HTI: Chapter 135

Thanks to Qin Cheng, Bei Cheng’s video quickly rose to the top. Tao Yang reappeared to the public after gradually being forgotten by the melon eating netizens due to Xu Cheng and Feng Dian. This mouthful of melon was too fierce. The brains of the netizens who ate the melon were almost blown up by the old grievances.

So it wasn’t Feng Dian who was harming Xie Yang? It was his wife? The wife went behind her husband’s back to harm the boyfriend of his past brother-in-law and she still wanted her husband to take the blame? Was his wife Tao Yang’s aunt? What was going on?

Many people who hadn’t eaten the whole melon were a mess and they couldn’t figure out the relationship between all the parties involved. An enthusiastic netizen couldn’t just watch and sent a summary comment to help everyone clarify their thoughts.

Enthusiastic Netizen: I see that many people eating melons don’t understand. Then let me refine the point! Xie Yang was harmed by someone and the person who did it was Xu Chen. Xu Chen said the boss behind him was Feng Dian. The thug that Xu Chen bought didn’t receive all of what he was promised so he said that Xu Chen lied and wronged Feng Dian. The real boss behind Xu Chen is Feng Dian’s wife, Tao Yi. Tao Yi is Tao Yang’s aunt and Tao Yang drove Tao Yi to buy off the gambler who harmed Xie Yang. It was once revealed that Tao Yang had thoughts about Qiu Xing but he used his sexual orientation to refute it. The summary is that the most miserable one is Xie Yang. He was hurt again and again just because he became Qiu Xing’s boyfriend! As for who caused the harm, everyone can understand for themselves.

Thanks to the summary, the melon eating netizens finally organized their thoughts. Then they were shocked and disgusted.

Tao Yang personally drove Tao Yi to buy off the gambler to harm Xie Yang… it was really hard to deceive themselves that Tao Yang didn’t know what Tao Yi did. So it was likely that Tao Yang was looking for someone to harm Xie Yang? Why did Tao Yang want to harm Xie Yang? Was Tao Yang really…

Weibo was paralyzed. The impact of this video was much more than just paralyzing Weibo.

In the study, Qiu Xing’s mobile phone made a noise. Xie Yang had been sitting on the sofa in the study, holding a tablet and eating melons. He heard the sound and turned to look at Qiu Xing sitting behind the desk. Qiu Xing picked up the mobile phone to take a look. “It is Tao Huazhang.”

It was coming pretty fast. Xie Yang lowered his tablet. Qiu Xing picked up the call and put it on speaker mode. Tao Huazhang’s slightly anxious voice was heard. “Chairman Qiu, I didn’t know about the things regarding Tao Yang and Tao Yi.”

Qiu Xing dropped the pen and leaned back in his chair. “I remember I called you a few days ago for you to restrain Tao Yang.”

“I did restrain him. He clearly promised to behave but—”

“Chairman Tao, you don’t have to explain too much to me. I’m only looking at the results, not the process. Tao Yang is your son and Tao Yi is your sister. Now they united to try and hurt my partner, even extending their tentacles to my partner’s family. I don’t think I need to listen to your explanation. I will end the cooperation with the Tao family.”

“Wait a minute! Chairman Qiu, I—”

Qiu Xing hung up, got up and walked away from the desk to sit next to Xie Yang. The angry mouse had come for comfort.

Xie Yang pulled at Qiu Xing’s arm, leaned against his chest, placed Qiu Xing’s arm around his waist and patted this person’s leg. “Why are you angry again? Didn’t I tell you in advance about all these messy things?”

Qiu Xing hugged Xie Yang and didn’t speak. The phone on the desk rang again. Qiu Xing frowned and looked over. He sat still for a few seconds before getting up. Qiu Xing’s expression looked a bit better after seeing the caller. He returned to sit down beside Xie Yang and said, “It is Qinglin calling.”

Xie Yang smiled. “It seems there is good news?”

Qiu Xing picked up the call.

“Uncle, there is trouble in the Feng family.” Feng Qinglin’s tone was slightly high and cheerful. “Feng Dian and Tao Yi are arguing at the hospital. Feng Chun collapsed and had to enter the emergency room again. His sons Feng Chuang and Feng Zhen are furious and beat up Feng Dian before driving Tao Yi away. Due to Tao Yi’s stupid actions, all the people who were previously on Feng Dian’s side have turned away from him. It is over for Feng Dian.”

This was really good news.

Qiu Xing warned, “The more it approaches the critical moment, the more carefully you should hide. Don’t let them discover you.”

“I know. Uncle, can I clean up Feng Dian myself? I want him to kneel at my mother’s grave and apologize to her.”

“Of course.” Qiu Xing held Xie Yang’s hand. “Tell me if you need anything. I will help.”

The conversation with Feng Qinglin ended. Qiu Xing squeezed his phone, leaned back against the sofa and remained silent for a long time. Xie Yang wisely didn’t bother him. It wasn’t known how much time passed before Qiu Xing’s phone rang again. This time, it was Elder Tao. The Tao family should be in a hurry.

Qiu Xing was awoken from his thoughts and didn’t answer the phone immediately. Instead, he turned to Xie Yang, held Xie Yang’s face and lowered his head for a kiss. Xie Yang closed his eyes.


Qiu Xing stepped back, rubbed Xie Yang’s face and told him, “You have worked hard these past few days. Rest now.”

“It isn’t hard.” Xie Yang smiled. “I was serving my fiance.”

Qiu Xing was stunned before smiling. He kissed Xie Yang’s forehead, got up and walked to the desk to answer Elder Tao’s call.


This night was destined to be a sleepless one for the Qiu family, the Feng family and the Tao family.


At 10 o’clock the next morning, Xie Yang arrived at the museum. Before his car even stopped, he was tightly surrounded by a large crowd of reporters.

Qiu Xing had long foreseen this situation and assigned several bodyguards to Xie Yang. Wu Shui got out of the car first and the bodyguards sitting in the car behind quickly got out as well. Five or six people separated the reporters and created a safe circle for Xie Yang.

The moment Xie Yang showed up, the reporters’ inquiries rang out one after another.

“Xie Yang! Did you read the statement Tao Yang just released denying Bei Cheng’s revelation? What do you think about it?”

“Xie Yang! Did Tao Yang really pester your boyfriend?”

“Xie Yang, why didn’t Qiu Xing accompany you to the catwalk show today? What does he think about the news on the Internet?”

Xie Yang ignored all these questions and entered the venue under the protection of his bodyguards.

Qin Cheng had arrived earlier than Xie Yang and hurried over. He looked at the reporters blocked by the security guards and lowered his voice. “Tao Yang hasn’t arrived yet. I heard his residence is also being blocked by reporters.”

Xie Yang kept walking and asked only when he was backstage, “Tao Yang made a statement?”

“Yes, it was just recently.”

“What is the content?”

“He denied everything, accused Bei Cheng of spreading rumors and expressed that he would take legal measures against Bei Cheng.”

Xie Yang sneered. “Watch outside and call me when Tao Yang comes. The show starts at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. At 1:50 p.m. release the video recorded by Wu Shui onto the Internet. Then ask the water army to go to the show’s live broadcast room to promote the video.”

Qin Cheng nodded. “I understand.”

Backstage, Xie Yang first met Verden and tried on all the clothes he would wear for the formal performances. Then he sat down to start the styling.

All of the staff members passing by the dressing room would peek at Xie Yang and gossip. Verden closed the door and asked euphemistically, “Xie, are you okay?”

Xie Yang looked reluctant to talk about it. “I’m fine Mr Verden. Let us focus on the catwalk show today, okay?”

Verden hurriedly raised his hand to make an ‘ok’ gesture and wisely didn’t ask anything else. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Xie Yang received a call from Qin Cheng. Tao Yang had arrived. Xie Yang hung up and went to the personal lounge Verden had prepared for him. Around 10 minutes later, the door was pushed open and Tao Yang came in uninvited.

“Xie Yang.” Tao Yang closed the door. The gentleness and calmness that was always on his face was gone as he spoke quickly, “Did you instruct Bei Cheng?”

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “Why are you asking me this?”

Tao Yang frowned. “What?”

Xie Yang got up, walked to Tao Yang and smiled as he showed the phone that was recording. “I thought you really understood Qiu Xing’s rejection and wanted to make peace with me. As a result, you were secretly calculating against me?”

Tao Yang saw the recording interface on Xie Yang’s phone and his expression changed.

“Tao Yang, how could you be such a person?”

Tao Yang stared at Xie Yang, clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. Xie Yang turned off the recording button and smiled. “I seem to have told you that I am very suspicious, stingy and vengeful. Tao Yang, what else do you want to say?”

What more could Tao Yang say now? Xie Yang didn’t mean to talk and communicate at all! He took a deep breath, suppressed his emotions and declared in a cold voice, “Xie Yang, I miscalculated regarding you.”

“There are many other things that you have miscalculated.” Xie Yang opened the door of the lounge and looked at Tao Yang before leaving. “Do you think this is over?”

Tao Yang glanced sharply at Xie Yang. “What do you mean?”

Xie Yang smiled and stepped away.

For the next half an hour, Tao Yang kept trying to get close to Xie Yang and the others frowned when they saw this. One outspoken designer couldn’t help stopping Tao Yang and he spoke in a sharp voice, “Tao, don’t do this. I’ve heard some things and you shouldn’t use this bad method to get love. Don’t hurt others, okay? Otherwise, I’ll call the police.”

Tao Yang was angry and embarrassed as he tried to explain, “No, you have misunderstood. There is a lot of false news on the Internet. I will let my lawyer restore my innocence.”

“Then I don’t recommend that you continue to approach Xie. He doesn’t want contact with you, understood?”


“Tao.” Verden suddenly appeared at the backstage door and stared seriously at Tao Yang with a frown. “The show is about to begin. Don’t ruin everyone’s efforts.”

The other designers looked at Tao Yang, their eyes condemning and disapproving.

Tao Yang had never received such a reception before. He squeezed his hands into fists and barely restrained his emotions. He glanced at Xie Yang who was letting Verden’s assistant finalize the styling and smiled stiffly at everyone. “I understand. There were some misunderstandings… I will find a way to explain to Xie Yang when the show is over.”

Xie Yang retracted his gaze from Tao Yang and raised a hand to adjust the earpiece.

At 1:48 p.m. the front stage lights went out one after another, leaving only a small light in the center of the ‘T’ runway. The guests for the show had all arrived. In the live broadcast room, the audience number was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At 1:50 p.m., the long lost ‘I’m Also a Museum Employee’ went online again and released a video along with the text: I was on a business trip for a while and didn’t expect Tao Yang to act out so many dramas. If I knew then I would’ve released the hammer earlier. The Tao fans who are still private messaging me and scolding me to this day, take a good look at your idol who ‘just treats Qiu Xing as an elder’.

In the live broadcast room, someone sent a barrage stating that a new melon had appeared. The netizens waiting for the show to start were attracted and flooded to Weibo.

At 1:57 p.m., Xie Yang walked to the entrance of the backstage leading to the runway, ready for his performance.

Tao Yang’s assistant suddenly ran to Tao Yang with a mobile phone and told him something. Tao Yang’s expression changed drastically and he almost grabbed at the assistant’s phone. Xie Yang noticed this and the corners of his mouth slightly curved up.

At 1:59 p.m., Tao Yang turned off the video that he hadn’t finished watching and stared at Xie Yang with wide eyes. Xie Yang raised an eyebrow at Tao Yang, retreated his gaze and stepped onto the runway that was completely dark.

The prelude to ‘Golden Age’ rang through the venue while the topic #Tao Yang video# started to rise from the end of the hot search list to the top.

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