HTI: Chapter 136

The past few days of eating melons finally came to an end after Tao Yang and Qiu Xing’s video was released.

In the video, Qiu Xing clearly warned Tao Yang and told Tao Yang not to do anything to provoke and disturb Xie Yang. He also called Tao Yang’s father, recommending in an unpleasant tone that father Tao should introduce a partner to Tao Yang as soon as possible and to restrain his behavior.

The video was taken from a corner. It was far away so the conversation between Tao Yang and Qiu Xing couldn’t be heard clearly. Still, this was enough for everyone to be certain. Tao Yang really had ideas about Qiu Xing! In addition, Qiu Xing directly called Tao Yang’s father to reject him!

All the fog was dispersed. Netizens were stunned. The beginning explosive news was actually true, Tao Yang really did like Qiu Xing! Then the angel, his heterosexual orientation and ‘Qiu Xing is just an elder’ were all false? Tao Yang deceived everyone!

The netizens who ate melons watched the video and recalled Tao Yang’s previous performances. They looked at Tao Yang’s denial statement this morning, thought about Bei Cheng’s revelations yesterday then the ‘happy conversation’ between Tao Yang and Xie Yang yesterday and got chills and nausea.

There was such a person in the world who had the most unbearable intentions, did vicious and scheming things but pretended to be friendly. He disguised his sexuality, denied everything and rushed to talk to the victim?

Bad guys weren’t scary. The ones who were really scary were the bad guys who pretended to be good while doing bad things in the darkness! It gave them the creeps. It was disgusting!

Countless netizens who believed in Tao Yang turned black with anger. Countless Tao Yang fans collapsed after seeing the video. The statement that Tao Yang issued this morning denying everything and expressing legal measures against Bei Cheng quickly became the place for angry netizens and fans to vent. Tao Yang’s Weibo followers continued to decline…

Perhaps someone was afraid that the netizens weren’t disgusted enough. After a while, a post slowly climbed the hot list.

Museum Staff Side Account: I was suffocating to death. The show is about to start but I will tell you one more disgusting thing about Tao Yang. All the background music for this show was adapted by Xie Yang. After Xie Yang’s boyfriend rejected Tao Yang, he suddenly asked to change the background music that had already been set. He told Xie Yang to play and adapt the difficult ‘Rainy Night Delusions’. Anyone with eyes can tell that this is intentionally making things difficult. In any case, my impression of Tao Yang has become very bad now. It feels like he is a hypocrite who hides his knife in his smile. It is terrible.


The angry netizens saw this and directly exploded. This person was the third party trying to interfere yet he was shameless enough to make things difficult for others? Shameless! Unacceptable!

Netizens were furious and flocked back to the live broadcast room, waiting for Tao Yang’s catwalk show to begin.


At the museum, Xie Yang had just gone backstage after his opening performance when Tao Yang rushed toward him.

“Xie Yang, you actually—”

Wu Shui had been watching Tao Yang’s movements and stopped Tao Yang for the first time. He spoke coldly, “What do you want? Stay away from my boss.”

Tao Yang was blocked by Wu Shui. He saw Wu Shui’s face, remembered that this person was originally Qiu Xing’s personal bodyguard and then recalled all the insults he had just seen on the Internet. His chest moved up and down and he barely maintained control as he spoke coldly, “Get lost! I just want to talk and reconcile with Xie Yang.”

“My boss doesn’t want to talk to you.”


“Tao!” Verden strode over and stared at Tao Yang sternly. “What do you want to do? Shouldn’t you be preparing your outfits now?”

Everyone backstage looked over. Tao Yang suppressed his temper and tried to explain. “I just want to talk to Xie Yang. There is a misunderstanding between us and we must talk immediately. I promise it won’t take too much time—”

“There is no misunderstanding.” Xie Yang walked past Wu Shui toward Tao Yang, taking advantage of his height to look down condescendingly. “I don’t want to talk to you. You make me feel terrible.”

Tao Yang opened his mouth but Verden interrupted strongly. He glared at Tao Yang and spoke sternly, “Tao, it is working hours. I hope you can be more professional. Your teacher used a lot of connections and energy for your debut. If you want to trample on his efforts then this will be my last cooperation with you. Xie, go to change first. The first show will soon begin.”

Xie Yang no longer looked at Tao Yang and obediently turned to change clothes. Perhaps it was due to Verden’s coercive measures against Tao Yang but during the next few performances, Xie Yang never saw Tao Yang backstage.

This lasted until the fifth show was going to begin. Tao Yang was the designer of this show and was finally allowed backstage. He stopped three steps away from Xie Yang and spoke to Xie Yang across a vigilant Wu Shui. “Do you think this can break me?”

Xie Yang raised a hand to tidy his collar. “I think you should put your focus on your clothes. After all, this might be your last show in China.”

Tao Yang’s expression changed. “What else have you done?”

“What can I do to you? What you should ask is what your family will do for their own benefit.”

He had just finished speaking when Tao Yang’s assistant approached holding Tao Yang’s phone. He glanced carefully at Xie Yang and told Tao Yang, “Boss, there is a call from home.”

Tao Yang was startled before realizing something. He didn’t answer the phone but tried to approach Xie Yang again. However, it was time for Xie Yang to go to the runway. During the performance of the fifth show, Xie Yang closed his eyes the entire time like he was either playing more attentively or didn’t want to see anything.

The audience in the live broadcast room were angry and distressed seeing this. They put themselves in Xie Yang’s position and made-up how they would feel if they were forced to play music for the ill-intentioned person trying to steal their partner. They couldn’t help cursing Tao Yang on the barrage.

At the end of the performance, Xie Yang opened his eyes, politely thanked the audience and returned backstage. Wu Shui stepped forward and reported, “Tao Yang left directly after receiving the call.”

“Where did he go?”

“He was taken out the museum’s side door by Tao Huazhang.”

He was actually taken away. Tao Huazhang was very efficient. Xie Yang nodded to express his understanding, handed the violin to Wu Shui and continued to change clothes for the next show.


Tao Yang disappeared and couldn’t be found. He also didn’t answer his phone. He just asked his assistant to give everyone a message, saying he had gone home with his family. Verden was furious about Tao Yang’s sudden departure and canceled the follow-up introduction of the brand created by Tao Yang.

In the end, the cooperative catwalk show was completed with Tao Yang absent.

The viewers were waiting for Tao Yang to appear. Netizens who wanted to scold Tao Yang were left hanging with nowhere to vent. They thought that Tao Yang was hiding after seeing the scandal exposed. After holding back countless times, they turned to Weibo and went to Tao Yang’s page. They told Tao Yang not to hide and to come out and face them!


All the performances finished and Xie Yang declined an invitation from Verden to go to dinner. He walked out of the museum under the protection of the bodyguards and got into the car Wu Shui had readied in advance.

40 minutes later, the car stopped at a street outside the hospital. Xie Yang got out of the car and then got into a black car parked on the side of the road. Qiu Xing was sitting in the back seat with his mother. Mother Qiu was leaning back against the seat with her eyes closed, as if she was resting. Qiu Xing was holding her hand and reading the company emails on his phone.

Xie Yang sat on the other side of Mother Qiu, pulled the blanket across her legs and asked in a low voice, “How is it?”

“Still holding on.” Qiu Xing put down the phone and pulled the blanket across his mother’s other leg. “However, it should be soon.”

Then a message prompt popped up on Qiu Xing’s mobile phone. Xie Yang’s sharp eyes saw the content.

Qinglin: He’s gone.

Qiu Xing’s hands tightened before relaxing. He glanced at Mother Qiu sitting in the middle and called out to her. “Mom.”

His mother finally opened her eyes.

“Feng Chun has died while Feng Dian and Tao Yi are infuriated with each other.”

Mother Qiu stared into the air for a long time before smiling slowly. She didn’t look at the hospital and just held the hand Xie Yang placed on her knee. “Yang Yang, you are really the lucky star of the Qiu family. The moment you came, that damn man was punished.”

Xie Yang met Qiu Xing’s emotional eyes. Then he squeezed Mother Qiu’s hand and laughed. “I also think I am the lucky star of the Qiu family.”


They sent Mother Qiu back to the sanatorium and then returned to the city.

Feng Chun had passed away and the Feng family was in turmoil. Qiu Xing had many things to arrange. Xie Yang wisely didn’t offer to help. This was the revenge that Qiu Xing had been looking forward to for years. Xie Yang just had to watch.

Over the next period of time, Xie Yang witnessed many of the plots in the original novel being carried out one by one.

Feng Chun died and the Feng family was in turmoil. Feng Dian was defeated in the battle to seize power. In the end, the eldest son Feng Chuang rose to the top while the second son Feng Zhen divided up all the Feng family’s foreign businesses. Feng Dian wasn’t willing and started to stir up the muddy water in the Feng family.

The Tao family took advantage of the Feng family’s turmoil to stop all cooperation with Fenghua, taking away some of Fenghua’s partners and investors. Fenghua’s stocks fell and Feng Chuang was under pressure.

Due to the pressure from his family, Feng Dian asked Tao Yi for a divorce. Tao Yi easily agreed, swept away most of Feng Dian’s assets and took her children far away after turning away from her own family.

Feng Dian became crazier while the Feng family became more unstable.

Qiu Xing and Feng Qinglin were acting frantically behind the scenes and the Feng family’s various businesses developed problems one after another. A large number of investors withdrew their capital and countless peers took advantage.

In short, a dog was biting at another dog.

Xie Yang also witnessed some things that weren’t in the original novel.

For example, Tao Yang was resisted on a large scale. The clothing store he just opened in B City closed down. The newly established studio he opened after returning to China quietly closed and many of the negotiated cooperation agreements fell through.

On the day of the catwalk show, an unknown person had recorded a video and uploaded it. Backstage, Tao Yang tried to get close to Xie Yang twice and was stopped twice. This video went on the hot search and Tao Yang once again received abuse from the netizens.

Tao Yang had become synonymous with ‘scheming’, ‘vicious’ and ‘third person’. He was even drawn into a cartoon.


Before they knew it, August was coming to an end. Xie Yang was preparing for the fan meeting on the first anniversary of his debut in September when Tao Yang, who disappeared for a long time, suddenly updated his Weibo.

He issued a statement where he admitted to buying off Bei Cheng and trying to buy off Xie Xiu. He solemnly apologized to Xie Yang for this and said he would quit the entertainment industry.

Netizens didn’t forgive him after his apology and instead rushed at him angrily over his admission.

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow after seeing this statement. He guessed that it was made by the Tao family to ‘help’ Tao Yang and switched to his main account. Then he forwarded it with the reply: I don’t accept.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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Heh this is so fun to watch

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Esto sí es literatura y un GRAN chisme 🤣🤣

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Araminthe Ispwitch
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Yeeeeeeeees, justice for Mama Qiu’s daughter! Also, HAH, GET REKT, TAO YANG. XY is talented at outplaying schemers like you. This world is honestly a playing field he has lots of advantages in.

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i’m one of those melon eaters giggling in the corner