HTI: Chapter 13

Qiu Xing suddenly became angry and left Xie Yang, striding back to the villa. Xie Yang was accustomed to this person’s emotional fickleness and didn’t care too much. He just cleaned his palm and returned to the villa.

There was no one in the living room. Qiu Xing had stepped through the door first and it was unknown where he had gone. Xie Yang sat down on the sofa alone, lifted the teapot on the coffee table and poured himself a cup of cold tea to drink and clear the strange taste in his mouth.

Around 30 minutes later, Xie Xiu came down from the study on the second floor with great enthusiasm. He saw Xie Xiu sitting alone in the living room and opened his mouth, wanting to speak to him in that habitual commanding tone.

“I advise you to think twice before opening your mouth.” Xie Yang played with the cup and looked up. “If you offend me then your holiday resort will be in vain.”

Xie Xiu chocked and his twitching face was pulled into a fierce smile. After a while, he asked dryly, “What are you talking about? Why would I make you angry for no reason?”

Xie Yang dismissed him.

Xie Xiu squeezed the contract bag in his hand and squeezed out a loving father’s expression. He stepped toward Xie Yang and spoke bitterly, “Yang Yang, in fact, you misunderstood me. I used to be so severe to you for your own good. I hoped you would be successful!”

“The way you trained me is to beat me, scold me, abuse me and sell me to a man?”

Xie Xiu choked again and tried to laugh. “What are you talking about? What selling? Don’t you think the Qiu family is so good? By the way, are you living expenses enough? How about I give you some more?”

“Not enough, get me some. An artist uses a lot of money so let’s start with 500,000.”


Xie Xiu gritted his teeth and bore the pain of giving Xie Yang half a million. “You see, your father actually loves you! Take this money to buy more beautiful clothes and do maintenance for your skin. Boys should also be refined.”

“I remember you previously told me to drop out of school.”

“That was my nonsense. Don’t quit! Don’t quit! Young people should learn more!”

Xie Yang looked at him with a smile before changing the subject. “Qiu Xing likes my current status as a small artist but a small artist is easy to be blackened. If the media finds you then you should know what to do?”

Xie Xiu was very knowledgeable and quickly promised, “Your father will definitely praise you in front of the media. My family is so outstanding!”

“I think you better not say anything. The media will take it out of context.”

Xie Xiu was good at following the flow and immediately said he would take a detour if he saw the media in the future.

Xie Yang was still picky. “You are only promising for yourself. What about the other family members? They don’t like me very much.”

Xie Xiu almost couldn’t maintain the expression of a father. He took a deep breath before patting his chest and promising, “You can rest assured that I will go back and discipline them well. I will ensure that they don’t speak nonsense! You should concentrate on accompanying President Qiu and leave everything to me!”

Xie Yang was finally satisfied and motioned for Xie Xiu to come closer. Xie Xiu doubtfully moved closer. Xie Yang whispered something in his ear. Xie Xiu froze. He grasped Xie Yang’s arm for a long time and breathed heavily before asking, “Are your words true?”

“Really. If you don’t believe me then ask my brother about the good relationship between my stepmother and Uncle Wang. He must know. Last time my stepmother took him on a trip, Uncle Wang seemed to be there too.”

“Stinky son…” Xie Xiu gritted his teeth and his expression was black and green. He suddenly gave a low growl and walked toward the gate of the villa. He had only taken two steps when he stopped abruptly and turned around. “I’m going to say goodbye to President Qiu.”

Xie Yang glanced at him with admiration and clapped for his endurance this time.

The two people found Qiu Xing on the top floor terrace. He was leaning on a recliner with his eyes closed to recuperate. Xie Xiu said a polite farewell and thanked Qiu Xing for his hospitality. He flattered Qiu Xing and promised to do well on the holiday villa project.

Qiu Xing was too lazy to open his eyes as he replied, “He Jun is just about to leave. Have him give you a ride.”

Xie Xiu hastily expressed his gratitude. He sent Xie Yang a look to ‘serve Qiu Xing’ and followed He Jun. Only Xie Yang and Qiu Xing were left on the terrace. Xie Yang went to the recliner and said, “Thank you for today.”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak.

“I thought about it and in order to better fool Xie Xiu, I need to be closer to you.’

Qiu Xing still didn’t open his eyes or speak. He seemed to have fallen asleep. Xie Yang decided to change his words. “I’m short of money.”

Qiu Xing remained motionless.

“I wanted to buy a house but the prices in B City are more expensive than I expected. My current money is for other users so I have to save money. This means I can’t buy a house.”

Qiu Xing frowned and opened his eyes.

“I can’t buy a house and the company’s dormitory is surrounded by paparazzi. There are too many students at the school dormitory to live comfortably. It seems I can only rent a place.” Xie Yang looked down at Qiu Xing. “Just one room and you can set the rent.”

Qiu Xing sat up and glanced sideways at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang asked again, “Will you rent it to me?”

Qiu Xing smiled angrily and spoke coldly, “Xie Yang, you are depending on me, right? If you’re short of money, are in trouble or don’t have a place to live then you’ll find me. However, if I ask you for a meal then you’re not free. Do you think I’m a charity?”

“If you rent a room to me then I can attach a meal service.”

The corner of Qiu Xing’s mouth lowered. “This is the first time I’ve heard someone freeloading persuade in such a fresh and refined manner.”

“Will you give it?”

Qiu Xing stared coldly at Xie Yang.

Xie Yang met his gaze before suddenly saying, “Please.”

Qiu Xing stood up like he was burned and pointed at Xie Yang with his finger. After a while, he withdrew his hand and declared fiercely, “If you let me see you eating something so messy again…. the rooms on the third floor are empty. You can choose by yourself!” Then he turned and strode away.

Xie Yang was stunned for a moment as he remembered the fish food he had licked before. Hen he smiled and cried out loudly, “Thank you.”

Qiu Xing closed the terrace door with a loud bang.

Finally, Xie Yang picked the master bedroom on the third floor which was the room directly above Qiu Xing’s bedroom. The room was large and spacious and there was a large balcony. Xie Yang was very satisfied. He put his backpack in the bedroom and went downstairs to the dining room. He saw that the table was already set and naturally sat opposite Qiu Xing.

Qiu Xing was expressionless. “You aren’t welcome.”

“I said that if you agree to rent me a room, I’ll accompany you for your meals.”

Qiu Xing watched him silently for a while before calling for the housekeeper to serve the meal.

The meal was quiet and harmonious. Xie Yang hadn’t eaten enough of the hotpot at noon and he was very hungry. He ate three bowls of rice in one breath. Compared to him, Qiu Xing’s appetite was much smaller and he put his chopsticks down immediately after eating a bowl of rice.

Xie Yang opened his mouth. “Tomorrow I will go to school and move things from my dormitory. I might be able to rush back to eat with you at night.”

Qiu Xing got up and left this sentence behind. “Who cares about you?”

On the first night of his stay in the Qiu family, Xie Yang slept very well. He slept naturally until he woke up the next day. Then he went downstairs and found that Qiu Xing was no longer present, but there was breakfast on the table. He smiled and stepped forward to eat.

After breakfast, Xie Yang went upstairs to call Wu Shui, asking Wu Shui to come and pick him up to report to school. Then he sat at the desk and turned on the computer to start arranging the music.

He took that Jinghe Garden was so far away that Wu Shui would take at least an hour to arrive. He didn’t expect Wu Shui to come just minutes after the phone call. He brought his things downstairs and questioned Wu Shui curiously, only to find that Wu Shui was living in a small building not far behind the villa.

The two men got in the car and left.

“Wait!” Liu Sha ran out of the villa and bent down to insert a key through the half-open window. “Little boss, you dropped this.”

Xie Yang looked at the key in her hand and reached for it.

“Thank you, Assistant Liu.”

“You’re welcome.” Liu Sha backed away. “The boss has to go abroad for some business. The plane is scheduled for 10 in the evening and he will leave home around 7.”

Xie Yang remembered Qiu Xing’s reaction to the dinner today and understood her hint. He replied, “I will try to come back before seven.”

Liu Sha smiled. “Thank you.”

“Assistant Liu is too polite.”

Xie Yang raised the window and signalled for Wu Shui to drive. Then he looked down at the villa door key in his hand and placed it in his backpack.

It was the day to return to school and C University was full of people. Xie Yang was afraid of encountering paparazzi and IUD fans so he gave his information to Wu Shui for Wu Shui to help with the procedures. Then he sat in the car.

After a few minutes of waiting, Hu Biao suddenly called him.

“Xie Yang, where are you?” Hu Biao’s voice was a bit hoarse and his tone was very tired. “I just saw the report on the Internet. You went to dinner with Tong Jian and Ke Lan yesterday?”


“Then… what did you talk about?”

“Brother, what do you want to talk to us about?”

There was a long silence before Hu Biao suddenly sighed. “Xie Yang, I don’t know how much you know. I just want you to know that I’m still trying to fight. You sighed with me and I will definitely be responsible for you in the end. Don’t worry, okay?”

‘Fight’, in other words, Hu Biao was still trying to preserve all of IUD. The idea was too naive but Xie Yang liked this type of innocence. It proved that Hu Biao really liked his artists.

“Brother Biao” Xie Yang no longer circled around and spoke bluntly, “You can fight as you want but I will tell you in advance that Mo Bin is trying to pit me so cruelly and I won’t stand by and do anything. In addition, Brother Biao, is it worth fighting for an artist who has already tricked you?”

Hu Biao’s tone became serious and wary. “What do you mean by this? Has someone revealed something to you?”

“No, I just guessed.”

There was another silence. Hu Biao’s tone became more tired and helplessly. “Xie Yang, why have I never found that you are so, so…”’

“Brother Biao.” Xie Yang interrupted him. “An artist who is estranged from you or three artists who want to hold onto you, which one will you choose?”

Hu Biao couldn’t respond. “What three… what are you saying? Wait! You aren’t… you don’t… so you ate together yesterday… are you…”

“It is what you think.”

Hu Biao sucked in a breath and hung up in shock.

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Nibble Juice
2 years ago

Qiu Xing is such a tsundere hehehee

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