HTi: Chapter 129

The box door opened and the three figures sitting and chatting inside were revealed. There was a foreign old man with grey hair who was well-dressed, a foreign middle-aged woman who was also well-dressed and… Tao Yang.

Tao Yang saw Xie Yang and showed a gentle smile on his face as he stood up in welcome. “Junior brother, you are here. Mr Verden, this is Xie Yang, my junior school brother.” He spoke the last sentence in a foreign language.

Xie Yang smiled.

‘It’s you again. Why are you everywhere? It truly is worthy of you.’

He stepped into the box and responded politely to Tao Yang, “Senior Tao, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Last time was at your grandfather’s birthday party. My fiance and I left in a hurry and didn’t have time to say goodbye to your father. I hope he doesn’t mind.”

Tao Yang paused for a moment before replying, “Of course he doesn’t mind.”

“That’s good.” Xie Yang glanced at the foreign old man and woman who had already got up and introduced himself in a fluent foreign language.

At this moment, Xie Yang was very thankful that this world was similar to his original world’s background and culture, so the language was basically the same. Otherwise, he would have been unable to understand them and lost face in Tao Yang’s presence.

Tao Yang heard Xie Yang speaking in the foreign language and his smile faded a bit.

Verden was kinder after hearing Xie Yang talk in the foreign language. He greeted Xie Yang gently and smiled. “It seems that the translator recommended by my friend was invited for nothing.” He looked at Tao Yang as he spoke.

Then he immediately denied his words and shook his head. “Oh no, it wasn’t a useless request. You are school alumni? As expected, good people always make friends with good people.”

It turned out that Tao Yang came to be a translator.

Xie Yang opened his mouth. “Mr Verden has a kind heart. I am very happy to see Senior again.” He glanced at Tao Yang. “Senior, are you happy?”

Tao Yang smiled perfunctorily. “Of course.”

The greetings finished and the group of people sat down to start eating.

Verden had invited Xie Yang to eat mainly to talk about the catwalk show that would occur 10 days later.

As the chief designer of the D Brand, Verden was fully responsible for the new display of a total of five new cooperative brands and three sub-brands of the D Brand. Xie Yang was the spokesperson of the D brand and represented them. Verden had the design concept of ‘young and energetic’ this year and hoped that Xie Yang could wear his new design on the cooperative catwalk show, representing the D Brand and showing the new designs of the D Brand to cooperative brands, consumers and fashion lovers.

In layman’s terms, he wanted to take advantage of Xie Yang’s popularity to show his clothes to all those following the show.

Xie Yang understood. He didn’t have any humility or refusal as he responded, “Thank you Mr Verden for your invitation. I am honored to be able to put on your new designs and show the D Brand’s design concept. Although the catwalk is a foreign place to me, I will try to adapt to it and conquer it in the next 10 days.”

Xie Yang’s direct answer and promise to work hard pleased Verden. He laughed and took the initiative to touch their cups together. Then he calmly said, “Don’t worry about it, I don’t need you to walk the runway like those professional models. I just hope you will do what you are good at.” He made a gesture similar to singing with a microphone.

Xie Yang understood. “Do you want me to go up and sing?”

Verden nodded with a smile before shaking his head. “It isn’t just singing. There are eight brands and eight shows. I hope you will be solely responsible for the music performance and singing of the eight shows.”

Qin Cheng had been silent as a wall flower. Now he showed a surprised expression while Tao Yang was also stunned.

Doing the performance and singing for the entire show… it must be known that people watching this show would be a global audience. Now Verden allowed Xie Yang to be responsible for all the music sections. Wouldn’t this mean Xie Yang got global advertising for free?

The increasingly smaller smile on Tao Yang’s face finally disappeared.

Xie Yang looked down and thought about it. Then he smiled and toasted Verden. “I love this invitation. Mr Verden, I will try my best to give you a satisfactory answer.”

Verden liked Xie Yang’s simplicity and confidence. He smiled and touched his class with Xie Yang again. Then he drank the wine in one go. Xie Yang also drank the glass of wine. He raised an eyebrow as he met Tao Yang’s gaze and raised his glass to this person.


Verden drank wine and was half drunk by the time the meal was over. Xie Yang and Tao Yang sent him to the car together. Once the car disappeared at the end of the street, Xie Yang turned and prepared to leave.

“Xie Yang.”

Xie Yang stopped and looked back at Tao Yang. Tao Yang finally removed the disguise of friendliness. “My brand will also participate in this cooperative catwalk show.”

“It seems that your brand is growing very well.”

Tao Yang thought Xie Yang was pretending to be stupid and stepped forward. “The Qiu family can still use the Tao family.”

“So what? Are you worried that I will deliberately perform poorly on your brand’s catwalk for personal gain? Tao Yang, you are thinking too much. Your brand isn’t worth me destroying music. Do what you should do and don’t think about what you shouldn’t do.”

The words ‘isn’t worth it’ directly degraded Tao Yang’s designs down to dust. Tao Yang’s expression sank.

Xie Yang turned around again to leave.

“Xie Yang, you’re just relying on your young skin.”

This person finally spoke the truth.

Xie Yang once again stopped to look at Tao Yang. Then he suddenly asked. “Tao Yang, do you know why you failed in your several attempts to discredit me in front of Verden tonight?”

Tao Yang didn’t answer. He naturally knew. It was because from beginning to end, the rhythm of the conversation was tightly grasped by Xie Yang and he had become a foil.

Xie Yang smiled. “Youth is also capital. You are a few years older than me so why don’t you understand the truth that other people’s things shouldn’t be touched? If it wasn’t for the Tao family, do you think you could stand here and provoke me? I advise you to prepare for your brand’s show. Don’t be too busy listening to my songs that you forget to look at what you have designed. Don’t worry, I will definitely prepare well for your show.”

Tao Yang stared deeply at Xie Yang. “You—”

A car honked from not far away.

Xie Yang looked over and saw the familiar license plate. He smiled and told Tao Yang, “My fiance… no, my husband has come to pick me up. I will go first. You have drunk alcohol so remember to call a driver.” Then he retracted his gaze and strode toward Qiu Xing’s car.

Qin Cheng had been stiff as he listened to the entire conversation between Xie Yang and Tao Yang. He hesitated for a moment before finally choosing to go over to the car Xie Yang came here in, meeting Wu Shui who was waiting in the car.


Xie Yang got in the car and Qiu Xing immediately took his hand. At the same time, he glanced at Tao Yang still standing in front of the restaurant and staring over here. He asked with a frown, “Why is he here?”

“My work this time overlaps with his brand so he appeared at this dinner.” Xie Yang pulled away his hand in an expressionless manner. “Attracting bees and butterflies.”


Qiu Xing asked Zhou Miao to drive away. Then he grabbed Xie Yang’s hand again and explained, “I’m not familiar with him. I barely see him twice a year.”

Xie Yang raised his eyes to meet Qiu Xing’s eyes. “They are all chance encounters, right?”

“……” Qiu Xing explained again. “They were chance encounters but I didn’t care about him every time.”

Xie Yang reluctantly accepted the explanation and stopped making trouble. However, Qiu Xing started to provoke him again. Qiu Xing came close to Xie Yang and smelled him before making a face. “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t drink?”

Xie Yang ordered Zhou Miao, “Turn around. Let Elder Qiu go to meet Junior Tao with his new look.”

“Don’t turn around.” Qiu Xing hurriedly held down Xie Yang and no longer worried about the drinking matter. “Don’t do it again.”

Xie Yang also said, “Don’t do it again.”

There was a tie and the two people started chatting normally.

Xie Yang explained the content of his work and gave Qiu Xing a vaccination, “I might be busy in the next 10 days but I will try my best to set aside time with you to learn how to manage Rongding. I will also accompany you to the sanatorium to visit Mom.”

Qiu Xing frowned but remained silent. After all, if it wasn’t for him, Xie Yang wouldn’t have to run around and work so hard.


That night, Xie Yang opened his eyes after Qiu Xing fell asleep. He found his upgraded ability and inserted it into Qiu Xing’s body.

The purification ability was stronger after being upgraded by two levels and it was also softer and more delicate. Xie Yang stopped his ability around the affected area of Qiu Xing’s brain. He hesitated a moment before creating a thin net and wrapping it around the area.

A sense of devouring came instantly. Qiu Xing moved uncomfortably and turned over.

Xie Yang hurriedly withdrew his ability and waited for Qiu Xing to sleep soundly again. Then he once again used his ability. This time, he took out a thinner thread and made it into a thinner net to wrap around Qiu Xing’s tumor. Then he pulled it out of the important area little by little.

During the operation, he carefully observed Qiu Xing’s reaction. Seeing Qiu Xing frown but keep sleeping, Xie Yang let go of his worries.

It was feasible. After his ability had become more delicate and soft, he could finally control it to accurately clean Qiu Xing’s affected area. At the same time, it wouldn’t make Qiu Xing uncomfortable.

However, this was a really delicate task that was exhausting. This position in the brain was too sensitive and Xie Yang had to be extremely detailed with the operation of his ability. He had only done the cleaning for 10 minutes but Xie Yang was covered with sweat.

Suddenly, Qiu Xing changed his sleeping position and reached out to hug him. Xie Yang hurriedly reclaimed his ability.

He was hugged. Then two seconds later, Qiu Xing abruptly opened his eyes. He reached out to touch Xie Yang’s back before sitting up, turning on the light and looking sideways at Xie Yang. The two of them stared at each other.


Qiu Xing touched Xie Yang’s forehead first. He found it wasn’t hot and relaxed. Then he frowned, “Secretly staying up late? Why are you sweating?”

“I had a nightmare and was scared.”


Qiu Xing got up, went to the bathroom and wrung a warm towel to help Xie Yang wipe the sweat off his back and forehead. Then Qiu Xing lifted the quilt and took Xie Yang into his arms, comforting him. “It’s okay, nightmares are all fake.”

So gentle?

Xie Yang wondered, “Why aren’t you asking me what I dreamed about?”

Qiu Xing didn’t speak. He tightened his arms around Xie Yang like he already knew what Xie Yang had dreamed of.

“I didn’t dream that you weren’t cured.”

Qiu Xing froze.

“I was dreaming that you were stolen by Tao Yang and you abandoned me.”

The small guilt and self-blame in Qiu Xing’s heart disappeared and he pulled the quilt over Xie Yang with a dark expression. “What a mess! Go to sleep!”

Xie Yang gave a low chuckle, buried himself in Qiu Xing’s arms and closed his eyes.

A long time passed.

“If you are taken by Tao Yang, I will go to Feng Qinglin and be your nephew’s spouse.”

Qiu Xing couldn’t bear it. He lowered his head and blocked Xie Yang’s mouth. He decided to use exercise so that Xie Yang would have no energy left to think about such nonsense.

Proofreader: Paranoid Kitten

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cuanto querría que existiera “detalles” en el diccionario chino 🥺😭

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you can try reading legendary masters wife , there’s some details

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That Tao btch is everywhere like a cockroach

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Araminthe Ispwitch
Araminthe Ispwitch
10 months ago

Yep, I had a feeling Tao Yang was going to be involved in the show when they mentioned designers. He was absent for too long in the story and it had been building up him as the last boss. Hopefully. 😰

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he’s such a sadist lmao I died at the last paragraph because in other novels that happens 😂😭