HTI: Chapter 131

‘Rainy Night Delusion’ was a classic violin solo with a changeable rhythm and a hell-level performance. In the past few years, it has been adapted into dozens of versions such as a pop music version, stage drama version, opera version… it could be seen in almost every music field.

It was already hard to perform this piece well let alone adapt it in a short time. This was purposefully making things difficult. Verden frowned and confirmed it. “Do you really want to change to this one?”

Tao Yang nodded. “Yes, Teacher Verden. I know this request is a bit sudden but please be considerate of an art creator’s sudden inspiration and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Moreover, the tracks haven’t started to be officially adapted yet. I should have the right to change the music.”

It was indeed written in the contract but… Verden tried to persuade him. “Tao, the song you chose previously is also very good. ‘Rainy Night Delusions’ is too hard to control.”

“I believe that Xie Yang can adapt ‘Rainy Night Delusions’ to my designs.” Tao Yang didn’t let go and glanced at Xie Yang. “Unless Xie Yang doesn’t have any confidence in his strength?”

Xie Yang put down the design album in his hand.

Tao Yang’s trick was very clever. He first changed the original singing performance to a pure music performance, reducing the possibility of Xie Yang using his singing to grab the audience’s attention. Then he chose a classic song that was super difficult to perform and adapt to compress his playing space.

He looked at Tao Yang. “Are you certain about ‘Rainy Night Delusions’?”

Tao Yang stared at Xie Yang directly and didn’t admit defeat. “Yes.”

“Fine.” Xie Yang stated. “Then let’s use this ‘Rainy Night Delusions’.”

The other Chinese designer apart from Tao Yang at the scene stared between Xie Yang and Tao Yang. He blocked his mouth with his design book and felt that he had eaten a live melon.


After dinner, Xie Yang walked into the piano room with the sheet music of ‘Rainy Night Delusions’. Qiu Xing followed with a frown. “So he actually targeted you more after I warned him?”

“He didn’t target me more. He changed from secretly targeting me under a friendly guise to targeting me directly. This is a good thing for me. It is better to deal with something visible than an invisible danger.”

“However, he is still targeting you. I thought he would hold back a bit after I talked to him this afternoon.”

“I thought so too but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. It seems he doesn’t care what happens to the Tao family.”

Qiu Xing saw Xie Yang’s expression and asked, “Did you know long ago that my warning wouldn’t work?”

This person was too sensitive.

Xie Yang replied euphemistically. “I didn’t know it earlier but I could guess.”

Tao Yang was good at disguising, ambushing and hiding his emotions. He must be selfish, paranoid and emotionally indifferent. He might care about his family but he cared about himself more.

Qiu Xing’s face was completely dark. “Then why didn’t you stop me?”

“Why stop it?” Xie Yang put down the score and approached Qiu Xing. “The person I like is working hard to protect me. Why should I pour cold water on you? In addition, your warning isn’t ineffective. Now the inside of the Tao family will be messed up and you helped me spy on Tao Yang’s thoughts.”

Qiu Xing didn’t accept this sugar-coated ball. He reached out to hold Xie Yang’s hand, squeezed it tightly and asked, “What are his thoughts?”

It was a perverted thought like ‘I can’t get him and I’m not going to get him, but I’m not going to let anyone else get him either. The person I like must get everything he wants and then die cleanly. No one is allowed to defile him.’

In the original novel, Tao Yang didn’t show anything special to Qiu Xing. He became good friends with Mu Zhouyi, indirectly helped Mu Zhouyi and Feng Qinglin stay together and helped Feng Qinglin gain a foothold in the Feng family. Considering this, Xie Yang believed that Tao Yang’s liking for Qiu Xing should be similar to the liking of an artist toward his favorite artwork.

He appreciated everything about the ‘artwork’ of Qiu Xing and accepted the sorrowful ending of Qiu Xing’s illness and death. Perhaps he always felt that Qiu Xing’s illness and death were an indispensable part of this ‘artwork’. He cleverly saw through everything that Qiu Xing wanted to do and then enjoyed watching Qiu Xing struggling in the world with despair. What a bad bastard.

“Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang woke up from his thoughts and saw the frowning Qiu Xing. He reached up to smooth out this person’s eyebrows and told him, “He isn’t going to snatch you from me but he has the idea of driving me away from you. Will you let him drive me away from you?”

Qiu Xing immediately replied, “You are saying something silly.”

“Then ignore him, just ignore him completely. Don’t care about him, because this is the best warning for him.”


‘Rainy Night Delusions’ was really difficult to play. Xie Yang worked hard in the piano room until bedtime but failed to perform the song smoothly even once. After all, he wasn’t a professional violinist. His skills had to be honed again.

Qin Cheng made a WeChat video call to Xie Yang. He listened to Xie Yang performing and asked, “Mr Verden contacted me and said he could dissuade Tao Yang from changing the track. Do I need to talk to him?”

“No.” Xie Yang put away the violin and moved his stiff fingers. “Tao Yang probably won’t agree. Even if he does, he will definitely ask for something I can’t give him. This is his brand’s show. Since he doesn’t care, why should I worry about him?”

“How can you not worry…” Qin Cheng suddenly realized something and asked expectantly, “Wait, do you have an idea for adapting ‘Rainy Night Delusions’?”

“Yes, a little bit.” Xie Yang picked up the phone on the table and looked at Qin Cheng on the screen. “I have to thank Tao Yang. Some of his ideas that ordinary people can’t understand have given me inspiration. Since it is ‘Rainy Night Delusions’, how about making the adaptation direction ‘Delusions on a Rainy Night’?”

Qin Cheng shook his head. “I don’t quite understand.”

“The order of the text doesn’t affect reading.” Xie Yang explained as he walked outside the piano room. “This principle is sometimes applicable to music.”


In order to create popularity for the cooperative catwalk show as soon as possible, the second day after finalizing the tracks, D Brand’s official Weibo announced the news that this cooperative catwalk show would invite Xie Yang to perform the opening and closing performances.

The Xie fans who had been looking forward to Xie Yang’s live singing for a long time boiled over. Then they wilted when learning about the ticket price for the show.

After all, it was an event for luxury brands in the fashion industry. The ticket price wasn’t lower than the infield ticket price of a large concert. In addition to the high price, the number of tickets sold by D Brand was very small and it was impossible to buy.

They weren’t withered for too long because D Brand’s official Weibo announced that the catwalk show would be broadcasted live! The fans were very happy and there was an atmosphere of celebration like the Spring Festival. Just as the Xie fans were celebrating happily and hoping that the catwalk show would arrive soon, an anonymous post quietly climbed up the Weibo hot posts.

Passing Museum Staff: Gossip! The person called Vinegar by the fans seems to be getting worse. He has lost all his hair because of treatment and is very pitiful. It is too much for his new star boyfriend to take a patient to work with him. Suddenly, I am a bit convinced that this new star isn’t in love with Vinegar at all. He just wants the inheritance of a dying, rich man. Perhaps the new star is secretly hoping for Vinegar to die sooner.

This was too obvious. People quickly guessed that the Vinegar was Qiu Xing and the new star was Xie Yang.

The first reaction of the Xie fans after seeing the news was disbelief. The sunspots were immediately excited and rushed to the Weibo post, as if they had caught the handle that Xie Yang was deceiving the patient’s feelings for inheritance.

Not long after that, someone picked up that the location of Xie Yang’s last live broadcast was the single ward of a private hospital in City B. The sunspots became even more excited and accused Xie Yang of leisurely live broadcasting while Qiu Xing was admitted to hospital. This was too cold-blooded and ruthless.

The rhythm of Xie Yang deceiving a patient’s feelings for money suddenly spread all over the Internet. They even brought up the fact that Qiu Xing liked Xie Yang’s Weibo posts every day while Xie Yang rarely responded. This became evidence that Xie Yang was deceiving him.

This quickly spread to Xie Yang’s ears. Xie Yang took a look on Weibo and was ready to enter the Weibo post to see these sunspots with brain problems. Then a new notification appeared in the section of those he was paying special attention to.

His heart thumped and he clicked on it.

[Qiu Xing: Stop talking nonsense! Xie Yang shaved my hair for me and I like it very much. I wasn’t seriously ill in the hospital. He was the sick one.]

There was a photo attached to the post. This photo should’ve been taken by someone else. In the photo, Qiu Xing had shaved off his hair and was sitting by the hospital bed while looking at documents. Xie Yang was lying in the hospital bed with closed eyes and an IV attached to him.

Xie Yang immediately switched to WeChat and sent a message to Qiu Xing.

Xie Yang: Why did you take the photo?

Qiu Xing replied in seconds: I took a photo for Mom to report your safety.

Xie Yang: Are you angry?

Qiu Xing: Feng Chun is about to die.

Xie Yang: Huh?

Qiu Xing: The Tao family has no value. This time I will thoroughly deal with Tao Yang.

Xie Yang smiled and typed: What a good coincidence. I am also ready to deal with Tao Yang.

Qiu Xing: How to deal with him?

Xie Yang: Dig him out of the darkness.


The day after Qiu Xing made his Weibo post, another whistleblower with photos quietly rose on the hot posts.

I Am Also a Museum Employee: Amazing material! Tao Yang has thoughts about Xie Yang’s boyfriend! My friend accidentally overheard Xie Yang’s boyfriend talking to Tao Yang. At that time, Xie Yang’s boyfriend called Tao Yang’s father directly and asked Father Tao to control his son! Fu*k, I was stunned. Here are photos as proof. In addition, I heard that after Xie Yang’s boyfriend left, Tao Yang actually went to block Xie Yang. By the way, do you remember that Weibo post that Tao Yang wrote when the relationship between Xie Yang and his boyfriend was exposed? It was weird that he suddenly jumped out at that time… um, I don’t dare think about it.

There were two photos posted under this Weibo which showed Qiu Xing and Tao Yang standing together. In the photos, Qiu Xing was holding up his mobile phone indifferently and saying something while Tao Yang tried to stop him.

Weibo exploded the moment this news broke.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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So much drama!

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Hehehehehehe deserve

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Huh! I love how things are developing 🫶 tao yang dasurv! Now back off

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Araminthe Ispwitch
9 months ago

YEP, I had a feeling that Tao Yang’s love for QX is a bit more different from the usual obsessive love. He behaves subtly but is much more in control of his expressions than most. And the convo about him accusing XY of forcing QX to shave off his hair tipped me off about the type of obsession he has for QX. He wants to preserve his vision of QX, which he fell in love with–and he’s pissed that XY entering QX’s life changed that.

But the ironic thing is that him making that Weibo post after XY met him had been the catalyst that finally pushed QX to confess–and it was so explosive that QX actually turned it up to eleven and stunned even XY with his boldness. So thanks, you stupid f–! 😏

26 days ago

Honestly I felt like it was stupid of him to take rain delusions just for the mere fact why are you wasting your **** energy on his **** **** you’re just catering him like sure you could prove him you did well but didn’t last chapter say he wasn’t even worth it ?