HTi: Chapter 130

The cooperative catwalk show would begin in 10 days. Obviously, this small amount of time wasn’t enough for Xie Yang to compose eight new songs to match the show. Thus, it was no surprise that Xie Yang received a track list that Verden sent to him the day after the agreement.

Qin Cheng sighed with relief. “It’s good that there are designated tracks. Otherwise, there are only 10 days and so many shows. You would be too busy.”

Xie Yang flipped to the notes at the end of the designated track list and shook his head. “It isn’t easy. Verden might’ve specified the tracks but in order to match the clothing styles and make the songs more suitable for the catwalk, all tracks must be adapted to a certain degree.”

“Are you certain about this? This show will be broadcasted globally.”

Xie Yang smiled at the worried Qin Cheng. “Of course, I am best at adaptation.”

Verden asked Xie Yang for help and it would naturally benefit him. In addition to the music of these eight shows, Xie Yang was also responsible for the opening and closing performances of the show.

The performance list has been determined. The opening song would be one of the new album’s main songs, ‘Golden Age’. This would also be the first performance of ‘Golden Age’. Meanwhile, the ending song was another song on the new album called ‘The Heart’. It was slightly less popular than ‘Golden Age’ and ‘The Ashes’ but it was a positive song and in line with the atmosphere of the show.

Before officially starting the adaptation of the music, Xie Yang still needed to go to the venue of the show to contact the designers of various brands, communicate the desired musical effects and understand the design styles of each brand.

The appointment was made in the afternoon. At noon, Xie Yang left Yang Xing and went to Rongding to accompany Qiu Xing for lunch. He also used the lunch break to learn more about Rongding’s affairs.

After the meal, Qiu Xing abruptly said, “I will accompany you.”

Xie Yang took his hand off the documents. “You aren’t busy?”

“I have to take the time to go even if I’m busy.”

Xie Yang saw the unpleasant expression on Qiu Xing’s face and understood. He smiled and asked, “Are you going to help me deal with my rival?”

“What rival?” Qiu Xing frowned at Xie Yang. “Don’t talk nonsense… he is just a junior who doesn’t know the height of the world.”

“You aren’t worried about the Tao family anymore?”

Qiu Xing’s eyes were cold. “Elder Feng has collapsed and the situation is going to change. There is no need to worry so much.” He stood up and pressed a hand against Xie Yang’s head. “It is all because someone had a nightmare like that.”


On the way to the venue, Xie Yang held the documents compiled by He Jun and focused on getting acquainted with Rongding’s affairs. He wasn’t willing to waste a minute or a second more than necessary. Seeing Xie Yang’s seriousness, Qiu Xing raised a hand to touch this person’s face.

Xie Yang turned to Qiu Xing. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s something on your face.”

Xie Yang raised an eyebrow and didn’t tear apart Qiu Xing’s little lie.

Not long after, the car stopped at the show’s location.

It was late August. The temperature was cooler and autumn was coming. In order to fit the design and season of each brand, D Brand set the cooperative catwalk show in a museum located in the center of Forest Park.

This museum was designed by famous architects and it looked like a white dove with wings spread out. It overlooked the entire Forest Park from above with a wide view. The interior of the museum adopted a minimalist decoration style of black, white and grey that contrasted with the vibrant and colorful forest scenery outside.

Xie Yang and Qiu Xing got out of the car. Verden’s assistant was already waiting outside. She saw Xie Yang and stepped forward to welcome him into the venue. During this period, the assistant looked at Qiu Xing several times before she couldn’t help asking, “Is this a model participating in the show? His personal temperament is very special.” It was difficult to hide the appreciation in her words.

Qiu Xing stopped.

Xie Yang smiled and took Qiu Xing’s hand, showing their rings to the assistant. “Thank you for the appreciation. He is my fiance, not a model. This time, he came to work with me.”

The assistant was stunned and quickly apologized for her rudeness. Then she said the two of them matched well. It might be a polite remark but it was very useful on Qiu Xing. He smiled and took the initiative to say a few words to the assistant, thanking her for her help and support with Xie Yang’s work.

The three of them walked into the venue while chatting.

The museum had basically already been arranged. Xie Yang observed it and had some guesses about the style of the show. Judging from the design of the tracks and venue, this cooperative show should be minimalistic and cold but there was a trace of youthful enthusiasm in the coldness.

The designers had arrived and were gathered in a temporary meeting room to chat. Verden was also there. The moment Xie Yang entered through the door, he looked around but didn’t see Tao Yang. This person probably hadn’t arrived yet. Xie Yang took the initiative to greet everyone.

Verden saw Qiu Xing behind Xie Yang and froze for a moment as he showed a surprised expression. “Mr Qiu?”

Qiu Xing nodded politely and shook Verden’s hand. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Xie Yang was stunned. “You—”

“We’ve met twice.”

“Mr Qiu is a client of my friend. I had two very pleasant conversations with him when I went to see my friend.”

The two people answered simultaneously in different languages.

Verden stared at Qiu Xing and admired his new look. “This look suits you very well. Your bones are beautiful.”

Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing. “Hear that? Mr Verden praised your beauty.”

Qiu Xing squeezed Xie Yang’s hand and exchanged greetings with Verden. He explained he was only here to accompany Xie Yang to work and declined a dinner invitation from Verden. Then he walked to a corner and sat down in the position Verden had prepared for the designers’ assistants.

It was only at this time that Verden found out the relationship between Xie Yang and Qiu Xing. He didn’t pay much attention to the news of the Chinese entertainment industry. He knew that Qiu Xing had a partner but he hadn’t expected it to be the spokesperson of his own brand.

This discovery really surprised him and he talked a lot more.

The other designers looked a bit confused compared to Verden’s enthusiastic appearance. Qiu Xing’s appearance was known to the public after he announced his relationship with Xie Yang but several of the designers were foreigners. They might’ve heard about Rongding but they didn’t know much about Qiu Xing. There was a Chinese designer who knew about Qiu Xing but he was already dumbfounded. He glanced at Qiu Xing several times, his eyes on Qiu Xing’s new look.

The moment Tao Yang entered the meeting room, he found that the atmosphere was overly warm and strange. He instinctively looked at Xie Yang who was talking to Verden. Just as he was about to pass by, his eyes swept over a familiar figure and he abruptly stopped.

Qiu Xing sitting in the assistants’ position also saw Tao Yang entering the door. He turned off the email on his screen, stood up and left the meeting room through the back door.

Xie Yang turned his head and saw Tao Yang follow Qiu Xing out of the meeting room. He raised his eyebrow, retracted his gaze and smiled when he met Verden’s puzzled eyes. “My fiance is too charming and his suitor has caused me a bit of trouble. Still, I believe he will solve it well.”

Verden was surprised again before frowning, “Sorry, I didn’t know the inside story and made such an inappropriate arrangement yesterday. Are you okay?”

Xie Yang said he was fine and continued to talk with Verden. He was completely calm like his partner hadn’t left alone with an ill-intentioned person.

Most of the people in the meeting room didn’t notice this small movement. However, the only Chinese designer present who knew Tao Yang and cared about Qiu Xing’s style change noticed it. He used the design book to block his mouth that had dropped open and stared at the closed back door, his eyes full of gossip.


More than 10 minutes later, Qiu Xing returned. He found Xie Yang and told him, “I suddenly have a job to deal with. I’ll be going back to Rongding first.”

Xie Yang paused the communication with Verden. He explained to Verden and left the meeting room with Qiu Xing to send him off. As they walked outside to the car, he asked, “Where is Tao Yang?”

Qiu Xing looked cold. “I don’t know but he shouldn’t bother you too much.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I didn’t say anything. I just called his father in front of him.”


Qiu Xing held Xie Yang’s hand. “I told Tao Huazhang to consider finding a partner for Tao Yang as soon as possible because Tao Yang’s rude behavior toward you is making me consider discontinuing the cooperation with the Tao family.”

Xie Yang was really startled this time. “Discontinue?”

“Yes, the Tao family isn’t irreplaceable.” Qiu Xing gripped Xie Yang’s hand tighter. “Have more confidence in yourself. I said you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t get bullied. Did you forget?”

“I’m not being bullied.”

“Not being bullied yet you’re having nightmares?”

“…..” Xie Yang let out a low laugh and held Qiu Xing’s hand back. “I won’t forget it again.”

On the way back to the meeting room after sending Qiu Xing off, Xie Yang was blocked by Tao Yang who had faintly collapsed.

“Xie Yang, why is Qiu Xing’s hair shaved? Are you forcing him to have surgery? Don’t you know this is speeding up his death?”

Was this the point?

Xie Yang replied with an almighty golden sentence. “It is none of your business.”

Tao Yang was choked up. He wanted to say something but was preempted by Xie Yang.

“Are you sure you want to continue messing with me? Yesterday, you messed with me and today Qiu Xing started to consider discontinuing the cooperation with the Tao family. If you mess with me again, do you want to guess if Qiu Xing will put aside the Feng family tomorrow and concentrate on dealing with the Tao family?”


Tao Yang’s expression was almost distorted and his tone was as cold as a poisonous snake. “Xie Yang, you can’t do this. You are ruining Qiu Xing.”

“You are the one who is ruining Qiu Xing.” Xie Yang stepped forward and approached Tao Yang, taking advantage of his height to look down at this person in a condescending manner. “Are you happy that you forced the considerate Qiu Xing to set aside his piles of work during this critical period of treatment to come here and warn you personally?”

Then he left regardless of Tao Yang’s reaction.

It took another 20 minutes for Tao Yang to return to the meeting room. He had controlled his emotions and there was a gentle smile on his face, but Xie Yang noticed a break in the skin of Tao Yang’s finger. It seemed to have been cut by a sharp weapon.

As they were discussing the show for Tao Yang’s brand, Tao Yang suddenly smiled at Verden apologetically. “I suddenly have new ideas and some designs will be revised. Therefore, the track might need replacing.”

Verden glanced at Xie Yang and asked Tao Yang, “How do you want to replace it?”

“My original background track was Master Chloe’s classic festival song ‘Youth Party’. After thinking about it, I want to change it to Master Weisel’s violin solo, ‘Rainy Night Delusion’.”

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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I’m tired of tao yang, can u get out. We’re nearing the end and you’re still messing around…

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago
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Oh shit, you might be onto something. 😳

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yh i figured this ch just cemented it he seems obsessed I’m just wondering why I’m confused on how what his feelings were cause like aren’t they technically cousins or something but whatever

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Araminthe Ispwitch
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I’m really glad that this is QX’s approach. Most other MLs will just move things in the background using to their wealth and power. But QX chose to be actively present in XY’s life and troubles to show that they’re a team and whatever annoys XY annoys him, too. 🥺 There are no vague labels in their relationship; this is clearly showing that the phase for that has long passed and they are now truly on both the same page.

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