Qiu Xing stared up at the stage. Then he quickly pressed the keyboard to send a message and stopped looking at the stage to talk to Liu Sha, as if covering something up. On the stage, Xie Yang received a new message.

Qiu Xing: [Heart symbol]

Humph, so perfunctory.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

I reallllly wanted Mother Qiu to be in the wedding (╯︵╰

2 years ago
Reply to  Shun

I think of the same thing. But it probably would not happen.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

This is the best they can do for her… They could rush the wedding but that would conflict with QX’s treatment and upcoming surgery and no matter how hands-off they approach it with, it’ll still be stressful. It’s better to celebrate such a momentous occassion with good health and no worries. Besides, as far as Mama Qiu is concerned, they’re already married so there’s no need to please her with such a thing. That’s why she never requested them to hurry up with the wedding. But this–watching XY on stage–is something she specifically requested so of course they’ll go above and beyond for it. 🥺

8 months ago

Tô triste pela mamãe Qiu😭😭🤧