HTI: Chapter 132

Tao Yang had ideas about Xie Yang’s boyfriend? Tao Yang had ideas about Qiu Xing? Tao Yang wanted to dig at Xie Yang’s corner?

The comments section on Weibo was filled with these questions. The Xie fans were going crazy, the Yang Xing CP fans were crazy and Tao Yang’s fans were also crazy.

Impossible! This was the first reaction of the Tao fans. Tao Yang had a superior family background, good looks, excellent ability and was elegant, humble, gentle… such a person would go to be the third person? Impossible, absolutely impossible!

The Tao fans started to frantically condemn the blogger who broke the news, saying they were making up stories with the photos. Tao Yang and Qiu Xing were both people in the upper class circle and had known each other for a long time. The two people in the photo were just talking normally and there wasn’t any touching. Why was he a third person?

This black material was really too fake!

Under such circumstances, it was really hard for the Xie fans to say something although some of the simpler fans were suspicious. After all, the photos under the news didn’t reveal anything. The expressions of Tao Yang and Qiu Xing in the photos might be intriguing but the two people were actually standing quite far apart.

Just then, the person who broke the news posted something else.

I’m Also a Museum Employee: Okay, Tao Yang’s fans don’t scold me in private messages anymore. I am afraid of you. Really, don’t force me to release something else. The more you scold, the faster your idol will die.

This post further provoked the Tao fans who went crazy in the comments area. However, the poster never showed up again like they had abandoned this account. The person who broke the news disappeared but the impact was still there.

A marketing account listened to the person who broke the news, searched the Internet and found the screenshot of the Weibo post that Tao Yang had deleted where he helped clarify the relationship between Qiu Xing and Xie Yang. Then it posted it.

The melon eating netizens flocked in and saw the sentence that Tao Yang wrote to explain the relationship between Qiu Xing and Xie Yang. The words ‘I want to ask the media not to write things randomly. An elder’s care, appreciation and love for the younger generation shouldn’t be distorted’ were a bit strange.

The first hot comment under the screenshot of this post told everyone’s thoughts.

Happy and Worry Free: I suddenly found a problem that I ignored when I was eating melons. Looking at the meaning of Tao Yang’s Weibo post, he must’ve spoken to Qiu Xing and Xie Yang at the graduation ceremony and met Xie Yang through Qiu Xing, right? Then did Qiu Xing not introduce him to Xie Yang at the time? Otherwise, how could he explain the relationship between the two of them like this? If he had been introduced then his assertion to help them cover up their relationship feels very… even if they explained that they are friends, it isn’t the same as an elder and younger generation.

Under this popular comment, netizens continued to reply: It is impossible that Qiu Xing introduced Xie Yang to Tao Yang as his junior. On the day of the graduation ceremony, Qiu Xing and Xie Yang held hands or placed arms around the waist and shoulders. They were obviously ready to make their relationship public. How could they give this type of introduction to someone they know?

Everyone was analyzing and discussing this. The more they analyzed, the more they felt something was wrong but it was hard to say clearly. The Tao fans were going crazy. If they talked nonsense without proof then they would be torn apart by the fans.

Soon, a hammer came. A small Internet celebrity certified as a graduate of C University made a Weibo post.

Potato Baby: I suddenly saw the school gossip. Cough cough, in fact, I heard the conversation between Qiu Xing, Xie Yang and Tao Yang. They were standing in the aisle of the auditorium. I was passing by and heard Qiu Xing introducing Xie Yang. The thing Qiu Xing told Tao Yang was ‘my person.’ At that time, I was secretly surprised and had crooked thoughts. I thought it was nurturing… cough cough cough, I hope Xie Yang and Qiu Xing won’t trouble me. After all, this introduction is very ambiguous. Then it didn’t take long for Xie Yang and Qiu Xing to officially announce it. I looked on sweetly [shyly turning around]. I’m not talking nonsense. It can be proven by the chat records of me and my friends excitedly sharing gossip. I even took photos of the three people standing together.

There was a chat log posted as well and the conversation in the log confirmed Potato Baby’s words. The recorded date information was very clear and only the names of her friends were covered.

Weibo exploded. Some melon eating netizens were worried about the Internet celebrity faking this for attention and they analyzed if the chat record was photoshopped or not. The analysis showed that the chat log was real and it definitely wasn’t photoshopped!

In other words, Qiu Xing introduced Xie Yang to Tao Yang. The introduction might be ambiguous but it clearly showed that the two of them were a pair. Thus, Tao Yang posted such a clarification Weibo post despite knowing the relationship between Xie Yang and Qiu Xing.

The netizens felt something subtle while eating melons.


Xie Yang put down his phone and asked Qin Cheng, “Did you do it?”

Qin Cheng also finished reading the development process of the online gossip and shook his head. “No, I only asked Wu Shui for the photos and applied for an account to post them. After that revelation, the following are all the spontaneous actions of the netizens.

Xie Yang opened Weibo again to see the accurate analysis of the netizens eating melons and laughed. “Thank you to the netizens for saving us the expense of buying a water army. Then don’t deliberately raise the rhythm. After a while, Tao Yang’s fans will definitely deny it. Wait for Tao Yang’s response and then throw out the video Wu Shui gave you.”

Qin Cheng wasn’t assured. “Are you certain Tao Yang will respond?”

“Yes.” Xie Yang put away the phone and picked up the score of ‘Rainy Night Delusions’. “The thing that people with his personality dislike the most is their thoughts being exposed to the public. He will definitely respond.”


On the way home from work that day, Qiu Xing stared at Wu Shui in the front passenger’s seat for a long time. Wu Shui was sweating and felt that the hairs on his body were going to stand up. He had to turn back and asked, “Chairman Qiu, do you have an order?”

“The other day when I was talking with Tao Yang, did you go outside to eavesdrop and record it?”

Wu Shui immediately bowed his head. “I’m sorry.”

This was default confirmation. Qiu Xing glanced sideways at Xie Yang who was focused on the music score.

Xie Yang didn’t remove his eyes from the score as he stated, “I had him go.”


Qiu Xing stared at Xie Yang for a long time before rubbing Xie Yang’s hair vigorously. “Is this the real reason why you didn’t stop me from warning Tao Yang?”

Xie Yang blocked his face with the music score and didn’t answer.


Tao Yang was more tolerant than Xie Yang expected. The gossip on the Internet had been lively for several days but he never responded. He allowed public opinion to spread.

However, the Tao fans worked very hard. They reported the bad posts about Tao Yang everywhere while insisting that Tao Yang sent the clarification on Weibo because of kindness. They blamed Qiu Xing’s original introduction for being too ambiguous, making Tao Yang misunderstand him and Xie Yang as a shameful nurturing relationship. He wanted to help them cover up.

The Tao fans were too much and the Xie fans who were restrained were so angry that they couldn’t help opening side accounts, mocking the Tao fans for deceiving themselves and others. In the beginning, Xie Yang and Qiu Xing showed so much at the graduation ceremony. How could a nurturing relationship be so blatant?

The two sides secretly tore at each other and the entire Internet was eating melons while waiting for the responses of the parties involved.

On the fifth day after the news appeared, Xie Yang finally completed the adaptation of ‘Rainy Night Delusions’. He made a video call to Long Shuyou, played the adapted version and asked, “How is it?”

Long Shuyou was brought out of the music. His eyes were very bright but his mouth was poisonous. “It is a waste to match it with the catwalk show. I suggest you rent a concert hall and perform alone.”

Xie Yang was amused and put down the violin. “I can rest assured since you are saying so. Are you coming to the show?”

“I will go for your music. Are the adaptations of the other seven songs ready?”

“Five songs are done. Shall I send them to you?”

Long Shuyou smiled with satisfaction. They finished talking about music and Long Shuyou suddenly changed the subject. “Tao Yang really wants to steal your boyfriend?”

“It isn’t stealing. He wants me to leave my boyfriend.”

“It’s the same thing.” Long Shuyou commented. “It is really a waste to give ‘Rainy Night Delusions’ to Tao Yang.”

Not long after the call with Long Shuyou ended, Xie Xiu who hadn’t appeared for a long time called him.

Xie Xiu’s voice was full of anger. The moment the call was connected, he spoke as quickly as a machine g*n. “Yang Yang! The Feng family wanted to buy me. They offered to give me money to let me expose the fact that you and Chairman Qiu are actually in a nurturing relationship. Bah! I am the type who can see people with open eyes and I immediately scolded them back! Then I felt that something was wrong. I checked at home and guess what I found? They didn’t only contact me. They also approached your stepmother’s family to secretly inquire about your business. Fortunately, I discovered it and drove those people away. Don’t worry, Dad is your strong backing. I won’t allow anyone to destroy or slander your relationship with Chairman Qiu!”

The Feng family?

Xie Yang raised his eyebrow. “What did they use to contact you? The phone?”

“Right right, the phone.”

“Did you record it?”


Xie Yang told him, “If they contact you again then remember to record the call. I’ll use it.”

Xie Xiu was busy trying to explore the benefits. Xie Yang promised a bit of sweetness to Xie Xiu and hung up. He pondered on what Xie Xiu had just told him and laughed.

No wonder why Tao Yang didn’t come out to respond. He was trying to solve the problem using the Feng family? Then if he failed, would Tao Yang come out?


The next day, Xie Xiu called him again. He said that the Feng family had contacted him last night and increased the benefits.

“I naturally refused again and recorded it like you told me.”

Xie Yang praised him. “Well done.”

After that, Xie Xiu sent the recording to Xie Yang. Xie Yang discovered that the voice of the person who contacted Xie Xiu was exactly the same as the person who contained Bei Cheng. In other words, the person who contacted Xie Xiu wasn’t the Feng family at all. It was Xu Chen.

They used Xu Chen again. Was Tao Yang so confident that his cooperation with Tao Yi hadn’t been discovered by anyone?

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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2 years ago

I forgot who Xu Chen’s is?

2 years ago
Reply to  Nell

Person who worked with Tao Yi (Feng Qinglin stepmom) to pit Xie Yang last time in the variety show. Bei Cheng was the host in that show.

Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
8 months ago
Reply to  Nell

Erynalu is correct. More specifically, Xu Chen is an investor in the variety show that’s why they managed to pull so many strings against XY.