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HTI: Chapter 133

On the night of the recording, Xie Yang finally got Tao Yang’s response that he was waiting for.

Tao Yang didn’t post on Weibo but spoke in a pre-interview about the cooperative catwalk show. Facing the reporter’s inquiries, he showed a helpless and amused expression. “I have been busy with the catwalk show lately and haven’t paid attention to things on the Internet. My agent mentioned it to me but I thought it was just a small group of people guessing. I didn’t expect it to be so big.”

He shook his head, went to the table to tidy up the clothes and spoke apologetically. “I sent that Weibo post back then because I was impulsive. I did have a bit of a misunderstanding at the time, in short, I wasn’t good and caused trouble to Chairman Qiu and Vice-chairman Xie.”

Tao Yang’s tone was like he was chatting with friends and the reporter’s tone became gentler. The reporter asked, “So you don’t have an interest in Chairman Qiu…?”

“What?” Tao Yang glanced at the reporter, smiled and shook his head again. “How can that be? Chairman Qiu is indeed excellent but… let’s put it this way. He might not be much older than me but he is indeed my elder from a seniority point of view.”

“In addition…” He sorted out the clothes on the table again, acting carefully and with a gentle expression. His gaze was like he was looking at a lover. “There is a fundamental difference between my partner selection criteria and Vice-chairman Xie’s partner selection criteria.”

The reporter hurriedly asked, “What is the difference?”

Tao Yang smiled without answering. He just touched the clothes on the platform and asked the reporter, “Does this dress look good?”

The interview ended here. Xie Yang turned off the video clip of the interview that had just been posted by the Tao fans and checked the comments below. The comments could be roughly divided into three types. There were those who didn’t believe, those who believed and those wondering about the difference in Tao Yang’s partner selection.

Qin Cheng asked, “Do you want to post the video now?”

“Wait.” Xie Yang turned away from the replies of netizens under the hot comments about Tao Yang’s partner selection criteria and put away his phone. “His clarification isn’t finished.”

Qin Cheng was confused. “It isn’t finished?”


That evening, Xie Yang practiced the piano and arranged music as usual. He washed and went to bed regularly. Then he woke up the next day, grabbed his phone and immediately checked Weibo.

On the hot search, the topic #Tao Yang’s inclination# was hanging up high. Xie Yang clicked it, the page refreshed and a Weibo posted by a marketing account appeared at the top of the page.

Entertainment Almighty: The designer’s romance! It turns out that Tao Yang’s show is for someone. Look at this. Tao Yang mentioned the source of his design inspiration in an interview two months ago. He said he ran into an angel on campus so he had to show the ‘Angel’ series. Then I investigated and found that Tao Yang always carried angel related things on his body. Sometimes it is a tie, sometimes a ring and sometimes a handkerchief. In addition, the dress in the interview video yesterday was pure white with the skirt like wings. Isn’t it similar to an angel? Did Tao Yang prepare this dress for the woman he likes? So this is where he is different from Xie Yang? His sexual orientation is heterosexual!

The sentence that the sexual orientation was heterosexual immediately overturned all previous speculations.

In the comments area, there were many Tao fans’ relieved comments. Many people were scolding the person who first revealed that Tao Yang had thoughts about Qiu Xing, saying they wanted to cause chaos. There were even people who involved Xie Yang and Qiu Xing, saying if they came out to speak for Tao Yang then these things wouldn’t have happened. As a result, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing kept pretending to be dead. This was too much.

Sure enough.

Xie Yang closed the comments area.

Tao Yang’s actions to organize the clothes in the interview video should be deliberate. It was a same-sex scandal where he was the third party involved. A clarification could easily become unreasonable so this type of clarification method was relatively more effective. By doing so, Tao Yang could also publicize his designs for free.

Xie Yang saw the details of various items with the angel elements that the marketing account sent out and admired Tao Yang. The source of the design inspiration had been revealed as early as two months ago. It turned out that Tao Yang had already expected to be exposed and prepared this. However, something happened that made this preparation useless and it was dragged out until now.

Still, no matter why Tao Yang dragged it out to the present, he wouldn’t be able prevent it from ending as Xie Yang desired.

Xie Yang thought about it and didn’t ask Qin Cheng to send the video. Instead, he switched to his main Weibo account, uploaded Xie Xiu’s phone recording that was edited in advance and typed something.

[Xie Yang: I want to know the identity of the person who called to harass my father. Aren’t you tired after several calls?]

Then he sent a message to Qin Cheng, asking Qin Cheng to temporarily suppress the video and to not send it out. First, guide the rhythm of the recording he just uploaded, to let the netizens discover that the person who tried to buy Xie Xiu in the recording was actually the same voice as the person who bought Bei Cheng in the previous recording.

Qin Cheng hadn’t known about Xie Xiu’s recording. He received the information and sent a message asking for the details. Xie Yang explained it to him.

Qin Cheng: When will Wu Shui’s video be released?

Xie Yang got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. He found Qiu Xing washing his face and asked, “How is Feng Chun’s situation now?”

“The Feng family is with him. If it is good then he can last a week. If it is bad, he has two or three days at most.” Qiu Xing watched Xie Yang. “Why are you asking this?”

Xie Yang didn’t answer and instead lowered his head to reply to Qin Cheng.

Xie Yang: Wait a bit.


More than an hour later, Xie Yang’s post climbed the popular list.

The netizens were eating the melon that was Tao Yang’s clarification. Suddenly, Xie Yang made a post that became popular. They thought it was Xie Yang responding to the gossip and flooded in. Then they were shocked listening to the recording and all the melons in their hands dropped.

The recording wasn’t long but the amount of information was very large.

The recording started with a male voice tempting Xie Xiu. “Xie Yang has stiff wings now. Do you really think he will take good care of you in the future? His money belongs to him, not you. You didn’t treat him well previously and he will retaliate against you sooner or later. As long as you help me, I can give you… Chairman Xie, please think about it.”

Then there was the sound of Xie Xiu’s high-pitched voice, still as fast as a machine g*n. “You are annoying! Don’t bother me! Stop calling me or I will call the police! Yang Yang is very filial so don’t make false accusations! I don’t need his money. In the future, even my money will be his!”

The male voice continued. “Chairman Xie, I know that you are afraid of Qiu Xing. Don’t worry about this. You just have to tell the facts and I promise—”

“What is there to say? There is nothing! It is a fact that Yang Yang and Qiu Xing are in a serious relationship. They want to get married and it isn’t a nurturing relationship or selling himself! You actually want to give me money to discredit my son, has your conscience been eaten by a dog? Why did you go to my wife’s family to ask questions? Get lost!”

“Chairman Xie, don’t hesitate only to be forced to do something you don’t want.”

“Let me see how you will punish me. Don’t call me again! If you call me again then I’ll call the police to arrest you!”

The recording ended and the netizens couldn’t return to their senses for a long time. So this recording meant that someone wanted to spend money to buy Xie Yang’s father and have him discredit Xie Yang and Qiu Xing’s relationship? Fu*k! Who was so poisonous? Netizens flocked to the comments area to express their shock. Then they were even more shocked by the hot comment.

Setting Sail: Wait! Why does the male voice in this recording sound exactly the same as the person who bought Bei Cheng? Is it the same person?

What? It was the same person?

A netizen with quick hands ran to find the audio of the male voice from the two recordings. Then they were shocked to confirm it was indeed the same person. In other words, the person who bought Bei Cheng now tried to buy Xie Yang’s father? The netizens who came to this conclusion felt cold. What was more terrifying than someone hiding in the darkness and trying to secretly kill you?

Who the hell was this person? Why did he keep staring at Xie Yang?

The topic #Who wants to harm Xie Yang# quickly rose on the hot search. The melon eating netizens kept analyzing it and unknowingly suppressed Tao Yang’s clarification.


Two days before the start of the cooperative catwalk show, Xie Yang finally completed and adapted all the designated tracks. He sent the adapted tracks to the assistants of the designers and waited for their responses.

In the next two hours, the designers other than Tao Yang called back one after another. Five of them said they were satisfied with the adaptation of the song and didn’t need to modify it. Two designers suggested minor amendments. Xie Yang took a few hours to revise the songs based on their opinions and completely finalized it.

In the end, only Tao Yang’s side didn’t respond. Xie Yang didn’t care about Tao Yang and called Verden directly. 30 minutes later, Tao Yang took the initiative to contact Xie Yang.

“The adaptation is great but I’d like to revise it again.”

Xie Yang replied simply and neatly, “I refuse. I have already talked to Verden. If you aren’t satisfied with this version of my adaptation then I will quit your show. Verden knows many violinists who can perform ‘Rainy Night Delusions’ perfectly. He can help invite one for you.”

Tao Yang was quiet.

Xie Yang asked, “Do you still want to modify it?”

“Xie Yang.” Tao Yang’s voice became much weaker. “Xie Yang, you have won. For the sake of the Tao family, I can disappear from in front of you and Chairman Qiu. Can you let us go?”

Xie Yang found it interesting. “Are you seeking reconciliation?”

“Yes. There is no deep hatred between you and me except for that Weibo post. I have never done anything bad to you. I can apologize for all the offensive language I previously used so can we stop here?”

Was this trying to hide back in the darkness again?”

Xie Yang confirmed it. “You really didn’t do anything excessive to me except verbally offend me?”

“No.” Tao Yang replied with certainty. “No matter what you suspect, I can tell you no. In order to show my sincerity in seeking peace, I can provide you with some information. The Feng family has serious internal disturbances. Last time, you humiliated Feng Dian at the birthday party. He was very angry and always wanted to find an opportunity to clean you up. You should let Qiu Xing pay more attention to him.”

This guy was really good at shifting the blame. It was a crafty escape plan.

Xie Yang laughed. “Thank you for the reminder. I’ll think about your words.”


The day before the catwalk show began, everyone gathered at the museum for a rehearsal. Xie Yang and Tao Yang had dominated the hot search lately so they immediately attracted the attention of most people.

Tao Yang took the initiative to approach Xie Yang and gave a friendly message. “I will take back the thoughts I shouldn’t have. I wish you and Qiu Xing well.”

“Thank you.” Xie Yang sorted out his ear piece and smiled meaningfully at Tao Yang. “The rehearsal is about to begin. Jiayou.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten


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I swear my blood is boiling because of the tao yang. Stop your acting.

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